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Ten Loft Beds that Will Give Your Space a Luxurious Finish

Regardless of the size of a house or a room, one’s space deserves to look neat as a bare minimum, and all-out classy if possible. With the invention of loft beds, this is entirely possible even for people who live in smaller spaces. Loft beds work to bring a taste of class and beauty to any interior, much to the owner’s satisfaction. Loft beds stay elevated to a higher height. Beneath the loft bed, there is usually space where the owner can fit a desk, a closet, a chair, or even a vanity mirror. Such beds are suitable for teenagers or younger adults who are trying to maximize their small living space. Such loft beds include;

1. Asten

The bed features four large drawers on the left, a wide decorative shelf, an Amorite type space, and three open shelves with two baskets. This loft bed is a hybrid of what we would call a desk and a multifunctional closet under the bunk used to store off-season clothes and beddings. The bed is perfect for small spaces because one does not need an extra drawer or desk when they have this loft bed.

The bed has soft rounded corners, curved lines, and vintage style metal handles that give this bed a country house inspired look. The product can either be a twin bed and a full-size king or queen bed where all the beds meet the American safety standards. This loft bed’s drawers stand out because they are fitted with whisper slides to ensure there is no creaking noise when one opens or closes the drawers. Lastly, the product comes with an exclusive five years limited guarantee to boost consumer trust. The bed retails for a price of $999 exclusive of shipping.

2. Getty Twin Best Loft Beds

For buyers looking for perfect sleep and storage solutions, the Getty twin loft bed is your best bet.  The bed comes with a dresser and a bookcase. The dresser features four drawers and a large shelf to store things like clothes, books, or other personal items. The bed remains stable due to the veneered MDF panels on each side of the reversible bookcase and dresser.

Wholly, white wood that gives it a classic look that never goes out of style. Protective measures such as rounded edges and modern ladder with grooved steps are incorporated to ensure safe and comfortable climbing. The bed also comes with a reversible feature for the ladder. In that, the loft bed can reassemble with the ladder either on the left or the right. This feature is put in place so that the product can fit the design of any room. The bed retails for a price of $1399 exclusive of shipping costs.

3. Stora Best Loft Beds

Stora beds originate from environmentally renewable wood, solid pine, stain, and clear acrylic lacquer. The material is naturally warm. In this particular case, the bed comes in all white. The bed is also long, and the buyer should make sure that the ceiling’s size is equivalent to the height of the bed.  

The bed is most useful when a person needs to combine several functions in a small space. The product does not come with a built-in closet or bookcase; the user decides to determine what they want to do with space. This bed is popular with college students who need a fit a workspace or a closet in a small dorm room. The product is best suited over the age of six years to prevent the risk of falling off the bed. The bed retails for a price of $702.86 exclusive of shipping costs.

3. Mid Century Loft Beds

The bed is made of Kiln-dried solid eucalyptus wood and engineered wood with an Acacia wood veneer; it has solid pine wood slats and a water-based Acorn finish. The bed accommodates a full-sized mattress, a built-in desk, and a climb-up ladder. The product meets all rigorous tests and safety standards, and that includes stringent chemical and VOC standards.

After purchase, the buyer should assemble the bed at home using the guidelines provided. The manufacturer asks the buyer to be very careful when tightening the fasteners as this may cause breakage. The buyer should avoid using chemical cleaners, abrasives, or furniture polish to clean the beds.

4. Harlan Twin Size Loft Beds

This loft bed has a comfortable sleeping space with a spacious and apt workspace underneath. It provides for a complete solution for any student, teenage or otherwise. Sturdy wood incorporated with support slats and full-length guardrails is available for optimal support and durability. 

This brand features a traditional twin loft bed that accommodates a standard twin mattress sold separately. The buyer is required to assemble the bed themselves after the process of purchase and delivery is complete. The product comes with a guaranteed one year warranty. The product retails for a price of $458.48 exclusive of shipping costs.

5. Perch Best Loft Beds

Baltic birch plywood and eco-MDF are the materials that make the loft bed as per the European environmental standard.  The finish products follow the same health standards as they are all non-toxic, water-based, and free of VOC hazards. The packaging features the byproduct of recycled cardboard.

The bed is compact enough to fit in small spaces as soon as the assembly is complete. The space beneath it can alternate as a workspace or play area. The bed comes with a kid-friendly ladder, a wall around that supports the sleeper from falling, so children above the age of six can use it. Lastly, the loft bed is fit for a standard US full-size mattress that is not thicker than eight inches. The product retails for a price of $2026 exclusive of shipping costs.

6. Lake House Full Loft

This kind of bedroom option is beneficial to kids going crossing a life milestone. The kid might start needing more furniture without losing bedroom space. The product comes with premium features such as a built-in dresser with a bookshelf, casual bun turned feet, plucked head, and footboards that come in a refreshing white finish or stone grey finish. The cottage-style amplified can bring a touch of class to any room. The bed comes with poplar veneers and a sturdy ladder for extra support.

The bed has an efficient workspace inclusive of an open space desk for when the child needs to study, work on school projects, or do their homework. The bed’s design lets the child have extra space in the room for any other co-curricular activities. The product is worth every penny, and at a retail price of $1499, one can acquire the loft bed. 

7. Louver Modular Low Loft Bed

The component of the product is from Brazilian pine wood with a polished antique finishing. It is a twin size bed that stands higher than a conventional sleep space to accommodate a play or study area beneath the loft bed. The product contains three drawer chest and a bookcase. Therefore, study time can be fun when a child has their little workspace.

The manufacturer made this product specifically for kids; the bed can only handle 125lbs. The loft bed has sturdy steps for when the child needs to get into bed. The edges design trimmed and cornered, and wooden walls around the bunk set provide safety for kids that move around the surface when they are asleep. The product meets all the safety standards at a retailing price of $465.

8. Walker Edison Modern Metal Pipe

The design gives a classy modern look crafted with polished durable steel. Elegance and utility combine to give this modern loft bed a striking appearance that would match any décor because the material is appealing, lead-free with a powder-coated finishing.

This bed is perfect for any teenage and young adult looking to save space with a product that meets all the consumer safety standards.

The sturdy construction, the metal support slats, and the built-in ladder ensures safety when climbing and sleeping on the bed night after night. The product comes recommended for girls that want a pretty little thing in their bedroom. With $1329, the product is all yours.

9. YourZone Metal Loft Twin Bed

Stainless metal is the main byproduct, and the loft beds come in different colors to satisfy the taste of its potential buyers. It is one of the low budget loft beds in the market suitable for anyone under 225 pounds. It is twin-sized and comes with two ladders fitted on each side and upper guardrails to provide extra support and safety measures.

The loft bed’s function is to maximize space without interfering with the interior design of the room. Beneath the bunk, one can have a study table, a dresser, and even a play area for kids. The product comes with simple do-it-yourself instructions that can help a buyer assemble it without needing professional help. The product comes with a limited warranty and retails for $159.


The beds’ manufacturers take safety measures to ensure that the highly structured loft beds do not end up injuring anyone in their sleep. The users or buyers should assemble the beds as instructed to avoid any faulty or risky setups.

Depending on the brand and the material used, the products can range from affordable to pretty expensive. Therefore, when picking a loft bed, one has to consider their budget and the quality of the brand they intend to acquire.


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