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Best Air Mattresses for Everyday use

Traditional mattresses are hugely valuable – especially when you need superior comfort, great spinal alignment, and an adequate amount of undisturbed sleep. But when it comes to providing back pain relief and sleeping solutions for communal living or cramped quarters, choosing the best air mattresses for everyday use, often does 75% of the trick better.

There are literally hundreds of air mattresses out there. But we want to focus on only the best and most useful, bearing in mind that you’ll use the air mattress daily. We’ll pay keen attention to critical details – comfort, durability, air retention, and construction material quality.

Here are the best air mattress for everyday use.

1. SoundAsleep Air Mattress – Editor’s Choice

Interesting Features

  • The ComfortCoil technology
  • One-click built-in pump
  • SureGrip bottom that prevents sliding
  • Multilayer 15 gauge puncture-resistant material

While the traditional mattress gets all the glory, it is easy to forget that SoundAsleep Air mattress offers a full suite of traditional mattress features and the convenience of an air mattress. Its industry-leading design utilizes comfort coil technology and a SureGrip bottom to ensure firmness and stability – you won’t experience slipping and sliding.

And the pumping is easy. SoundAsleep air mattress comes with a patented 1-click internal pump that ensures quick and easy inflation and deflation. Targeting in-home use, the manufacturer designs the Queen Size Dream series to reach full inflation under 4 minutes and stay inflated for days. And when you want even a far firmer surface, you can use the pump to quickly top-up.

It isn’t short of space either. The air mattress is large enough for two people to sleep comfortably or one person like a king. If you’ve got a guest, friends, or relative – it doesn’t matter their body sizes or shapes – they will be thrilled.

When it comes to the sleeping surface, the mattress top entails an extra thick and waterproof flock that offers a far superior comfortable sleep. While a typical inflatable mattress is usually short term sleep solution, SoundAsleep is extra durable. It achieves this with its multilayer, puncture-resistant, and eco-friendly PVC.

2. King Koil Queen Air Mattress – Runner Up

Interesting Features

  • The Coil-Beam construction
  • Built-in pump
  • Patch Kit to repair accidental punctures

Enjoy the luxurious comfort of a fully flocked air mattress, superior firmness of the traditional mattress, and advanced functionality with the King Koil air mattress.

King Koil employs a soft flocking layer and a build-in pillow that combines to present maximum comfort. In fact, the extra thick but durable waterproof top presents additional spinal support because it enhances firmness to allow a great sleeping posture.

And like the SoundAsleep, it comes with an in-built but high-speed pump that separates the inflate and deflate knob for fast and straightforward inflation. In case you puncture your air mattress, for any reason, the manufacturer offers a patch kit on every order to help you repair.

And even more, while other air mattresses take time to inflate, the King Koil pump is exemplary fast and will inflate your mattress in less than 2 minutes. And in case it deflates – below your desired comfort level – just click the pump to re-inflate.

3. Englander First-Ever Microfiber Queen Air Mattress – Best Value for Money

Interesting features

  • Incredibly soft without compromising support
  • Microfiber shell
  • Built-in High output pump

Meet one of the world’s microfiber airbed that’s silky soft, strong, and presents a durable sleep-on solution. Its superior comfort feels like sleeping on a cloud.

Englander is the only mattress in the market that features a full microfiber exterior. This featuring alone gives Englander air mattress a 20% more puncture resistance, 20% more abrasion resistance,  and 30% tensile strength. Plus, the microfiber covering serves as a thermal-regulator – you won’t wake up overheated or chilled.

The construction design this mattress utilizes is far much superior. The manufacturer designs Englander’s interior with coil beams, which provide more stability, support, and increased lifespan of the air airbed. In other words, the designing eliminates the common problem of air mattress sinking during the night, wake you up when your partner tosses and turns, or flip when you get up.

And with its premium built-in pump, you can get your bed ready by fully inflating it in just 2 minutes. When you want to deflate, all you have to do is push a button and reduce your mattress to a compact size.

4. Intex Dura-Beam Deluxe Comfort Plush Elevated AirBed

Interesting Features

  • One-click in-built pump
  • Fiber-tech interior construction
  • Plush dual air pillow top for superior comfort

Meet another air mattress that utilizes thousands of polyester fibers to present incredible strength, luxurious comfort, superior stability, exceptional durability, and decreased weight.

And like any other air mattress on the list, Intex dura-beam comes with an inbuilt internal electric pump for fast inflation and deflation. But for improved convenience, it has the option to inflate using a manual pump in case you take it on a camping trip where there is no electricity.

The flocked sides are more puncture and abrasion-resistant.

5. Air Mattress King Size – Best Choice raised inflatable bed

Interesting Features

  • Laminated Vinyl that prevents seams from overstretching
  • Appealing aesthetics
  • Superior back support
  • Fitted sheet and Bed Skirt

If you’re looking for an air mattress that doesn’t look or feel like an air mattress, you will find Air Mattress King impressive.

It utilizes vinyl lamination to offer far stronger firmness than a typical air bed – it won’t stretch or sag. Plus, it comes a machine washable bed sheet and skirt, which is hypoallergenic and gives your bed a sense of style and provides warmth too.

Even more impressive, it comes with a built-in pump that allows setup in munites. Just plug in the cord to inflate your bed.

6. Coleman Air Mattress

Interesting features

  • Support lock reinforced construction
  • Built-in pump
  • Soft Plush top

Get all-night comfort, every day, with Coleman Support Rest elite elevated airbed.

With the velvet-like plush top, you can experience a soft feel to help you to drift off to sleep in comfort. Underneath the plush top is an in-built pump that readily inflates the bed.

When you inflate it to a perfect firmness, the airtight system other air mattresses start working to help maintain its firmness. And you don’t need to worry about support. The airbed employs a comfort strong coil system and support lock construction, which combines to provide lasting support.

7. Fox Airbeds – Plush High Rise

Interesting Feature

  • High-performance in-built pump
  • Additional pinch valve for inflation using an external pump
  • Thicker vinyl for better support

Like King Koil air mattress, Fox airbed comes with a pinch valve for external inflation and a built-in pump for quick inflation. With the combination, it won’t matter where you will be – you can always inflate your mattress even when you’re away from the power supply.

Using the internal pump, you can set your air mattress ready in minutes.

To provide better support and superior resistance to puncture, the manufacturer utilizes thicker vinyl in the interior construction.

And the sweeter spot of Fox airbeds is the guarantee and the warranty the company offers. You have 90 days to test if the mattress will work for you. If it doesn’t, you return it for a full refund. And suppose your mattress gets flaws within the first year of use – because of poor craftmanship – the manufacture will replace it for you at no extra cost.

8. Lazery Sleep Air Mattress – Best Luxury

Interesting Features

  • Heavy-duty airbed
  • Built-in electric pump
  • 7 Remote settings
  • Readily portable

Experience all the sleep luxury with this adjustable-firmness air mattress.

Lazery sleep air mattress is unique to the extremes. It understands that one firmness setting is not ideal for everyone. So it presents 7 – which you control using a remote control. The firmness setting ranges from Soft Plush to Extra firm – with all staying stable and inflated all through the night.

And its inbuild electric pump is unique too. Unlike others, it has an auto-shutoff feature that turns it off when your mattress is fully inflated or deflated.

And you don’t have to worry about flaws in craftsmanship. If you find any, the product comes with a one year warranty – you can replace it at no extra cost.

9. OlarHike Air Mattress with Built-in Pump

Interesting features

  • Incredible 2-year warranty and lifetime after-sale services
  • Flocked top with velvety fabric surface
  • Upgraded seams and superior welding
  • Automatic setup with the built-in pump
  • Skid-free bottom

Meet another flocked air mattress but with a stronger backup of its workship. The manufacturer of OlarHike air mattress offers a 2-year return and refund warranty. Suppose your mattress starts to air-leak without any reason, the manufacturer promise free replacement.

And its in-built pump is ridiculously powerful but quiet. It inflates the mattress within 4 minutes. With a clockwise turn of the pump, you can inflate in no time. The counterclockwise turn deflates the mattress.

This mattress uses upgraded seams and superior welding to ensure a completely airtight blowup mattress for two days – no leaking. And the inner coil air beam construction provides excellent support for all night long and remains flat without sinking or bulging – no matter how long you use the mattress.

More importantly, it is waterproof.

10. Insta-Bed Raised Air Mattress

Interesting feature

  • Never Flat secondary pump
  • Welded coil construction
  • Fast inflation and deflation with auto-shutoff

On the last of the best ten air mattresses for everyday use is Insta-Bed Raised Air Mattress. It is a unique choice because, unlike all other air mattresses, that only comes with one in-built pump. It has two – that perform distinct actions.

The primary pump quickly inflates and deflates the air mattress. Plus, it presents comfort control settings from three firmness levels – Plush, Medium, or Firm.

On the flip side, the secondary NeverFlat pump continuously monitors and silently maintains the air pressure to the setting you desire all night. This is smart as it ensures your bed never flats.

It comes with a patch kit too. In case it gets any puncture, you should be able to seal it real quick.

How we picked the best air mattresses for everyday use?

Air mattresses are not created equal – this is critical to understand – especially when you’re searching for one to use daily. With that knowledge in mind, we set out to the world of air mattresses, identified the world’s best, and pull out the top 10.

For an air mattress to be included, it must have to meet five requirements. It must:

  1. Be widely used by the air mattress  community
  2. Not deflate during the night and can be climbed in and out of
  3. Have long lifespan (and manufacturer’s warranty is a good indicator)
  4. Offer maximum value for money
  5. Have a well-built inner design that does not sink in the middle

And every one of these features is essential. Let’s find out right now why.

Wide Usage by the Air Mattress Community

There isn’t any superior to verify a product offers what it promises other than first-hand information from already-using customers. Even though people have a different experience with a product, reviews from people already using the air mattress is a correct picture of the experience you’re going to buy.

So we only focused on air mattresses with several thousands of Amazon reviews to eliminate any bias that might come along. In fact, only one product on the list has less than a thousand thoughts, but it appears to work correctly for persons already using it.

Not Deflate During the Night

While air mattresses’ core advantage is the adjustment in firmness according to the body shape, size, and type, to ease chronic back pain, it should hold air and not sink in the middle. Your bed should remain flat and firm so that you can stay asleep all night. What’s more, the material should be puncture-resistant.

Long Lifespan

Noting that you’re looking for an air mattress for everyday use, you’d consider an option that will not demand frequent replacement. And the material that an air mattress utilizes is going to determine how long it will last.

For instance, laminated vinyl is a material of preference because lamination delays the vinyl from stretching out or wearing down over multiple uses. Beside, lamination reduces puncture capability. You’d want to go for an air mattress that would stand the test of time.

Offer Maximum value of your money

Everyone’s sleeping preferences vary. That’s why every air mattress come with a different set of features, at different price. But no matter the price you pay for, you must seek maximum value for your money. And in this list, from the priciest to the less expensive option, each air mattress has a set of features that rhymes its price.

Robust Interior Design

No one want’s a mattress that sinks in the middle. In fact, an air mattress owes most of its quality assessment score to how reliably it holds air. And it is hard to determine how airtight an air mattress is. Some like Insta-Bed Raised Mattress comes with a secondary that monitors the air pressure and automatically adjusts it to your initial setting. Other presents guarantees, many present warranties, and another give vinyl patches to cover up puncture wound.

What are the key advantages of using the best air mattresses on an everyday basis

There are plenty of reasons why you should use an air mattress on an everyday basis. But the major one includes:

  • If you’re suffering from chronic back pain, an air mattress can be a great relief. Its firmness adjusts according to body shape, type, size, and weight – and all these make the healing process faster.
  • An air mattress is excellent in homes with bedridden people as it will help prevent long-term pressure sores,
  • While some years ago, science argued against long-term use because they could release toxins from their poisonous construction, manufacture up their construction, and use a material that does not create toxic compounds or VOCs.
  • And even more, air mattresses come at a reasonable price when comparing them with same-tier models of different construction. That said, a high-end air mattress can still be considerably expensive. And they are durable than most of the other types of mattresses and don’t show different, increasing its usage.
  • And even more, an air mattress comes handy in even on outdoor usage. For instance, when you are going on a camping trip or a road trip, all you need is to deflate your mattress and bring it along. You bring comfort with you, which you’d otherwise sleep on the back seat of your car.

But there is a caveat:

All air mattresses require maintenance to ensure the mattress is at a perfect level of firmness. But in a way, that’s still an advantage as you cannot adjust the firmness level with the traditional mattress. To maintain the high quality of the mattress, you need to re-inflate regularly.


At its heart, the air mattress was developed as an extension to comfortable sleep away from home. This meant ensuring sleep comfort, even when you’re outdoors. But this is slowly changing. The world is increasingly embracing air mattresses for everyday use – mostly because of their positive effect on back pains.

However, you’d want to keep a keen eye on comfort, durability, air retention, and quality of the construction material when it comes to everyday use. Above, we listed the top 10 best air mattresses for everyday use, considering every important factor.

And while the ten differs in features and manufacturers, you can’t go wrong with any of them if you’re after an air mattress for everyday use.


How does one fill up air beds?

Nearly all of the airbeds today come with an in-build electric pump. Others combine the manual and the electric air bed pump for maximum efficiency. You don’t need to blow your air mattress up yourself –attach the pump and the air bed’s valve, and your air mattress will inflate automatically.

How Often should one fill-up the air bed?

If you’re using your air mattress every day for sleeping, it should always be inflated. However, you should always pump it to ensure its firmness suits your need.

If you are using an air mattress with a secondary pump – like the Insta-Bed Raised Air Mattress – you don’t need always to pump it. The secondary pump will do the task for you.

How does one repair a punctured air mattress?

When your feeling your air mattress, listen for the hissing sound of leakage. Some air beds come with the repair kit that should help you get the job done.

When the manufacturer doesn’t include a repair kit, most stores sell for patches for air mattresses to take care of the punctures.

How does one deflate air mattresses?

Several air mattresses’ pumps can deflate your air bed in addition to inflation. You should check out to see if your air mattress comes with a deflating setting. If the pump doesn’t have a deflating feature, you can go the manual way by unscrewing and unsnapping the cap.

Is it okay to sleep on an air mattress every night?

While initially not meant for everyday use, today, manufacturers have upped the features of air mattresses such that it is safe and healthier to use daily as the traditional mattresses.

Air mattresses today utilizes advanced technology that presents superior support that aligns the spine so that you can have restorative sleep.

Why Do Air Mattresses Lose Air?

Plenty of reasons causes air loss in an air mattress – the temperature, design, and the pressure you put on the mattress. And no air mattress is airtight. Every air mattress has a bit of room to breathe, and you will lose a small amount of air just lying down.

How Long Does an Air Mattress last if you use it every day?

Initially, an air mattress is used for occasional use, which will make it last for years without growing a leak. As you’d expect, daily usage shortens its life span. However, even with everyday use, an excellent air mattress should last for at least four years.


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