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Best Wheatgrass Juicer

Speak to any nutritionist about wheatgrass, and they’ll immediately tell you that it is a superfood. This fact has already been established. Many studies on wheatgrass also exist with details of the nutrients available and other benefits to your overall health and wellness.

Should you pursue the matter further, you will also learn that wheatgrass is best consumed in its juice form. In this way, you will benefit from all the various nutrients of the food, and still enjoy its original taste. For this reason, it is paramount that you invest in a worthwhile wheatgrass juicer. This make all the difference in your pursuits to live a healthier lifestyle. However, we know that the chances are high that you don’t know where to begin shopping for such a juicer. Luckily, this article is meant to guide you through the process and make recommendations. So sit back, and allow us to help you find the best wheatgrass juicer available today.

The Seven Best Wheatgrass Juicers Today

There are many options to choose from when looking for the best wheatgrass juicer for your juicing needs. However, the seven items below are simply a grade above the rest, thanks to their superior features. Check them out and see for yourself:

1. Editor’s Choice – Omega J8006 Nutrition Center Juicer, 200-Watt, Metallic

The Omega NC900HDC juice extractor comes with a vast range of juicing options, and this makes it a premier juicer suitable for anyone’s kitchen. The Juicer provides slow masticating functionality, which enables its slow speed. Accordingly, you are certain to expect the best possible yield when juicing your wheatgrass. The slow speed ensures that the appliance generates little to no heat in the process, helping to preserve most of the food nutrients.

The Juicer also comes with automated pulp removal technology, and this ensures that the Juicer continues to function with little complications. You will also be thankful of the relatively quiet motor in the appliance, for it goes a long way to ensuring your peace even as you put it to work.

It is not that heavy either, despite its various components. The juicer has some 13 pounds to its name. Accordingly, you are sure to have an easier time if you need a juicer that you can move around with. The Juicer is quite versatile too, and it doesn’t discriminate against any food items, be they vegetables, fruits, leafy greens, and in our case, wheatgrass.

Major Features

  • Very easy to use.
  • It’s near whisper-quite.
  • It is portable.
  • It adds to the design and décor appeal of your kitchen.
  • The product is highly durable and comes with a 15-year warranty.

2. Runner’s Up – KOIOS B5100

Another awesome option that is definitely worth giving a spin is the KOIOS B5100. It packs a high-yield juicer’s usefulness, with a low-speed system to give the greatest efficiency during juice extraction. The unit is powered by a powerful yet super-quiet motor that’s rated 150-watts. The motor’s 80 RPM speed is sufficient to ensure a fast turnaround while juicing. Any jams will also be easy enough to clear thanks to the reverse capabilities available with the motor.

One small setback with using the Juicer is that it doesn’t come with replaceable parts. As such, you will need to exercise extra care to ensure your juicing activities do not cause the unit irreversible damage. One such measure when extracting wheatgrass juice is to ensure the fodder is cut into reasonably smaller lengths, with the recommended measure being 1 – 1.5 inches. The Juicer is not limited to wheatgrass only, and it can extract juice from different foods, including roots and tubers, fruits, nuts, and veggies. However, due care should be exercised to ensure the Juicer is not overloaded as this can cause jamming of the unit.

And if you think that the Juicer too fragile for even a second, then think again. Users can look forward to favorable warranty terms when purchasing the Juicer, which includes a one year warranty for the replaceable parts and a two-year warranty for the motor.

Major Features

  • The Juicer works on a low speed, high yield operation.
  • It dissipated minimal heat, ensuring food nutrients remain preserved.
  • The Juicer’s motor also has a reverse feature to clear any food clogs and jams.
  • The Juicer also boasts an attractive warranty. 

3. Also Great – Samson Super Juicer – Model SBO850

The Samson Super Juicer is another great option to consider when looking for a juicing companion. The kitchen appliance works best in a commercial setting, as in restaurants, food trucks, and hotels. The Juicer is super-fast while still maintaining the freshness and quality of the juice. Typically, the Juicer needs only a minute to extract 5 ounces of juice from wheatgrass. The appliance is also versatile enough to accommodate other soft and hard food items, ensuring that users derive maximum benefit from its use.

The Juicer also promises to be worth your money thanks to its stainless steel metallic construction too. Users can proceed to enjoy prolonged use of the Juicer, thanks to this steel construction, plus a heavy-duty motor. Be sure that it will not overheat and kill food nutrients, either. However, there’s always the 1-year product warranty that you are free to activate should you notice anything contrary to the same.

The Juicer also comes with extra screens, auger brushings, and gaskets that are certain to prove useful overtime when the Juicer needs parts to be replaced. There’s extra convenience to be enjoyed by users, too, in the form of automatic pulp removal and a motor that beats at 70 RPM for optimal efficiency and juice quality. Moreover, the Juicer has a power rating of 120 volts, which is certainly economical for any appliance used in a commercial setting.

Major Features

  • The Juicer is easy to clean.
  • Ideal for commercial purposes.
  • Easy to assemble and take apart.
  • Durable and comes with a 1-year warranty.
  • The appliance comes with additional spare parts.

4. Most Convenient – Breville BJS600XL

The Breville juicer above promises both an easier time using it and full safety precautions while at it too. With these two key features, it is no surprise then that the kitchen appliance could be considered the perfect companion when looking for a convenient juicer that you can use with little fuss. The safety rating on the Juicer is understandably high as the appliance is built to only function once the top lid has been closed. Accordingly, the risk of you or your loved ones suffering an accident is near zero. 

The Juicer boasts a fairly big chute, and this enables users to reload a fairly substantial quantity of ingredients at a time. To further complement its functionality, the Juicer also integrates a unique feature named Cold Spin Technology. This innovation is central to ensuring the production of juice that is fresh and nutritious.

Convenience is also in the Juicer’s ‘high and low’ features, as this effectively means that you can juice both hard and soft food items. And you don’t have to worry about pulp either, for the Juicer will continually work to separate the same from your juice during production.

Major Features

  • The Juicer can be cleaned using a dishwasher.
  • It’s also easy to clean manually
  • It boasts a short preparation time
  • Separates pulp automatically
  • It can be used with both hard and soft food.

5. Best Manual Juicer – Lexen GP27 Healthy Juicer Manual

Another healthy juicer that’s worth considering is the Lexen GP27. This option is sure to serve you well when out in search of a manual juicer to process your wheatgrass while at the same time taking care of your leafy greens, vegetables, and fruits. The Juicer comes with a clamp at the bottom, making the juicer firm and robust. However, for the Juicer to remain robust, it must be on an equally firm surface. And don’t think for a second that the Juicer will be difficult to run because it’s manual. The extraction process remains quite simplified, and the Juicer has the capacity to make one ounce of juice per minute. The Juicer is also incredibly portable, and users are certain to have an easy time carrying it around if need be as its weighs is approximately three pounds.

There’s plenty that is right with the Juicer above, but one particular drawback is also worth a mention, as the appliance works best with soft vegetables and fruits. Hard foods such as sugarcane and carrots would likely require you to get a different, sturdier option. However, the Juicer remains perfect if you need one for wheatgrass exclusively. As a beginner, just starting to experiment with wheatgrass and other soft juices, you are unlikely to take a false step when working with Lexen juicer.  

Major Features

  • The Juicer is extremely portable.
  • It comes with a 30-day, money-back guarantee.
  • The Juicer is also easy to clean and use.
  • Its price is also friendly to the pocket.

6. Most Versatile – Omega Juicers NC900HDC Juicer Extractor

The Omega brand of juicers has gradually become the industry leader with regards to juicers. With the NC900HDC model above, Omega takes versatility and convenience to another level to offer you a broad range of functions to suit your every need. The Juicer is powered by a low-speed motor that clocks 80RPM with ease. Accordingly, you are certain not to experience any heat build-ups when the Omega juicer above is in use.

The juicing process is also easier for different food groups thanks to the 5-setting feature and masticating functionality that features dual juice extraction capabilities. The motor’s gear reduction packs power equivalent to two horsepower. This is enough to process all types of fruits and vegetables while also being equal to the task with regards to juicing nuts, spices, and coffee.

As a bonus, the Juicer also comes built with an accessory to help you make pasta. Yup, you heard that correctly, the Omega NC900HDC could help you turn your kitchen into a pasta haven if you so wish.

Major Features

  • The Juicer is extremely versatile and can handle all types of fruits, veggies, and fruits.
  • The Juicer could also come in handy when making pasta.
  • It features a powerful motor having a 2 Horsepower rating.
  • The Juicer is extra cool and doesn’t generate excessive heat when in operation.

7. Most Durable – Biochef Universal Horizontal Wheatgrass Juicer

Any product that promises a 10-year warranty must be pretty sure of its longevity, and that’s exactly what you can expect from the Juicer above. There are multiple features that make this kitchen appliance among the best wheatgrass juicers in the market today. To begin with, the device is made of high-strength plastic, and this promises non-toxic and rust-free functionality for the duration that the Juicer remains active. The Juicer also features a relatively slow masticating process, and this is enough to ensure the maximum nutritional value of all juices extracted. What’s more, juice from the apppliance will be pulp-free, as the appliance comes with a separate pulp container, where all the pulp is collected and stored with continued juicing.

The Juicer also comes with a wider than industry standard feeding chute, and this goes a long way towards enabling quick juicing and reduced feeding time. The entire juicer setup comprises 13 separate pieces that come easy to install and use. Users are also certain to enjoy the versatility promised by the kitchen appliance as its use extends beyond wheatgrass to cover other fruits and vegetables too.

Major Features

  • The Juicer comes with a 10-year warranty.
  • It is made mainly of non-toxic plastic.
  • It is easy to take apart and clean.
  • Comes with separate storage functionality for fruit pulp.

Reasons to Subscribe to the Wheatgrass Drinking Club

Wheatgrass is a food rich in anti-oxidants and an array of other nutrients that deliver benefits that extend as wide as helping relieve hypertension, cleaning the blood, and delivering medicinal relief from various ailments. Moreover, wheatgrass can be in the same breath as the proverbial apple that keeps the doctor away.

However, wheatgrass, in its natural state, would be near impossible to digest and benefit from fully. After all, unlike cows with their four stomachs, we humans only have one. Accordingly, wheatgrass juice is the next best thing available to us, when looking to make use of all the various benefits promised by the superfood. Cooking the wheatgrass would effectively kill most of the nutrients, while blending the same into juice would still leave you to consume and digest all the fiber involved.

The reasons above are key to why many people have taken to extracting wheatgrass juice instead. With the right Juicer, you can effectively extract the most nutritious component of the food and even sizzle it up with some flavor by mixing the food with your favorite fruit or vegetables. As seen from the reviews above, too, there are many differentiated options available to anyone looking to begin extracting a glass of wheatgrass juice every morning to replace the coffee mug.

Factors to Consider When Purchasing a Wheatgrass Juicer?

While wheatgrass juicers share a common function and design, they are distinguishable according to their features nevertheless. The difference is features and functionality determine, among other things, how fast the unit will be, its durability, versatility, and quality of extract, to mention but just a few. The best Juicer for you will mostly work on fulfilling the functions you hold dear from those detailed above. Accordingly, some of the factors to consider when shopping for a juicer include:

i. The Motor Speed

This factor remains among the most important when shopping for your Juicer. It would seem only natural to opt for the fastest motor, right? After all, it will get the work done faster. However, this is one of the few instances where speed should be considered with much precaution, for too much of it detrimental to the process. The best wheatgrass juicer is the one that maintains a reasonably slow speed to ensure the moving parts don’t suffer from too much friction and heat up. You want the Juicer to remain relatively cool as the juice not only tastes better but has most of its nutrients preserved too. As a rule of thumb, the best wheatgrass juicers boast a relative speed ranging between 70 – 80 revolutions.

ii. The Type of Juicer

Equally, you also need to consider to great detail the type of Juicer you get. Luckily, there are only two main types, the manual option and the electrical (masticating option). Choosing the former would ensure you get to exercise your arms regularly for the foreseeable future, while the electrical option would only need you to establish how to power it. As you make the choice too, it is worth noting that manual juicers are often more affordable and easier to clean, as there are fewer parts to work with. Moreover, the masticating option is typically the less durable of the two options thanks to the limited durability and fragility of most electrical components.

So, the question to answer here as you make the purchase revolves around what you value more, between ultra-convenience and prolonged durability. Answering the above question will unlock the best wheatgrass juicer for you.

iii. The Juicer’s Design and Durability

Speaking of durability, too, it is worth noting that the design preferences are chosen for any juicer play a vital role in determining its longevity. Stainless steel construction is often considered to be the most long-lasting option. Similar to stainless steel cutlery, such a juicer would be free from rust and be very easy to clean. Such features are essential when looking to prolong the life of any type of kitchenware. Another design type that is equally durable features generous use of plastic components. The longevity of service will be all but guaranteed, provided that the plastic used is of a high-quality, and users do not misuse the Juicer’s functionality,  crush stones.

iv. The Price and Warranties Promised

As with any other purchase decision, the price is also a factor that everyone should consider. It is common knowledge that cheap often turns out to be expensive in the long-run. To this end, anyone looking to buy the best wheatgrass juicer in the market today should be wary of the cheapest product.

Cheapness and affordability are two terms that should not be confused, though. While the former often represents a product that’s substandard, the latter essentially represents a product that’s worth your time while still promising to be available at a bargain. And there are a few sure ways to identify bargains and steer clear of cheap knock offs. Firstly, you can spot a bargain by querying the warranty terms and money-back guarantees, if any are present. A wheatgrass juicer worth your time promises reasonable and legitimate warranty conditions, with the very best wheatgrass juicer options having a money-back guarantee. On the opposite end, cheap knock offs fail to give any clear warranty terms or refund terms, as they don’t last that long.

Secondly, affordable wheatgrass juicer options will also boast numerous positive reviews from ecstatic users lucky enough to have purchased the product before you. Accordingly, you stand to easily detect the best wheatgrass juicers available at a bargain if you find the most glowing reviews posted about a particular unit. Remember to check some of the negative reviews too. If they are few, far in-between, and amicably resolvable, then the product would be worth your time.  Often, the best wheatgrass juicers also boast various certifications that effectively add to the credibility of the product.

Final Thoughts

All in all, a wheatgrass juicer is one kitchen appliance that you should definitely consider having. As far as investing in healthy lifestyle changes goes, this step would take the crown for most impactful due to all multiple health benefits offered. And it’s a crown you’ll win without breaking a sweat, or worse, shedding blood. So, have a look at our seven options above for what we consider to be the best wheatgrass juicers available today. There’s an option that’s certain to be perfect to suit your specific needs.


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