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Best Blankets for Hot Flashes (So that You Can Sleep Well Again and Alleviate the Thorniest Menopause Symptoms)

After all, that’s the end goal when at menopause, right?

Forget about getting hormonal replacement therapy. Sure, it would help much, but for the most part, you’re a simpler soul with much kinder dreams.

You want to be comfortable in bed even when it is ungodly uncomfortable, stop hot flashes that radiate out with heat waking you sweating amid the night, and alleviate symptoms that come with menopause hormonal transition.

While the root problem stems from hormonal transition, at menopause, there are few measures you can take to deal with hot flashes. And one of those is getting the right blanket to regulate the fire-in-the-vein feeling whenever it arises.

You can probably experience a hugging comfort with a typical blanket, but you’ll have to compromise on thermal regulation and performance. Having a blanket made just for cooling means no compromises, letting you fully cool when hot flashes set in. 

The best blanket for heat flashes set themselves apart with more than fancy comforting features. They are equipped with the best air circulation system and the best moisture-wicking properties out there.

For that reason, we scaped the deeper corners of the blanket’s world to find the best that suits hot flashes.

And now it is time to share what we found out.

The 10 Best Blankets for Hot Flashes

1. BedJet 3 Dual Zone Climate Comfort System – The Best Smart Blanket for Hot Flashes

Interesting Features

  • Intelligent and responds to body temperature so that you’re never too warm or too cold
  •  Powered ventilation colling that rapidly wicks body heat and moisture
  • Has heating mode gives deep warmth for the winter season
  • Biorhythm sleep technology that allows automated smart temperature (When hot flashes set in the blanket reacts to cool you down)
  • Has a remote control for easy temperature control
  • Plenty of alternatives – for a single person or couples with the same sleep temperature, couples where only one sleep temperature conditioning, and couple with different conditioning need

Tap into ridiculously powerful temperature-cooling that adjusts to your body temperature when asleep with BedJet. And it doesn’t matter whether your sleeping temperature differs from that of your partner, or you share the same sleep temperature. There is an option for you. But for heat flashes, it is more likely that your sleep temperature will differ from your partner’s.

Why it’s the best blanket for hot flashes:

It is the best the world has for a cooling blanket. And you get maximum value for money. The $300 BedJet is for singles or couples with the same temperature need. And when you have different temperature needs, the $900 dual-zone option is the one to go for. Yes, the price is far higher than nearly all blanket you’ll have, but you are getting precise sleep temperature that’s comfortable for you, automated temperature adjustment whenever hot flashes hit in, and guaranteed sweatless night – all in a wireless, no-electricity, and no-water system.

Instant cooling and heating: The blanket employs a silky quiet digital DC motor that delivers all control to your sleeping temperatures. In fact, it comes with the biorhythm function that allows you to program a customizable cooling and heating setting. When the hot flashes come, the device will respond and restore the temperature to the ideal temperature you preset.

Superior sweat elimination: It isn’t just the temperature, but humidity too. And hot flashes brings along the sweaty effects along. BedJet packs a motor that rapidly eliminates moisture and sweat from the bed, giving you instant relief for hot flashes, night sweats, and stuffy memory foam mattresses.

Efficacy backed up with clinical studies: In an IRB-approved clinical study of menopausal women in 2018, BedJet proved to be the first-ever device to deliver 85% relief from night swears and hot flashes, therapeutical effect to sleep faster, stay asleep longer, and woke less frequently. As a result, the subject of the study had improved functionality in the day time.

2. YnM Bamboo Weighted Blanket – Best Budget-Friendly Blanket for Hot Flashes

Interesting Feature

  • 7-layers design for superior breathability and temperature control
  • Temperature controlled fabric for cooling effect for hot sleepers
  • Pure natural bamboo that enhances cooling eases cleaning, and is gentle even on sensitive skin
  • Has a natural therapeutical effect that calm the body down
  • Multiple layers and a smaller compartment for maximum comfort that contours to your body shape
  • Nano-glass beads constructions that help regulate your sleep temperature

Get rid of even the most intense heat flash with a blanket entailing superior temperature-control than others. The YnM Bamboo Weighted Blanket isn’t technically superior to the BedJet 3 Dual Zone Climate Comfort system, but it is the best blanket that takes a natural cooling approach to help hot flashes. It has the most cooling features that you won’t find in many blankets.

Why it ranks 2nd:

It isn’t intelligent as the BedJet cooling system, but YnM Bamboo Blanket is the best-weighted blanket for hot flashes for most people because it cost $59. That’s not quite cheap for a blanket, but it is more affordable than its functionality.

Superior Cooling: Beat the hot flashes’ heat while remaining cool and calm all night with the YnM Bamboo Blanket’s superior construction. It employs a 7-layer structure that delivers temperature control without compromising comfort, making it an excellent choice when you want to eliminate hot flashes. The glass beads, soft bamboo top layer,  and other temperature-controlled fabric combine to give hot sleepers temperature relief.

Improved tension and anxiety relief: The all-natural bamboo material and small inner compartment combine to deliver a natural way to help calm your body for a restful night. In fact, the blanket contour to your body’s shape, offering pressure relief, which is therapeutical. As a result, you can relax your body to fall asleep faster and better.

3. CoziRest Cooling Weighted Blanket – Best All-Season Blanket for Hot Flashes

Interesting Features

  • Dual-Sided cover – one 100% cooling bamboo side and the cozy Minky
  • Employs the deep touch pressure therapy to calm the nervous system and relax you
  • A 7-layers construction that delivers extra soft comfort
  • Smaller glass-beads construction for even weight distribution across the blanket
  • Extra thickness (that does not compromise cooling) to ensure the blanket doesn’t tear and leak glass beads

The CoziRest Cooling Weighted blanket is a pricier blanket with a dual-sided cover. Its biggest perk is the cooling bamboo side cover, which makes it appropriate for a person experiencing hot flashes. Get ready for extreme ups with the moisture-wicking and superior airflow properties. Besides, the 7-layered construction ensures that there is superior airflow that further ensures cooling.

Why it ranks 3rd:

This is another powerful weighted blanket, but more expensive than the YnM Bamboo Weighted Blanket. But you’ll get it all with the CoziRest Cooling Weighted Blanket: Therapeutical and cooling effect of bamboo fiber, dual-sided cover that can keep you cold whenever hot flashes come or keep you warm during winter, a therapeutical effect that calms your nervous system, and excellent construction you’re sure will last.

The Deep Touch Pressure Therapy: The CoziRest Cooling Weighted Blanket’s double-stitched pockets are superior in helping in the distribution of pressure across your entire body. The expertly-sown pockets stop the glass beads from moving about to deliver a deep touch pressure that encourages you to sleep sooner and more comfortably. You’ll wake up more energized in the morning.

Unrivaled cooling technology: The CoziRest Cooling Weighted Blanket has the best breathable construction on a weighted mattress. Its cover is dual-sided. On one side is lightweight, breathable sustainable bamboo that’s ideal when having hot flashes. Besides, glass-beads technology allows a better-quality airflow.

4. Outlast Cable Weave Luxury Cotton Blanket – Best Outlast Blanket for Hot Flashes

Interesting Features

  • Patented outlast material  that absorbs, stores, and releases excess body heat for all night thermal comfort
  • Excellent material for body temperature regulation
  • Active-temperature-management technology appropriate to cool you down when hot flashes set in
  • Classic cable weave
  • Machine-washable 

The Outlast Cable Weave Luxury Cotton Blanket takes every cooling property blanket can have and elevates it to a light blanket. The look and the leaving-you-cold-in-winter property may not be worth the notable price hike to everyone, but this blanket cooling is undeniably the best a person experiencing hot flashes can buy.

Why it ranks 4th:

It is amazing that with the top three contenders out of the way, we have the little-known Outlast Cable Weave Luxury Cotton blanket doing so well in cooling and claimed a spot within the top 5 best blankets for hot flashes. While nearly everyone cries about its unreliability during the cold season, it is the most powerful non-smart blanket in cooling on the list because it is specifically meant for sleep temperature regulation. In fact, it employs the NASA-Scientist tech use to regulate outer space’s extreme temperatures astronauts face. But this time, it brings that tech into your home. 

Outlast technology: NASA scientists initially developed the Outlast technology to regulate extreme temperatures that astronauts face in space. The blanket entails a special lining that continuously interacts with the human body to regulate its microclimate to release heat or absorb it. Yes, the cooling property works mighty fine for hot flashes, but you’ll find its warming properties not enough during cold seasons.

Easy care: The blanket material entails 50% cotton and 50% acrylic, making it machine washable and tumble dry.

5. Quality Premium Cotton Weighted Blanket

Interesting Features

  • 100% cotton for superior breathability and cooling effect
  • 7-layers designing for better comfort 
  • Glass beads layers that help in  pressure distribution
  • Pre-attached removable duvet cover that’s soft for superior comfort
  • Stress-reducing properties because it stimulates the relaxing feeling of a warm hug
  • 8 Duvet Loops
  • Tens of thousands of 4+ Amazon reviews

Stimulate a relaxing warm-hug feeling with an ultra-breathable 100% cotton layer that delivers a better cooling effect for hot flashes. The Quality Premium  Cotton Weighted Blanket takes the powers and specs of a cooling blanket and crams them together into an ultimate comfort design.

Why it ranks 5th:

The Quality Premium Cotton Weighted Blanket is a good combination of cooling effect and non-compromising comfort, making it a good value for money and quality that put it ahead of most blankets for hot flashes.

Expertly balanced micro-glass beads: The blanket utilizes 7-ultra-plush layers, quilted sectioning, and ultra-strong stitching that reinforces the section with micro-glass beads for even weight distribution. As a result, the blanket delivers the comfort of a hug, which is comfortable and nurtures a habitual sleep routine that helps your body recognize bedtime. 

Cooling technology: The cooling tech is one are of the trimmed capability: while the 100% ultra-breathable cotton outer layer is fine in regulating heat from hot flashes, it is not as highly effective as the top three – especially the smart temperature cooling of BedJet or the Outlast technology. But the 7-layers designing is perfectly suitable for enhanced cooling.

6. Pine&River Temperature Regulating Bamboo Blanket

Interesting Features

  • Ultimate chill because bamboo naturally regulate body temperature
  • Glass beads construction to spread pressure evenly
  • Double stitching to ensure the glass beads stay wherever they are supposed to be
  • It is machine washable, thus, easy to care

Experience ultimate chill without compromising your sleep comfort with Pine&River Temperature Regulating Bamboo blanket’s ultimate chill technology. After all, bamboo naturally regulates sleep temperature because it is highly breathable and has a wicking effect incase you sweat – all without compromising on comfort. It is an evolution of the max-specced bamboo blanket.

Why it ranks 6th

The Pine&River  Temperature Regulating Blanker is truly cutting-edge for hot flashes, with a chilled bamboo technology and even pressure distribution that combine to give you a night of quality sleep. But you’ll pay a premium for the privileges.

The ultimate chill technology:  The Pine&River Temperature Regulating Blanket has a massive cooling tech of natural bamboo, which should help drains heat from hot flashes. The bamboo naturally regulates body temperature and will wick any sweat if the hot flashes hit the extremes. Besides, the noiseless glass beads ensure excellent breathability, which improves airflow for far improved cooling effects.

Superior quality construction: The superior fabric selection of bamboo engineered with silica blend inside the smallest weight pockets presents superior weight distribution for far superior comfort. With such a combination, you’d think that the heavy blanket won’t be cool. But that isn’t the case. But the super chill bamboo construction makes the pillow effective for cooling.

7. Design Weave Outlast Temperature Regulating Blanket

Interesting Features

  • Outlast technology that buffers against temperature fluctuations
  • Wicks body moisture to help control sweaty nights 
  • Absorbs excess heat to maintain a comfortable sleep temperature
  • 100% cotton sateen cover that’s machine washable and dryable

Meet one of the best solutions for hot flashes you can ever get out there. It isn’t that fancy, but the Design Weave Outlast Temperature Regulating blanket gets the job done. The blanket packs nearly all the perks you need to properly address hot flashes because it employs the outlast technology originally developed by NASA to protect astronauts from extreme heat in space.

Why it ranks 7th

The Design Weave Outlast Temperature Regulating Blanket may miss out on a couple of flagship flourishes like offering hugging comfort, but it has got more-than impressive specs to alleviate hot flashes. As long as you are not after factors like the hug-feeling effect, the price and the functionality is right for this one.

Outlast thermal regulating technology: The Change Phase Material (PCM) the blanket utilizes absorbs, store, and release heat for optimal thermal comfort. Whenever hot flashes set in, you’re sure the material this blanket utilizes will absorb and release it in the end. What’s more, the Outlast construction will wick moisture in your sweat amid a hot flash that contributes to cooling. But the blanket works hard to manage sweat before it begins proactively.

Even better than just a cooling system: The Outlast technology regulates spikes in skin temperature, causing sleep disturbances by absorbing and storing excess heat. And in case you start overcooling, the blanket will release the heat it stored to maintain an optimal sleep temperature. This thermal regulation cycle continues throughout the night. And apart from temperature regulation, the blanket uses a super-soft sateen weave to deliver you superior comfort.

8. Luxear Cooling Blanket

Interesting Features

  • Cool-touch technology that readily absorbs heat to keep you cool
  • Lightweight that makes it even portable
  • Non-compromising comfort  from the soft, silky fabrics
  • The top fabric is excellent in moisture-wicking, making excellent in preventing bacteria build-up 
  • Suitable for all seasons: The cold side during warm season and 100% cotton side for an ordinary season
  • Machine washable therefore is to take care

Keep cooling all night – even amid hot flashes – with the Luxera Cooling Blanket that brings you superior relief from hot flashes. While it loses out on a few cutting-edge features like hug-feeling comfort and even pressure distribution, its remaining arsenal of the flagship specs – cold-feeling black technology fabric, cool-at-touch, and high breathability stands out in dealing with hot flashes.

Why it ranks 8th:

The Luxera Cooling Blanket is a lightweight blanket, perfect for anyone fighting hot flashes at an affordable price. While it is still more expensive than mid-range phones, the Luxera Cooling blanket has plenty of cooling features and cutting-edge specs to push it beyond the competition at its price.

Outstanding cool-touch technology: The cool-touch technology is sharp, bringing you a new experience when hot flashes plague you. It entails a cold-feeling black technology fabric that absorbs sweat from the skin and vaporizes it to keep you cool. In fact, the design allows you never to bear the heat of hot flashes as its Japanese technology absorbs and releases a rapid quantity of heat more than any other blanket in the market. As a result, you get a cool, calm, and sweat-free night even when hot flashes set in.

Double-sided usage: The blanket has two sides with different fabrics. When you don’t want the cooling effect, just switch to the cotton side for warm, silky-soft comfort. And when you want to offset any form of heat, flip to the silk side. It doesn’t matter the season. You can use the blanket for a good-night-sleep.

9. Elegear Revolutionary Cooling Blanket

Interesting Features

  • Cool Technology Double Japanese Fabric that absorbs heat to keep you cool
  • One 100% cotton side that you can switch to when you are not looking for a cooling effect
  • Easy to care for because it is machine washable
  • Moisture-wicking property which helps keep you cool when asleep
  • Lightweight – apt enough to alleviate hot flashes and carry on the go

Rewrite your sleep temperature with the Elegear Revolutionary Cooling Blanket, which is exemplarily breathable and keeps you cool by wicking moisture from your skin surface. The blanket is a sequel of the Luxear Cooling Blanket, and it entails a lot of features that make it shine: double-sided usage, a Japanese cold fiber tech, 100% cotton fiber on one side, and even similar cooling potentials. It is a great pick for persons who want more from their money.

Why it ranks 9th:

The Elegear Revolutionary Cooling Blanket has all the performance of the more expensive Luxear Cooling Blanket. And thanks to its lower price point, it makes a more affordable option for a lightweight cooling blanket. However, some users complain that its sizing might be smaller a bit than its stated dimension.

The Japanese cold fiber: The Elegear Revolutionary Cooling Blanket has a Japanese cold fiber with a cooling-sensing value of more than 0.4, which is twice the value of a typical cool-sensing fiber. As a result, it absorbs the user’s heat and wicks any sweat to keep you cool all night. This makes it an excellent choice if you have hot flashes.

Easy to care for: While other blankets are non-machine-washable, the Elegeat Revolutionary Cooling Blanket is safe to machine-wash. This makes it easier to keep the blanket fresh, clean, and odor-free.

10. DangTop Bamboo Cooling Blanket

Interesting Features

  • 100% Cool bamboo fiber that’s breathable and gives you a night long coolness
  • Excellent when hot flashes plague you
  • Machine or hand washable 
  • Works excellently as airconditioning blanket
  • Versatile blanket – you can use it on the sofa, as a pet blanket, or carry it along when you travel

Keep snug and comfy when asleep, even when you experience hot flashes with DangTop Bamboo Cooling Blanket. The blanket is a healthy balance between the best part of a cooling blanket and bed shit. It’s a good mid-range bamboo blanket – and most importantly – one of the cheapest cooling bamboo blankets you’ll find out there.

Why it ranks 10th:

The DangTop Bamboo Cooling blanket is a perfect lightweight bamboo blanket, coming in at a bit cheaper than the superior bamboo blankets but offers a few advantages of its own. The cold touch bamboo fabrics feature a high specific heat capacity that helps keep you cool through the night. It is great for anyone who wants to get in the bamboo cooling effect at a discount.

Cold-to-the-touch bamboo fabric: The bamboo fiber DangTop Bamboo Cooling Blanket utilizes high specifici heat capacity that captures the temperature on skin and desipates it to the atmosphere. So, whenever hot flashes plague you, the fabric will do the cooling process mighty fine. As a result, you’ll sleep fast, have an uninterrupted sleep, and sleep cooler.

Superior construction: The blanket is 100% bamboo fabric. It is suitable for moisture-wicking, air conditioning and perfect for sleeping. It is ultra-soft and breathable, perfect for hot flashes. Plus, you’re sure it’ll last longer if you take good care of it.

Methodology: How We Picked the Best Blankets for Hot Flashes

Buying a blanket for hot flashes is a critical investment, whether it is a smart, bamboo, Outlast, or a weighted blanket. And we’ve seen a gazillion of those.

But you only need the absolute best blanket for hot flashes. For that reason, we scrape the deeper corners of the internet to bring you only the best. As opposed to a personal product test, this best ten list is researched based. 

We explored nearly the entire world of blankets – online stores, online forums, social media platforms, manufacturers’ websites, review websites, and online customer reviews – picking the best blanket for hot flashes and then putting them into a test hand-picked the best ten contenders. In fact, for a blanket to be included, it had to meet five requirements. It must be:

  • Widely used by people in need of cool beddings
  • Offer above board value + non-compromising comfort
  • Actually, have the cooling features to handle hot flashes
  • Safe to use without overlooking sleep health
  • Offer value for money regardless of the price

Why We Have More Than One Pick?

We have a top pick. But not everyone looks for the same blanket features for hot flashes. Some people demand higher precision sleep temperature and ultimate control, which means sticking with the smart blankets. In contrast, others will want the therapeutical hug-feeling effect on top of cooling, available in weighted cooling blankets.

That said, what are the types of blankets for hot flashes

Types of Blankets for Hot Flashes

The best blanket for hot flashes should handle random heating that comes and go with hot flashes. And four types of blankets can handle that.

1. Weighted Blankets

These are blankets that entail plastic or glass beads and layers of soft material for comfort. The manufacturer usually quilt – sew squares to keep the beads from roaming and distribute weight evenly.

As a result, a weighted blanket imitates touch with initiate deep pressure stimulation that feels like a hug and might alleviate menopausal anxiety, mood swings, and even insomnia. 

For it to work, it must have special cooling features like a bamboo top for it to work for hot flashes. And we paid keen attention to that.

2. Bamboo Blankets 

Bamboo blankets are a go-to temperature regulation because they are highly breathable and have superior moisture-wicking properties. So when you’re plagued with hot flashes, the blanket will readily absorb and dissipate the heat to the atmosphere. And in case you sweat, it will readily wick it off your skin, ensuring you stay cool and dry.

3. Smart Blankets/ Air Conditioned Blanket

Perhaps these are the best to regulate your sleep temperature. But the only problem is that an air-conditioned blanket is pricey to the extreme. But you get superior temperature regulation—to the degree precision—smart temperature-change detection, and even different sleeping temperature for couples who have varying sleep temperature.

4. Outlast blanket

Outlast is another superior cooling blanket technology. In fact, it is a technology initially used by NASA scientists to devise blankets for their astronauts to combat extreme heat in space. The technology entails using Change Phase Material (PCM) that absorbs, stores, and finally dissipates it. So when the periodic hot flashes sets in, the material absorbs the heat to keep you cool and store it. If your temperature drastically drops down, the blanket will start dissipating heat back to your body to maintain a constant sleep temperature.

Best Blanket for Hot Flashes – Final Verdict

Is it possible to alleviate hot flashes with a blanket, you’d ask?

Absolutely, but only if you have the right cooling technology.

Yes, you can regulate cycles of sudden warmth concentrated around your neck, chest, and face with an air-conditioned blanket. You can claim back your sleep with a bamboo blanket. Also you can add the therapeutical hug-like feeling amid the menopausal frenzies with a weighted blanket. And lastly, yes, the Outlast technology can fight back for you by absorbing, storing, and finally dissipating the heat when hot flashes plague you.

But like anything worthwhile, you’ll need the best there is to get the thermal regulation you truly want. You have to search deeper. Distinguish. And only settle for the best. But we’ve already put in a lot of work on your behalf. You only have to pick one from the ten best.


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