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Best Anti Snoring Pillow

Premium snore aids are hugely valuable in stopping snoring – especially when your condition demands higher limits, advanced functionality, or you want to address a severe snoring problem. But for positional snoring, a typical best anti-snoring pillow can do 75 percent of the tasks.

There are literally hundreds of anti-snoring pillows out there. However, we only focused on the best and most functional to use. So we scraped the world of anti-snoring pillows, separated functional options from the rest, and then hand-picked the best 10.

Here’s how each performed:

#1- The Zeeq Smart Pillow – The World’s Smartest Pillow to Stop snoring

Interesting Features

  • Intelligent snoring detection and response system
  • Ridiculously smart—it automatedly monitors, track, and respond to snoring
  • Wireless app for iPhone and Android that track sleep sessions
  • More-than-anti-snoring pillow features which include:
  • Music, podcast, TV, and Audiobook streams that you can only hear when your ear is in contact with the pillow
  • Automated music shut off when you’re asleep
  • Communicate with other smart devices in your home
  • Partner friendly alarm – only wakes you and no one else in the room
  • 2-weeks battery life

Meet the world’s smartest pillow that features unbeatable sophistication to stop your snoring. People call ZEEQ smart pillow because it gives you nearly all you need for a goodnight’s sleep.

For a snorer, here’s what this pillow has got in bag for you:

First, it comes with a snoring alarm. The pillow has eight tiny microphones, which monitor and detect snoring during the night. In case you snore, the pillow sends gentle vibrations to shift you to a slightly different position without waking you up.

And it doesn’t stop there.

The pillow also has a sleep analysis feature that links with your smartphone to deliver your sleep data. In fact, it has a sleep tracker that measures sleep motion and snoring decibel resulting in SleepScore and detailed snore report. That way, you can assess if the pillow has an impact on your snoring.

But it is more than just an antisnoring pillow.

It features in-the-pillow functions that can play your music, track and analyze your sleep, wakes you up at the ideal point in your sleep, stream music, podcasts, TV, or audiobooks – all inside the pillow. In fact, it is incredibly smart that you only you can hear the speakers when you press your ears against the fabric. That way, you can’t disturb your partner on the other side of the bed with your alarms and or listening sessions.

#2- Smart Nora – One of the Smartest Contact-Free Anti Snoring Pillow

Unique Features

  • Smart – automated detection and response to snoring
  • It is contact-free – no part touches your body – yet clinically-proven to reduce snoring
  • A 30-min delay that allows you to get ready to sleep
  • Work with your current pillow
  • Customizable level of sensitivity
  • Thousands of users find it effective
  • Travel-friendly and portable

Smart Nora isn’t a pillow, per se. Instead, it is a pillow insert.

In other words, you place it under your current pillow, and you’re set to stop snoring.

It doesn’t matter which position you sleep – back, side, or stomach – Smart Nora pillow insert spans across the pillow.

Unlike the ZEEQ, you don’t need to change your favorite pillow – whether firm, soft, thin, or puffy – the insert will work alike. However, it works automatically to monitor snoring throughout the night. When it detects any snoring, it triggers a gentle movement in the pillow, stimulating the throat muscles. In turn, tightened throat muscles open the airway, and you continue to breathe naturally.

To use Smart Nora, place the insert under your pillow, then place the pebble overhead for maximum detection of snoring, and put the portable case under your bed.

And like ZEEQ, Smart Nora has a smartphone app that lets you monitor, track, store, and analyze your sleep data. Sleep data is crucial as you can assess if the antisnoring measures you’re taking are working.

#3- Nitetronic Goodnite – Anti-Snore Pillow with 3D Head Position Sensor

Interesting Feature

  • Intelligent Anti-snore features
  • Utilizes interactive 3D snoring monitoring
  • A wireless smartphone app that track, analyze, and give you snore data
  • Work independently even without the smartphone app
  • Works for all sleeping position
  • Non-invasive but clinically-proven snore aid
  • Turns the head gently when it senses you snoring

Nitetronic is the only antisnore pillow with interactive 3D technology.  The 3D function continuously monitors your breathing sound and automatically turns your head to the sides as soon as it detects snoring. Turning your head to the sides opens your airway, which in turn stops the vibration of the soft tissue.

Unlike other anti-snoring pillows, Nitetronic good nite does not only elevate your head and neck to encourage airflow. Instead, it goes a notch higher and incorporates sophisticated technology that sends a signal to inflate and deflate the pillow interior air chamber whenever it hears you snoring. As a result, your head slowly rises and falls as your spouse would have moved you when you snore.

And the sweeter spot is the wireless app.

The smartphone app monitors, records, analyzes and creates a chart of your sleep habit to gauge how much the pillow is helping you. But it isn’t mandatory to use the app. The pillow and app can work independently. However, combining the two can make you crash snoring problems because you have factual data to tweak your nightly routine.

#4- FitPlus Premium Wedge Pillow – Multipurpose Antisnoring Pillow

Interesting Features

  • Superior upper back support to relieve snoring, allergies, back pains, acid reflux, and other breathing issues
  • Multi-purpose wedge pillow – improves sleep posture, while at the same time, you can right-position it for TV-watching
  • Removable, soft, and breathable cover
  • Premium memory foam that conforms to your body’s natural curves

Bed Wedge FitPlus Premium is a multi-purpose pillow that helps solve sleep-position-related sleep problems like positional snoring, acid reflux, neck and back pain, or breathing issues.

Unlike the smart pillows, it does not stop snoring automatically, but it offers functionality that conforms to your natural body curves. Its wedge shape supports and elevates the upper body to promote a better sleep position. In turn, you breathe more easily, which helps stop snoring and aiding in allergies and breathing-related issues.

The only caveat?

Bed Wedge FitPlus Premium pillow can only treat snoring that results from sleeping from the back. While the pillow allows you to sleep on your back, it reduces the gravity’s compressing effect on your airway.

This snoring solution can also work great for overweight snorers.

#5- InteVision Foam Wedge Bed Pillow – Best Anti-Snore Pillow for Back Sleeper

Interesting Features

  • Recliner support ideal snoring and breathing issues that result from a supine position
  • Two-layer design plus an adjustable memory headrest pillow
  • Suitability for persons with allergies, acid reflux, and other breathing issues that stem from the supine position
  • High-quality eco-friendly bamboo cover

This is another wedge pillow ideal to solve the snoring problem. It is sturdy enough to provide the necessary support and correct spine alignment and, at the same time, comfortable to allow a restful night.

The pillow limits supine position, which otherwise causes snoring, acid reflux, allergy, or any other breathing issue. All these without compromising comfort. It employs a two-layer design – 1-inch memory foam top layer on top of a highly resilient base foam for better comfort and support.  High-quality foam easily adapts to the body’s contours, which eases any pressure or strain and stimulates muscles and tissue relaxation.

The only problem with InteVision Foam Wedge Bed Pillow is that it cannot reduce your snoring if you sleep on your stomach.

#6- CPAPMax 2.0 Pillow  – Best for Sleeping with CPAP Machine

Interesting Features

  • Ultimate Adjustable CPAP comfort
  • 2-in-1 Sleeping surface
  • Non-selective of sleep position
  • CPAP mask cutout that minimizes leaks and noise
  • Ergonomic design for superior alignment and airflow

Are you a CPAP machine user and looking to maximize your CPAP comfort? The traditional pillow might not be serving you maximally. And you’d get far much comfort with the CPAPMax 2.0 pillow.

What makes this pillow best for snoring os its ultimate adjustability for CPAP comfort. It employs 3-layer construction to provide optimal support and positioning benefits. The top memory foam layer cradles the contours of your face. The middle high-resilient layer presents improved support for your neck and shoulder while the charcoal-infused bottom layer neutralizes odor for freshness.

And these layers present the height adjustability of the pillow, making it perfect for side, back, and even stomach sleepers.

The mask has cutouts that minimize leaks and noise while at the same time using ergonomic design for better alignment and airflow. Plus, it has enhanced hose control that prevents the CPAP mask from shifting.

Most importantly, the pillow comes with three adjustable layers that allow you to choose your pillow height to support your sleeping position. And it does not compromise the comfort of a typical pillow. CPAPMax pillow comes with a 2-in-1 sleeping surface, which you can switch between fiver fill or memory foam sleeping surface.

#7- EnduriMed CPAP Pillow

Interesting features

  • 2 level thickness
  • Suitable even for CPAP wearers, Bi-Pap, APAP masks
  • Employs the unique contour design
  • Ergonomic Mask cut out

Even though this style of pillow aims at accomodating the mouthpiece of a CPAP machine, it can be the right choice even when you don’t have sleep apnea.

EnderiMed Cpap pillow shape, design, and material help your CPAP machine move with you throughout the night. The cutouts on the sides can keep your nose and mouth free and open, helping with breathing. And when it comes to spinal alignment, the EnduriMed pillow is non-compromising. It aligns your neck and back correctly while at the same time removing pressure points to reduce mask leaks.

What’s more, the pillow entails a removable foam pad so that you can readily customize the height of the pillow.

#8- UTTU Sandwich Pillow

Interesting Features

  • Adjustable loft for a customizable snoring solution
  • Body realignment for obstruction-free airways
  • UTTU dynamic foam for pressure relief
  • Fully Removeable and washable bamboo cover

Maybe all you need to stop snoring is a realignment pillow. A realignment pillow keeps your airways straight, obstruction-free, and provide comfort for your neck, back, and shoulder.

And what makes this anti-snoring pillow unique is that you can adjust its height. The memory foam middle is removable and allows four different height settings for customizable comfort for your sleeping position.

#9- WoodyKnows Side Sleeping Back Pillow

Interesting Features

  • Comfortable side-sleeping therapy
  • Stable at night
  • Highly breathable soft fabric and inner cushion
  • Size-adjustable with inflatable airbag
  • Only for snoring caused by supine sleep position

This is another anti-snoring pillow that reduces snoring that results from sleeping in a supine position. It works by keeping you sleeping on your sides and prevent back from sleeping with simple positional therapy. This is an excellent snoring solution for pregnant snorers or people whose snoring worsens with age.

Plus, it is a more comfortable way to encourage side-sleeping. To use it, inflate the airbag, put the backpack on, and go to sleep.

#10- Smart Delux Orthopedic Memory Foam Pillow

Interesting Feature

  • Memory foam for superior therapeutic support
  • A unique shape for maximum stability
  • Breathable memory foam pillowcase

Smart Delux pillow isn’t specifically for snoring, but it can provide the correct posture to sleep, making it appropriate to treat snoring. The memory foam cervical pillow offers the support you need without compromising comfort. This support aligns the supine correct, which reduces snoring and neck pains and should stiffness.

The gel-infused memory foam in the pillow adapts to your neck contours and provide therapeutic support for good sleep.

While the above 10 are the best anti-snoring pillow, as many serious people who are in search of an anti-snoring pillow, you’d wonder:

What criterion did you use to pick the best antisnoring pillow? Or, more importantly, why do you have more than one pick?

How We Picked the Best 10 Anti Snoring Pillow

There are gazillions of pillows out there.

But we have a top pick. However, not everyone looks for the same antisnoring pillow features. Some demand diverse functionalities and automated response to snoring – that means sticking to smart antisnoring pillows – while others will want simplicity superior body inclination, which is available in wedge pillow.

However, to be included, an anti-snoring pillow must have meet three requirements. It must:

  • Address Positional Snoring

While some pillows in the list – smart pillows – can address snoring caused by more than supine position, even the simplest anti-snoring pillow should offer positional therapy to combat positional snoring. After all, the primary target of any anti-snoring pillow should be positional therapy. The pillow should be able to align the neck and the spine properly.

  • Not Compromise Sleep Comfort

While snoring might be annoying, nothing worth comes closer to a comfortable sleep. In fact, instead of compromising comfort, an anti-snoring pillow that stands out should offer far superior comfort.

In the top ten list above, every pillow will conform with the curves of your neck. But there is an exception. With Smart Nora, the level of comfort will depend on your type of pillow because it is a pillow insert.

  • Offer Above the Board Value

Regardless of how much you pay, all that matters is the value of money you get. And that doesn’t change when it comes to an anti-snoring pillow. High prices don’t always mean maximum functionality or vice versa. But at least, you should get value for what you pay for.

You should assess all the pillows’ functionality and weigh it against its price to come out with an informed decision.

There are many other factors we put into consideration like:

  • Wide usage by the anti-snoring pillow community
  • The softness and thickness of the pillow
  • Rightsizing
  • And even the level of neck and spine alignment

Some are subject to personal preference. But the above three remained constant. That said, let’s explore the type of anti-snoring pillows you can find out there.

Types of Anti-Snoring Pillows

Anti-snoring pillow varies depending on the underlying cause of snoring. And to shed on some lights on your purchasing decision, we’ll briefly explore several kinds of anti-snoring pillows.

a) Smart Anti-Snoring Pillows

These are pillows that automatically monitor the user’s breathing part. In case it detects snoring, they send a vibration to make the user stimulate muscles in the throat to open the airway. Alternatively, other smart anti-snoring pillows gently turn the head automatically to stimulate an increase of the gap between the tongue and throat, thus interrupting airflow obstruction.

Unlike all the other anti-snoring pillows that only address positional snoring, smart pillows can handle positional snoring as well as snoring from many different causes.

b) Wedge Anti-Snoring Pillows

Science says that even a slight elevation of the head can significantly reduce snoring and sleep apnea. So wedge pillow employs this principle and inclines to raise the head a few inches above the primary sleeping position.

That way, your airway elevates, and in turn, reduces snoring. Plus, the body alignment that the wedge pillow provides reduces acid reflux, which otherwise causes throat irritation and eventually induces snoring.

c) Side-Sleeping Anti-Snoring Pillows

Sleeping on your back makes gravity act on the throat muscle, which causes air obstruction. So if you could sleep on your sides, it can help reduce snoring.

Side-sleeping pillows aim at helping snorers to roll on their side using ridges.

d) Microbeads Anti-Snoring Pillow

Microbeads pillows have full microbeads that provide cuddly, soft, and squishy shape without compromising support to the neck and the back. The microbeads absorb movement and continuously adjust to provide superior support that allows opening of the airways that otherwise causes snoring.

e) Cervical Anti-Snoring Pillows

At its core, cervical pillows targets tri-core cervical support for ladies with cervical and snoring problems. Most aims at correcting spinal posture on the neck and restore proper curvature of the spine. That way, they provide firm support to execute their therapeutic purpose.

A snorer can leverage the design to get sufficient support to the neck and other parts of the body – an alignment that help deals with positional snoring.

f) CPAP Pillow

These are anti-snoring pillows that specifically target CPAP users. They entail unique shape, design, and material to help your therapy move with you throughout the night. What makes the CPAP pillows unique are the cutouts that provide room for CPAP mask and tubing.

The best CPAP pillow must come with adjustable heights for customizable comfort.

Best Anti-Snoring Pillow – Final thoughts

Sleep is the elusive, beautiful dragon that we all desperately chase. For that reason, buying an anti-snoring pillow means a critical decision.

And we’ve seen a mass of anti-snoring pillows over the years. We’re expecting even more in the market. So we scrape every corner of the internet, only picking the world’s best – according to already-using customers – and put them to the test. Then, we pulled out the top 10.

Specifically, we found that:

  • If you’re looking for automation in solving your snoring problem, a smart pillow will serve you better. In fact, it will work for different types of snoring other than just positional sleeping.

The only caveat?

Smart pillows are pricey than any other type of pillow on the list

  • If you’re sure that your snoring problem stems from the supine position, you’d want to give wedged anti-snore pillow a shot. The pillow will position your body in a way that prevents obstruction of air in your throat.

Alternatively, you can use a side-sleeping pillow to align you in a non-supine position.

  • And if you’re already using a CPAP machine for snoring or sleep apnea, you should give CPAP anti-snoring pillows a shot. They are specifically for CPAP users for increased comfort and functionality. They help limit air leaks while at the same time providing comfortable support.


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