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Best CPAP Pillow: The Comfiest CPAP Comfort You Can Buy

Which is the best CPAP Pillow? What is the best pillow to go for when you use a CPAP machine?

A standard pillow delivers plenty of neck support. But it’s still not a match for one of the best CPAP pillow. If you want to sleep in different positions with a CPAP machine, without the worry of red marks, pressure point buildup, and eliminate chances of neck pain, you’d want to get a dedicated CPAP pillow.

The best CPAP pillow increases CPAP comfort and compliance, reduces therapy interference, and improves the machine’s efficacy.                                                                                                                                                                                              

For that reason, we compared the world’s best CPAP pillow, scoring them in terms of comfort they deliver, ability to support multiple sleep posture, ease of maintenance, and accommodation of the hose to allow positional shift without air leakage.

Then we hand-picked the top ten.

And now it is time to share what we discovered.

1. EnduriMed CPAP Pillow – The Overall World’s Best CPAP Pillow

Interesting Features

  • Pressure-free side cut-out to accommodate the hose and allow positional shift without mask leakage
  • Works best with nearly all types of masks – all CPAP, BiPAP, and APAP masks
  • It works excellent for all sleeping positions without tangling the tubing or air leakage
  • Features removable foam pad to adjust the pillow’s height
  • The cut-out design makes it one of the few CPAP masks compatible with full-face masks
  • Utilizes contoured design for maximum comfort and reduce face mask pressure
  • Utilizes highly breathable foam that regulates sleep temperature

The EnduriMed CPAP Pillow is the world’s best CPAP pillow for one simple fact: It boasts enough power and features without costing you a lot. This pillow features side cut-outs that present a pressure-free zone to accommodate the hose, have a removeable foam pad that allows thickness adjustment, and contours to face a natural cove for superior support.

Why it’s the best CPAP pillow:

EnduriMed CPAP Pillow rewrites the comfort of sleeping with a CPAP machine without aggressive price bump – a quality that allows it to crush its competitors to the top position. The pillow starts at $54.99. Yes, it pricer than a typical pillow but its contour design allow a CPAP user to relax and rest easy. Its side cut-outs present pressure-free zones that allow positional shift without risking air leakage and features a removable foam pad that allows the pillows’ adjustment.

i) Pressure-free side cut-outs

The EnduriMed CPAP Pillow is one of the keenest brands to reduce pressure points on the mask that otherwise undermine CPAP therapy. It features side cut-outs that accommodate the hose and allow you to move along with the therapy whenever you shift sleep position at night without risking air leakage.

ii) Easy rest and relaxing CPAP comfort

Nearly all CPAP pillows improve CPAP comfort. EnduriMed CPAP Pillow, however, has the most comprehensive comfort solution. It entails a contoured design that allows the face and head to rest comfortably regardless of the sleep position, features a removable foam pad that allows customization of the pillow thickness, and is highly responsive to reduce pressure points in the mask.

2. Contour Products CPAPMax 2.0 Pillow – The Best Feature-Rich CPAP Pillow

Interesting Features

  • Ergonomic mask cut-outs to improve CPAP comfort
  • Suitable for back, side, and stomach sleepers
  • Features removable layer that makes the height of the pillow adjustable
  • 2-in-1 sleeping surface – hypoallergenic fiberfill side and a memory foam side
  • A cool 3D mesh airflow side that reduces heat and sweat when sleeping
  • The fiberfill side is hypoallergenic
  • A concave center that improves airway alignment
  • Supportive edges that add extra support and comfort
  • Pressure-free cut-outs that reduce mask interference
  • A memory foam top layer that molds to natural facial curves
  • A middle high-resiliency foam layer that delivers the right support to the head, neck, and shoulders
  • A charcoal-infused HR foam at the bottom that neutralizes odors for freshness every night
  • Removeable layers that allow customization of support depending on sleeping position

The Contour Product CPAPMax 2.0 Pillow is technically superior to the EnduriMed CPAP pillow because it packs nearly all the features a CPAP user might need in a pillow. You get it all – ergonomic mask cut-outs that reduce mask interference, customizable support, a concave center that improves airway alignment, and extra support on the edges.

Why it ranks 2nd:

It is not as less pricey as the top-ranked CPAP pillow, but Contour Product CPAPMax 2.0 Pillow is best for most people because of its comprehensive feature to improve sleep comfort. It is slightly expensive, but it takes all the praise for good value for money with its pro-level perks like superior breathability.

i) Combination of orthopedic and ergonomic design for superior support

The pillow features a concave center that mold the head and improve airway alignment, a crescent cut-out for shoulder and face support, and pressure-free cut-outs that help reduce mask interference when switching sleep position. The combination ensures unbeatable comfort regardless of the mask type.

ii) Unrelenting CPAP comfort

The Contour Product CPAPMax 2.0 Pillow doesn’t stop on design alone. The pillow stretches further to present superior and adjustable comfort. It allows you to choose from two different sleeping surfaces depending on your current need. The 3D mesh memory foam side is efficient when you need cooler nights because it presents superior air circulation. On flipping the pillow, you get plush support from the hypoallergenic-fiber-filled side. And the three-layer construction means you can adjust the pillow thickness to suit your sleep position.

3. FitPlus Premium Wedge Pillow – Best CPAP Pillow for Back Sleepers

Interesting Features

  • Elevation angle keep the airway open more naturally, improving the efficacy of CPAP therapy
  • Uninterrupted CPAP machine usage even though it has no cut-outs
  • Ergonomically-shaped – will help prevent orthopedic health issues with the spine, neck, and shoulders
  • Multipurpose wedge pillow – you can use it to watch TV, read in bed, or use as leg support to improve blood circulation
  • Breathable, removable, and machine-washable cover that eases maintenance of the pillow
  • Quickly molds to the contours of sleepers shoulder, neck, and facial curves to deliver comfortable sleep

Back-sleeping isn’t recommended for persons with sleep apnea. But sometimes, it is challenging to switch your sleep position sleeping habit, and the only remaining solution is going after support that’s better for that position. And a wedge pillow like FitPlus Premium Wedge Pillow works mighty fine because it elevates your upper body to keep your airway open and correctly aligned.

Why it ranks 3rd:

The FitPlus Premium Wedge Pillow is one of the world’s most pocket-friendly CPAP pillows with the generation’s big perk – a slight elevation that aligns and keeps airways open to improve CPAP therapy. Plus, you get uninterrupted CPAP machine usage, multipurpose usage, and conforming support from the pillow’s memory foam.

i) 30⁰ angle of elevation

The FitPlus Premium Wedge Pillow elevation is impressive. It directly helps handle a CPAP machine’s purpose by aligning the airway correctly and keeping it open to reduce sleep apnea symptoms and snoring. In other words, it improves the efficacy of CPAP therapy. Besides, it helps relieve pressure on the lower back, neck, and shoulder and relieves acid reflux.

ii) Advance support and sleep comfort system

FitPlus Premium Wedge Pillow utilizes a two-layer support and comfort system. The top 2-inches memory foam present therapeutic qualities that quickly molds to the curves of the mask, shoulder, neck, and head to deliver uninterrupted usage of the CPAP machine. The base is a top-grade polyurethane foam that boasts the right support a CPAP user might need when sleeping.

4. Lunderg CPAP Pillow – Best CPAP Pillow For Side Sleepers

Interesting Features

  • Ergonomic side cut-outs that eliminate mask interference and tube entanglement that otherwise undermine CPAP therapy
  • Highly adjustable and customizable with its 2-height options and two next option
  • Works mighty fine with any mask – nasal mask, nasal pillow full-face mask, and even mouth mask
  • Comes with two free pillowcases to improve washing convenience
  • Suitable for side, stomach, and side sleepers without the risk of tube entanglement or air leaks

With the unique pressure-free cut-out campaign to deliver uninterrupted CPAP therapy, it’s no surprise that many CPAP pillows are switching over to side cut-out. The Lunderg CPAP Pillow is among them, fitting its four-cutouts design on a memory foam’s responsive yet support material. This delivers brute strength to overcome mask interruption and allows you to move with the mask when switching sleep position.

Why it ranks 4th:

The contour and conforming design are the most powerful feature on a CPAP pillow to date. They allow CPAP users to adjust the pillow to meet their needs, move pressure away from the mask to prevent tube-tangling, air leaks, irritated mask line, and even face reddening. While the two properties make the pillow pricier, you’ll get maximum efficacy from your CPAP therapy.

i) 4-side cut-out:

This is one of the best technology you can ever find on a CPAP pillow. Lunderg CPAP Pillow is dimpled and features cut-outs that accommodate the mask and the hose that help counteract pressure points on the mask that otherwise undermine CPAP therapy.

ii) Free two pillowcases:

Unlike any other CPAP pillows in the market, every Lunderg CPAP Pillow order comes with two premium-comfort cases to get you superior convenience. You won’t require to use a typical pillow whenever you wash the case.

5. Hullo Buckwheat Pillow – Best All-Natural CPAP Pillow

Interesting Features

  • Buckwheat filling, which is highly malleable and conforms to the shape of the mask and prevents therapy interruption
  • 100% organic and certified pillow – you’re sure it’s free of harmful chemical
  • Highly breathable fillings that help is regulating sleep temperature
  • Superior quality hidden zipper for adjustable loft
  • Thousands of tiny buckwheat hull fillings that provide superior adjusting support
  • Readily customizable – you can add or remove fillings to adjust the thickness you want
  • 60-night money-back guarantee in case the pillow does not meet your need

The Hullo Buckwheat Pillow is one of the most expensive non-cutout CPAP pillows, and its cutting-edge speck is all-natural certified material. It doesn’t boast as many specs as other CPAP pillows, but get ready for ergonomic support, superior adjustability and malleability, sweat-free night, and uninterrupted CPAP therapy.

Why it ranks 5th:

The Hullo Buckwheat Pillow is the world’s best all-natural CPAP pillow. It gets you malleable support that conforms to the mask’s shape, aligns the spine correctly to allow neck and back muscle to relax completely, organic fillings that are highly breathable to regulate your sleep temperature and plenty more.

i) Responsive support

The buckwheat fillings of the Hullo Buckwheat Pillow malleability is impressive. It changes shape to accommodate a CPAP mask with its hose, conforms to the body curves to prevent neck and back muscle strain, and readily adjustable by altering the pillow’s stuffing.

ii) Cool and dry breathability

The Hullo Buckwheat Pillow has the best natural breathable mechanism on an organic pillow, and that’s in part because of its buckwheat fillings. They allow natural air movement that prevents heat buildup, keeping you cool all night long.

6. Scandvia CPAP Pillow – Best Contoured CPAP Pillow

Interesting Features

  • Contour design to increase CPAP comfort and superior airway alignment
  • Pressure-free cut-outs that improve the efficacy of CPAP therapy – reduce mask leakage and alleviate mask pressure in the face
  • Improves CPAP compliance
  • Memory foam construction that provides superior support for the neck and spine
  • Best for back and side sleepers
  • Removable and washable  cover with a zipper on the back to ease maintenance of the pillow
  • Lightweight and compact, therefore, great for travel

The Scandvia CPAP Pillow has one of the best-contoured designs there is. The design, combined with memory foam construction, cushions the head and mask to alleviate mask leaks, reduce hose entanglement, and improve CPAP mask compliance.

Why it ranks 6th:

The Scandvia CPAP Pillow scientifically-designed support works mighty fine for CPAP users that it has claimed a spot within the top ten picks. While it is less pricey than the top options, it doesn’t cut corners. You’re getting improved CPAP compliance, no-tube-tangling side cut-outs, memory foam construction that reduce pressure points on the mask, reduced mask leaks.

i) Ergonomic side cut-outs

If you’re looking for reduced mask interference, improved support for the neck and spine, and alleviation of pressure on the mask and face, the Scandvia CPAP Pillow crashes those according to already-using customers. Its side cut-outs aren’t the world best, but they get the work done efficiently.

ii) Premium memory foam Support

Many CPAP pillows have always lagged when it comes to conforming comfort, though Scandvia CPAP Pillow closes the gap. Its memory foam construction reduces pressure on the mask, properly aligns the airway, and alleviates mask pressure on the face while supporting the neck and spine.

7. MARS Wellness CPAP Pillow – Best CPAP Pillow for All Sleeping Position

Interesting Features

  • Has side cut-outs that promote contact-free CPAP use
  • Offsets over-tightening of the mask that’s common on a standard pillow
  • Works mighty fine for side, stomach, and back sleepers
  • Crack the right balance of softness and firmness to deliver superior CPAP comfort
  • Compatible with all type of mask – CPAP, BiPAP, and APAP
  • Memory foam construction that conforms to mask and face shape to improve the efficacy of CPAP therapy
  • Contoured design that accommodates CPAP mask and shoulders so that you can move with your machine when shifting sleep position

The MARS Wellness CPAP Pillow is a sequel to EnduriMed CPAP Pillow, and it takes its power and specs and crams them into a 2-side-cutouts design.

Why it ranks 7th:

This isn’t the powerful CPAP pillows with side cut-outs, but it is the best value for people who want to stick to CPAP-specific pillows without paying through the nose. It pressure-free cut-outs won’t wow you like in the EnduriMed CPAP Pillow, and there are only two cut-outs, but starting at $44.99 means this is hard to be if you’re on a budget and don’t want to switch to a standard pillow.

i) The two pressure-free cut-outs

The MARS Wellness CPAP Pillow has two side cut-outs borrowed from EnduriMed and Contour Product CPAPMax 2.0. So it presents an untangle-hose experience when switching sleep position but remains compact. This becomes important who want to carry their pillow on the go.

ii) Re-designed foam-based and dual fabric construction

As long as you’re after improving CPAP compliance, you’ll be okay with MARS Wellness CPAP Pillow in terms of comfort. It bost a more cushioned and supportive molded foam base with a dual fabric design that allows your CPAP mask to easily glide over the pillow’s contours as you shift sleep positions.

8. Coisum Back Sleeper Cervical Pillow – Best CPAP Pillow with Orthopedic Contour

Interesting Features

  • High-quality memory foam construction that conforms to the shape of the mask while providing firm support
  • Ergonomic cut-outs that accommodate the head, neck, and shoulder and align them correctly
  • Has a hollow center to accommodate the head and relieve pressure on the skull when sleeping
  • Cutting underneath that fit shoulders entirely when sleeping on sides
  • Neck cut-out that allows the neck to align naturally even when sleeping on the back
  • Breathable pillowcase that allows optimal airflow to help you sleep cool
  • Free of harmful chemicals
  • Easy to care for – pillowcase is removable and machine washable
  • Two different thickness to give you a choice between higher contour and a lower one for advanced sleep comfort

The Coisum Back Sleeper Cervical Pillow is billed as the ultimate orthopedic pillow, thanks to top-of-the-line specs on paper. It is an evolution of max-specced pillow, and its execution is the best. What makes it an excellent option for CPAP users is its slow-rebound memory foam construction that relieves pressure on the mask that would otherwise hinder its efficacy.

Why it ranks eight:

The Coisum Back Sleeper Cervical Pillow is genuinely innovative, with a central cavity, side sleeping area, back sleeping area, and a rebound memory construction. But you’ll pay a premium for the privilege. The pillow starts at $54.99. While its orthopedic design has unbelievable specs, its execution might not be the best.

i) Slow-rebound memory foam

The memory foam Coisum Back Sleeper Cervical Pillow use conforms to the mask’s shape – a feature critical to any CPAP user because it reduces interference when switching sleep positions. Plus, the memory foam has a temperature sensing technology that allows sleepers to sleep cold.

ii) Best orthopedic design in the market

The Coisum Back Sleeper Cervical Pillow has incomparable cut-outs and contours to align the sleeper’s body correctly. It has a central cavity that relieves pressure acting on the skull, and underneath the cavity that fits shoulders perfectly when sleeping on the sides, and a neck cut-out puts the neck in a naturally aligned position.

9. Technogel CPAP Pillow – Best New-In-The-Market Medical-Grade CPAP Pillow

Interesting Features

  • Ergonomic design that suits explicitly CPAP user
  • Side cut-outs to accommodate the CPAP hose
  • Contoured top to relieve pressure on the head
  • Contoured edges for shoulder allowing easy movement from back to the side
  • Higher and lower loft edge to align the spine correctly
  • High quality, medical-grade material to deliver healthy sleep
  • Triple action cooling – to regulate sleep temperature the best way possible
  • Two 100% cotton cover that’s dust mite resistant and readily washable

The Technogel CPAP Pillow is the most expensive CPAP pillow on the list, and its most important spec is the triple action cooling. Get ready for maximum heat conduction of heat away from the body, superior airflow, and an air hole that pumps heat away from the pillow.

Why it ranks 9th:

The Technogel CPAP Pillow lesser-known compared to others in the list and ultra billed—starting from $199. The pillow takes everything great cooling feature a pillow might have and elevate it. The extra for the Technogel CPAP Pillow may not be worth the notable price hike to everyone, but this pillow cooling is undeniably the best in the market.

i) Superior ergonomic design

The ergonomics of Technogel CPAP Pillow are exemplary functional to increase CPAP comfort. It has side cut-outs that accommodate the CPAP hose are reduces tube entanglement. And that’s just the beginning. It has a contoured top that relieves pressure acting on the skull, contoured edges for shoulders to allow therapy interruption even when switching sleep position, and a higher and lower loft edge to offer a choice for the best spine alignment.

ii) Superior triple-action cooling

The pillow entails a medical-grade cooling gel. This conducts heat away from the body, a gel tower that creates an improved airflow channel that helps move heat away from the head and neck, and air holes that pump heat away from the pillow. The three combine to keep you sweatless all night.

10. CRADLE ME Contour Memory Foam Pillow – Best Hypoallergenic Pillow for CPAP User

Interesting Features

  • Pressure-relieving memory foam for increased CPAP compliance
  • Luxurious and highly breathable cover
  • 3D contours that stimulate natural body curvature and adapt to different sleep position
  • Non-toxic material foe healthy sleep
  • 111 days trial period
  • Allow all sleeping position

The CRADLE ME Contour Memory Foam Pillow is a healthy balance between the best part of budger and affordable flagship. It is an excellent ergonomic pillow, and most importantly, it is suitable for CPAP users because of the responsive memory foam that reduces interference with the mask.

Why it ranks 10th:

The CRADLE ME Contour Memory Foam Pillow is a mid-range pillow coming in at a bit cheaper than other specialized CPAP pillows but offering a few advantages of its own. The pillow packs a 3D contour design that ensures correct spine alignment, therapeutic relief for CPAP users with neck pain, and a premium fabric that keeps sleepers cool and comfortable.

i) Pressure-relieving memory foam

The CRADLE ME Contour Memory Foam Pillow has a genuinely superior memory foam construction that relieves pressure on the CPAP mask, neck, shoulder, and back. As a result, it reduces mask interference and improves CPAP compliance.

ii) 3D Contours

The contours of CRADLE ME Memory Foam Pillow are organic and stimulate natural body curvature while adapting to different sleep positions better than a typical pillow. Plus, it is a multi-height pillow to provide adjustable support that suits you.

Methodology: How We Chose the Best CPAP Pillows

The pillows we picked on this list are optimal to increase CPAP comfort. Considering how much on-mask pressure relief best CPAP pillows can offer, everyone on such therapy can benefit from the best option.

But you need to figure which one is the best for you. Are you looking for a maxed-out CPAP pillow or a decent option on a budget? Is superior cooling feature a buying point for you, or the orthopedic design is enough? You should find an option in your preferred price range. You should find a unit with a combination of the specs you prefer. And that’s why we have more than one pick.

But for a CPAP pillow to win a position in the top 10 list, it had to meet some requirements. It must:

  1. Be widely used and accepted by the CPAP pillow community
  2. Offer above board value + improve CPAP comfort
  3. Feature-rich for CPAP user to improve the therapy compliance
  4. Have a minimum of 4-star rating on Amazon
  5. Takes all the benefits of a typical pillow and cram them into a CPAP-user-friendly pillow design

That said, here’s the next question that brings everything into perspective:

What are the types of CPAP pillows you can buy today?

Types of CPAP Pillow

The types of pillow suitable for a CPAP user primarily depends on the design and the ability to accommodate the mask. And that divides it into four major categories:

  1. Special Cutouts CPAP Pillows
  2. Wedge Pillow
  3. Contoured Memory Foam Pillows
  4. Special Malleable Fillings CPAP Pillows
a) Special Cutouts CPAP Pillow

These are pillows with side cut-outs to accommodate the hose and provide pressure-free zones that allow users to switch sleeping positions with minimum interference. These are the most effective CPAP pillows as they combine the pressure-free zone and memory foam’s pressure relief to deliver maximum possible CPAP compliance and comfort.

The best of this type includes EnduriMed CPAP Pillow, Contour Product CPAP Max 2.0, Lunderg CPAP Pillow, Scandvia CPAP Pillow, and Tehnogel CPAP Pillow, and Mars Wellness CPAP Pillow.

b) Wedge Pillow

Wedge pillows can be a general-purpose pillow, but what makes them best for CPAP users is how best they improve CPAP mask compliance. Their elevation slightly higher the lower body and correctly align the airway to help CPAP therapy in fighting sleep apnea.

The best wedge pillow for CPAP users should have at least a memory foam layer to offer pressure relief on the mask and reduce interference.

c) Contour Memory Foam Pillow

Contour memory foam pillows are best known for the ergonomic support they offer. But they are among the best a CPAP user can use because memory foam form takes the shape of the mask and tube, making it possible to move along with the therapy when switching sleep position.

d) Special Malleable Filling pillow

These are pillow fillings that mold to the body’s shape. High malleability makes these pillows appropriate for any CPAP user because unnecessary pressure on the mask is transmitted equally on the fillings to offer pressure relief. As a result, it reduces mask disturbance that’s otherwise the case in a typical pillow.

Final Thoughts

The world is full of self-proclaimed CPAP pillows in exchange for a hefty fee. But here you’re, getting the right insights about the right pillow when you’re on CPAP therapy.

You can’t leave it to chance.

If you want superior CPAP compliance, you have to understand what makes a pillow tick. If you want to improve CPAP comfort, you have to understand a CPAP pillow’s comfort features. To get lots of value for your money, you have to explore the world of CPAP pillows.

The good news?

After reading this review, you’re equipped with everything you need to know.

So get to work. Map out the best option—that appeals most to your needs.

You can’t go wrong with any of the ten in the list if all you’re after is improved CPAP comfort and compliance.


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