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Best CPAP Mask for Mouth Breathers

Which are the best CPAP Mask for mouth breathers?

After all, mouth breathing alone completely changes your needs in a CPAP. In fact, it only leaves you with two options:

  • A full-face mask
  • Or a traditional nasal mask with an additional chin strap

And of the two, a full face mask proves to be the best shot you can ever take. This is because it delivers maximum CPAP therapy. For that reason, we went out in the world of full-face CPAP masks, separated the best for mouth breathing from the rest. We then hand-picked the five best that doesn’t compromise comfort.

For a CPAP mask to be included, it had to meet some requirements. It must:

  1. Cover the mouth for maximum efficacy of the CPAP therapy
  2. Be widely used by the mouth-breather community
  3. Precisely Carter for mouth-breathing needs

That said, now it is time to share what we found.

1. Philips Respironics DreamWear Full Face CPAP Mask – The Best CPAP Mask for Mouth Breathers

Enjoy the freedom of choosing the cushion that works best for you, a top-of-the-head design that allows free movement, a soft, flexible frame that’s non-compromising on comfort, and sophistication in wearability with Philips Respironics Dreamwear Full Face mask.

You don’t have to worry about the bulkiness of a typical full face mask. Philips Respironics Dreamwear Full Face mask employs a minimalistic design with a unique frame that allows you to switch between three types of CPAP masks by changing the cushion and the headgear. Its full-face cushion design helps prevent pressure sores, skin irritation on the nostrils, and nose bridges and gives you the best quality of sleep you can get on a CPAP machine.

Whether you toss and turn throughout the night or not, it has never been easier to get a good-night sleep with a CPAP mask. The mask employs a game-changing top-of-the-head design that keeps the tubing out of the way to allows greater freedom of movement when you sleep. And that’s a wrap.

Plus, its open design offers a lot of field of view. You can readily use your tablet, wear glasses, watch TV, or even read before going to sleep.

2. ResMed Quattro Full Face CPAP Mask – The Best for Mouth and Nose Coverage

Meet one of the best CPAP masks for mouth breathers you can ever find today because of everything ResMed packs into its Quattro Full Face mask. You get the best seal you can ever get in a CPAP mask along with highly customizable support and fits settings that enhance therapeutical efficacy without compromising comfort.

If you shift positions when you sleep, you’ve got all the freedom to do so. The forehead pad gives extra support to keep the mask in place even when you move during sleep. And the dual-wall design also keeps the mask stable because the cushion adjusts to the patient’s movement to maintain the seal. Plus, the Spring Air-tech remains soft on the skin – no soreness or skin redness when you wake in the morning.

But the unique feature of Resmed Quattro Full Face Mask is the Micro-Fit dial that allows you to try upto 24 comfort settings. As a result, you can find the right fit for your face and set the tension to the right amount for increased stability when using it. All the functionality in various sizes – from large to medium, small to extra small – depending on your facial size.

3. Philips Amara View Full Face Mask with Headgear – The best CPAP Mask With a Clear View

Transform CPAP therapy into an open line of visibility during sleep with a design that delivers functionality with a view. Philips Respironics’ Amara View Full Face Mask with headgear comes without the forehead support but does not compromise its therapeutical purpose. Its design seals around the mouth and nostrils with the help of an innovative nostril opening.

Its minimalistic design employs lightweight frames that only cover the mouth and the nostril and doesn’t extend past the nose’s base to lower the pressure points and allow you to avoid bearing the weight of the mask. You won’t feel the bulkiness of a typical full face mask.

Plus, the magnetic headgear clips ease the getting-up-amid-the-night experience – only apply a little pressure to the clips, and you’ll gently disconnect the mask from the CPAP machine.

4. Fisher & Paykel Simplus Full Face CPAP Mask

Experience the full-face mask revolution that offers superior comfort. The right seal and ease of use with Fisher & Paykel Simplus  Full Face mask. The mask utilizes a low-profile frame that’s stable, easy to wear, see, and sleep. It entails a frame that fits all seal size and a frame attachment that allows effortless assembly after cleaning.

And the RollFit Seal entails a sophisticated air diffuser that works to eliminate CPAP noise and draft. At times there is a place of a bulky forehead piece in a typical full face mask. Simplus entails a slim forehead stability bar that anchors the cushion’s seal. This allows you to switch sleep position without worry of breaking the seal.

This mask employs a minimalistic design without compromising the efficacy of the therapy it offers. It has a single clip that locks the cushion, making it easier to separate the mask for cleaning. And the ball and joint elbow allow free movement for persons who switch from side to side when asleep.

5. ResMed AirFit F20 Full Face Mask

It doesn’t matter the pressure your physician prescribes for you – the AirFit F20 employs sophistication that offers maximum comfort and compliance during CPAP therapy. The mask uses the InfinitySeal cushion that presents the best adaptability and superior seal without overlooking your comfort.

Its frame is ultra-flexible, conforming to any facial contours and moves when you switch positions to guarantee you luxurious comfort and a no-disturbance sleep. Plus, the plush headgear adds a touch to the comfort you get with this CPAP machine.

And you don’t have to remove the mask to disconnect it from the tubing. AirFit F20 has a Quick-Release elbow that allows you to readily disconnect the tubing mask even when still having the mask on. Even more, it comes with a diffused ventilation system that disperses air evenly to silence the typical CPAP noise.

Now that’s a list of the top five CPAP mask for mouth breathers. But how do you know a CPAP mask will work best for you?

CPAP Mask Buying Guide

The leading cause of mouth breathing is sleep apnea as a person usually end up opening the mouth because of the urgent oxygen demand. And it is tricky to treat sleep apnea for persons who mouth-breathe because they might have difficulty absorbing the treatment when they settle for the wrong CPAP for mouth breathers.

Contrary to nose breathers,  a person breathing through the mouth has limited CPAP masks to choose from. And for that reason, you can’t afford to go wrong on the CPAP mask. In fact, for any mouth breather, the first thing you should look out for is a full face mask.

Why should Mouthbreathers only go for Full Face Masks?

Contrary to nasal mask and nasal pillow masks, a full face mask suits a mouth breather best as they are the only type of CPAP machines that can deliver treatment through the mouth. If you go for any other CPAP machine, you’ll defeat the purpose of the CPAP therapy.

Full face masks cover both the mouth and nose to ensure that you continue to receive the airflow you need no matter how your breathing changes during the night. As a result, full face masks work best even for persons that require high-pressure settings.

So apart from ensuring that the CPAP you buy is a full face mask for mouth breathers, here are more factors you can consider.

  1. Right Fitting

A CPAP mask with poor fitting will leak air and thus less efficient in delivering the therapy it is supposed to. In other words, CPAP masks work only as well as it fits.

And to get the right fit, you’d want to consider your sleeping position and the CPAP sizing a user needs. If you have facial hair, you should go for a CPAP with the mask’s right tightness. And to be sure, you should first fit a mask at a physical location, sleep center, or a sleep doctor. And if you want to size yourself, your friend or family member can measure you.

  1. Prescription of Air Pressure

The seriousness of sleep apnea varies, with others being severe and some mild. A person with severe sleep apnea will require a higher air pressure prescription. On the flip side, a mild case will require low-pressure settings. And when your prescription states higher air pressure, you’re far off better with a full face mask.

You can choose between a range of models and features that help you breathe comfortably when asleep.

  1. Perfect Sealing to Limit Leaks

Leaking masks compromise CPAP therapy. When the seal has flaws, you could miss the airflow you need during sleep. Lack of seal or poor sealing can cause the mask to slip because the fit won’t be right. Plus, when air is leaking during the night, it’ll irritate your eyes and face.

Types of CPAP masks for Mouth Breathers

Several types of CPAP masks suit a person that breathes through the mouth. But it should always fit the whole face. Here are what you should go for:

a) Full Face CPAP masks

These are the best CPAP mask for mouth breathers because they use heated humidity to keep the mouth closed. This mask covers both the nose, mouth and the full face, therefore, providing a superior fit.

b) The Hybrid CPAP mask

It is common for users to find a full face mask design to be too bulky. For that reason, a hybrid CPAP mask can crack the best balance between comfort and efficacy.  Such a mask is a combination of full mask design and the traditional nasal pillow. While such a mask covers the mouth, their nasal opening does not cover the entire nose.

c) The BiPAP

A BiPAP mask often looks similar to a full face mask model, with a cushion surrounding the nose and covers the mouth. And that makes if sufficient enough to treat sleep apnea for mouth breathers, but you might need extra chin flaps.

Why Do You Need CPAP mask that’s Specifically for Mouth Breathers

There are plenty of reasons you should only go for CPAP masks for mouth breather when you’re breathing through the mouth. In other words, here are the advantages of going for a full face mask:

  1. Full face reduces the strain and irritation in the nasal passage, especially in the cold season, because a full face mask delivers air into both the mouth and nose.
  2. It is the right mask for a person who sleeps on sides and shifts position when asleep
  3. They are the best for persons whose prescriptions state higher pressure
  4. If you go for any other mask – like the nasal mask and breathe through the mouth – you’ll experience reduced therapeutic effects as pressurized air will be entering your breathing passage. And even more, and this is sad to say, the CPAP machine will flow air through your nose, and you’ll breathe out more air through your nose. As a result, you can’t utilize the optimal benefit of CPAP therapy.
  5. The best CPAP mask for mouth breathers presents the right seal even for jaw drops when sleeping.
  6. And if you pair a CPAP mask for mouth breather with heated humidification, you will not experience dry mouth, and the nasal passage with remain moist for the entire night
  7. And if you’re breathing through the mouth because of the deviated nasal septum, a full face mask presents a firm seal without compromising comfort that fits into your cheek and forehead

That said, here’s a follow-up question that brings everything into perspective:

What Should You Look For When Buying a CPAP Mask for Mouth Breathers

Every CPAP user is different in plenty of ways – lifestyle preference, physical facial shape, sleeping habits, and plenty more. And even though you’d think that every CPAP machine for a mouth breather will fit you, there is still a need to find the correct model that rhyme every of your sleeping need.

In fact, some factors will determine what CPAP mask you settle with. They include:

  • Facial Hair

Facial hair mostly applies to men. If you have any – beard, mustache, or goatee—there is a high risk of mask leakage due to the uneven surface area. As a result, you risk irritating the eye.

But that doesn’t mean you have to shave all your facial hair to use a CPAP machine. You can find a nasal pillow mask appropriately. But for this case – mouth breathing – a nasal CPAP mask won’t work optimally for you. So the only viable option would be trimming your facial hair a little bit and try a full face CPAP with a cushion that conforms correctly to your facial contours for maximum therapy.

What’s more, a mask liner may also help reduce the chances of leakage. You’ll place them between the mask and the surface of your face for an extra layer of a seal.

And suppose all the suggestions work for you, you’d want to shave all your facial hair.

  • What you Do Before Going to Bed

Suppose you like reading a book or watch TV before you go to bed – you’d want to consider a CPAP machine with a clear vision. And for that case, the Philips Amara  View Full face mask would come in handy. In fact, all the above five CPAP mask for mouth breathers will work best because they fit under the nose instead of over it.

You may want to disregard any CPAP mask that obstructs vision when you read or watch TV before sleeping.

  • If You Switch Position when Asleep

Do you sleep on your side, stomach, or switch sides when sleeping? It isn’t easy to tell. And perhaps the only way you can know is to ask your sleeping pattern at night to see if toss or turn when sleeping.

And if you do, you are want to give a mask that adapts to movement a shot. This meaning reading the mask’s feature carefully and check if they adapt well to body movement. Again, all the CPAP mask above employs mechanisms that respond to motion and maintain a comfortable seal no matter your sleeping position.

For instance, the ResMed Quattro Full Face mask utilizes an ultra-soft memory foam cushion that conforms to the contours of your face regardless of how much they shift during the night. On the flip side, the Fisher & Paykel Simplus Full Face mask utilizes a rolling seal up and down the bridge of the nose to allow the seal to remain tight even when you move through the night. And even more, it has a flexible elbow connection that swivels around in circular motion.

  • Your Breathing Passage

If you breathe with your mouth during sleep or have allergies that cause nasal congestion, the only successful shot you can take is a full face CPAP machine like any other option results in air leakage. A full-face mask provides an optimal air seal.

  • The Size of your Face

It should be essential to pay attention to the size of your face –especially when your face is noticeably smaller or wider than most people. And suppose you aren’t sure of your face size, there is plenty of mask size guide on the web to let you get it right.

If your face is small, you’d want to consider masks with extra small or petite sizes. On the flip side, if you have a wide face, search for wide size masks.

  • Your Hair Design

If you’re a woman,  there are CPAP for mouth breathers that precisely suits your need. These mask sizes are usually petite-sized. However, this is a minor factor unless you genuinely have a small face or a passion for aesthetics that appeals to women.

Can Mouth Breathers Use a Nasal CPAP Mask?

It depends.

To experience full CPAP therapy when you are a mouth breather, you must pair a nasal CPAP mask with a chinstrap or other alternative treatment.

Otherwise, a nasal mask or a nasal pillow mask will deliver inefficient CPAP therapy to a mouth breather. Nearly all the air you inhale comes from the mouth and will not receive the prescribed CPAP pressure. What’s more, you’ll lack the pressure to keep your airway open when breathing out.

And for that reason, a mouth breather should use a full face CPAP mask. If you compromise so much, you can settle for a hybrid mask.

Best CPAP for Mouth Breathers – Final Thought

Mouth breathing redefines what you’ll need in a CPAP mask. And the top picks in our list all support mouth breathing.

And if you’re wondering why we have more than one pick, we have a top pick.

But as with any other thing, not everyone looks for the same CPAP mask features. Some demand ultra comfort and unblocked view, while other’s prescriptions demand high pressures. But we only focus on the best and the most functional option.

The best CPAP mask for mouth breather has maximum efficacy, yet it presents superior comfort you can get in a full face CPAP mask. It is lightweight, overcoming the bulkiness problem that people associate full face mask with, has features that allow free movement if you toss and turn during the night, and has a soft, flexible frame that does not compromise comfort.

You won’t find any CPAP that does not work for mouth breather in the above list of best CPAP mask for mouth breathers.


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