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Best Toddler Travel Beds of 2020 and Beyond

Choosing the best toddler travel bed is therefore a necessity for parents while traveling. Traveling with a young one can be tough. While it is quite hard to find a great place to put your baby to sleep while on the road, it is not rocket science. There are various options for moms and dads that can quickly provide a comfortable sleeping area for your child, even in the most unfamiliar, strange, or improvised places.

A toddler travel bed is one such option that comes in handy when you need to travel with your baby. While there are many types of toddler beds in the market, choosing the right product for your child is contingent on various factors, including product durability, ease of setting up, your travel preferences (air, road, rail, or water), to mention but a few.

Top 10 Toddler Travel Beds of 2020

With the wide selection of products available to choose from, knowing what you want is essential to get the best toddler travel bed. An example is those suited for cars to provide extra safety and others guaranteed to give you prolonged service. Here are our top 10 picks for baby travel beds, and the areas where they shine most.

#1- Editor’s Pick – PeaPod Travel Bed

This toddler travel bed packs convenience in spades and is a great addition to any young family that travels frequently. The bed is light enough to carry around, being slightly over 1.1 kilograms. The bed is suitable for children between one and three years, and it is spacious enough to provide comfortable, nourishing sleep throughout the night.

Just as its name suggests, the PeaPod closely resembles a pop-up tent with an inflatable mattress. The bed enables you to place your baby in a safe and comfortable space every night when on the road, and it features a light and transparent material to keep a close eye on the little one. It also zips fully, thus helping you keep away mosquitoes and other pesky bugs.

The toddler bed above is quite compact and will save you tons of space, making it a suitable travel accessory. It is great for indoor use, say at an Airbnb or hotel room, and it also works great for outdoor excursions such as camping and picnics at the park. To cap it all off, the bed retails for some $100 online, making it one of the more affordable toddler travel beds available in the market today.

Major Features

  • Lightweight and with a nylon carrying case
  • Affordable price
  • A zipped pod that keeps bugs away
  • It is ideal for indoor and outdoor use
  • Saves tons of space

#2- Runner up – Hiccapop Inflatable Travel Bed

The Hiccapop baby bed would be an equally great baby accessory for families that are on the move constantly. Hiccapop is made to last for years and oozes quality at every turn. The bed works to prevent leaks and punctures by integrating custom vinyl fabric that is 40% thicker than competing products in the market.

The bed’s inflatable mattress is also removable and works well with both standard bedsheets as it does with blankets. Built-in bumpers that are extra-thick, extra-long, and extra-hard complete the toddler travel bed set up and further protect the mattress from damage.

The bed has a powerful electric pump that comes with the bed Set up procedures. The pump can inflate the entire bed in some 30 seconds, ensuring you put your baby to sleep fast and easy. For some $80, give or take a few bucks, you can get the product new on Amazon.

Major Features

  • High quality
  • Comes with an electric pump
  • Made from custom vinyl fabric
  • Affordable price

#3- Also Great – Diggin Bear Hug My First Ready Bed

The colorful designs and inviting atmosphere is a plus for its bed. The bed is definitely made with the tiny humans in mind.

The bed comes ready to use, with neither little procedures needed to set it up, nor extra bed accessories such as pillows and blankets. Instead, all the above are in-built in the bed to give parents a comprehensive solution in their time need.

The digging bear is an inflatable bed that comes with an air pump included on purchase. It does not take time to prepare the bed. The bed also comes with a bonus in the included headboard. This feature enhances your child’s safety as they sleep while also adding an extra level of comfort.

A bear hug backpack completes the set-up and provides a space-efficient storage option for the bed and accompanying pump. The baby bed is available for some $56 on Amazon and is suitable for children within the 1.5 – 3 years.

Major Features

  • The bed is easy-to-use
  • It comes with a bear hug backpack for efficient storage
  • It is extremely baby-friendly

#4- Budget Pick – The Butterfly Craze

The Butterfly Craze floor pillow is another highly convenient and affordable baby sleeping companion when on the move. It is a great accessory for your kid when attending sleepovers with friends, overnight activities at school or church. The toddler travel bed combines five pillow compartments into a cozy bed that is ready for use.

There are multiple prints to choose from that are all kid-friendly.

Accordingly, your child can get a say in the portable bed option they carry to their next sleepovers with a friend, at school, or at their Grandma’s even.

The pillow bed comes in multiple sizes to better suit the needs of individuals of different ages, including toddlers, young children, and teens.

Outdoor use of this bed shortens its’ durability but the butterfly craze still remains a great addition for indoor use.

Its limited outdoor use is offset by the beds’ affordability. A unit retails for $30.

Major Features

  • Used by children of different ages
  • It’s the most affordable option
  • It is multi-purpose
  • It is easy to pack while traveling and economizes on space.

#5- Best for Safety – Milliard Portable Toddler Travel Bed

Milliard baby travel bed is considerably heavier than PeaPod. However, it is still a practical and convenient baby accessory for parents to consider. Look no further when out to get a posh yet cozy addition for your next trip. The foam travel bed is 55 inches long, 7 inches thick, and 22 inches wide, making it spacious enough for your young one.

The bed is also space conscious as it conveniently folds up into a suitcase with additional space for a blanket, a pillow, some PJ’s, small toys, or teddy bears.

The baby travel bed also features soft bumpers that help keep your child secure even when they get the urge to roll around and onto the ground while asleep. The material that makes the bed includes an ultra-comfortable interior and a firm exterior.

The bed is quite easy to clean, too, with the polka-dot canvas found on the exterior extremely easy to clean, and the mattress cover easy to remove and machine-wash.

As an added bonus too, the bed also includes an extra pair of fitted sheets that are washable by machine or hand.

Major Features

  • Highly portable and easy to set up
  • Features additional space
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Highly Durable
  • Soft bumpers prevent the child from rolling and falling over.

#6- Best for Air Travel – MuuHoo Ride-On Suitcase

The MuuHoo Ride-on Suitcase easily switches between an easy-to-carry suitcase for your child and a baby bed when unfolded. Thus, parents can use it on long flights to allow their kids to lie down and fall asleep.

Airlines world wide approves its use and promises more comfortable sleep for your baby both on long and short-haul flights.

The little suitcase is quite attractive and can be a great addition to teach your child some responsibility, by assigning them the duty of looking after their soon-to-be bed while inflight.

Despite its miniature size too, the baby bed can support up to 60kgs, and this makes it suitable for babies anywhere between 2 – 7 years when used as a bed. Moreover, it can be used as a footrest for the baby while flying or as a doubles up storage solution for your child’s essentials.

Major Features

  • Only 4 simple steps while assembling hence easy-to-use
  • Adjustable strap that are easy for kids pull or secure them safely when being carried on top.
  • The suitcase also comes with additional storage for additional baby essentials.
  • Majority of the airline approves its use

#7- Most Durable – GigaTent Kids Junior Cot

GigaTent junior cot is another great baby travel bed that offers plenty of benefits for both parents and toddlers alike. It is 60 inches, meaning it can be used comfortably by kids up that height. The bed can also support up to 90kgs without any damage allowing for prolonged use within the family.

The key behind the bed’s great durability stems from its’ tubular stainless steel frame.

The bed is able to distribute weight evenly thanks to its U-shaped legs, and this helps minimize the possibility of damage to any of the bed’s parts.

The bed is quite light hence can be folded with only few moves. It has an accompanying storage bag, that can be stored away conveniently, thereby freeing up space of other activities.

Major Features

  • Made from highly durable polyester fabric
  • Easy, wipe to clean, maintenance procedures
  • Built using a stainless steel frame
  • Easy to fold and store away

#8-Best Lightweight – Lulyboo Bassinet To-Go

The Lullyboo, on the other hand, is another efficient baby travel bed that also doubles down as a safe play area and diaper changing station for your baby.

Accordingly, the toddler travel bed can be a suitable travel companion for parents with young kids when out on an adventure.

One of the bed’s most outstanding features is its feather-like weight, which makes it a breeze to carry around. Only one swift fold in the backpack, enabling it to be easily carried along on any hiking or picnic excursion.

The bed has a waterproof bottom that allows it to be placed anywhere without exposing the child to unnecessary risk. 

Major Features:

  • Comes with a removable canopy to provide shade
  • Also features a waterproof bottom.
  • It is super light at only 1.6kgs.
  • Includes hanging toys for the baby to play with
  • Ideal for adventures on the beach, park, or family holidays.

#9- Most Comfortable – Bump ZZZ Baby Travel Bed

The Bump ZZZ baby travel bed is essential for children. The bed will make a suitable travel companion for children that are slightly more grown and aged three years and above. The bed is made ready for use, with no overly complicated how-to-use instructions or additional equipment.

This toddler travel bed also features cushioned outer bumpers on the exterior to provide the baby with extra comfort, and a padded interior to boot.

Other than its use as a bed when fully extended, the Bump ZZZ is also convenient for lounging, say at the park, when partly folded, and as a play area for the younger ones.

Look no further, then, when looking for the most convenient, yet multi-purpose toddler travel bed in the market. The Milliard baby bed pack all the above into one great product that can be purchased for some $160, lullabies and delivery fees not included.

Major Features

  • The bed is multi-purpose
  • Zero risks of air punctures and leaks as it is made from foam mattress
  • Cushions provide extra comfort

#10- Best Heavy-Duty – Coco&Lan Kids Air Mattress

The Coco&Lan toddler travel bed is a heavy-duty baby accessory that promises parents prolonged service. The bed features seams that are reinforced to become extra-wide, thereby helping make the bed highly durable. Durable and puncture-resistant vinyl is also feature’s heavily in the bed’s design, together with a leak-proof valve. With its heavy-duty build, the bed can support up to 140kgs of weight comfortably without suffering any damage.

To further prolong the bed’s lifespan, the Coco&Lan also comes with a storage bag. It enables proper and compact carrying, and there’s also a patch repairs kit to help you fix any leaks you might come across with continued use of the bed. Additionally, every Coco&Lan bed purchase also includes an air pump that enables setting up of the bed fast and easy.

Major Features

  • Comes with a heavy-duty handle
  • Has a detachable mattress
  • Soft and comfortable material
  • Highly durable

Important Factors to Consider when Shopping for a Toddler Travel Bed

As a parent, knowing what you want out of your baby travel bed is essential to help you make the right choice. When considering the numerous options available for you to choose from, working blindly is not an option as it will risk you making the wrong choice. Accordingly, here are some of the most important factors to consider before you start shopping.

a) The Weight of the Bed

This consideration will mainly depend on your purpose with the travel bed.

Should you be looking for a bed to carry along on the occasional trip camp, or family getaway, then the bed’s weight is likely not to be an issue. However, if you are a regular backpacker that loves to be one with nature, then the bed’s weight will certainly become an issue, and the lighter the bed, the better. Parents that are frequent fliers are also advised to seek out lighter beds, as the heavier a unit, the more the costs charged.

b) Your Child’s Weight

Each toddler travel bed has a weight limit beyond which it cannot be used safely.

With the different weight ratings available, some options are listed as being suitable for toddlers; while others that can support some extra weight, being suitable for heavier children that have celebrated a couple of birthdays.

As a parent then, it is important that you determine your child’s current weight before making a purchase while also estimating their growth potential for the next couple of months/years.

Doing so will enable you to get them an appropriate right travel bed that they can use for a prolonged duration.

c) Bed Accessories

Different travel bed options come with unique add-ons, each working to make the bed a little more user friendly. The carrier bag is one of the most basic of these accessories, and while it is not essential, it will definitely help to store the bed more conveniently.

Check to confirm whether it comes with an air pump before proceeding to buy an inflatable bed. Doing so will save your lungs repeated tests on their air capacity, or at least save your husband that duty. Some inflatable travel bed options also come with puncture repair kits, and this can come in handy when you detect leaks in the unit. 

d) Bed Size

Toddler beds also come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and makes. While there are shorter beds that are appropriate for younger babies, their use comes to an abrupt stop with the child’s growth.

The bed’s size also plays a significant factor in making purchase decisions as taller or fast-growing children are certain to need a bigger bed to grow into.

e) Frequency of Use

Look for a more durable option if you are certain of the bed being used frequently. Everyday use certainly gives rise to wear and tear at an increased rate and, as such, beds made from a highly durable material such as stainless steel, custom polyester, and extra-thick vinyl material.

f) Portability

The more portable a bed is, the better suited it is for families that travel a lot. Such a bed will not only be easy to carry around but it often also features easy packing instructions and is economical with space. However, should the bed be mainly for infrequent use, then portability can be overlooked for more comfort, durability, aesthetics, amongst other factors.

g) Main Purpose

The main purpose of the bed also comes into play when choosing a toddler travel bed. While there are options that are capable of being used across a variety of purposes, including outdoors, indoors, and even air travel, there are other options still that are best in class.

To this end, parents should always seek out an option that comes made special for that particular purpose if the main purpose of the bed is clear.

h) Comfort Levels

If you plan to have your baby use the bed frequently, getting a comfortable one will be one of the main objectives. To this end, it is worth noting that inflatable and foam options are typically more comfortable as compared to sturdier toddler travel beds. However, for the added comfort levels, parents give up some durability with their baby beds, as both inflatable and foam options don’t last as long as sturdier baby travel beds.

The Main Types of Toddler Travel Beds

1. Inflatable/Air Mattress

An inflatable air mattress provides great value and convenience to parents of tiny humans, as they are easy to use, store, and transport.

Most of the toddler travel beds in this category do come with a separate pump to help with the inflation and set-up process. While other inflatable baby travel beds might fail to include a pump with their product, this can be purchased separately and without much strain. Accordingly, you will spare your husband the undue strain of using his lungs to inflate the bed.

Most options within this category of toddler travel beds feature provisions for separate sheets, and depending on the specific design; it will include other add-ons such as additional padding for extra comfort and side bumpers to help prevent your baby from rolling over.

Inflatable toddler travel beds can also be repurposed, especially the ones that come with a detachable mattress. By removing the said air mattress, parents can use the bed as a makeshift baby-bathtub, mini-pool, or general play area for their bundle of joy.

However, inflatable baby travel beds are not without their downsides. One of the significant downsides is the ease with which the bed can be punctured and develop air leaks. While a repair kit could come in handy to repair any such leaks, overall durability is shortened with every subsequent leak detected and fixed.

2. Folding Toddler Travel Beds

Folding baby travel beds are a different kettle of fish when compared to inflatable air baby travel beds. They often assume a design similar to that of a baby’s cot but can be folded with ease, ready for travel. Ordinarily, a folding toddler travel bed is made up of a stainless steel frame, with a canvas top. This baby bed option has a higher ground clearance and is great for outdoor use, especially when camping in the woods or sunbathing at the beach.

The folding toddler bed is also a great addition for junior schools and kindergartens as they economize on their use of space during storage. One downside to the folding baby bed, though, is that its lack of side rails might leave children at a greater risk of rolling over and falling. Consequently, the bed might be a better fit for older children that have outgrown such tendencies.

3. Ready Bed

Another convenient toddler travel bed option for families that are on the move constantly has to be the ready-made sleeping bags. These offer ready-made solutions for families that travel constantly, and their all-in-one set up ensures that a parent can quickly pack their child’s bed without forgetting any component.

Some ready-made beds come ready-to-use with the only set-up procedures being to unfold the bed. On the other hand, other options require inflation before they can be ready for the baby. One common feature in both types of ready-bed options for traveling toddlers, though, is the inclusion of child-friendly prints such as cartoon characters from television and movies.

What Tell-tale Signs Indicate the Need of a Toddler Travel Bed?

Just as the name suggests, toddler travel beds are mainly useful for individuals that hit the road constantly. To perform their functions efficiently, such toddler beds need to be just as easy to set up as they are to fold and store away. They should be space-conscious and light enough to carry around too, to enable parents to carry them along with their travels, without it being too cumbersome.

As a parent to a tiny human, you’ll definitely need a toddler travel bed. If your needs all but align with most of the bed functions and advantages listed above.

Some of the main benefits of using a toddler travel bed include:

  1. Most toddler travel beds also feature multiple uses, including a play area, mini-baby pool, and bathtub.
  2. A Toddler Travel Bed enables you to forgo the hustle of confirming whether hotel rooms have specialized baby accommodations.
  3. It saves you money that would have otherwise used to secure special sleep arrangements for the baby.
  4. Toddler travel beds are also super portable, making them easy to carry along on one’s travel.
  5. Travel beds gives your baby continues and familiar sleep setting even when on the road. This comes with multiple benefits to the child’s early development.

What to Keep-your-Eye-on after Purchasing the Product

It’s a great step to purchase a toddler travel bed and a great addition to families with a young one. However using the right procedures is key to give you prolonged service and last a couple of years.

Common Maintenance Tips with Toddler Travel Beds

  1. Ensure the bed remains clean and hygienic – For this helps the bed remain durable for longer periods. Dirt builds-up on the bed risking contracting various diseases and exposing them to speedier wear and tear.
  2. Check the joints for noises caused by parts friction. This can result to increased wear and tear. Fold toddler travel beds, especially, come with metallic joints and parts that comprise the bed’s frame. Regularly checks can help reduce the problem.
  3. Check the Air Valve Regularly. One of the most important components of any inflatable toddler travel bed is the air valve. Regularly check ensures no leakages, as this works to compromise the bed’s integrity. Any such faults detected can then be rectified using a leak repair kit, thereby working to prolong the bed’s lifespan.
  4. Use the Appropriate Storage Procedures. Ensure that the bed is stored in the compartments that accompany the product. Keep the bed away from direct sun as much as possible to ensure the fabric’s color does not fade.

Tips to Put Your Baby to Sleep when on the Road

Taking a trip with an infant can be brutal, a toddler travel bed is one accessory that can help make the experience much better.

Adorable Baby Boy Sleeping In Special Bassinet On Airplane

The comfort provided, even in the tightest of spaces, translates to your baby being more receptive to sleep.

  1. Do not overstrain the Baby. Keeping baby active day time could work help the baby sleep for longer, though overly tiring for your child. The child becomes groggy, irritable, and an overall pain you would rather not have on your trip.
  2. Prepare a few bottles and pacifiers as per your baby’s preferences. Packing enough helps put the baby right back to sleep if they threaten to wake up while traveling.
  3. Be consistent with the sleep time habits you use with your baby. Consistency helps even when away from home is likely to see your bundle of joy drifts to sleep more readily. If you are one to bath your baby before they sleep, then make arrangements to do this while traveling. The same goes for storytelling, lullabies, leaving a light on, and tucking them into bed.
  4. Make use of sleep soothers. Sounds that help keep your baby calm (lullabies), and particular smells that your baby recognizes.
  5. Make use of sunshades while traveling to shield your toddler from direct sunlight. This will reduce myriad of problems, including undue discomfort and headaches.

Final Thoughts

Traveling with a baby can be hectic and tiresome for the parent and kid. Making a few special arrangements to ensure that their unique needs are met is therefore key. What’s more, these special needs tend to change as the baby continues to grow up. Every parent needs to be at the top of their game persistently, and there’s an immense joy and comfort.

A toddler travel bed promises to be a convenient, light, and portable. Any parent’s traveling backpack when taking a trip with their baby, for it packs unrivaled benefits. With such a bed, your baby gets to enjoy a special sleeping place when away from home. Your baby deserves it, too, right? Today’s parents are in luck, though, for there exist countless toddler travel beds options. Moreso, every parent can get the bed that’s perfect for their children and see them enjoy better, more restful nights away from home.

FAQ Section

  • What is a toddler travel bed?

Any portable bed you take along while travelling to provide an appropriate area for your child. It is used outdoors, inflight, by rail, during a hotel stay or Airbnib. All this provides your baby with continues to remain comfortable throughout their sleep.

  • How safe are toddler beds?

Yes – Toddler travel beds are perfectly safe for the most part. Importantly note that continued safety is only guaranteed when you follow the user instruction to the letter. This ensures proper use of the bed, the set-up, taken down, and stored in the correct manner.

  • When is a child too old to use a toddler bed?

It is not so much a matter of the baby’s age but their size that determines when a child can stop using a particular toddler bed.

If shopping for a toddler bed, the primary factor to consider is how big your tiny human is, and their estimated rate of growth for the foreseeable future. On average though, toddler beds are used by kids aged between 2 years upwards to six years.

Generally, children under two years could still use a toddler travel bed. Children at that age still stand the risk of rolling and falling to the ground. As such, be sure to get your child a bed that can prevent such a fall. 

  • Are toddler travel beds and travel cribs any different?

Yes. They are quite different and made for children within different age groups. Toddler travel beds are unique sleeping options for ages between 2 to 6 years. Conversely, travel cribs are for younger children soon after they are born, upwards to about two years. 

  • Are toddler travel beds and camping beds the same?

No – At least not entirely similar. Camping beds are generally full-sized and can be used by adults, but toddler travel beds are specially made for children. As a parent, there’s no way you could fit yourself in one and enjoy some comfort.

Camping beds are mostly for outdoor use. They are portable, often hardy, simplistic, and easy to carry around. Toddler beds come in different forms and uses, with some better suited for indoor use. In the case of inflatable toddler beds, you can also find less hardy, more comfortable bed options.


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