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The Top 8 Non-Toxic Pillows


Non-toxic, aka organic pillows come in many shapes and sizes, forms, and purposes. For individuals that suffer from allergies, these pillows can be a welcome reprieve.

If you are also out looking for a product that does the environment some good, or one which you can name all the constituent products and their benefits to you, then look no further.

Having done extensive research on the above product, we have arrived at the best non-toxic pillows currently available and the various reasons that make them stand head and shoulders above the rest.

On this list, you’ll find organic pillows that are great overall while also exploring other options that excel at a specific metric including, price-friendliness, durability, portability, to mention but a few. With this in mind, let’s get to it.

The Top 8 Non-Toxic Pillows

Non-toxic pillows come in various shapes, forms, and sizes. As a result, you shouldn’t have to give up any preference when shopping for the same.

The guide below will cover pillows made from cotton, wool, down fiber, or even silk to help you get the best choice for you.

1. Editor’s Choice – Snuggle-Pedic Original USA Made Ultra-Luxury Bamboo Shredded Memory Foam Pillow Combination

Snuggle Pedic should be among your first considerations when out looking for the best non-toxic pillows currently in the market.

We use memory foam for the pillow fillings. It continuously relieves pressure on your back, knees, or neck while maintaining its shape without it ever going flat.

The memory foam construction comes greatly recommended to users that use a CPAP machine. It works to ensure the shape adopted conforms to the anti-snoring device.

Moreover, the pillow comes with an extra breathable cover made from a blend of 43% bamboo and 56% Polyester. This is to allow the pillow to remain breathable all through the night, in the process helping to keep you cool and refreshed for long hours on end.

The bamboo cover also helps make the pillow a natural option that’s resistant to dust mite and various hypoallergenic reactions. The pillow boasts various certifications, including the Biogreen and CertiPUR, which proves that the product is 100% safe from unnatural poisonous gasses and metals.

There is a 120-night returns policy sale. This means that you can return it within the first four months of its use. There’s also a 20-year warranty that is further proof of the pillow’s spectacular durability.


  • The pillow comes with an industry-leading warranty of 20 years.
  • It is super comfortable and supportive even for people using CPAP devices.
  • The pillow comes with a bamboo and polyester cover that makes it breathable and cool throughout the night.
  • It is also certified by CertiPUR and Biogreen for using products that are 100% safe and free from any impurities.

2. The Second Runner’s up – SORMAG Bed Pillows

Coming in a close second in our list of the best non-toxic pillows is the SORMAG pillow. The pillow comes filled with 100% Egyptian cotton, laced with German imported Poly Gel Fibre. Its’ construction enables the pillow to boast ergonomic properties, which allows for ample support of the head, neck, and shoulders. The pillow’s high-quality fillings also see it boast the unique ability to rebound in roughly 5 seconds. Its advantage is that it will maintain its shape in the long-term. The cotton pillow fillings also come with trace molecules that enable prolonged support without losing its’ shape.

What’s more, individuals who purchase the pillow also enjoy two for the price of one offer. They also come with a breathable, 100% cotton cover to complete the setup. Use a washing machine to wash the cover. As a result, you will get to enjoy an easier time cleaning the same. Finally, the pillow also has quite an affordable price and is available in three main sizes: standard, queen, and king size. Each of these three sizes also come with a 1-year warranty that covers you from any unforeseen defects.

Major Features

  • The pillow consist of 100% premium Egyptian cotton.
  • Sold in pairs.
  • The pillow also comes with a one year warranty.
  • The pillow also features a removable cover that makes it extra breathable and easy to wash.

3. Also Great – Beckham Hotel Collection Gel Pillow (2-Pack)

When shopping on a budget, the Beckham Hotel Collection pillow could help you cut to the chase by offering you two of its pillows for slightly under 40 bucks on Amazon. If lucky, you might even stumble upon a coupon of two that effectively reduces the pillows price even further by giving you a discount of up to 30%.

Don’t let the price fool you, though, for the above pillow is still super comfortable and worth every penny you’ll spend. Firstly, the pillow consists of luxurious gel-filled fibers. Its stylish design adds to its appeal and luxury, thus ensuring that you will readily fall asleep and remain asleep for as long as you need.

The affordable price tag also doesn’t affect its usability as the pillow is both fade and stain-resistant. Any such stains that find their way onto the pillow surface are also quite easy to clean as the pillow is machine washable. There’s also a 30-day money-back guarantee that goes to ensuring your ultimate satisfaction. Accordingly, this refund policy ensures that you can return the pillow for a full refund if you do so within the first 30 days after your purchase.

Major features

  • We sell the pillow in a pair of two.
  • Made from gel fiber that makes it super luxurious and comfortable.
  • The cover is 100% cotton.
  • The pillow is dust-mite resistant and also hypoallergenic.
  • Its cover is stain and fades resistant. 
  • It comes with a 30 days return period.

4. Most Affordable Option – SUMITU Hotel Pillows

The SUMITU Hotel Pillows is another great alternative when looking for worthwhile pillows on a budget too. You’ll get a pair of either the standard-sized or queen-sized pillows for some $26.99.

Medium firmness rating as a result of the Poly-Gel fiber that’s imported from Germany. The pillow has a Users get to enjoy super comforts thanks to this fiber filling while also getting a proper rest thanks to the pillow filling being hypoallergenic.

Purchasing the pillows will also do you some good as the pair is stain and fade resistant. On making such a purchase, you’ll also have in your hands a pillow that’s machine washable at 30°C. Don’t worry if the pillow risks getting stained or collecting dirt during its everyday use. The washing machine quarantees quick and newly refreshed pillow with zero clumps.

Moreover, the pillow’s cover is made from 100% cotton, a fabric known to be 100% dry, breathable, and soft. Accordingly, it won’t come as a surprise then when the pillow continually cools you during the night, and you find yourself cloaked in luxuries that can compare to the experiences of a 5-star hotel.

The pillow is also quite durable, as can be seen from the product’s one-year warranty. Within this period, the manufacturers obligate themselves to fix or replace any pillows that develop faults due to the producer’s defects. 

Major Features

  • The pillow is quite affordable
  • Its fillings make it lush and comfortable.
  • Stained and fade-resistant pillow.
  • 100% cotton cover making it breathable.
  • It is also quite durable, as it comes with a 1-year guarantee.

5. Best for Baby – My Little North Star Sweet Dreams Organic Toddler Pillow & Pillowcase

When looking for the best pillow for kids, look no further than the Sweet Dreams Organic Toddler Pillow by My Little North Star. The pillow is filled with fiber, which is enclosed in a 100% certified Organic Cotton Shell. This cotton shell and the fiber filling contain zero chemicals, pesticides, herbicides, or fungicides, making it a sure option when shopping for the best non-toxic pillows. The materials that make the baby pillows above are also dust and flame resistant, giving you even more reasons to consider them favorably.

Being an organic pillow, it is no surprise that the product is 100% hypoallergenic. Thus, your child will not suffer any harmful effects from using the pillows, as it is completely free of all harsh chemicals, such as dyes, silicones, animal by-products, or fragrances. The product is also machine washable, making the job of ensuring your baby always sleeps on a clean pillow with no clumps a lot easier.

Moreover, it promises more advantages to every parent and their baby, as it is ergonomically designed to fit most pediatricians’ and chiropractors’ specifications.

Kids of all ages enjoy this pillow. There is appropriate support that cradles them perfectly to get the best, most comfortable sleep every night.

Major Features

  • The pillow is perfect for kids between 2 – 5 years.
  • Ergonomic design to ensure a child receives the best possible support to the neck, back, and spine.
  • The pillow is machine washable.
  • It is hypoallergenic.
  • The pillow also dirt and fade resistant.

6. Best Memory Foam Pillow: Coop Home Goods – Premium Adjustable Loft Pillow

The Coop Home Goods premium memory foam. However, that does not dampen its efforts to become one of the best non-toxic pillows around. Firstly, the pillow’s cover comprises 60% polyester and 40% rayon (a bamboo extract). The above organic features help make the pillow more suitable for allergies, enabling you to achieve a good night’s rest every time you use it.

Moreover, while made from memory foam, this pillow still boasts Green Guard Gold certification, which is a mark of quality, ensuring that it contains zero traces of harmful or toxic chemicals. As such, the product remains 100% safe for you and all your loved ones, from the youngest toddler to the most senior. There is a guaranteed 100 nights return policy, within which you can request a refund, no questions asked, should the pillow not fulfill your needs.

However, there’s little likelihood of that happening, given the pillow’s plush and comfortable yet highly supportive feel. And should you discover some defects after lapsing of the returns period, you can also take advantage of the five years warranty promised.

Major Features

  • Made from 100% memory foam
  • Boasts Green Guard Gold certification meaning its 100% safe and non-toxic
  • The pillow also comes with a hypoallergenic, polyester, and rayon cover that is easy to wash.
  • The pillow conforms easily to the body’s shape.
  • It is highly comfortable and supportive.

7. Best Buckwheat Pillow: Beans72 Buckwheat Pillow

Buckwheat is a less known filler material for pillows as it’s both 100% natural. What’s more, buckwheat pillows also assume the default shape of your head, knees, or back whenever in use. While all buckwheat pillows are free from toxic materials, not all such pillows are created equal.

The Beans72 pillow can be considered buckwheat pillow royalty. It is built with the user’s every need in mind. For starters, the pillow features a lush, unbleached cotton cover that is easy to wash. The pillow’s design is also ergonomic and simplistic. This ensures that you get to enjoy all the benefits of a buckwheat pillow, even when on the move. The cover also works well with the buckwheat pillow fillings inside to deliver a product that’s perfect for temperature regulation.

Beyond the features above, there are also plenty of other advantages to getting yourself a buckwheat pillow. Making such a purchase promises you an environmentally friendly pillow option while also reducing your allergic reactions.

Major Features

  • 100% cotton for the cover.
  • Exclusive buckwheat for the pillow fillings.
  • The pillow is highly breathable and helps to regulate your body temperature while asleep.
  • The buckwheat helps the pillow adopt shapes as per the individual using it for maximum support.

8. Best Adjustable Pillow – Xtreme Comforts Hypoallergenic

If you want an extremely comfortable pillow and one that you can adjust for optimal support, then this Xtreme Comforts pillow should do you some good. The pillow is ideal for all types of sleepers, including back, side, and stomach sleepers. Moreover, the zipper found conveniently on the side works wonders for the pillow, as users can use it to adjust the pillow’s firmness by adding or removing part of the pillow’s fillings.

Doing the same is no rocket science. All you need to do is unzip the opening and add or remove pillow fillings as they deem necessary.

The pillow’s fillings are exclusively made from memory foam. Every product that goes into making the pillow is certified under various standards including CertiPUR US. Accordingly, the final product can boast the meeting of stringent standards of quality and emission hand durability. Overall, this makes the pillow a sure haven for deep, quality, and beneficial sleep. 

Additionally, the pillow comes with a uniquely designed bamboo cover that enables superior air circulation and breathability. The above cover keeps the pillow surface cool throughout its use. This ensures you get the best sleep ever, with minimal chances of suffering from a sweaty face in the morning. The nature of the products used also ensures that the pillow above is hypoallergenic and one of the best non-toxic pillows available today.

Major Features

  • It comes with a zip on the side, ensuring it is adjustable.
  • Unique, highly-supportive memory foam for the pillow fillings.
  • The pillow also comes with a bamboo cover, making it breathable and hypoallergenic.

What is a Non-Toxic/Organic Pillow?

An organic pillow is among the most popular options for sleepers today for a variety of reasons. Firstly, such pillows are made almost exclusively from natural, plant-based products that include wool, cotton, latex, to mention but a few. By virtue of the raw materials that make them, the above pillows remain entirely non-toxic, dust, and mild-dew resistant. Moreover, these pillows remain cooler as they boast natural breathability and cooling thanks to their constituent components. Moreover, non-toxic pillows are also known for practicing safe production techniques. It should come as no surprise then when part of the label read, ‘no animals were harmed in the manufacture of this pillow,’ or that ‘no harmful pesticides, herbicides or fungicides, were harmed during production of this product.’

In the sections below, we shall dive deeper into the different types of organic pillows, what factors you need to consider when purchasing to ensure you get the best non-toxic pillows, plus maintenance tips to ensure the prolonged use of your pillow.

Types of Organic Pillows

a) Natural Latex

Latex is well-known to be the rubber-like substance that is produced from the sap of rubber trees. To become an appropriate filling, such latex, once extracted, is processed using the Talalay or Dunlop method to create a pillow foam filling that is extremely breathable, responsive, and resilient. Today, many individuals attest to latex pillows being more supportive than most memory foam on account of their ability to resist sinking.

b) Organic Cotton

Cotton is a natural fiber that has been used in clothes, and various fabrics throughout the times, without the need for the fiber being modified using chemicals or fertilizers. On pillows, natural & organic cotton filling promises a soft and plush texture that would be difficult to replicate with other types of pillows.

c) Natural Wool

Natural wool is another pillow filling that quite appropriate for organic pillows because of various reasons. Firstly, the particular fillings make the final pillow super breathable and with the capabilities of continuously cooling the product. However, such pillows are not easy to come by, as their production depends on the amount of wool available from the shearing of sheep, goats, or lambs. Thus, the supply of wool will often be in short supply, with demand greatly outmatching supply.

d) Down and Feathers

If you are like me, you have probably seen pillow fights on TV end suddenly when someone’s pillow gets ripped, and feathers sprawl to every corner of the room. However, while such feather pillows seem to be more common on television, they are not readily available in the real world. Such feathered pillows also belong to the class of pillows that’s most breathable, with the filling allowing for continual airflow and heat transmission away from your face and head. Having it cleaned, is one significant challenge with such a pillow.

Other less known types of pillows

i) Buckwheat Pillows – The exterior casings of buckwheat kernels/hulls are used to assemble these pillows. These kernels offer a firm surface, boasting uniquely resilient support to individuals.

If the buckwheat plants are grown organically without the use of chemicals, such pillows would stand a chance of being 100% organic and non-toxic.

ii) Silk – The fibrous material is extracted from silkworms as they build their cocoons. The processed fabric lush, lightweight, and extremely soft. However, silk production’s rarity and costs mean that the fabric is rarely used as pillow fillings, but instead as a pillow cover.

Note: Memory is not and should never be considered an organic material, as its production relies heavily on assorted synthetic materials. However, a unique memory foam formula and the absence of toxic elements such as heavy elements have seen some products become certified as environmentally-friendly by various regulatory bodies.

To ensure the final product is among the best non-toxic pillows available in the market, the memory foam pillows are put into covers made of cotton, silk, and other natural materials.

Factors to Consider When Shopping for a Non-Toxic Pillow.

Before you shop for an organic pillow, too, there are a few factors to take into account. In doing so, you are certain to get the best pillow for your needs while at the same time getting value for your money. As seen with the reviews, too, there are multiple options to choose from when shopping for the best non-toxic pillows available. Before you select one, consider the following:

i) The Type of Pillow Filling

Different types of fillings ensure the resultant pillow comes with various features that could either be appropriate for you or not. For instance, latex pillows are among the most breathable, making them appropriate for most hot sleepers. Down/feather fillings, on the other hand, are suitable mostly for sleepers that appreciate a soft surface, while buckwheat pillows work best for users that prefer highly firm surfaces.

ii) The Shopping Budget

Organic Pillows are more expensive, mostly due to their constituent raw materials being more expensive. On this note, the most expensive pillow fillings include latex, buckwheat, and 100% downs material. Wool, natural latex, and down mixed with feathers all remain slightly cheaper alternatives, while memory foam completes the list of the most affordable options for the best non-toxic pillows.

iii) The Pillow Weight

Some organic pillows take the record for being the heaviest pillows available anywhere. A buckwheat pillow is one such example as they often weigh up to 10 pounds, with latex pillows being quite heavy. These pillows will not be prone to falling off the bed. Their use will be limited if you are one to regularly shift and turn at night, all the while hugging your pillow tightly. On the opposite end of the spectrum, feather/down and wool pillows are amongst the lightest pillows available. While such pillows will serve you better when looking for options that you can hug and move around with, be also prepared to pick it up from the ground ever so often.

iv) Pillow Loft

What amount of pillow thickness are you most comfortable with? Most natural/organic pillows, including latex and down/feather options, have a single loft (thickness) setting. However, few pillow options such as wool and buckwheat can be adjusted to change their thickness. Accordingly, customers should carefully select the pillows they purchase, especially for the options that can’t be adjusted.

v) The Pillow Certifications

Various certifications look to confirm the worthiness of a pillow with regards to the materials used, their environmental-friendliness, and the absence of harmful substances such as fungicides, pesticides, and herbicides.

vi) Returns Window

Different pillow manufacturers will give you different time frames to return the product for a full refund. Within this window, the customer can initiate the above process if they find the product unsatisfactory. For most pillows, the returns period lasts 30 days, with some manufacturers extending this duration to up to 140 days. While out shopping, consider such products favorably and avoid the pillows that fail to offer such provisions.

vii) Warranty Terms

In the same light, pillow manufacturers that offer a warranty with their products should be preferred over those that don’t. Longer warranties also point to the manufacturer’s confidence that their product will last longer and give you more years of service. Accordingly, be sure to give this factor sufficient consideration as you shop around. Under no circumstances too should you purchase any pillow with unclear warranty terms.

Maintenance Tips to Follow When Caring for a Non-Toxic Pillow

For a prolonged period, you must provide care for your pillow properly if you are to use them. Different care measures help achieve various results with your pillow, including keeping it fresh, clean, and fluffy. Moreover, these measures are highly different with regard to how often they are necessary. In more detail, some of the maintenance measures you need to consider include:

  1. Covering the pillow with a Pillow Case – If you are to succeed in keeping your pillows clean, then a pillow cover is a bare minimum. Luckily, most pillows reviewed above include a cover, which goes a long way towards ensuring you find yourself enjoying easier times when out to keep the pillow clean. There’s also the option of getting a separate cover for your pillow if the manufacturers fail to provide one.
  2. Air Out the Pillow – This is necessary and should be done at the beginning of every new season. It entails leaving the pillow outside but away from direct sunlight. This move will ensure that the pillow remains fresh, which could help you achieve better, more refreshing sleep times.
  3. Increase the Pillow’s Loft – Through leaving your pillow in the drier to air out under the coolest possible setting, with two tennis balls included in the mix. Allow this to continue on 10-minute cycles until you are comfortable with the results.
  4. Fight Odours – Foul smells can develop on the pillow when it is used for prolonged periods. Often, the peskiest odors can also persist, even after a thorough washing. However, some baking soda should do the trick. Simply sprinkle some on the pillow ever so often, and you will keep those nasty odors away for good.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, you’ll need to do a lot of work to unearth some of the best non-toxic pillows on the market today. As you have seen from the reviews above, most organic pillows fit perfectly into this category. Still, the many options available will require you to figure out what works for you and what you are better off not pursuing. As you shop around, too, be sure to familiarise yourself with the different types of organic pillows available and when each type is appropriate. Determining the same will ensure you get the most from the pillow you eventually buy.


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