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Best Projection Alarm Clock

At its heart, an alarm clock targets alerting you of a specific time – especially awakening you from a night’s sleep or short naps.

Because, with today’s so-many responsibilities – work, parenting, morning commuting, school, or working out – waking up at a specific time appears to be a must to the majority of people. And even if an alarm clock isn’t many people’s favorite sound, it proves to come in handy. But one question that brings everything into perspective is:

What if you could get more convenience from an alarm clock? And instead of head-turning to read the time on alarm clocks, you see a projection on your ceiling or wall? Instead of a traditional alarm clock, you get a radio-controlled unit that can read both the indoor and outdoor temperature and project them on the ceiling too?

It would be better. 

And for that reason, we went into the world of projection alarm clocks, focusing only on the best and the most useful. Then, we hand-picked the best ten. And now it is time to share what we found.

1. Magnasonic Projection Alarm Clock  – The World’s Most Comprehensive Projection Alarm Clock

Interesting Features

  • Specs-rich alarm clock – with nearly everything you might need in an alarm clock
  • Blue LCD with adjustable lighting to suit your brightness preference
  • Projects time and temperature on wall or ceiling – you don’t need to turn to get the readings
  • Automatically adjusts to Daylight Saving Time
  • Includes pre-programmable daily dual alarm option with weekend cancellation 
  • You can choose to wake up to radio, buzzer, and time projection
  • It allows you to listen to your favorite music using iPhone, iPad, Android, or MP3 using the AUX input  or the AM/FM radio with digital tuning
  • Advanced self-set technology that automatically displays the correct time and date 
  • Automatically restore alarm settings even after power loss

The Magnasonic Projection Alarm Clock transforms waking up to more pleasantry because it delivers beyond the typical wake-me-up-every-morning functionality. It projects the time onto the ceiling or wall, displays the indoor temperature, automation in self-setting, and even allows you to stream music from the smartphone or radio.

Why it’s the Best Projection Alarm Clock:

It’s the improved functionality and value for money that allows Magnasonic Projection Alarm Clock to win over any other unit in the world. It’s $25. But you get; time and indoor temperature projection on the ceiling or wall, automatic alarm settings, stream your favorite music from the smartphone or MP3 player, automatic resetting after a power outage with its built-in lithium battery.

Feature-rich alarm unit: You’ll get nearly everything you need or have been dreaming of on an alarm clock. You will miss none. In fact, you can set one alarm time for Monday through Friday, and a separate time on a weekend has a dual alarm – you and your partner can use the same clock to set a different time, and it automatically adjusts to daylight saving time changes. And that’s a wrap. 

Way much beyond the alarm clock: The Magnasonic Projection Alarm Clock won’t just wake you up at a specific time. It presents a platform to stream your favorite music from a smartphone or AM/FM radio. You can choose to wake up to radio, buzzer, and time projection, while still displaying the indoor temperatures for you.

2. Mesqool Projection Alarm Clock – Best Radio Projection Alarm Clock

Interesting Features

  • 180° Adjustable projector and focused ceiling projection to deliver flippable time projection
  • White LED display with five dimming levels to customize the brightness to suit your lighting needs
  • Radio or buzzer alarm – you can choose the alarm you want to start your day with
  • A plug-in clock – the battery only memorize the time
  • Automatically reset during a power outage
  • Great projection range – 1.6Ft -11.4ft
  • It comes with a sleep timer of a 10-90 minutes time range
  • It has a dual alarm

If you don’t prefer the harsh buzzing alarm to start your new day, the radio alarm in Mesqool Projection Alarm Clock is a far more relaxing way to slip out of your slumber. The Mesqool Projection Alarm Clock offers a choice of two sounds – a more classical-minded FM radio and a buzzer – for your morning wake-up call. 

Why it ranks 2nd:

The Mesqool Projection Alarm Clock isn’t technically superior to the Magnasonic Projection Alarm, but it is priced so well and has most of the key features you won’t need much more from an alarm clock. However, you’ll miss the indoor-temperature-display if you go with Mesqool Projection Alarm Clock.

Buzzer of sound alarm: The real deal of Mesqool Projection Alarm Clock is the personalized dual alarms that wake you up by standard buzzer or radio sound. The buzzer volume is adjustable with the loudest volume level 5, which is appropriate for heavy sleepers. On the flip side, if you find the buzzer sound too harsh to start your day, you can set the system to wake you up to your favorite radio station. The last-time radio station you listened to will be the default radio station for the radio alarm you set.

Superior projection craftmanship: The 180-degree project of the Mesqool Projection Alarm Clock delivers an all-rounded quality projection. Get ready for crystal clear image projection on the ceiling or the wall, reverse projection – that allows you to adjust reverted projection time, adjustable clarity that you can achieve with the focus ring, and different-angle projection using the 180% swive.

3. ELEHOT Projection Alarm Clock

Interesting Features

  • Manual focus with 180 degrees omnidirectional projection
  • It comes with a projection flip that allows you to project on mirror surfaces
  • Six levels of alarm volume
  • 7 Different alarm and meet different choices – you can choose bird singing, piano sound, a buzz, a beep, seagull sound, or the FM alarm
  • It comes with 16 levels of radio volume adjustment for you to choose from
  • Come with a 5 minutes snooze function but only presses up to 12 times to prevent oversleeping
  • Manual and automatic channel adjusting and can save up to 60 channels
  • 3-levels of screen brightness adjustment to meet your different need for light

With the ability to deliver seven different alarm and allowing even projection on the mirror surface, ELEHOT Projection Alarm transform the way an alarm clock wakes your up. The ELEHOT Projection Alarm is more of a comprehensive morning solution than just an alarm clock. Yes, it’ll project time on your ceiling or wall and wake you up at a specific time and allow you to set multiple alarms. And because its FM system allows radio listening, you can catch up on info like news, stocks, broadcasts, morning talk shows, or sports on your favorite station.

Why it ranks 3rd:

The ELEHOT Projection Alarm is doing so well that it has claimed a spot within the top three projection alarm clock. While it’s an option, it is missing features, like, the auto setting for daylight saving, indoor temperature projection, and its snooze time isn’t adjustable. But if non-of the above features matter most to you, it is the best projection alarm clock you can go for.

More than an alarm clock: Aside from waking you in time, ELEHOT Projection Alarm can project the time on your ceiling or wall. You can take advantage of the built-in radio tuner to listen to over 60 radio studio, choose over seven optional alarm rings, and readily choose the display brightness from 4-dim options.

Dual clock settings: The ELEHOT Projection Alarm comes with a dual alarm that allows you to set two separate wake-up times. This feature comes in handy if you and your spouse have a different schedule. Plus, you can set the volume for each alarm separately, with the largest volume for heavy sleepers.  And if you need extra few minutes of sleep, you can take advantage of the convenient snooze function.

4. Smartro SC31B Digital Projection Alarm Clock – The Best Sophisticated Projection Alarm


Interesting Features

  • Flexible rotation angles – you can rotate the projection by 180 degrees with a click of a button
  • Superior technology that displays both indoors and outdoors temperatures
  • It comes with a backup battery for keep time and alarms setting even amid a power failure
  • It comes with eight-color backlights for far much customization
  • Project time and temperature
  • Dual alarm with snooze function
  • Can predict the weather for the next 12 hours and keep barometric pressure and temperature trend 

With the power to predict the weather and display both the indoors and outdoors temperatures, the Smartro SC31B Digital Projection Alarm Clock re-defines how an alarm clock operates. Instead of only waking you up at the time you set, the unit gives you a weather forecast – defining the outside temperature, barometric pressure trend, keep the record of the last 24 hours.

Why it ranks 4th:

The Smartro SC31B Digital Projection Alarm Clock is the most diverse unit but more expensive than any unit above it in the list. You get it all with this digital alarm clock: 8-color display that you can choose from, adjustable projection in a red color that’s non-disturbing, snooze function, display of indoor and outdoor temperature, USB charging, and even the dual alarm with snooze function.

Time and temperature projection: The Smartro SC31B Digital Projection Alarm Clock is the best unit for bedrooms because it displays automatically-changing indoor-to-outdoor temperatures. The time and temperature projection are in soft red on the wall or ceiling that’s very clear yet non-disturbing to you and the kids.

Dual alarm with snooze function: The dual alarm system is one of the best in a projection alarm clock, and that’s because it allows you to set two separate alarms for different purposes. You and your sleep partner can alarm separately. And the snooze function (which you can initiate by pressing any button except the top button) allows you extra five minutes to sleep.

5. LIORQUE Projection Alam Clock – Best Balance of Value and Money

Interesting Features

  • HD projection alarm that displays ultra-clear time onto the wall or ceiling
  • Has an indoor thermometer
  • Four projection brightness
  • Two-color VA-display to protect the eye from too bright clock light
  • It comes with a weekend mode
  • Has FM radio wit i5 preset station memory
  • Has a sleep timer
  • It has a snooze function that goes for up to 9 minutes

If you’re on a budget but still want a projection alarm clock that projects even indoor temperatures, you can’t go wrong with the LIORQUE Projection Alarm Clock. It takes power and specs of a high-end unit and crams them into a compact design.

Why it ranks 5th:

This isn’t the most powerful alarm clock with an indoor thermometer, but it’s the best value for people who want to stick with a combination indoor temperature display and radio alarm without paying through the nose. Its display technology won’t wow you like Smartro SC31B Digital Projection Alarm Clock but starting at $27.99 means it is one of the best shots to take when you’re on a budget.

2-color clear display: As long as you aren’t so much into display color, then you’ll be okay with the white and blue VA display that LIORQUE Projection Alarm Clock offers. It is not as fancy as the 8-color display in the high-end option, but it allows easy-reading far across the bedroom.

15 FM radio with sleep timer: Unlike the more expensive Smartro’s projection alarm clock,  the LIORQUE Projection Alarm Clock has an alarm radio that allows you to turn on 15 FM radio stations – all with 15 level volume adjustable. You can wake up to the news, morning talks, or stock market news.

6. Oregon Scientific RM313PNA Projection Alarm Clock – Best Atomic Projection Alarm Clock

Interesting Feature

  • A/C powered with battery backup
  • Atomic projection 
  • It comes with an indoor temperature measurement
  • The projector flashes time in large red digits on walls and ceiling
  • Has LCD screen display with 5-second backlight
  • Utilizes a crescendo alarm with 8 minutes snooze function 
  • You’ll need to buy 2 AA batteries to provide a backup fo the AC powering even when the power goes off

The Oregon Scientific RM313PNA Projection Alarm Clock lets you fall asleep gently and wake up on time, creating a crescendo alarm and allow you to snooze for 8 minutes if you want some extra sleep. And you don’t have to worry about changing the time zone – the unit set itself to the US atomic clock. All you’ll have to do is change your time zone and not the time.

Why it ranks 6th:

The Oregon Scientific RM313PNA Projection Alarm Clock is a good combination of specs and minimalism making it a good value for a projection alarm. It comes with the best flagship specs with trimmed features to save cost, putting it ahead of most options at the same price tier.

A combination of superior specs: What makes the Oregon Scientific RM313PNA Projection Alarm Clock stand out is its atomic clock. It sets itself to the US atomic clock. You don’t need to worry about changing the time zone – you won’t have to adjust the time. Instead, you’ll only have to change the time zone. And that combines perfectly with its projector that flashes the time and indoor temperature on your ceiling or wall in large red digits.

A crescendo alarm system: The Oregon Scientific RM313PNA Projection Alarm Clock has the best sound system that doesn’t wake you up abruptly. Instead, the alarm starts at a low pitch and gradually increases until it reaches the highest point. In case you need extra sleep time, the unit comes with an 8-minutes snooze function.

7. PICTEC Projection Digital Alarm Clock – The Best Well-Rounded Alarm Clock

Interesting Features

  • It comes with a curved screen
  • Ultra-clear ceiling and wall projections
  • Has a dual alarm system – you can set two separate alarms
  • Come with the FM radio alarm in case you don’t want to start your day with a buzzing sound
  • Has 0-100% display brightness system to correct lighting depending on your need
  • It has a snooze function incase you want to add extra sleep time
  • The FM radio has step-less FM volume adjustment
  • The projection comes with 4-brightness adjustment so that you can see it even at the furthest wall in your bedroom
  • It has five alarm ringtones – a beep, sea waves, chord ringtone, birdsong, or the FM radio and three volumes

The PICTEC Projection Digital Alarm Clock produces five different sounds that gradually wakes you up for the day. For the price, it packs lots of specs to help set your day to the right mood. It comes with lots of customizable options; you can set the tune you want to wake up to every morning, adjust the brightness level of time projection, and customize the display’s brightness.

Why it ranks 7th:

The  PICTEC Projection Digital Alarm Clock is truly cutting-edge with its ultra-clear projection, customization capabilities, and curved display screen. But it is relatively ultra-billed thanks to top-of-line-specs on paper. And while it has unbelievable specs, it doesn’t get you either the indoor and outdoor temperatures.

Ultra-clear projection display: The PICTEC Projection Digital Alarm Clock entails a 180 degrees swivel projector that projects the time onto your wall or ceiling. And you can adjust the projection brightness in 4-level adjustable – off, low, medium, or high.

5-inch curved LED display: The PICTEC Projection Digital Alarm Clock entails a LED screen that’s sleek and perfect for a gift. The display is dimmable with six adjustable to allow you can customize the screen time display for day and night use.

8. La Crosse Color Projection Alarm Clock

Interesting features

  • Color LCD and nighttime backlight
  • Projects time and outdoor temperature on the ceiling or wall
  • Wireless outdoor and indoor temperature monitor
  • Features self-setting time and auto-rest for daylight saving time
  • The outdoor temperature sensor transmits within a 300 ft range
  • Crescendo alarm with 9 minutes snooze
  • 90 degrees arm rotation
  • Has 7-time zone

The La Crosse Color Projection Alarm Clock is uniquely designed with a wireless color projector. It uses an all-weather outdoor sensor that collects the temperature data outside and transmits it to your alarm clock for display. In other words, it’s more than a wake-me-up-every-morning unit.

Why it ranks 8th:

The La Crosse Color Projection Alarm Clock is one of the few projection alarm clocks with both indoor and outdoor thermometer that allows it to project for you the indoor and outdoor temperature. But you’ll pay a premium for the privilege, and you’ll have no FM radio option.

Accurate atomic time and date: The atomic time in the La Crosse Color Projection Alarm Clock is the most accurate that we’ve seen, coming in with a whopping seven time zones. You can then view the time and the in-and-out temperatures on the ceiling with a color projection. It features self-setting time and auto reset for daylight saving.

Superior temperature recording: What makes La Crosse Color Projection Alarm Clock unique is the in/out temperature recording without wire connection. Instead, the alarm clock a wireless weather-resistant temperature to collect and transmit that data to your clock.

8. SHANLONYI Projection Alarm Clock

Interesting Features

  • It has a dual alarm
  • Project time in the ceiling or wall at any angle for optimal viewing
  • Come with adjustable brightness
  • Has FM alarm
  • You can choose to wake up on a buzzer or your favorite radio station
  • Comes with 1-7 alarm mode
  • Come with a 9 min snooze system
  • Has a battery backup
  • USB fast charging port

The SHANLONYI Projection Alarm Clock is less different from a typical projection alarm, but it is noticeably superior with its clear projection and battery back up, ensuring both time and alarm remain saved even amid power failure.

Why it ranks 9th:

The specs here aren’t as impressive as they are in the top five picks, let alone the best unit, but the trade-off in a lower price for this device still make it a top-buy for many projection alarm clock fans. You’ll miss out on indoor and outdoor temperature projection and a variety of alarm tones, but that’s about it.

Enough features you’d want on a projection alarm: The SHANLONYI Projection Alarm Clock pack nearly everything you’d want in a projection alarm. It features, AM/FM radio, 180 degrees time projector, dual alarm, snooze function, sleep timer, and even a USB charging port. Plus, it has a 7-inch LED display that provides a better viewing experience.

The Dual alarm: The dual alarm function in SHANLONYI Projection Alarm Clock allows you to set two separate wake-up times with a choice of waking up to radion or buzzer. You can wake up to morning news, sports, or morning show on your favorite station. Plus, it comes with a snooze function that allows nine extra minutes of sleep.

10. Ambient Weather RC-8427 Projection Alarm Clock

Interesting Features

  • Project radio-controlled time and temperature on the ceiling and wall
  • Entails a focus adjustment dial that allows the clock to deliver crystal clear projection
  • Employs an atomic clock that automatically sets the time and date via radio and synch with the US atomic clock to ensure utmost accuracy
  • Automatically sets and adjust for daylight saving time

The Ambient Weather RC-8427 Projection Alarm Clock is a right balance budget and affordable flagship. It is a good mid-range unit and, most importantly, the cheapest projection alarm that combines atomic clock and radio alarm.

Why it ranks 10th:

The Ambient Weather RC-8427 Projection Alarm Clock is an excellent atomic alarm clock, with projection and radio alarm, coming in at a lower price. The Ambient Weather RC-8427 Projection Alarm Clock packs a focus, adjustable arm, and reverse projection capabilities. It is great for anyone who wants to get an atomic clock and radio alarm projection at a discount.

Radio-controlled time and date: The Ambient Weather RC-8427 Projection Alarm Clock utilizes an atomic clock that’s incredibly powerful and automatically set time via the radio controlled signal with the US atomic clock for utmost accuracy. As a result, the unit automatically adjusts for daylight saving time. And you don’t need to worry about the power failure interfering with time-setting or your alarm. The unit comes with a battery backup that makes it functional even when traveling.

Indoor temperature projection: The Ambient Weather RC-8427 Projection Alarm Clock entails an indoor thermometer that allows it to project temperature along with time. The alarm clock measures temperature within the display console in the Fahrenheit and Celcius scale.

Methodology: How We Picked the Best 10 Projection Alarm

As opposed to personal testing, this review is research-based. And to ensure we present accurate results, we scraped the world of projection alarm clocks, focusing only on the best and the most functional unit. In fact, we paid keen attention to what already-using customers had to say about a unit on Amazon reviews, social media platforms, and online forums.

Then we hand-picked the best options, examined their specs and weighed their value for money. After enough scrutinizing, we selected the world’s top 10. And for a projection alarm to be included, it must meet five requirements. It must be:

  1. Widely used and recommended by the projection alarm clock community
  2. Offer above-board value + beyond-an alarm specs
  3. Literally, be a projection alarm
  4. Present customization options – at least brightness adjustment for improved convenience
  5. Give maximum value for money, no matter the price

That said, it is easier to wonder, “Why bother with a projection alarm clock when I have a smartphone?” After all, there is a gazillion of people who wake up to their cell phone’s prompting. But there are some reasons you’d better go the projection-alarm-clock way than the smartphone way. Let’s quickly explore the most viable reason why you need an actual projection alarm clock.

Why Do You Need an Actual Projection Alarm Clock to Wake You Up?

1. It Helps To Put Some Space Between Technology and Sleep

While a smartphone might work mighty fine in setting alarms, there are high chances of wasting your sleep time. After setting your alarm, it is easy to get lured into checking social media platforms, sending a text or two, surfing the web, or playing games. These activities not only eat your sleep time but trick the mind into thinking it’s wake up time.

2. Allows you to see the time without leaving the bed

Unlike any other alarm system, you don’t even need to stretch a hand to check how late or how early you’re for work or school. A projection alarm clock will display the time on your ceiling or wall. All you have to do is look on to your ceiling or wall.

3. Improve the Convenience of Your Morning

Not just the wake-up-call way. But even more, because most projection alarm clocks let you wake up on weather forecast. Those with alarm radio will keep you tuned to your favorite radio station, and units with atomic clock ensure your time and alarm remains correct, even when you change the time zone.

4. It’ll Help the Mind to Develop Regular Sleep Schedule

A projection alarm clock lets you wake up around the same time each day, which is essential for everyone’s internal biological clock. Such consistency help keeping a regular sleep schedule.

5. Help you Stay on Society’s Time

It is easy for many people to oversleep and get late for their daily activities. As vital as sleep is, nearly everyone has to abide by business and school smoothly with time.

Best Projection Alarm Clock: Final Word

You now know how to pick up the best projection alarm.

Yes, it takes time to scrape deeper and get the exact match for you. Yes, some of your preferences in a projection alarm clock can cost you more. And yes, there are a gazillion options out there.

But one thing is for certain:

You can’t go wrong with any of the top ten picks above. While they are all unique – in terms of the manufacturer, spread of features, the outlook, and price – we’ve shouldered the heavy work for you to ensure you get what you pay for.


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