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Best Recliners For Sleeping

Choosing the best reclining chair for sleeping can be quite challenging, as there are many factors to consider before making the final purchase decision. A recliner is a chair that lounges when the occupant lowers the chair’s back and raises its front. An individual can adjust the chair to suit their comfort. You can place it in living rooms, officers, airplanes, and even bedrooms. Moreover, such a chair caters to everyone’s needs, including boosted comfort levels over Sunday Night Football, and better neck support during that afternoon siesta. While comfort settings vary with the user, the chair’s infinite options ensure that there’s a perfect setting for everyone. Some reclining chairs also come with additional features such as therapeutic heating and massage settings.

Who can use recliner chairs for sleeping?

  • Anyone can use a recliner especially those that work for long hours
  • People suffering from back pain
  • Patients who suffer from sleep apnea benefit because the recliner keeps the torso upright and airways smooth.
  • Pregnant women as it helps them rest their feet
  • Older people who suffer from leg and joint pains.

Many people who own recliners hold the view that these chairs are more comfortable than their beds. According to such users, recliners offer a personalized sleeping experience all through the night. These chairs often come with lift features that keep the legs and knees comfortable. Moreover, users can adjust the recliners either manually or with remote control. Such features make the recliners easy to adjust and with minimum effort.

Let us review some of the best recliners in the market.

#1- Simmons zig zag rocker recliner

Some people prefer to remain old fashioned, however for those looking for manual recliners, buy the Simmon zigzag recliner. It is made of high-density foam fully- padded to provide maximum comfort and covered with herringbone microfiber. The warm, deep-seated chair that comes with 3- positions. The recliner’s structure features hardwood and steel frames that keep the chair balanced and durable.

To get this chair, you will need to part with $403.37, exclusive of shipping costs.

#2- La-Z-Boy Calvin PowerRecline XR recliner-rocker

The La-Z-Boy recliner has both manual and button controlled power reclining options. The recliner comes with frame design and metal support for added sturdiness. What’s more, the recliner’s design ensures it fits the body structure and natural curvature of the human body. The adjustable recliner settings allow buyers to enjoy their top reclining preferences. Moreover, La-Z-Boy recliner has a long lifespan, as the leather and the fabric used is crafted to avoid wear, tear, and aging.

La-Z-Boy retails for a price of about $ 822.24, exclusive of shipping costs.

#3- AC Pacific

AC Pacific is a power recliner that allows the user to kick back with ease. The power reclining chair comes with a push-button. All the user needs to do to attain their preferred sleeping position is to push a button. The AC Pacific recliner adds even more resourcefulness thanks to various features. The most notable features include a charging port for the user’s devices and a cup holder. Accordingly, the recliner helps users minimize movement for such activities, such as charging one’s devices and reaching for your drink.

The AC Pacific reclining chair retails for about $ 384.21, exclusive of shipping costs.

#4- Flash Furniture Columbia Power Recliner

The Columbia recliner offers to push activation for smooth and jolt free reclining at the push of a button. The reclining chair guarantees support for the neck area and all limbs. The Columbia recliner comes in a contemporary style, with either a chocolate or mushroom brown microfiber cover. The plush upholstery is bound to keep the user comfortable for hours.

The Columbia Power Recliner retails for about $ 611.15, exclusive of shipping costs.

#5- Serta Sherman Comfort Lift

The Serta reclining chair offers maximum comfort for all its buyers. If your goal is limited mobility, the Serta’s reclining chair will suit you best. The reclining chair features a whisper-quiet motor that comes with a multifunction LED remote. For maximum comfort, the chair adds both a combination of mattress giant Serta and gel-infused memory foam. The recliner boasts, boosted coil springs that keep the chair sag-free for years. The chair can recline forward gently when its time for the user to stand.

The Serta Sherman Comfort Lift retails at a price of about $ 715.49, exclusive of shipping costs.

#6- Andover Mills Kai Manual 2-Position Recliner

The Andover Mills recliner is a foam-filled seat that ensures both comfort and supportive construction. Andover Mills is a manual 2-position recliner with a high-end look. Despite being a slim fit recliner, the manufacturers assure the buyer’s comfort. The buyer is required to use a pillow for maximum comfort.

Andover Mills reclining chair retails for about $280, exclusive of shipping costs.

#7- Red Barrel Studio Texian Glider

Buyers have praised the Red Barrel recliner for the comfort and relief it offers. The chair reclines in a way that clears and the airway and thus reducing the symptoms of sleep apnea. The recliner also features soft fabric, additional padding, and long-lasting memory foam. The Red Barrel is a manual recliner that is easily adjustable. The reclining chair is a 3- position glider made of polyester. It features a steel frame that keeps the chair firm and durable.

The Red Barrel Studio Texian Glider retails for about $ 349.99 exclusive of shipping costs.

#8- Winston Porter Shullsburg Arms Sofa

The Winston Porter is a reclining seat made for lovers. The “his and hers” feature does not interfere with the quality of the recliner. The recliner is spacious and made of extra padding for maximum comfort. The features of the recliner do not allow for sleep disturbance caused by tossing and turning. The recliner is soft, spacious, and wide enough to fit several people.

Winston Porter recliner retails for about $ 799.99 exclusive of shipping costs.

#9- Andover Mills Parkmead Wall Hugger Recliner

The Andover Mills reclining chair comes in six neutral colors and a manual recliner. The recliner is a good addition to the kid’s nursery. Women who are pregnant will be comfortable with this recliner. The Parkmead recliner is a manual wall hugger that reclines in 3 positions. The recliner has padded arms and sued high-quality microfiber upholstery. Users also need to regularly clean the recliner using a washcloth and warm water. 

The wall hugger retails at a price of about $257.99 exclusive of shipping costs.

#10- ComHoma Leather Recliner Chair For Sleeping

The ComHoma recliner comes with thick padded cushions that are perfect for the user’s comfort. The comfortable cushions ease pressure points in the body, making the surface perfect for sleeping. It also comes with an 8 point massage system with for modes of vibration massage. The recliner is a power recliner with added lift features that ensure movements back and forth. The recliner offers padded armrest, a cup holder, and extended leg rest. The above features aim to increase blood circulation and maximum comfort.

The product retails for about $ 345.78 exclusive of shipping costs.

#11- Everette Power Motion Recliner

The Everette recliner comes with a power motion assist. The buyer gets to enjoy a wide range of motor adjustments. The chair can be used by everyone regardless of age and disability. The manufacturer intended to cater to the diverse needs of all its customers. It also features quality leather and tufted slate microfiber for durability. The recliner is concrete, stable, aesthetically pleasing, and very comfortable. The recliner comes with a USB charging port and convenient side pockets.

The Everette recliner retails for about $ 393.72 exclusive of shipping costs.

#12- Bonzy Lift Recliner Chair

The Bonzy recliner features a unique micro peached surface that is soft to touch. The thickened fabric on the recliner’s surface helps to prevent wear and tear. Even after long term uses, the Bonzy recliner does not decrease in quality. 

The Bonzy recliner comes with a one year warranty that is issued to all its buyers. The chair has both recliners and lifts features that are remote- controlled. The recliner has excellent padding for maximum comfort.

The Bonzy recliner retails for about $ 329.00 exclusive of shipping costs.


The factors to consider before making a purchase include; the buyer’s unique needs, budget, comfort levels, and quality. While some buyers buy reclining chairs because of their health problems, others just seek the added comfort. Regardless of the particular reason you need a recliner, purchasing one of the top 12 best recliners chairs above is guaranteed to be a worthwhile investment.


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