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Best Waterbed Mattress for Back Pain

You know that feeling you get when struggling with back pain?

On one end, the pain seems not to be coming from the spine but the muscle surrounding the spine. Specifically, the big muscle surrounding between the bottom of your back ribs and the top of your hips – and it’s pretty debilitating. Meanwhile, your mind, on the other hand, is racing over everything possible to eliminate pain for a good-night sleep. If you’re that person who requires extra back support or needs more support in the lumbar region, seeking the best waterbed mattress for back pain is critical.

Well, it is possible the idea of getting the best waterbed mattress to stop backaches and pains may have struck your mind. After all, they are scientifically apt to relieve back problems.

But one question that brings everything into perspective:

Which of the waterbed mattress should you go for, and why? To answer that correctly, we set out to the world of waterbed mattress, scraped for the best for back pain, and handpicked the top five.

And now it is time to share what we found.

1. Innomax Genesis 800 Ultra Waveless Lumbar Support Waterbed Mattress – Best Overall for Back Pain

Interesting Features

  • Gravity-neutral fluid suspension for enhanced mid-body lumbar support system
  • Dual adjustability weightless feel
  • 24 mil premium pearlized vinyl
  • Near to waveless performance
  • Multi-layer wave-elimination system
  • 4-way tethered support system
  • Waterbed heater

The Innomax Genesis 800 Ultra Waveless water bed mattress is all uniquely crafted and built to provide the best support when you’re struggling with back pain.

Why it is the best for back pain:

It is the value for money that allows this mattress to win over any other waterbed mattress. Yes, it is a bit pricey. But you get near-to-no motion waterbed mattress, enhanced mid-body lumbar support, ultra contouring sculpted body, 3-D multi-laminate reinforced corner, and a waterbed heater – things that you won’t find on any close competitors.

Ultra Waveless Deep fill:

The deep fill fluid suspension evenly supports your body like an astronaut in gravity neutral position, offering all the pressure-relieving support you’d need to eliminate back pains. Besides, its multi-layer wave-elimination system gets rid of motion presenting s hydrodynamic sleep that contours the body, leading to a near-to-perfect body alignment for the correct sleeping posture. The rigid box frames provide full depth flotation, waveless performance, and mid-body extra support.

Gravity neutral Fluid suspension:

Science says that the body can only truly relax when muscles do not have to fight the force of gravity constantly. And that’s what this waterbed mattress from Innomax offers. A combination of fluid and the deep fill allows you to float in a weightless environment that virtually eliminates muscle tension.

Custom Tailored Comfort:

This waterbed presents custom comfort that pampers every curve of the body resulting in near-to-perfect body alignment. And that’s crucial to the spine. The fluid chamber of the mattress presents a customizable but full depth flotation and waveless performance.

2. Boyd’s 98% Waveless Waterbed Mattress – the  Ultimate Back Support – at Ultimate Price

Interesting Features

  • The 5-layer wave reduction system
  • 3-layer lumbar support
  • Regalfoam waveless top
  • Patented air cushion 4-layer reinforced corner
  • 4-point memory stretch tether system

Boyd’s 98% waveless waterbed mattress has the most key features you’ll need for a back-pain mattress. It allows you to enjoy an ultra-waveless sleep experience with its molded sleep surface, foam comfort layer, and four-layer lumbar support that eliminate up to 98% of motion.

Why it ranks second:

This waterbed mattress is far superior for back pain but more expensive than the Innomax Genesis 800. While Boyd’s 98% Waveless Waterbed Mattress is pricier, it is doesn’t cut corners. You’ll get deep rejuvenating sleep, get rid of aches and pains that result from tired muscles, and equal pressure distribution on the pressure points.

The 5-layers wave reducing system:

This support system and the lumber support fiber combine to offset 98% of the typical waterbed mattress’s motion. In turn, your back gets the support it requires to prevent or stop the pain. Boyd’s 98% Waveless Waterbed mattress employs tethering at its corner to assure proper positioning and performance. All these support features combine to deliver uniquely superior spinal alignment without waves

The Regalfoam waveless top:

While a waterbed mattress can work mighty fine without a protective cover, Boyd’s 98% Waveless Waterbed Mattress comes with a  Regalfoam waveless top present, the extra protection that prevents punctures or accidental tears. This comes in handy, especially if you have kids or pets at home. However, you’ll have to buy a wood frame separately to use this waterbed mattress.

3. Strobel Organic Waterbed Mattress Hydro-Support 1800 King

Interesting Features

  • Deep molded Feathertop pressure-reduction surface
  • Lumbar support with 6-10-6 fiber layer waveless system
  • Tethered corner to prevent shifting
  • Heater-compatible bottom
  • Fire resistance and requires no flame retardant chemical
  • Nearly zero-gravity

The Strobel Organic Waterbed Mattress Hydro-Support takes power and specs of a waveless waterbed and crams them into a deep molded feathertop surface to offer the greatest conforming comfort, lumbar support, and a prevent-shifting system.

Why it ranks 3rd:

This ultra-organic waterbed mattress is truly cutting edge. It’s naturally fire-resistant and requires no additional flame retardant chemicals but still relieves surface tension with the feathertop that further reduces pressure to allow true floatation.

6-10-6 Lumbar support System:

The vinyl layers in the lumbar region creates a waveless system that provides the right support to offset back pain by presenting pressure point relief at the back like what an orthopedic mattress provides. In turn, your joints experience less pressure, which contributes to the relaxation of the spine. The waveless system prevents sagging but combines perfectly with the deep molded feather top to follow your body’s contour when sleeping in any position. As a result, pressure redistributes evenly to your body.

The heater-compatible bottom:

The Strobel Organic Waterbed Mattress comes with a heater-compatible bottom that allows you to heat your mattress and use the warmth to work to speed relaxation, soothe sore muscles, and relieve tension. A cold water bed draws heat away from your body with a chilling effect that might come in handy in summers and warm regions. However, the chilling effect can be detrimental in winter—that why this organic waterbed mattress comes with a bottom that allows heating.

4. California King 95% Waveless Waterbed Mattress – Best Heavy Duty

Interesting Features

  • 95% Waveless with only 3-4 seconds slow movement
  • Contour mid-body support
  • Heavy-duty vinyl with reinforced corner
  • Heater-compatible
  • 24 Mil of vinyl
  • Exemplary good for pain relief

If you seek superior comfort and rejuvenation away from back pains, California King 95% waveless is one of the best on the list to give a shot. And that’s because it presents a lot of functionality that counteract back pain without compromising comfort.

Why it ranks 4th: The California King 95% Waveless Waterbed Mattress has the wow factor of extra lumbar support that contours around your body curves. It only allows you to feel slight movements lasting no longer than 3-4 seconds, which is essential in counteracting back pain.

The Countour lumbar support: This is the main draw. Thanks to the extra mechanical 24 Mill Vinyl fiber padding at the mid-body, California King 95% Waveless Waterbed Mattress has one of the best body support – that spread pressure throughout the body – and correct spine alignment when sleeping. The extra lumbar support means more back support and less sagging. And in combination with the 95% waveless feel, the contouring mid-support present a weightless feeling of floating on water while taking pressure off your body to fight pain and discomfort

Heater-Combatible: Heating has always been the stronghold of any waterbed mattress, and while this waveless mattress does not come with a built-in heater, it allows heating. The heating element allows a therapeutic effect for lower back pain and people with arthritis, rheumatism, or fibromyalgia.

5. Classic Mattress California King Semi Waveless Waterbed – Best Durability

Interesting Features

  • 24 mil with extra reinforced corner
  • Semi-waveless
  • Sturdy and reliable
  • Superior comfort

The California King Semi-Waveless is still a top choice right now if you’re after a mattress that would last for years but still maintain optimal performance in preventing back pain.

Why it ranks 5th: This isn’t Classic’s most powerful waterbed mattress, but the best value for people who want to strike a balance between back pain relief and luxurious comfort without paying a fortune. Yes, it isn’t fully waveless, but its sturdiness, extra reinforcement, and starting from $139.91 means this is hard to beat if you’re on a budget.

24 mil with extra reinforcement: California King Semi-Waveless Waterbed Mattress incorporates a 24 Mil vinyl and extra reinforcement to offer you more stable body balance while improving the product durability. In fact, the top surface remains flat, without premature distortion because of the extra interior reinforcement.

Semi-Waveless Effect: And the semi-waveless effect – precisely, 70% waveless – allows you to experience 8-10 second of motion. The semi-waveless phenomenon makes it ideal for delivering constant massage-effects for persons with back pains. This phenomenon, the weightless feel of floating on water, and the extra-conformity to your body’s contours might be the combination you’re looking for.

That’s all – a list of the top 5 best waterbed mattress. But like any other serious person looking for back pain relieve, you’d wonder:

What is the criterion we employed to separate the best waterbed mattresses from the rest?

The Criterion to Determine the Best Waterbed Mattresses for Back Pain

While you can use a waterbed for typical use, we only focused on those that relieve back pain best.

And the feature that makes waterbeds excellent back pain reliever is the equal distribution of your weight across the whole body, taking pressure off the back and even joints support. As a result, your spine can relax, leading to less or no pain and discomfort.

However, not all water beds work the same for back pain. To include a waterbed mattress as a top 5 solution for back pain, there are some requirements it should. It must:

Offer Near-to-Waveless Support

While the ocean-ride feel of a waterbed can be fun to sleep on, you’ll need a near-to-waveless feel from a waterbed mattress to deal with back pains. A waveless mattress deadens the water movement whenever you shift in your sleep while at the same time gets you full-body support. It must conform to your body shape. Besides, a waveless waterbed mattress creates a virtually-no-pressure-point that otherwise causes sore back, neck, or lower back.

A full-wave or semi-waveless designing compromises support and won’t deal with pressure points that cause back pain.

Be Adjustable

Nearly all waterbeds are adjustable by adding or removing water to customize the mattress’ firmness level.

However, some waterbed mattresses take it a notch higher and allow users to control the water’s temperature inside. They come with heaters that help you control your sleep temperatures. That way, when you need warm therapy for back pain, it should be possible. But for the most part, most water beds sleep cold, which is usually sensational.

Actually, Offer Lumbar Support

To treat or prevent back pain, a waterbed mattress should align your spine correctly. And that means your mattress should be firm enough to support you in a sleeping position with your spine in a straight line. Similarly, the mattress should feature a special lumbar support system. After all, the pain from your lumbar is all you want to treat. Besides, your mattress should give you enough support to keep your shoulder, hips, and lower back comfortable.

Not Compromise Comfort

The level of comfort every person requires is subject to personal preference. But science says that over 100 persons with chronic lower back pain found a waterbed was marginally superior for back symptoms and comfortable sleeping than other mattresses. While generally, every waterbed mattress might be comfortable, the best option should present the right balance between comfort and support.

Allow Temperature Control

While the conformity alone that modern waterbed mattresses are great in controlling back pains, the temperature control might provide extra ease to back muscle with heat.

But more importantly, the temperature control protects you from losing heat when asleep. These can be severer in time of winter or cold regions. And in warm season and regions, the cooling effect of a cold water bed can provide more back pain relief and comfort.

That said, to make a more informed and confident purchase, you’d want to explore a variety of waterbed mattresses.

So let’s quickly dive in.

Types of Waterbed Mattresses

At its core, waterbeds come in two primary types:

  1. Hardside Waterbed Mattress
  2. Softside  Waterbed Mattress

The two types further break into three types, depending on the motion they offer:

  1. Free-flow/ Full-wave waterbed mattress
  2. Semi-Waveless waterbed mattress
  3. Waveless mattress

Let’s explore deeper into each.

#1- The Hardside Waterbed Mattresses

A hard side waterbed mattress is a vinyl mattress inset in a wooden frame to keep its form. The hard side mattresses are less expensive than the soft side waterbed mattress because they are less comfortable and have a shorter lifespan.

The wooden frame is responsible for preventing the inner water chambers from moving or creating waves on construction. For that reason, a hard side waterbed has a mobile and fluid top surface. And most of the time, you’ll need to buy hard side waterbeds separately from their wooden frame.

#2- The Softside Waterbed Mattress

These are the newer models in the market today that looks like a typical mattress.

The designing of this type of mattress zips a water bladder inside the mattress cover. Then, it encases the water bladder on one or several layers of foam and upholstery, creating an illusion of being a conventional mattress. Such designing increases durability, creates a more waveless feel and enhances comfort and stability.

a) Free-flow/ Full Wave Waterbed Mattress

This type of waterbed mattress has no foam bolster or padding to control the water motion. The mattress has noticeable waves from the water chamber. While it provides a sensation of floating on water, this type of pillow is not appropriate for back pain as it isn’t firm to provide the support that can stop or prevent back pain.

b) Semi-Waveless Waterbed Mattresses

These mattresses utilize foam or resin inserts to reduce the wave action of water. As a result, they deliver more balanced waves. However, you’ll still feel the waves throughout the night, especially if you’re heavyweight. While a semi-waveless waterbed mattress offers a good share of the worlds of free-flow and waveless mattresses, such a mattress might not be right for a person seeking back pain solutions. Because, it won’t present the degree of firmness to align the body to offsets back pain.

c) Waveless Mattresses

These are the right waterbed mattresses for back pain. Even if it isn’t 100% waveless, this type of mattress entails thick bolsters, padding, and several materials that take control of water so that you feel little-to-no water movement when asleep.

A waveless waterbed provides contouring according to your body curves without compromising the support that aligns your body correctly. Therefore, you get superior comfort and maximum back pain relief you can ever get from a waterbed.

Why You Need a Waterbed Mattress For Back Pain Relief?

When a person suffers from back pain or lumbar pain, it is wise to go after a mattress that matches the individual’s body and specific needs. And a waterbed is one of the best shots you can take. Because:

a) A waterbed contours to your body

Unlike a traditional mattress, it supports your entire body evenly, providing superior pressure relief that allows your body to relax and recover uncompromisingly. And such support means everything for your spine. It means:

  • Reduced stress on the muscles supporting the spine
  • Less pressure on spinal joints
  • Improve blood circulation
  • The mattress soothes your back with heat

Modern waterbeds come with heating utility, which can be therapeutic and, at the same time, comfortable. Since you have control of the water temperature for your mattress, you’ll have a therapeutic effect similar to that of applying a heating pad on your back. As a result, you’ll increase blood flow to the spine and its tissue.

b) The wave motion serves as a gentle massage to the spine

Some water bed mattresses have a utility that delivers consistent wave motion through the water under the mattress. And this presents plenty of potential benefits that you’d get from massage therapy. However, you might not find this feature beneficial if you have chronic back pains

c) Superior Lumbar support

You won’t get superior support with the free flow models, but the waveless waterbed mattress can firmly support your entire body with the fiber layer from the inside. In fact, the advanced designs come with specialized lumbar layers that present enhanced back support. What’s more, the support layer also acts to restrict water movement.

d) Adjustable Firmness

This is one feature that you’ll rarely found in other mattresses. With a waterbed mattress, you can adjust the firmness of your waterbed to your liking. When you want a firmer feel, fill more water into your mattress. When too firm, drain some water out. And some mattress comes with dual water chamber for partners who have different firmness preference.

Final thought

If you’re a person who requires extra back support or needs more support in the lumbar region, seeking the best waterbed mattress for back pain is critical. Because, lots of back pain problems stem from poor back support when sleeping.

And only two things matter when it comes to waterbeds’ support for the back:

  1. Conforming firmness
  2. Extra fiber padding at the mid-bod

The two allow you to benefit from the no-sagging effect and extra lumbar support – a combination that delivers the weightless feel of floating in the water, plus lumbar support that relieves back problems. And you can’t go wrong with any of the above waterbed mattresses.  


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