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Airsnore Mouthpiece & Drops: The Complete Review

One thing that the human species can agree to is that snoring is gross. It annoys. It puts off. It’s intolerable. Finding ways to reduce or control snoring is helpful and what a good way to do so that than giving reviews on the Airsnore Mouthpiece & Drops

In fact, no one wants to sleep next to a person who continually grinds their gears at night. Their endless snorts and wheezes will only rob your sleep and, possibly, drive you mad.

But what if the snorer is your spouse or kid? What if you are forced to make a hard choice? Will you throw them out? Certainly not.

You can spend the night near a snorer without fighting it out, thanks to hundreds of unique snoring products in the market today.

In this article, we will focus on Airsnore Mouthpiece & Drops. This unique brand boasts a satisfied base of 80,000+ customers.

Our goal is to check whether Airsnore Mouthpiece & Drops are worth your money.

To answer that, we need to get straightforward answers to basic questions like:

  • What is AirSnore? Why should you choose them?
  • How does it stop snoring?
  • Should you go to the troubles of getting the combo package, or one of their anti-snoring aid would work for you?
  • Is it worth it?

The article is quite fleshy but will break down every topic as we go. Expect tones of technical details (that we’ll do our best to explain).

So without further ado, let’s get down to it.

What is Airsnore?

Airsnore is a snoring aid that is packaged as a mouthpiece combined with essential oils to offer a complete anti-snoring solution.

Mouthpiece: The main AirSnore product

the product is only meant to provide additional sleep support. So you may not need it if snoring is not a deep concern for you.

The antisnoring mouthpiece aid works best for individuals who find it difficult to sleep because of snoring.

The AirSnore Drops

If you’re snoring because of cold, flu, or chest infection and your sinuses are obstructed, this is the right choice of aid to go to. They are designed to decongest the respiratory tract to help you breathe uninterrupted.

The Combo Package

The combo package comes with both the mouthpiece and the Drops. The combo is designed to clear the sinuses, improve airflow through the nose, and help you relax to induce restful sleep.

Besides, a combination of both products can help nearly all sleeping problems, including sleep apnea.

Who is Behind the Product?

AirSnore isn’t a new brand in the market. It has a bit of history in the snoring aid business. It has managed to pull a solid reputation over the years. Started by Wolfson Berg, the brand has an extensive product range consisting of anti-snoring mouthpieces and Airsnore Drops.

The company behind the marketing is Bauer Nutrition. This decade-old company has been selling a variety of health-related products.

Over the years, AirSnore has built a reputation for supplying quality products. And today, this Cyprus-based company claims that it has helped more than 80,000 individuals to have a better night.

The firm’s facilities that manufacture their products are FDA- approved. However, the Airsnore itself is not FDA-cleared.  You might be confused about FDA-clearance, but we’ll dissect into that later.

For now, we will dive into the review.

The AirSnore Mouth Piece Device Classification

At the outset, the mouthpiece or the drops can be purchased separately or together as part of the AirSnore Anti-Snoring Combo Pack.

The AirSnore mouthpiece is a Mandibular Advancement Devices (MADs). MADs fit over the teeth in a way that draws the lower jaw forward. Since it pulls the tongue along with the jaw, an open airway passage is maintained, leading to snore-less breathing.

A custom-build MAD can cost a few thousand dollars. However, the AirSnore Mouthpiece will cost you considerably less.

One unique thing with the AirSnore mouthpiece is it requires a dental impression and a specialist-build; this MAD works via a system called boil and bite.

Advertised Benefits of the Airsnore Mouthpiece and Drops

  • Comfortable and easy to wear
  • Stops snoring
  • Requires no special fitting
  • Improves airflow through the nose, helping you to breathe correctly and sleep without annoying your partner
  • Makes a stormy night’s sleep a thing of the past
  • It comes with a satisfaction guarantee

The AirSnore Mouth Piece: How it Works

The AirSnore mouthpiece utilizes the boil-and-bite system.

What is a Boil and Bite System

The Boil and Bite is a system similar to the one used with the gum shield boxer wear. 

For the AirSnore mouthpiece, the system uses a particular type of thermoplastic. The material requires you to place the mouthpiece in hot water for some time, then bite into the plastic while still soft to mold it to your teeth.

How does AirSnore Mouthpiece Stop Snoring?

AirSnore stops snoring by focusing on the cause-reason. Much of this is explained below. But before that, let’s find out why and how people snore.

Why People Snore

Snoring occurs when soft tissues vibrate in your throat. When you can’t move air freely through your nose and throat during sleep, air forces itself through the tissues, causing a grunting sound.

For optimal function, the throat needs to remain open to efficiently carry air one breathes in from the mouth and nose down to the lungs.

If the tongue is lolling back in the mouth, it will obstruct the airflow, and throat and nasal tissues will vibrate.

If you frequently snore, you might have disrupted the quality of sleep.

How Does AirSnore Mouthpiece Controls Snoring

The AirSnore Mouthpiece extends the jaw forward and widens the airway in the back of the throat.

The device is a wedge-like fixed device, with in-built receptacles designed to hold the upper and the lower set of front teeth.

Its design is fundamentally based on the concept of other MDAs.

However, the AirSnore receptacles contain special heat-sensitive plastic. When new, the plastic is level and impossible to penetrate with the teeth.

After immersing the plastic in boiling water, it becomes soft enough to take the teeth. When you bite into it, the plastic molds around the teeth in a similar way to the material dentists use when they make teeth impressions. 

When you close your mouth with the mouthpiece on, your upper and lower teeth will not be perfectly aligned. The device’s design forces the jaw forward. 

This prevents vibrations and increases oxygen intake while sleeping.

Is it comfortable to wear?

As with all Mandibular Adjustment Devices (MADs), anti-snoring devices, there may be a risk of discomfort. Especially during the first few days of use.

Advancing the jaws forces it into an unnatural position. This might take time for your jaws to adjust.

What’s more, MADs put pressure on the teeth due to the way they work. This makes MADs unsuitable for people with an ongoing gum health problem or an individual with dental crowns or implants at the front of the teeth.

If you aren’t sure that your teeth are healthy enough to work with Mandibular Adjustment Devices, consult with your doctor.

How to Fit AirSnore Mouthpiece?

There are several steps to follow to fit the AirSnore mouthpiece successfully. Here is the step-by-step guide to walk you through the entire process:

  1. First, insert the handle into the front air hole of the device. You might require tongs 
  2. Second, sit your device into the bowl and add hot water. Let it sit for 15-25 minutes before removing them
  3. Next, place the mouthpiece in your mouth and adjust it until you’re comfortable. Then bite down hard enough to sink your teeth into the material, but not too hard to bite all the way through. Use your fingers to adjust it around the front and sides to create a proper mold of your teeth and gums.
  4. When you feel you’ve made a suitable mold, remove the device and run it under cold water to set it
  5. Finally, when you’re happy with how it feels, remove the handle, and you’re set.

You’re done. Your mouthpiece is now fully set for daily use.

The next thing that you’d worry about its maintenance.

How do you Clean Airsnore Mouthpiece After use?

Most of the time, the AirSnore mouthpiece does not have many maintenance requirements. 

After setting it up via the initial boil bite process, you’ll have less to do to keep working with it.

The structure is simple, with no moving part.

However, as any other oral product, you’ll need to keep your Airsnore oral device hygienic. To do that, you’ll have to follow a routine like:

  1. Soaking the AirSnore Mouthpiece in a glass of cold water containing a little non-whitening toothpaste for 10 minutes
  2. Alternatively, you can use a denture cleaning solution for soaking
  3. After soaking, allow the mouthpiece to dry in the air
  4. Then store the mouthpiece in the clear casing that it comes with when buying

Can you use it if you have dentures?

Yes. Most people have successfully used the AirSnore mouthpiece with dentures. However, its success depends on your situation. The same applies if you’re missing some teeth. Be sure to confirm your doubts with your dentist.

AirSnore Drops

You may wonder, what are AirSnore drop for if the mouthpieces work as excellently.

AirSnore drops contain ingredients that help with congestion and aid restful sleep. Most of the time, illnesses such as coughing, cold, sinus, or chest infection troubles sleep and increase the chances of snoring.

And snoring problems from such incidences are what the AirSnore drops to treat. The AirSnore drop contains a unique blend of five natural oils—sunflower seed oil, Eucalyptus oil, lavender oil, peppermint leaf oil, and Scot pine oil.

This combination is excellent to reduce or stop snoring. But what exactly does each ingredient does?

Let’s break them down, one after another:

1. Lavendulaangustifolia Flower Oil

This is an extract of the lavender plant. It works as a de-stressor, which makes sleeping more relaxed and more comfortable. It is an effective benzodiazepine—a drug that helps people to sleep. Besides, lavender essential oil inhalation suppresses allergic airway inflammation, a property that is essential in relieving snoring. 

2. Eucalyptus Globulus Leaf Oil

This is an extract from the eucalyptus tree. This oil has a variety of health benefits, making it one of the most popular oils in the market.

Eucalyptol—the main active ingredient of the oil—creates a soft, soothing effect to help someone fall asleep. Eucalyptus oil is used to clear up respiratory infections, sinus infection, mitigate asthma symptoms, and reduce pain and inflammation of the respiratory tract mucous membranes.

3. Mentha Piperita Leaf Oil

Peppermint essential oil has tons of uses. This oil is an extract of the peppermint plant. It mostly relieves nausea and helps to calm the nerves. To assist in alleviating snoring, it can combat common respiratory diseases

4. Helianthus Annus Sunflower Seed Oil

This oil is an extract of sunflower seed. Its medicinal value stems from the active ingredient called tryptophan, which helps relieve insomnia and mild depression.

5. Pinussylvestris Leae

The last of the five ingredients are the extract of Scot pine tree’s needles. The oil is most know to alleviate insomnia. It contains several elements, but its vapor is soothing and refreshing that it provides an uninterrupted night sleep.

The combination of these oil helps to reduce congestion. It clears obstruction, in addition to its aromatherapeutic nature, that delivers good sleep.

Rating (Pro & Cons)

By this point, it is right to ask about the ratings of AirSnore. Let’s go right on it.


  • AirSnore Mouthpiece and drops are products from a reputable company with a track record in delivering good sleep
  • They come with a great money-back guarantee   
  • They are cost-effective anti-snoring mouthpiece despite performing the same way as the expensive alternatives
  • Comfortable and easy to wear
  • You can customize the mouthpiece as much as necessary due to the food-grade thermoplastic construction
  • Works perfectly for mouth breathers


  • Not large enough for an individual with large jaws
  • In the first few days, one might feel jaw soreness
  • The device is not FDA-approved, though it is made in an FDA-cleared facility

Who is the product recommended for?   

  • A person who is looking for an easy solution solution
  • Mouth breathers because it has a hole in the front to help breathe well during illness
  • Denture-wearing snorers struggling to find a snoring solution
  • Persons that value the ability to custom-fit

Precautions/health info

It is worth noting that, although the product is made in facilities that are FDA-approved, this doesn’t mean the administration approves the mouthpiece. This only means that the product is compliant with acceptable manufacturing practices.

Patient results

A person who snores wore AirSnore and recorded themselves using a snoring app. The results show that the snoring frequency and intensity reduced while wearing the mouthpiece. In fact, there was a time when snoring did not occur at all. 

Airsnore FAQs

Where to buy AirSnore? And How Much do You Expect to Pay   

Initially, the only place you could buy AirSnore was from their official website. However, today you can find it on AirSnore on Amazon and Walmart.

The anti-snoring mouthpiece retails at USD 44.95.

The combination of the mouthpiece and the drops retails for $89.95.

What is the shipping fee?

The AirSnore product ships for free for all USA orders.

Is it Airsnore safe?

Yes. Airsnore mouthpiece utilizes The MADs and essential oil to offer a safe and natural way to prevent snoring.

How long will it last?

Many MADs have a limit in the number of times you can set it. However, AirSnore Mouthpiece comes at a food-grade EVA thermoplastic, allowing you to repeat the process as many time as necessary.

And depending on your level of attention to maintenance and whether or not you grind your teeth, your mouth pies have a life span range of 4 months to a year.

Does it help with sleep apnea?

Yes, either the airdrop alone, the mouthpiece alone, or the combination of both help with sleep apnea.

Is it a long-term snoring solution?

Yes.  Boil and Bite mouthpieces can be long term snoring solutions. However, due to wear and tear, you should replace your mouthpiece from time to time. You should be able to do this for the rest of your life.

Do you need to use Airsnore drops together with mouthpiece? Do you need the combo option?

You don’t have to go for the combo version. You can use the mouthpiece separately and the drops individually. The combo can be more effective if you when you need to clear an obstructed airflow as well as improving mouth-breathing.

If you were to choose one product, which would you buy? What are the reasons?

Both the mouthpiece and the drops prove to be handy products from AirSnore. And everyone has a unique mouth and different needs for the particular snoring.

So the question “which should you buy?” can be challenging to answer.

The answer stems down to what you need. If your snoring problem is connected to sleep apnea, common cold, probably, the mouthpiece won’t solve your problem because it requires the sinus to be open from inside. The AirSnore drops would do the work better.

However, if you’re a mouth breather with problem breathing, the mouthpieces would wok greatly instead of the drop.

So which one product would you buy? It all depends on the cause of your snoring.

How do you use the AirSnore mouthpiece?

The AirSnore is easy to fit into the mouth.

Before you use it, let it sit in hot water for some minutes to soften. The with care, follow the instructions that come with the product. Next, place it inside your mouth and bite down on it while it molds itself to the inside of your mouth in an exact fit. If it doesn’t work right, repeat the process until it is comfortable.

Does it require a prescription to use?

Neither the AirSnore drops nor the mouthpiece requires a prescription. Anyone can buy them and put them to use

What guarantees do they offer?   

Airsnore has a guarantee. And a good one too. Wolfson Berg backs its products with a warranty that lasts for 60 days. And the guarantee period begins on the day you receive the product, not on the date you order it.

Meaning you have nothing to lose even if you’re not sure if it will not work on you. If the product does work for you within 60 days, you’re free to return them.

Any discomfort or side effects?

For the first-time user, on the first day, your jaws will likely feel sore. But the feeling will go away after some time. 

Editors Verdict? Conclusion?

In the world of multiple anti-snoring mouthpieces, you can be spoilt for choice. However, Airsnore is a unique product that comes in an individual bundle.

Most are only MAD at their core, designed to hold the lower jaws forward to prevent that. AirSnore is more than just a mouthpiece. It comes with AirSnore drops that assist in clearing up blocked noses to make breathing easier.

Apparently, on the first night, it is more likely you will wake up with the jaws slightly sore. However, this is entirely normal when using a new device for the first time. This will subside after a certain period as your facial muscles and jaw get accustomed to the new appliance.

All in all, as great as the AirSnore may sound, you probably would like to give this product a little hands-on demonstration and trial to see if it is a good fit for your snoring need.

Fortunately, it has a 60-day money-back guarantee so that you can check out its suitability yourself. 


Airsnore Mouthpiece & Drops, snoring solutions

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