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Bedwetting Pants: A Tell-All Guide For Buyers And Consumers

Bedwetting, also known as Nocturnal Enuresis, is caused by the loss of bladder control during the night. Approximately 10% of children between the ages of 4-7 years still wet their beds. Research shows that by the age of 3years, most children usually have control over their bladders. Parents of children that wet their beds at night after they are past the development stage should not be alarmed. Child development is relative; some children will mature earlier than their peers.

Bladder control problems are common issues affecting children among above the age of 7 years. Basically there are two types of nocturnal enuresis that describe different situations that may affect children. Primary nocturnal enuresis refers to a situation where a child has continuously wet their bed since birth. The second instance is secondary nocturnal enuresis. Secondary nocturnal enuresis describes various cases in which a child stopped wetting their bed but picked up the habit after a short period.

Various causes of bedwetting for adults and children

  • Family history – The bedwetting gene is one that can be inherited. An individual whose parents or relatives wet the bed while asleep is likely to wet the bed too.
  • Slow development of the brain-bladder control
  • Deep sleep can obstruct the messages from the bladder to the brain
  • Smaller bladder capacities
  • Consumption of carbonated or caffeinated drinks before bed
  • Diseases such as Diabetes and Stroke
  • Sleep disorders that cause the production of extra urine.
  • A constipated rectum can squeeze the bladder.
  • Stress level increase affects the kidney and bladder functions

Keeping in mind that necessity has always been at the heart of every invention, it is no surprise that a wide range of pants exists to tackle bedwetting. Thus, these pants offer timely help to individuals who wet the bed until their bladders are ready to assume control.

What Are Bedwetting Pants?

These pants are useful in the management of the condition of wetting the bed. They come in different makes and sizes. Moreover, the pants can either be trainer pants, bedwetting underwear, shorts, or pajamas. Trainer pants are designed for toddlers to wear day time. The underwear, the shorts, and the pajamas for both children and adults all come in handy during the night.

The Main Benefits of Bedwetting Pants

  • They are Washable and Environmentally Friendly – Unlike disposable pants are unrecyclable and un-reusable, often leading to more landfill waste. On the same breath, too, users of such single-use pants have to wear them only on special occasions as regular use would lead to exponentially higher costs.
  • The pants are Readily Available – Being easy to buy and maintain over time because of the quality of the material. Most pants have microfiber layers in the front, back, and side to increase absorbency. The pants have a wrap-around waterproof soak pad around the pants to handle any sleeping position. Washable pants, however, won’t come with such a bill. The buyer can use the product regularly, and for extended use, seek options with extra-absorbent pads.
  • The Pants are mostly Unisex – With others having different pants for girls and boys. For boys, the parent is supposed to fold the soaker in half to use in the front. For girls, the soaker should be completely wrapped. 
  • Absorbent pants are available both in physical stores and online retailers. Customers that seek the utmost discretion can order the product online, but this will attract additional shipping and delivery costs. On the whole, however, parents can now manage their children’s bedwetting at very affordable prices.

Users can have various options to choose from when shopping for bedwetting pants, namely:

  1. Washable pants

Before their invention, parents had to wash the children’s bedsheets every day. In rural settings, people would air out their dirty linen to dry and get rid of the urine stench. The strong and pungent smell of ammonia would often become persistent, even after a rigorous wash. Washable pants, however, help solve this problem entirely.

Why washable pant?

The pants comprise washable absorbent pants that hold about 150-250 milliliters of urine a night. The pants come with extra absorbent pads for additional protection. The extra absorbent pads that are also washable can hold up to 500 milliliters of urine a night.

The washable pants have a waterproof area that absorbs moisture to trigger bedwetting alarms. The alarm is useful because it creates a stable schedule that can treat the wetting of the bed. With time, this schedule becomes ingrained in the child’s sleep patterns, helping the child know when to get up and urinate. The parents and the adults are required to make sure the alarm is working before making a purchase.

As the name suggests, you can re-use and wash after every use. The pants design looks like well-fitting underwear. The pants come with all shapes and sizes to cater to both children and adults.

The washable absorbent pants retail for about $ 20-50 exclusive of shipping costs.

2. Disposable pants

These absorbent pants are not reusable. They should be worn for the night and disposed of after use. They are perfect for completely dry nights because they hold between 1100-1700 milliliters of urine. The disposable pants do not treat the condition of wetting the bed either, and these pants manage the inconvenience.

Why disposable pants?

In terms of absorption, they are better than washable absorbent pants. The washable pants can only hold 500 milliliters with the help of additional pads while the disposable pants can hold up to 1700 milliliters.

The disposable pants lighten laundry obligations significantly as neither the pants nor the beddings require a daily wash. It’s good to note that disposable pants are best suited for nights away from home. They are also very discrete because they look like underwear. The child or the adults should wear them before bedtime and dispose of them in the morning. Kids and adults that wet their beds get to enjoy activities such as camps and vacations worry-free.

Some children and adults wet their beds more than once a night. An absorbent that holds up to 1700 milliliters without leaking is a revolutionary product. The individual can wet the bed more than once and remain dry.

3. Washable Absorbent Pajama Pants.

The washable absorbent pajamas come in both shorts and pants. The pajamas feature a soft, breathable, and waterproof super-absorbent material. When worn, the pajamas can hold up to a liter of urine without any leaks or showing of wet patches. While the fabric present in the pants works to absorb any urine, the child or adult might feel discomfort because these pajama pants do not remove the feeling of wetness. Instead, they encourage the user to wake up and change. The pajamas are also useful as a complementary treatment option. 

The pajamas protect the sheets, the blankets, and the mattress from urine. You should not wear anything below the pajamas as they are comfortable and warm enough. The absorbent pajamas are easy to wash and good for the environment because they are reusable. Like the pants, this product does not also cure the condition of wetting the bed.

 They retail for about $90 exclusive of shipping.

The highest-ranking bedwetting pants in the market are as follows.

Pjama Bedwetting Pants- Age 8-10

The pants are comfortable, discrete, and safe. Parents, however, need to pick the right size for the child to avoid sleep discomfort. The pajamas, which are very easy to wash, should be cleaned after every use. These pants are extremely helpful when seeking to manage bedwetting and help potty train children. The liquid retained in the pants will encourage any deep sleeper to get up and change. Since deep sleeping is a cause for bedwetting, the pajamas will enable a habit where the child wakes up frequently. The useful pants retail for $89 exclusive of shipping costs. 

Pjama Bedwetting Pants

These specific pants come in larger sizes and heavier fabric meant for teenagers and adults. Some adults that still wet their beds at this age can experience psychological issues. The deterioration of their mental health can lead to social isolation. The availability of pants to manage bedwetting has helped improve the psychological health of its users.

Undies! Bedwetting Pants, The Web Slinger

Products available for any parent raising a bedwetter. The product is both fully absorbent and waterproof. The bedwetting pants have two separate soaker pads of microfiber inside them enough to hold up to 450ml of fluid. The outer fabric is waterproof to avoid leaking. Upon recommendation, it is safe to wear the undies every night. After each use, the pants are washed and dried in just one dryer cycle. They retail for about $110 exclusive of shipping costs.

Super Undies! Bedwetting Pants Nighttime Underwear

Super Undies are made of water repellent fleece edges at the legs and waist to avoid leaking. These bedwetting pants can, therefore, handle most levels of wetters. There are also instances when the product requires additional absorbency or changed once through the night. They are a very cost-effective way of dealing with bedwetting compared to other options in the market.

Startkit Pjama Bedwetting Pants

Start kit pajamas are discreet bedwetting pants that look and feel like regular pajamas. They have a super absorbent feature and waterproof cover. They are also reusable and washable after use. The buyer should not dry clean the product or iron. The pants retail for about $ 179 exclusive of shipping costs.

Waterproof Washable Incontinence Adult Cloth

The adult clothes are diaper and nappy pants for adults that wet their beds. As the name suggests, these are adult only pants. They are washable, reusable, and feature a design that guarantees maximum comfort and longevity of use. The pants retail for around $34.97 exclusive of shipping costs.

Goodnites Bedwetting Underwear For Boys

These boys’ only pants come in medium and smaller sizes. Goodnites are extra absorbent pants that effectively lock away wetness and absorb odors. They offer ultimate discretion with every use, but unfortunately, they are not reusable. Goodnites provides more protection than the most high-ranking training pants for boys. The bedwetting underwear retails for about $ 26 exclusive of shipping.

Good Ideas; Reusable Waterproof Pants

Each pack of Good Ideas comes in three pieces that can be worn by both men and women. The effectiveness of these pants extends to both regular, or incontinence underwear use. To this end, the user stands to benefit from both extended comfort and dryness. The bands on the legs and waist go a long way towards ensuring the reliability of the product. They are reusable after every wash, and they retail for about $ 7.99 exclusive of shipping costs.

Kleinert’s Pants

Kleinert’s pants are washable adult pull up pants that boast extreme softness and noiseless. The pants are washable, quite durable and come in various sizes, though, and a buyer should confirm their measurements before making a purchase. The pants are more comfortable if they fit.  Kleinert’s pants retail for about $ 23-25 exclusive of shipping.

Night Time Waterproof Potty Training Pants

The pants feature a waterproof fabric on the outside and extra absorbent padding on the inside. However, the absorbents found in the training pants do not guarantee dryness and will feel wet after urination. The pants are washable, reusable, and for both sexes. The pants retail for about $7.95 exclusive of shipping costs.


Bedwetting pants make life easier for children, parents, and adults who are affected by bedwetting. While wetting the bed often creates frustration and self-esteem issues amongst affected individuals, bed wetting pants promise to offer some much-needed reprieve. To this end, victims of the condition need not isolate themselves anymore.

However, it is essential that an individual visit a doctor to make sure that bedwetting is not a symptom of a severe, underlying issue. Management tools such as bedwetting pants help increase the effectiveness of the treatment options offered by physicians.  Patience can also increase the efficiency of the treatment options with a particular child or adult that suffers from bedwetting. A bedwetter should, therefore, not be subject to shaming because the condition might get worse. As stress levels spike, bedwetting might become frequent. The step by step plan offered by doctors incorporated with patience can completely treat bedwetting.


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