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Top Ten Bean Bags for Kids


No, the bags are not made from edible material but an artificial material that fills the bags and gives it a feel similar to grain. Bean bags were first created as an alternative for couches because they are affordable and use less space. They are popular with people that live in smaller rooms or college students. Recently, brands that manufacture goods used by children have come up with a way to ensure that kids can have safe and toxic-free bean bags in their playrooms. This article will touch on the finer details that a parent should consider before purchasing these bean bags.

Buyer’s Guide

Purchasing something for a child requires more precision. When a parent is shopping for their kid, they need to make sure that the object is safe and reliable. The utility and safety of a product will also matter more than the aesthetic. Here are other factors a parent ought to consider before making a purchase;

  • Quality- the quality of the bean bag will determine how durable and reliable a product will be. Children are not likely to care about how they handle the bean bag while playing; it is the parents’ responsibility to ensure that the product is not subject to wear and tear.
  • Material-the material should be soft, firm, and toxins free. Chemicals used should not affect the child’s health in any way. Some of the materials used to fill up the bean bags are the same materials used to make mattresses. The materials should be comfortable and flexible enough to sink in when the child sits. Polyurethane, expanded Polypropylene beads, and Styrofoam are materials that fill kids’ bean bags. They are water-resistant and safe as long as the bag remains intact. Parents should keep leaking bean bags away from their children because the stuffing material is not edible and might put the kid’s health at risk. 
  • Size and comfort-Parents should pick bean bags of a larger size because kids are likely to outgrow smaller bean bags quicker. Larger bags are better for comfort and back support. The child might use the bags to study or sit on for long hours. To avoid back damage, the parents would do well to purchase a bean bag that will support the child’s back.
  • Safety- Bean bags need to be soft with no sharp objects or protruding insight. They also need to be safe for both the child and the environment. Ecofriendly materials are best suited when making the product.
  • Durability and maintenance- one parent might prefer to buy a cheaper bag because the child will outgrow it, while another one might want to buy a quality one that will last long. It is up to a parent to decide which one suits their needs best. The material of the bag should stay clean to avoid infections.
  • Warranty- before making a purchase, parents should look at the warranty manufacturers offer. It is advisable to reconcile with the policy available before deciding to purchase.

The top ten bean bags for kids include,

Chill Sack

Under the soft microfiber cover, the bag contains shredded memory foam that creates a flexible surface.  The chill sack is one of the larger bean bags in the market and can accommodate more than two kids at once. Children who have more than one kid or are trying to keep the playroom as spacious as possible would find this bag a perfect fit.

The bag is too large and difficult to lift. It would be convenient for the person setting it up to get a helping hand. The bag should be in the desired position before unpacking. Opening and fluffing the product sooner would make the setup process too cumbersome. The cover can be peeled off and washed to maintain hygiene.

Leachco Pillay Push

It is cocoon-like, and it comes in a deep sling style and most suitable for toddlers and younger children. When a child sits or sleeps on the bean bag, the central part of the bag sinks in, and the sides of the bag stretch outwards. The bag is lightweight, and carrying it from one place to another is no task. If a parent is looking for a travel-friendly sling bag, the Leachco is the answer.

Parents use it when they need a comfortable place on the floor to place their napping kids. There is also a category of pet lovers that treat their pets as they would their kids who found this bean bag quite useful. Do not worry about the kid or the pet rolling over because the deep formation in the middle of the bean bag will not allow it. The cover of the bag is removable and washable to maintain maximum hygiene.

Jorebest Triangle

The bag comes in a triangular shape and is unique in the market. The buyer can use stuffed animals or regular fillings to keep the bag puffy and comfortable. Without the foam filling, the bag’s material can alternate as a warm blanket during colder seasons. The bag comes in two sizes suited for both children and adults as long as there are enough fillings to keep the bag functional.

The manufacturers of this brand use resilient material that is not subject to wear and tear, a material that ages well. The bag is shaped and sized in a way that a child can drag it without adult supervision, and that is one of the reasons why the manufacturer is so keen on the material they use. The shape of the bag also provides for inclusive back and leg support for maximum relaxation. Wash the outer cover as often as possible to protect your kids’ health.

5 Stars United

As a plausible solution for storage problems, the product comes in a wide range of patterns to suit consumer taste and preference. The bag fills with old clothes, beans, foam filling, and stuffed animals. The bags cover comes from a durable cotton fabric that can is washable and as often as possible. This bag is an alternative for chairs when children are playing, watching TV, or just sitting in their forts. It is a good alternative because unlike chairs, the bag is lightweight, movable, and not likely to damage toys or injure the kid. 

One bean bag fits only one sitting child. Though it is not suitable for sleeping, the parent can put two or three bean bags in a room without causing congestion. The bag is also a solution for parents and children that hoard things that are already redundant.

Big Joe Polka Dot

Toddlers are still in their most curious stage of grabbing everything and putting it in their mouths. Not to worry because this product comes double bagged. The beans fill one bag, and then an extra cover is used to prevent leakage and choking accidents. The dual locking feature is part of the product to ensure that the bag remains locked until the parent decides otherwise.

Because of its size, cost, and convenience, the bag can be found in playrooms and classrooms. The children can play, read, and even play with them with great ease. The parent need not worry if the child prefers to drag the bag around as the cover is easy to clean once it becomes dirty.

Sofa Sack

The product is bought as a compressed package so the buyer need not panic if the bag takes time to fluff up. The micro-suede cover makes the bag look and feel smooth, soothing, and luxurious. The product fills with soft memory form that sinks in to create a comfortable place to sit. Sofa Sack is a classic bean bag gifted to both children and teenagers that need something fun in their rooms

With this product, sitting or napping on hard surfaces is a thing of the past. Disabled children that require close supervision or have to be on surfaces near the floor can use this bean bag to avoid injuries.

Creative QT

Children grow up and grow out of trends, clothes, and toys quicker. At a very young age, a child might need extra storage spaces. The Creative QT bean bag unzips to accommodate soft toys and old clothes a child does not need. One of the main advantages of this bag is that it eliminated clutter and manages hoarding habits. The children’s rooms are cleaner and more spacious after the purchase of this bag. Parents need not worry. The bag’s dimensions break down to make the bag more comfortable, and the zipper withstands immense pressure from sitting and playing.

For parents with both kids and teenagers, this product comes in various sizes and colors suitable for teenagers. For a budget price, parents a solution to their clutter nightmare and a quality bean bag with a resilient washable cover.

Butterfly Craze

I would say that this bean bag is most suited for young girls and pets. Functionality aside, this bag can be used to decorate a room. Caregivers looking to give their child a fairy tale dreamland can purchase this product reasonably. The product comes in various colors and sizes, and the choice depends on the buyer’s taste. The smaller sizes can be used as pillows or pet beds, while the larger bags suitable naps and general relaxation.

The bag uses foam filling that might leak once in a while. Parents should be careful, especially when it comes to toddlers. Refilling the bean bag maintains its comfort; the cover is washable and changeable when the parent prefers a different color.


These bags can help discipline kids and make them more responsible because they will learn how to clean the clutter from their rooms and pick after themselves. The bean bag’s size determines the number of kids one has or the amount of clutter in their house. If the buyer does not have stuffed animals, they can use L beans to fill and refill the bag. With the wide variety the product comes in, it is suitable for anyone looking to own a bean bag.

The cover is a thick canvas made of pure cotton made to withstand the bag’s pressure as it gets larger. The material is washable and not subject to wears or tears.

Sttiao Sturdy Cotton Bean Bag

This bag’s soft, durable cotton canvas is what attracts the buyer to the product. The reinforced seams on its side alongside the material used helps increase the lifespan of the product. After all the required medical tests, the washable cover of the bag meets the standards of the US Consumer Product Safety Commission because the material and stuffing of the bag are free from Lead, Cadmium, and Phthalates to protect kids from such toxic chemicals.

Parents can use the bean bag to teach the child how to clear clutter and organize their soft toys. The child’s room is cleaner, and the toy is safe from damage, which is why most parents have grown fond of the bean bag. It is comfortable to sit in and does not take up too much space, in cases where the rooms are small.


Most parents, according to the review, love having bean bags in their homes. Toddlers and older children have a place to play without destroying furniture. Bean bags are safe, and a toddler will not get hurt if they fall off one. Rooms have less clutter, and toys last longer when stored in a bean bag. For parents with more than one child, bean bags are a budget-friendly to keep every kid in check.

Parents should supervise the bags before use to ensure there is no leakage. The beans in the bag can pose a choking hazard for curious toddlers. The parents should also check if the kids have any allergies before setting for the material they want. Other than that, bean bags have proven to be a great asset to have children.


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