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Best Overnight Diapers for an Awesome Night’s Rest

There is nothing quite as joyous as welcoming a little infant into this world and taking them home with you. They are so precious, with their little hands and curious eyes. Giving them a peaceful sleep using the best overnight diapers is a great choice. At first, it seems as though that is all they do with their day; feed and sleep.

So how exhausting is it when they wake you up every night, screaming at the top of their lungs? Worse still, when the reason for their break from routine is a wet diaper that is soaked through to the sheets, and now you have to clean the whole mess up?

You probably need to change up to overnight diapers.

What are overnight diapers?

Best overnight diapers are regular diapers on steroids. They have a better absorbency capacity, often with the capacity to carry about 25% more than the latter. They are designed to keep the baby dry for about 12 hours, typically through the night.

There are tons of options in the market today, each with their hailed merits. Like a piece of art or a bunch of flowers, however, not all of them will be ideal for your little one. Your perfect choice will largely depend on elements such as the material and absorbency, fit, how sensitive the baby is, and a whole lot more.

We have compiled a list of our top picks and why they made it to the listing.

Our top 10 best overnight diapers

There are numerous brands available in the market. With all this diversity, you need to be aware of what is most desirable for you. Some brands will have a higher absorbency than others, be made from more natural materials, while others will be less costly than others.

Here are our top 10 picks for great overnight diapers and why they made it to the list.

 1. Editor’s pick- Huggies Bet OverNites Diapers

This diaper is fantastic for heavy wetters as it has a high absorbency capacity. The quilted inner liner and Leak Lock design soaks up liquid reasonably quickly and will surprise you just how much fluid it will hold by morning while keeping the baby dry. (This brand boasts of 12-hour absorbency) Of course, if the child is a heavy wetter, one diaper might not be sustainable through the night. In this case, you might need to change it at least once.

For such a high capacity to hold in fluids, Huggies OverNites diapers are lightweight and not bulky. They come with an elastic waistband that is designed to fit snuggly but not be too tight. The tabs are secure while the leg guards are flexible but will not come loose, so the baby is assured of a leak-free rest.

The material is chlorine, fragrance, and latex-free. These, combined with the inner layer’s capacity to keep moisture away from the baby’s bottom, make it a gentle option for little ones’ delicate skin.

The diapers have a wetness indicator that will turn color to indicate when it is time for a diaper change. They are available in 4 sizes.

The best part is that for such high quality, the price range is quite affordable. You will be hard-pressed to find a brand that offers the same quality at a lower price.

Major features;

  • 12-hour absorbency
  • Leak Lock design that keeps the diaper leak-free
  • Lightweight and not bulky
  • Secure with tabs and leg guards that stay in place throughout the night.
  • Fragrance, chlorine, and latex-free
  • Available in 4 sizes
  • Quite affordable

2. Runners up- Pampers Baby Dry

The pioneers of disposable diapers had to make this list. Since the 1960s, Proctor and Gamble Company has successfully brought the leading brands in comfortable diapers for babies.

While Pampers Baby Dry is not directly labeled as overnight diapers, it boasts 12 hours worth of absorbency, having three layers than the usual two common with other brands.

The gel material lining the inside contributes to the high absorbency, allowing the diaper to hold an incredible amount of fluid while remaining thin and light. Moreover, these diapers have flexible edges that fit well to prevent leaking without being too tight.

The good news is that they come in numerous sizes and will therefore accommodate plenty of sizing options. The first three sizes come with a wetness indicator that lets you know when it is time to change the baby- there will be no need for guessing games.

Best of all, these outstanding features come at an affordable price, and these diapers are some of the most readily available in any shop.

Major features:

  • 12-hour absorbency and long-lasting leak protection
  • Gel material lining that keeps the baby dry
  • Three inner layers rather than the usual two
  • Remain thin and light even after absorbing fluid
  • Flexible edges to prevent leaking
  • Come in numerous sizes
  • Have a wetness indicator
  • Flexible edges for extra comfort
  • Affordable and readily available in most retail outlets

3. Also great- Pampers Swaddlers

This brand won a What to Expect award for the third year in a row this year and is a big hit, especially with newborns.

A newborn sleeps sporadically for most of the day and tends to drift awake at the slightest interruption. With this in mind, isn’t it probably wise to make sure you minimize the possible sleep disruptors? A wet diaper and leaky nights are such things that need to go, and Pampers Overnight Swaddlers are your best bet for this.

They are specially designed to be soft as a cuddly blanket on a baby’s bum. The inner Heart Quilt liner keeps the mess away from the easily irritated skin and offers up to 12 hours of protection. The outer layer is made of splendid, quilt-like material that is extra soft and will not wake up the baby if they move around.

They come with a wetness indicator that will help you know when it is time to change the diaper and are available in several sizes, so there isn’t a shortage of fitting options.

Major features:

  • Designed to be extra soft and comfortable
  • The inner Heart Quilt liner keeps the mess away from the baby’s skin.
  • The outer layer is quilt-like and soft for extra comfort.
  • 12-hour protection
  • Have a wetness indicator
  • Available in several sizes

4. Best on a budget- Luvs ultra leakguard diapers

If there is a brand that promises quality at the most affordable price, it is Luvs Ultra Leakguard diapers. These are extra pocket-friendly for that parent looking for a comfortable fit for their little without incurring too high costs.

Their trademark, the NightLock Plus, is perhaps their most significant selling point as an ‘overnight’ diaper. They come with a leak guard core that will absorb moisture quickly to keep the baby dry. The edges are gathered to provide extra protection from leakage without being too tight. These, coupled with a wide area for fastening that can be peeled and re-done if it doesn’t sit well the first time, makes it even easier to change the baby, especially on those sleepy nights.

The material is soft and will be comfortable for the little one even after long hours of having one diaper.

As a bonus, they come with a money-back guarantee if they don’t meet the implied leakage protection standards. If you are unsatisfied with the product, you can return it within 45 days from purchase for a full refund.

Major features:

  • One of the most affordable brands
  • NightLock Plus leak guard core for extra absorbency
  • Gathered edges for extra leakage protection
  • Have a wide area of fasteners that can be peeled and re-done.
  • Come with a money-back guarantee

5. Most eco-friendly- The honest company best overnight diapers

In this age, where pollution and environmental conservation are critical issues, having a brand that speaks to the same is excellent news to parents. As the name suggests, The Honest Company is dedicated to offering openness and full disclosure.

Founded by Hollywood’s sweetheart Jessica Alba, it is one of the few companies that provide full information about how their diapers are made. The material is naturally derived from plant-based material such as wheat, corn, or harvested wood pulp and has no fragrances, lotions, or latex, nor is it treated with chlorine.

Both the inner and outer layers are made from sustainable plant material that is kind to toddlers’ sensitive skin. As such, they are designed to be soft, hypoallergenic, and absorbent without becoming too bulky. The waistband and leg cuffs are fashioned to fit snugly without being too tight on the baby’s skin while keeping the baby leak-free.

They come in different sizes, so you won’t have to worry about not finding a good fit for your little one.

As a bonus, they come in some of the cutest designs that will warm your heart with every new change.

Major features:

  • Both the inner and outer layers are made from naturally derived material
  • Are chlorine, fragrance, lotions, and latex-free
  • Hypoallergenic and gentle on the baby’s skin
  • The waistband and leg cuffs fit snugly without being too tight
  • Come in different sizes for good fit
  • Come in cute designs

6. Best booster pads- Sposie Booster Pads

Booster pads are a fantastic option if your little one is a heavy wetter, and you want to amplify the diaper’s absorbency. They also come in handy if you feel that daytime diapers could get the job done at night with a little support.

When it comes to these useful boosters, Sposies are your best bet. They are chemical, latex, and fragrance-free and will be so soft on your baby’s skin; their addition will hardly be noticeable. They come in a uniform size and will fit into almost any diaper or training pants.

Sposie Booster pads are also helpful for babies that sleep on their tummies. Their pee will collect towards the front of the diaper and may leak through the top. To counter this, add a pad to the fluid collection area, and the child will sleep dry throughout the night.

Major features:

  • Chemical latex and fragrance-free
  • Come in a uniform size that fits any diaper brand or training pants
  • Are absorbent and will keep the baby dry
  • Is great for heavy wetters or tummy sleepers

7. Best pull-ups for older kids- GoodNites Bedtime Pants

As the child grows older, their bladder is also growing to hold more and more pee. They will need diapers less and less as they graduate into potty training. They may, however, still need a bit of help keeping dry through the night.

What better way to achieve this than with bedtime pants, also known as potty-training pants or bedtime underwear? GoodNites bedtime pants are unrivaled in the market for this job. These pull-ups are fitted with five absorbent layers for extra moisture protection and have secure leg guards to prevent leaking.

They are extra stretchy and will fit any child, whether slender or chubby. The material is so soft and gentle on the skin that it is safe and will not cause any rashes.

Best of all, they are designed to be so thin; they will barely be noticeable through the correct-sized pants. There is no need to go a size up on the pants trying to hide the underwear, and it does not ride up. What a relief for the self-conscious little ones that are struggling with bedwetting! They can go even for sleepovers without having to worry about wet sleeping bags or beds, and the taunting that would come with it.

As a bonus, they come in different designs suited for boys and girls. For instance, GoodNites partnered with Marvel to have superhero designs on the front of the underwear for boys. Even the insecure boy will feel more confident when they have The Hulk silently yelling ‘Hulk smash!’

Major features;

  • Fitted with five absorbent layers for extra moisture protection
  • Secure leg guards to prevent leaking
  • Stretchy to suit any body type
  • Thin and unnoticeable through the pants
  • Come in awesome superhero designs for boys and cute prints or girls

8. Best for sensitive skin- Seventh Generation Diapers

Babies, in general, have sensitive skin. They bruise easily, and the slightest pinch is likely to leave a mark. Yet there are little ones who are even more so. Those who will quickly be affected by allergenic material and who need a notch higher in the care given to them.

These will need the most gentle of options when it comes to diapers, and considering how long we desire for them to stay asleep through the night, you need an overnight diaper that caters to this very need.

Seventh Generation diapers are your best bet for this as they are made for that little one with the extra sensitive skin.

They contain no chlorine and are lotion and fragrance-free. The material is sourced from harvested wood pulp that is natural and sustainable, while the ink used on prints is lead-free.

The inner layer is designed to be so soft on a baby’s bum; it is almost as though it lies against a cloud. It is also breathable and will draw humidity away from the skin, keeping it from developing any rashes. The elastic back gathers, and flexible sides make it extra comfortable while the resealable tabs help achieve a great fit.

They have a high absorbency, offering up to 10 hours of dryness.

While they may be a slightly pricier option, they will be worth it when your sleeping beauty wakes up happy and bouncy, and with no rashes to cause worry.

Major features:

  • Designed for babies with sensitive skin
  • Chlorine, latex, and fragrance-free
  • Material is natural and sustainable
  • The ink used on prints is lead-free
  • Stretchy back gathers and flexible sides
  • Resealable tabs
  • Up to 10 hours of absorbency

9. Best cloth diapers- Mama Koala Pocket Cloth Diapers

If you consider just how many disposable diapers your child will need in just the first year alone, the figure is staggering. Do the expense calculation, and it might be a bit overwhelming.

If you are keen to minimize this cost, then cloth diapers are for you. These reusable diapers come in numerous brands and perks. Of all of these great options out there, Mama Koala Pocket Cloth Diapers stand out the most.

These pocket-style diapers are designed to grow with your child as they have adjustable snaps. One investment will last you a good, long while.

They also come with reusable microfiber liners for extra absorbency, and the lining helps the baby stay dry longer and keeps them extra comfy. You can bump up the liners’ absorbency by getting separate liners if the babe will need it.

Their cute patterns are a superb bonus that will have the baby smiling all through the night.

Of course, these cloth diapers will demand more laundry time and may not be the best while traveling, but they will be considerable savings in the long run. Plus, for eco-friendly parents, think about how much you are saving the environment in reduced dumping and pollution!

Major features:

  • Have adjustable snaps for a good fit.
  • One investment will grow with the child for a good, long while.
  • Reusable microfiber liners
  • Cute patterns
  • Considerable savings in the long run
  • Help conserve the environment by reduced dumping and pollution

10. Best for adults- Depend Brand

Any conversation about diapers will automatically be assumed to be about children. Yet they are not the only ones who need a boost to sleep comfortably and dry throughout the night.

Incontinence is a challenge affecting many men and women, yet it will not be very openly discussed. Like a potty-trained child feeling insecure about wetting the bed at night, an adult suffering from incontinence is bound to struggle with it, especially if they do not have the best protective guards through the journey.

As the name suggests, the Depend brand is dependable as it is reliable. There are numerous products under its wing, such as Depend Night Defence Overnight Underwear for both men and women.

These are designed with high absorbency for maximum protection and side leakage protection as well. The diapers are thin and discreet and will be comfortable without swelling through the clothes. If you desire to have your challenge as a well-kept secret, these will be the only close confidant you need. As a bonus, they have a wetness indicator that will help you know when you need to change and facilitate discreet change.

They are latex, lotion, and fragrance-free and will be fantastic even for sensitive skin.

Major features:

  • Different options for both men and women
  • High absorbency for maximum protection
  • Side leakage protection
  • Thin and discreet
  • Latex, lotion, and fragrance-free

What to consider when choosing the best overnight diapers

The material and absorbency

The best diaper will be comfortable for your baby and also retain fluid without leakage. Check the material constituting the inner layer, the absorbent core, and the outer layer.

The baby’s skin will be in close contact with the diaper’s inner layer for lengthy periods. For this reason, this layer should be free of harmful chemicals and phthalates. The absorbent core will determine just how much the diaper can retain without leaking. It often contains feathery material derived from harvested wood pulp that will spread the fluid across the diaper surface and absorb the liquid.

Regular daytime diapers often come with only two absorbent layers. On the hunt for an excellent overnight option, look out for those with three or more layers as these will help retain dryness for more extended periods.

The outer layer needs to be made of waterproof material that will keep the diaper intact and seepage-free. Most will be made from polyethylene material, while more organic brands will fashion this layer out of natural-based plant material.

Fit and overall comfort.

If you have tried to sit in underwear that was either too tight or too loose, then you know how uncomfortable it can get. Babies are the same with diapers. Your ideal pick should fit snugly and be comfortable; otherwise, the child will retaliate by waking you up frequently.

A comfortable diaper will be so around the waist and the legs. Features that enhance this comfort include;


Size might be the most apparent go-to to ensure a good fit and with good reason; no matter how delicately comfortable a diaper is made, it will still not be the best if it does not fit right. Make sure you get the correct size for the baby and change up as they grow.

If you’re not sure how soon you need to change up the sizes, do not buy a whole truckload of diapers, no matter how tempting and cost-effective it may seem.

Seamless edges

These are less likely to eat into the baby’s tender skin. Consider diapers with rounded or soft edges that will be pleasant while at the same time leak-free.

Adjustable fasteners

These will help keep the diaper in place, whether they are a row of snaps or elastic material that fits the legs. The best tabs are resealable so that it is easy to adjust a diaper fit when you need to. They will be useful for cloth diapers that grow with the toddler, as they need to be durable and flexible.

Watch out for any signs that indicate that a diaper isn’t a good fit. Red spots or nicks on the skin are probably a tell-tale sign that the diaper may be too tight and needs adjusting.

Cost of the Overnight Diapers

All plans begin and end with the buck. There are so many expenses to consider when it comes to our little ones that the finances required must be carefully mapped out.

Diapers are an ongoing expense that will accumulate for a lengthy period. They will come at different prices based on the brand, how eco-friendly they are, or other differentiating features.

You should never compromise on what will be most comfortable for the baby, paying attention to their sensitive skin, the material, absorbency, and fit. However, this does not mean that you cannot find just what you need at your desired budget. It may be a daunting task, but one that will be worth it.

Skin sensitivity

All babies have tender skin that needs special care and attention. However, just as some adults would be more allergic to dust or pollen, some babies are more delicate than others. If this is one of your considerations, look out for diaper brands that will be made from hypoallergenic material.

Watch out for elements such as;

(i) Chlorine-treated material

Chlorine is used to whiten the material so that it is an appealing, snowy appearance. While it will give the diaper this attractive glow, it may also give a skin rash. To avoid this, choose diaper brands that are unbleached or bleached using a natural agent.

(ii) Fragrances

Some brands use fragrances to mask the nasty odor of a messy diaper. Most of these fragrances will be chemically made and, therefore, harsh on sensitive skin. To avoid any adverse reactions, consider brands that will be fragrance-free.

(iii) Latex

Natural latex can cause allergic reactions to some kids and adults alike. Opt for brands that will be latex-free as these will be more comfortable for babies, including those that are not very sensitive.

(iv) Colorants

Some dyes and coloring agents used to create designs on diapers’ outer surface may irritate the skin if they contact it, perhaps due to leakage. To avoid the chances of this altogether, pick brands that don’t use dyes either on the outer or inner layers.

A note-worthy pointer is that while some diaper brands will be gentler than others, most no longer use latex or chlorine bleach anyway as its use was phased out.

Types of Overnight Diapers

Overnight diapers come in varying designs and types. Before settling on a particular brand, be sure what type will be ideal for you and your baby.

a) Cloth diapers

Cloth diapers are made of fabric that is washable such as flannel, cotton fleece, terry, or wool. More climate-friendly material options include bamboo. They are great because they are reusable and will save in the long run and even more so if you get to use them with another baby.

Cloth diapers are a superb choice for eco-friendly parents. Disposable diapers contribute to plenty of pollution and landfills. Imagine how much saving you can achieve by going the durable way

On the flip side, they present a challenge because they mean that you’ll probably have plenty more laundry.

b) Disposable overnight diapers

Disposable diapers are the opposite. They are convenient in all senses- easy to put on the baby and not a cleaning hustle as all you need is to toss them when done. As long as you get the correct size, it will be a good fit and prevent leakages throughout the night. Travelers are probably better served by disposable diapers than cloth.

On the flip side, what is convenient for you is a disservice to the environment. Disposed diapers end up in landfills and become an environmental pollutant.

c) Scented vs. Unscented diapers

Some brands have a fragrance added to obscure the nasty smell of a wet diaper. Most manufacturers will indicate that the content is so low that it will not irritate the baby’s skin. However, if you find that your baby’s skin is extra sensitive, avoid these and stick to unscented diapers that have no perfume content.

d) Eco-friendly diapers

Some parents are ecosystem conscious but do not want to go the cloth diaper way. These will be better suited to try eco-friendly diapers. No brand is exclusively organic, but some incorporate more environmentally-friendly materials and production methods. Sustainable material will include harvested wood pulp, bamboo, wheat, or corn.

e) Pull-ups

These diapers are recommended for kids that are potty-training because they look similar to regular underwear. They will help teach the child to depend on going to the bathroom by having features such as coolness alerts that stimulate the need to change. Others are designed to stimulate the toddler to feel the urge to change when the diaper has become too wet.

Some brands also come with the extra feature of specific pull-ups for boys and girls. These are designed with the urination points for the different genders in mind.

How to use overnight diapers

Buying the best diapers will be of no use if they do not keep the infant dry. Knowing how to use them appropriately is mandatory. If you are a new parent, check out what other parents and experts are saying.

Remember that size and fit will contribute significantly to dryness. Moreover, you need to check that the fabric is gentle and non-allergenic to the skin.

Here are a few tips to help you along the dreary journey of using diapers.

Do not purchase too much

Finding the right diaper for your baby is not a sprint. It is a journey that will mostly involve repeated trial and error until you have settled on the ideal one. To avoid incurring too many expenses, do not buy in too much bulk even if it presents a cheaper deal. You wouldn’t want to end up with a truckload of diapers that you cannot use and have to discard.

Assemble a changing station

Put together a particular spot in the house as a small changing station. Have diapers here and everything else you need for a diaper change such as wipes and creams. You will save plenty of time and prevent the little one from getting too wet and uncomfortable.

Get a diaper can

It is quite unsanitary to leave used diapers lying around the nursery or house. Have a can specifically to collect them together after every change. Not only will this keep your space clean but also make the task of periodic disposal plenty easier.

Maintain a good diet

The state of our digestive system is determined by the food we eat. A diaper will likely leak if the baby’s stool is loose.

If you are still breastfeeding, make sure that you eat the right food. If the child has started to eat solid foods, provide a balanced diet with all the essential nutrients.

Make sure you change the diaper just before sleep time.

Kids like to delay their sleep time as much as possible, running around the house or playing games, and even after they have got to bed, they will wiggle their way out of falling asleep. Delay the last diaper change until they are just about to turn in.

Keep your child distracted

Babies can be quite fidgety during diaper changes, which could have you putting it on wrong. To keep them still, try distracting them with a toy, singing, or playing with them.

Restrict the last drink of water to about an hour before bedtime

This restriction will reduce the fluid released through the night and the chances of leaking. If the baby is thirsty right before they fall asleep, give them a few sips rather than whole glassfuls.

Tips for changing an overnight diapers

Even while overnights are designed to keep the baby dry and comfortable throughout the night, there may be a few instances where a nighttime diaper change and a feeding will be necessary. If this is the case, consider these tips:

  1. Check the baby for any leakage before you pick them up, so you don’t mess up your clothes.
  2. The best time to change the diaper is in the middle of feeding after you have burped them. If you do it before feeding, you may end up having to change the diaper again. If you do it after, you may disturb the baby, who is sleepy by this point and needs to be put back to bed.
  3. Use warm wipes rather than cold ones if possible. A cold wipe is more likely to wake up the baby.
  4. Keep the lights low and have minimal interaction with the baby to not trigger full wakefulness.

Final say

Excellent overnight diapers are key ingredients to ensuring that your little one sleeps comfortably through the night. They will have one on for extended lengths of time; therefore, the brand you choose must be comfortable, leak-proof, and gentle on the babe’s skin.

Be mindful of the factors you need to consider before purchasing any diapers; material, absorbency, size and fit, how sensitive your child’s skin is, cost, and any other essential element.

There are countless options at your disposal. Take your time and be patient even if the first choice doesn’t sit right with you or the baby. The journey to a good night’s rest is long and filled with plenty of trial and error. You will soon find just what you are looking for and be well on your way to keeping the baby dry, comfortable, and happy as they sleep.

FAQ Section

  1. Are overnight diapers any different from regular diapers?

Yes. Overnight diapers are so named because they are intended to keep the baby dry during the night. As such, they are designed to have extra absorbency and extra leakage protection.

This, however, does not imply that regular diapers are incapable of achieving a dry night. Some brands, such as Pampers, boast of 12-hour absorption capacity. Besides these, you could always use these regular diapers with extra support, such as booster pads.

  1. When are overnight diapers necessary?

Overnight diapers come in handy when you want to keep the baby as dry as possible, with their sleep uninterrupted. They are also fantastic for heavy wetters. They are specially made to have a greater absorbance capacity and will hold more fluid than regular diapers will.

  1. What overnight diapers brand works best for the baby?

There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to diapers. Every child is different, and they will have different needs. As important as it is to consider what other parents and experts say, the most important critic is the toddler.

Use what works best for them, what they are most comfortable with, and what will fit them best. Do not be discouraged if it takes a while to settle on a brand. Do not be afraid to stick to one either if it works great for you.


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