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Best Home Salt Therapy Machine

Let’s start with a simple question:

What, exactly, makes the best salt therapy machine?

Because there are a gazillion models, types, and makes out there. All claiming to help you fight respiratory problems like Sinusitis, Asthma, Sleep apnea, and snoring. But which are the best?

Best in terms of presenting superior better-breath, better sleep, natural medical-free relaxant, anti-inflammatory, and fitting for a home? In other words – which is the best mimicker of the microclimate you’d find in modern salt rooms?

Sure, you can go to the halo-generator crossroad for a typical salt therapy machine, and it works. But when you want to upgrade your home with superior halotherapy, you’d only go for the best. And for that reason, we scraped the world of halo-generators that are home-fitting. We then separated the most useful from the rest, and then hand-picked the top five.

And now it is time to share our findings.

1. Salin Plus Natural Salt Air Purifier Therapy Device

Interesting Features

  • Low noise performance making it efficient to use even when asleep
  • It releases therapeutical micron-sized salt particles
  • Works best for respiratory discomfort, sleep apnea, snoring, troubled sleep
  • It is naturally non-invasive

Salin Plus is the best home salt therapy machine you can buy today. It is priced so well and has most of the key features that you won’t need much more in an air purifier.

Why it’s the best salt therapy device: Its value for money allows Salin Plus Natural Salt Air Purifier to win over any other competitor. Salin Plus goes for around $ 150, and the mini model plays around $80. Yes, it isn’t the cheapest you’ll find. But you’re getting air purification for a room up to 150 square meters, a combination of functionality and healing qualities of salt therapy in one, and ease of use you won’t find on even the closest competitor.

Filters: The Salin Plus purifier packs a salt filter cartridge that can go up to 4 – 6 months if you’re using it up to eight hours a night. And when you’ve used up the salt cartridge, you can order another one separately. The filter’s notch is centrally placed, so place the device on your bedside table or desk, facing you, and plug the power cord into the main power supply.

Controllable Fan Speed: The Salin Plus air purifier has a highly customizable fan power. When you want maximum efficacy of the salt therapy, adjust the fan setting to full speed to maximize the air the purifier draws in. As a result, it disperses the maximum salt particle in the air, which penetrates more into your lungs for optimal therapy. And when you want it slow, adjust the fan speed to minimum speed and reduce the air’s salt particles.

2. CrystalLitez Himalayan Natural Salt Lamp (Butterfly)

Interesting Feature

  • Purely organic salt
  • Combines three functions in one – a salt lamp, mood booster night light, and natural oil diffuser
  • Come in plenty of designs to choose from
  • 100% hand-mined salt crystals from salt mines of Himalaya Mountain
  • Exemplary therapeutic

The CrystaLitze Himalayan Natural Salt Lamp isn’t technically superior to the Salin Plus air purifier, but it’s priced so well (for a multi-purpose salt therapy machine). It has all the essential features you’d need for a salt therapy machine.

Why it ranks 2nd:

It’s not as good value as Salin’s top-ranked handset, but it is the best 3-in-1 salt therapy lamp for most people. You can turn it into a salt lamp, a mood booster night light, or an essential oil diffuser any time you wish to. In other words, you can use it to diffuse salt particles in the air, use it as a therapeutical candle, or as an essential oil diffuser.

100% Hand-Mined Salt Crystals: This device can deliver all-night salt particles from the salt mines of the Himalayan mountain, which are millions of years old – long before the earth’s pollution with heavy metals. So you don’t have to worry about the safety of salt therapy. You can safely alleviate respiratory problems like chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, sleep apnea, snoring, and asthma symptoms.

Dozens of intriguing Bowl-Designs: It doesn’t matter your aesthetic preference or how your place looks like. CrystaLitze presents several artisan-made bowls, with unique patterns and art that rhyme well with the glow of natural salt glow to give a therapeutical view. The flexibility of design allows you to choose the best for every occasion – Christmas, Birthday, and even promotion – besides fitting any house design.

3. Saltair UV – Ultrasonic Salinizer

Interesting Features

  • Transform saline solution into under 5-micron salt particles
  • Self-sterilizing ultraviolet light
  • Easy to refill
  • Safe even for infants and pregnant women
  • 100% silent – therefore effective for use all the night

The Saltair UV – Ultrasonic Salinizer is one of Saltair’s most expensive UV home salt therapy. And its big perk is that it comes with self-sterilizing ultraviolet light. Get ready to breathe clean and microorganism-free salt-filled air from the excellent performance of this device that transforms saline solution into under 5-micron salt particle and disperse them into your home’s atmosphere for therapeutical breathing.

Why it ranks 3rd:

This is one of SaltAir’s most powerful salt therapy machines but more expensive. You get it all with 100% natural rock salt that has therapeutic effects in nearly all breathing disorder and allergies, a sterilizing UV light, and a perfomance that’s safe even for infants and pregnant women. Not everyone needs an “everything salt therapy machine” like this, but this is the best shot you can take if you want it all.

Safe for nearly everyone: The 100% natural – unprocessed – salt rock effectively alleviates almost all chronic respiratory disease because its therapeutical effect reduces inflammation, cleanse the respiratory system, unclogs blockage, and makes breathing easy. What’s more—and this is intriguing—it protects against allergens, flu, and colds using its self-sterilizing UV lights that purifies the air you breathe at home. And its halotherapy is safe for persons of all ages – even infants, pregnant women, and persons on a salt-free diet or medication.

100% silence Performance: The SaltAir UV – Ultrasonic Salinizer performs superiorly. But that doesn’t mean that it’ll be noisy. In fact it is 100% quiet, and you can leave it operating without the fear of the device ruining your sleep. And the timer allows you to set the unit to work for hours you want and automatically turn it ON and OFF.

Even more superior performance: The UV sterilizer has two intensity to treat the saline solution that it disperses against bacteria or mold. And you don’t have to worry about malfunctioning when the device runs out of the saline solution because SaltAir – Ultrasonic Salinizer will automatically turn off.

4. The AirSalter – Best Rechargeable and Portable Home Salt Therapy Machine

Interesting Features

  • It is the only readily portable salt therapy device with unbeatable performance
  • Convert 100% natural dead sea saline solution into breathable salt particles
  • Far much portable because of its carry case
  • Every order comes with one bottle of Dead Sea Saline solution that goes for up to 60 seconds

The AirSalter takes everything great about a home salt therapy machine and elevates it with its minimalistic design – the device is undeniably the best portable unit you’ll find out there.

Why it ranks 4th:

The AirSalter is the most powerful portable salt therapy machine to deliver treatment anywhere, but it is also one of the priciest. While the same amount of money could buy you a home salt therapy machine with a wider space coverage, AirSalter presents superior usability because of its ready portability.

Superior Performance: While AirSalter utilizes a sleek, lightweight design – in fact, it is a hand-held device – it uses a frequency vibration technology that converts dead sea salt solution into below-5-microns size salt particles that penetrates deep into the lungs and the entire respiratory system to clean mucus, kill bacteria, and reduce inflammation to improve your respiratory health.

A full suite for halotherapy: An order of AirSalter entails all you can need for superior home salt therapy. You get the AirSalte Device, an adult-size face mask, a child-size face mask, mouth pipe, USB wall charger, USB to Micro-USB cable, travel case, a bottle of dead sea saline solution, and an instruction manual. You won’t be lacking in anything. The dead sea saline solution can last upto 60 sessions.

5. Himalayan Glow Natural Himalayan Salt Lamp

Interesting Features

  • Natural salts from Himalaya
  • Therapeutical glow
  • Choose from a variety of size
  • Improves respiratory conditions
  • You can adjust the light it emits

Get clearer lungs, sinuses, and skin with the Himalayan Glow Natural Himalayan Salt Lamp. The salt therapy device presents a highly effective treatment in no time so that the salt particles reach deep into the lungs and sinuses to relieve respiratory problems.

Why it ranks 5th:

The Natural Himalayan Salt presents ultimate beauty and efficacy in alleviating respiratory problems from its Himalayan salt that emit natural salt ions to the atmosphere with breaking the banks. However, you’ll miss the customization, automation, and portability that the AirSalter offers. But you’ll create a romatic atmosphere, therapeutical climate, and still adjust the light it emits to rhyme your moods.

Size variance: It doesn’t matter you type or size of décor you have. This Himalayan Glow Natural Himalayan Salt lamp comes in different sizes ranging from 5lbs to 30lbs. You only have to choose one that rhymes your needs best. Regardless of the rock salt size, you’ll get a warm amber glow when you light any selection with the customizable incandescent light bulb that creates a soothing atmosphere. Use the dimmer to adjust the light to suit your current need.

Hand-picked Himalayan salt rocks:

The unique amber hue is a beautiful natural attribute unique to Himalayan salt’s mineral concentration. And it is prone to sweating if the atmosphere is humid because the salt lamp is naturally hygroscopic (attracting moisture). And it doesn’t matter where you put the salt lamp in your home. Its thoughtful detail and construction quality will shine through. But suppose you like to sleep with little or no light – but still want to experience halotherapy from the lamp – turn the lamp on for the entire day and turn it off when you want to sleep. It will work mighty fine.

And that’s it – a list of five best home salt therapy machine. But like any other person serious about getting the right halotherapy device for your home, you’d wonder:

What criterion did you use to identify the top salt therapy unit for home use?

How We Identified the Best Home Salt Therapy Machine – the Buying Guide

Well, there are literally hundreds of home salt therapy machines out there, but we only focused on the best and the most useful to add to your home.

We put tons of factors into consideration. To be included, a salt therapy machine had to meet five requirements. It must be:

  1. Effective and consistent in dispersing dry salt aerosol in a home atmosphere – the device should provide halotherapy standard salt particle size – ranging from 2 to 5 micron. The smaller the salt particle, the easier the penetration to the respiratory system and skin
  2. The right size for home space
  3. Safe – the salt the halo-generator disperses must be safe for every person – including infants, pregnant women, and persons under medication
  4. Easy to operate and maintain. If better, it should have settings for various salt therapy sessions, salt concentration, and more.
  5. Widely used by the at-home salt therapy community

And if you’re still wondering about where we got all this information from – well, we scraped deep into the home halotherapy world. We explored tons of online resources – rating websites, already-using customer reviews on Amazon and other stores, salt therapy forums, and even buying guides.

That way, you’re sure that the information you’re getting is factual, trustable, and reliable.

That said, what are the types of halotherapy devices?

Types of Salt Therapy Devices

There are several ways to distinguish salt therapy machines. They include:

i. Wet Salt Therapy Machines

Wet salt therapy machines are more common. They are the device that uses saline solutions and then evaporates it into the air for you to breathe at home. It is well-known to give immediate but temporary alleviation to respiratory problems. But it does not work well for asthma, chronic bronchitis.

If the wet salt therapy machine appeals best to your need, the AirSalter and SaltAir UV – Ultrasonic Salinizer are the best shot you can take.

ii. Dry Salt Therapy Machine

On the flip side, dry salt therapy machines are not so common, but they create a saline atmosphere that’s antibacterial, anti-fungal, and, therefore, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory. Such devices disperse micron-size dry salt particles that go straight to the lungs to get the respiratory-disorder-fixing job done. What’s more, when the dry salt comes into contact with skin, it has an advantage like alleviating acne. Examples of such machines include the Salin Plus Natural Salt air purifier, CrystalLitez Himalayan Natural Salt Lamp, and the Himalayan Glow Natural Himalayan Salt Lamp.

With that, let’s quickly check out why do you need the best home salt therapy machine.

Why Do You Need the Best Home Salt Therapy Machine?

Salt therapy redefines your wellness. In fact, the world has been practicing halotherapy since the 18th century to alleviate respiratory problems, cure skin conditions like eczema, and treat depression and anxiety. And to get the correct salt therapy at home, you need the right device.

But the question that brings everything into perspective is:

What can a salt therapy machine bring into your home?

In two words: a lot. But let’s only focus on the most critical importance.

1. It’ll improve lung and respiratory hygiene

At its core, halotherapy targets removing toxicity from the respiratory system and improve its function. And in our today’s world, nearly everyone exposes himself/herself to pollutant, allergens, bacteria, fungi, or any other irritating factors daily. And there is no other way known efficient in detoxing and cleansing the lungs and the entire respiratory system than halotherapy.

When you practice halotherapy – especially dry halotherapy – dry microscopic salt particles deposit into the lungs. The particles have antibacterial, anti-fungal, mucokinetic, anti-inflammatory properties, and hydrophilic properties that can help restore your respiratory system.

For that reason, salt therapy will even be more helpful if anybody in your home has a respiratory disorder like asthma, snoring, chronic bronchitis, allergies, and even sleep apnea as the anti-inflammation property help widen the entire respiratory system.

2. Salt Therapy will Improve Skins Health

A salt therapy device deposits salt particles on the skin, which science proves effective in healing and a cosmetic effect on the skin’s protective layer. As a result, the activity of the skin-cell ion channel increases and activate electrophysiological activity that dictates the skin protective properties

Besides, salt particles will normalize the skin pH and initiate reparative and regenerative processes in the dermis. For that reason, the skin gets rigid and stimulates hair health. In other words, your salt therapy might help you solve itching, eczema, psoriasis,  swelling and inflammation, acne,  dry and flaky skin, skin aging, rosacea, and swelling and inflammation.

But for salt therapy to work excellently for skin, it might require higher concentration, aggressive application of dry salt, and consistency of the session.


While halotherapy is a scientifically safe and effective practice, it is by no means medical treatment and doesn’t offer a cure. In fact, if you have a contagious disease, open wound, cancer or extreme hypertension, and active tuberculosis, you should avoid halotherapy at all cost – or atleast consult with your physician.

What to Look Out For After Buying a Home Salt Therapy Machine

After buying a home halo-generator, there are some essential factors you should look out for. They include:

1. The type of salt the halo-generator uses

It is essential the salt in the salt therapy machine is pharmaceutical grade. In fact, it is far safe when it is 100% sodium chloride. While the Himalayan and Dead Sea salt work equally fine, they might have impurities, metal, and mineral content that might be harmful if they remain in the respiratory system.

Sodium chloride dissolves 100% in water and will not stay in the lungs. The impurities, minerals, and vitamins present in other salts would be good in the digestive system, not the lungs.

2. Installation requirements

While there are no special requirements to install most home salt therapy devices, look for salt therapy efficacy specifications like suitable room size, dimension, heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC), and even more.

3. Size vs. Space Need

 Every room size varies. Confirm if the size of the salt therapy device you’re buying will rhyme with the space of your room. Correctly place the unit to give you an optimum therapeutical effect according to your room’s ventilation system.

Choosing the wrong size of the device will hinder the efficacy of halotherapy.

4. Maintenance Requirement

At most, a salt therapy device’s care should only be cleaning and changing filters for units that use filters. Check for how frequently you should replace the filter, the cleaning process, and any other precautions you should check for when handling a salt therapy machine.

The Product Warranty and Guarantee

Warranty and guarantee are an indication manufacturer’s confidence in the functionality of a product. It assures you of the device’s quality, and you won’t bear the burden of a manufacturing defect. Check the warranty period of the salt therapy machine you’ve bought. Others give you a guarantee – if you aren’t satisfied with the product, the manufacturer gives you a full refund of your money.

Best Home Salt Therapy Machine: Final Verdict

By this point, we’ve covered a lot in detail. Now let’s step back for a moment and highlight what makes the best home salt therapy machine.

  • A design and size fitting home usage
  • A decent already-using customer base
  • Safe saline solution or rock salt that non-compromise respiratory health

And like any other product, it should give maximum value for money.


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