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Breathe Right Strips: The Complete Review

Breathe Right Strips: The Complete Review

Breathe Right Strips are one of the effective antisnoring solutions in the market today. A sound nap is the cheapest luxury you can afford after a day’s worth of work. However, even cheap things can be expensive. Take the case of snoring. Though the bedroom is a leisurely place for couples, it can be emotionally taxing for lovers with snoring issues.

Luckily, we live in a world of innovation where every kind of solution is almost often within reach. For people who snore, the markets offer an extensive catalog of anti-snoring solutions.

Some work better than others, while others are plainly untrustworthy. Among the many anti-snoring solution product categories available is Anti-snoring decongestant. These work by decongesting the Nose. However, they can be disappointing when it comes to sleep quality.

What if you don’t want the knock-on effects of anti-snoring decongestants, you might want to check out Breathe Strips.

Breathe Strips are designed to relieve nasal congestion without interfering with your partner’s body chemical system.

Not only is Breath Right strips considered to be effective by scientists; they are also said to have the least side effects on users among the many nasal decongestants available in the market. 

We thought it might be a good idea to confirm whether the hype around nasal strips is justified. This article details our review. 

Let’s begin by taking a peek at what Breathe strips are.

What is Breathe Right Strip?

Nasal strips are flexible spring-like adhesive bands that are worn on the Nose to keep the airway open. They are engineered with plastic ribs or splints to fit right above the flare of the nostril.

Nostril strips are best known as snoring aids. But in recent years, athletics have used them during athletic exertions.

 A typical breathing strip has 3M adhesive on its underside. This helps with sticking to the Nose. 

The band works by applying force on the Nose. As it tries to straighten back to its original shape, it lifts the node of the Nose and opens the nasal passage.

This lifting action opens the inflamed sinus passage and makes it easier to breathe.

But what makes it worthwhile? And is it right for you?

Here is a breakdown of the critical features of a nasal strip

What are its’ key features?

#1- Opens the Nose up to 38% more than Allergy Decongestant

A nasal strip has one main feature that puts it on the map: It opens the nasal passage up to 38% more than allergy decongestant. 

In fact, studies suggest that nasal strips aren’t only useful for people who snore, but also for athletes and asthmatics who want to ease the burden of breathing. 

A strip increases the nasal cavity volume in the first three centimeters of the human Nose. For that reason, they can reduce or get rid of snoring and serve as a more effective alternative to decongestive nose spray.

#2- Drug-free aid to snoring

In contrast to ordinary anti-snoring aids, Breathe Right strips do not come with any medication. You don’t need to worry about drug interaction or drug side effects. 

Besides, it’s a perfect solution for decongesting the Nose for those with underlying medical issues. It unlikely that you’ll get an allergic reaction from a breateh strip.  

Many pharmacists recommend nasal strips as a drug-free treatment to ease congestion and snorts associated with colds and allergies.

#3- Incorporated Aroma Therapy

Not all Breathe Right Strips come with aromatherapy, but a few of them do.

The Lavender model combines the spring-like bands lift and calming lavender scent to give the user a more pleasant sleeping experience.

This combination better suits lavender scent lovers who need to get a drug-free solution for snoring.

On the flip side, aromatherapy doesn’t work for people who are allergic to scents.

#4- Instant Nasal Decongestion

Unlike many nasal decongestants that take some time work, Breathe Right strips provide immediate relief.

On attaching a Breathe Right strip on your Nose, its lifting effect opens your Nose immediately. It improves airflow to get you a more restful night’s sleep. 

Whether the stuffy Nose is a result of allergies, sinus infections, deviated septum, a never-ending sinus infection, a cold, or a deviated septum, Breath Right strips are non-compromising.

Even so, Breathe Right strips do not always solve all snoring issues. For instance, a nasal strip cannot alleviate sleep apnea since it requires you to dilate the nostrils from inside.

Now that you know a nasal strip opens the Nose for improved air circulation by default, its good to check the shapes and sizes they come in and what each is good for. 

There are plenty of breathe strip models in the market. Here we list some of the most common.

Types of Breathe Right strips

  1. Extra Strength Tan

This nasal Strip is twice more robust than the original Tan. It presents extra relief for nasal congestion.

For that reason, it is a good pick for those with additional nasal congestion, as well as athletes. 

However, it doesn’t work well if you’re the sensitive skin type.

  • Extra Strength Clear

This Strip is 50% stronger than the Original Clear. That suits it for heavy duties, but it also means it is not appropriate for sensitive skins, just like Extra Strength Tan.

  • Original Tan

The original Tan is a practical, drug-free, and easy to apply the nasal Strip. In contrast to the Extra Strength model, Original Tan works well with sensitive skin because it is easy to remove.

  • Original Clear

Original Clear presents the same trusted relief as the original Tan and may suit those with sensitive skin better.

  • Lavender

The Lavender model is unique in this pack because it brings a Lavender scent and a decongesting solution as a bonus.

What’s more, it has double strength as the original Tan and still works well with sensitive skin.

That said, it is no secret that nasal strips are a sufficient answer to your snoring troubles. 

How Do Breathe Right Strips Work?

A Breathe Right nasal strip is a flexible, spring-like band with a unique adhesive on the underside. 

When correctly placed on the Nose, it gently sticks on the area right above the flare of each nostril. 

As the bands attempt to straighten back to their original shape, they gently lift the sides of the Nose and open the nasal passages, providing immediate and continual relief. 

This helps you breathe better—with no medicine and no waiting.

Can Breathe Right Strip Stop snoring?

The Breath Right strip does a pretty job at improving airflow through the Nose.

Essentially, all snoring occurs as a result of nighttime nasal congestion.

You’re more likely to breathe through your mouth when the airflow is restricted in the nasal passage.

A nasal strip opens the Nose to improve nasal airflow, which can help to reduce or stop snoring. Clinical studies show that Breathe Right strips can improve the sleep of the snorer by 90%.

In fact, nasal strips are one of the non-invasive and non-medical products that decrease airway resistance and improve airflow in the Nose. For that reason, they are a better alternative to decongestive nose spray.

That said, a nasal strip can only stop or reduce snoring when you put them on.

How to Apply Breathe Right Nasal Strips

Step 1: Clean Your Face

In most cases, adhesives have problems sticking to oily, wet, or moisturized skins. So, the first thing to do is to wash and dry your Nose before applying the nasal Strip.

Step 2: Position The Nasal Strip Correctly

Next, get rid of the protective liner of the Strip to expose the adhesive, and position the nasal Strip on your Nose. Positioning is vital. 

Ensure that the alignment of the nasal Strip is at the center of your Nose. The tabs on the flaring shouldn’t cover the flaring part of the nostril entirely; instead, it should sit right above.

Step 3: Apply to Nose

Finally, gently rub the Strip to attach it firmly onto your Nose. Use the right size of the Breathe Right strip.

After usage, there comes a secret of avoiding the side effect of a Breathe Right strip. The secret lies in the removal procedure.

How to Get them Off  

The only side effect of a Nasal strip is leaving marks on the skin.

But thanks to an easy-to-remove procedure, you can use a nasal strip without any side effects. It doesn’t matter whether your skin is sensitive.

Just reaping of the Strip off is what leaves marks on your skin or causes injury.

Here is a step-by-step procedure to take off Breathe Right strips safely: 

  1. Apply warm water on your face a couple of times to loosen the Strip from each end
  2. Gently and slowly, lift the Strip off your Nose from each end
  3. After removing the Strip, clean the remaining glue on your Nose with alcohol

Is Breathe Right Nasal Strip Reusable?

The simple answer is:

No, nasal strips are not reusable. Once you have used a piece, the adhesive gets used up, and you cannot reuse it.

How do you know which size to get?

Breathe Right strips come in three sizes:

  1. Small – This nasal Strip is a perfect suit for a kid 
  2. Medium—Suitable for kids, young adults, or adults with small-sized noses
  3. Large—this size suits most adults

Depending on age and nose size, you should choose the most appropriate one.

Do they have an expiration date?

Breathe Right strips are not medicated. Therefore, they have no expiry date on the package. That means you can store them in the long run without degrading. 

However, if you store them in a warm space,  the adhesive may degrade over time (months), and most probably will not stick well. Storing them over long periods of time may also ruin their usability.

Are they safe for Kids?

Breathe Right nasal strips are safe for kids above five years. However, you most certainly have to go with the small or medium size, so that it can fit on a child’s face.

Do they stay when you sweat? Do they last if you have oily skin?

Extra oil and sweat on the skin are known to loosen the grip of nasal Strip.

However, Breathe Right presents much stronger nasal strips, like the Extra Tan, which has double strength that makes them stay in sweaty and oily skin.

Can you use breathe right strips with CPAP machine? 

Yes, a combination of the CPAP machine and Nasal Strip can make you breathe far much better. Besides, since they are not medicated, you can use a nasal strip in conjunction with other snoring aid without the fear of allergies or other medical conflicts.

What are the Advantages of Using Breathe Right Strips

  • They are safe for use with other medications
  • Safe to use even with underlying  health conditions
  • Have minimal side effects
  • Decongests a stuffy nose instantly
  • It is not associated with nasal rebound
  • It doesn’t create a dependent habit

What are the Side Effects of Breathe Right Strips

  • Possible skin reaction from the adhesive
  • Possible skin injury during removal
  • Breathe Right strips cannot treat sleep apnea

What Users Say about Breath Right Strips

These things pull your nasal passage open. A bit of advice:  lubricate your nasal passage or c=have a humidifier, so you don’t get dry. They work, and they hold. Also, have a warm washrag on it for several minutes then wet as you try to remove it—because it hurts. The adhesive is almost like a Gorilla tape—be kind to your Nose.

  • Thia B. A verified Amazon buyer

These hold well. Almost too well. They stay the entire night, and I have to pull them off carefully each morning. Sometimes it leaves the adhesive on my Nose, but it comes off with soap and water. I sleep better with these on, and I notice the difference when I don’t wear them. I don’t snore a lot, but the amount of oxygen you feel you receive when wearing these is worth it.

—Army Ellis. A verified Amazon buyer

I successfully used this product ten years ago. Now the adhesive does not stick. I have cleaned my skin with soap and water, thoroughly rinsed and dried my face, then applied the Strip to my Nose, and it doesn’t adhere. I have tried this repeatedly to no avail. So disappointed.

  • Colleen Sullivan. A verified Amazon buyer.

Should you Use Breathe Right Strips?

 Will Breathe Right strip work for you? It depends a lot on your condition. |If you have a stuffy nose due to allergy, cold, deviated septum, a never-ending sinus infection, or a deviated septum, you’ll appreciate what Breathe Right Strip provides over any other decongestant.

On the flip side, if you’re facing severe problems, like sleep apnea that requires nostril dilation from the inside, other decongestants may be recommended.

So with that caveat out of the way, we can confidently say that nasal strips work!. They have been clinically proven to reduce snoring for 90% of users.

So if you’re looking for a better replacement to decongestant sprays; if you’re after drug-free snoring aid, if you want better nasal airflow during a workout; the Breathe Right strip might be what you

You can’t go wrong with either of the five models.


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