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Chiroflow vs. Mediflow: Which Water Pillow Should You Use?

Chiroflow and Mediflow are the two biggest water-base pillow-makers in the world. The neck support that these pillows offer is undeniably one of the best you can ever get.

But which of the best brand do you go for?

Both brands present responsive support for the neck with their water pillows. They are both well-suited for all kinds of sleeping positions. And both allow you to sleep fluffy comfortable.

But what sets them apart?

We’ll find out about that in a minute. We’re going to break down each pillow into depth and compare Chiroflow vs. Mediflow in terms of:

  • Ability to treat neck pain
  • Sophistication in construction for maximum comfort
  • The maintenance requirements of each pillow
  • What the world says about each product
  • Maximum Value for Money

Let’s get started.

Introducing: The two Competitors



Mediflow is best known as a reduce-neck-pain pillow. But over the years, it has added a ton of features that have made it possible to do a Chiroflow vs. Mediflow comparison. Today, these improved features make Mediflow a direct competitor of Chiroflow. They include:

  • Upgrade of the original Mediflow Waterbase pillow for extra loft and resilience
  • Multiple of pillow options depending on the top layer cushioning
  • Optimization to provide superior comfort

But that’s just scratching the surface—there are more benefits this pillow presents. And we’ll go through these, to depth as we progress through the comparison.


On the flip side, we have a Chiroflow Waterbase pillow.


Chiroflow is another water pillow that pairs responsive support and ultimate comfort to present clinically proven neck pain relief to the user.

That way, you don’t need to wake up to fluff and re-stuff your pillow when asleep.

As you’ll see later, the Mediflow pillow has this similar feature, which we’ll compare just in a minute.

But first, it is important to know that Chiroflow started as a chiropractic-based water base pillow, which is where their focus is.

And without farther ado, let’s start with the ability to relieve neck pain.

Which Pillow is Best for Relieving Neck pain

Support is the most critical feature that everyone looking for this type of pillow considers. And the best water-base pillow should provide neck support that is responsive enough to accommodate all sleeping positions.

So we put the support that each of the pillows presents into a test—to see which one offers superior neck-pain relief.

Let’s see who comes out top.


Mediflow Waterbase pillow provides responsive support with a varying cushioning on top of the water base. The base layer entails a water pouch that allows fully customizable support.

Description: A diagram illustrates how a Water Pillow can help support the head and neck during sleep.

Adding more water to the water pouch makes the support firmer, while less water makes the pillow softer.

However, it doesn’t matter how much water you add—the water pillow will move with you so that your head and neck remain aligned all night. This responsive support prevents your head, neck, and spine from settling in a way that tweaks your body.

Better yet, the support you get from a water pillow is non-oppressive of the sleeping position. This makes it extremely versatile in relieving neck pain and improving sleep quality.

If you’re a back sleeper, you can align your head with back using the Mediflow Waterbase pillow by lowering the heigh of support so that the head sits lower. This will eliminate the common neck issue among back sleepers.

Suppose you sleep on your stomach, you can adjust the pillow so that it is very thin because your head needs minimal height from the pillow. Otherwise, the support will create tension at the base of the neck. What’s more, a stomach sleep can use the Mediflow water pillow at the stomach to prevent neck pain.

And if you’re a side sleeper, there is a larger space under your head that might need pillow support. So if you sleep on your sides, adjust the pillow to a more firm adjustment to fill the large space under the head.

But if you’re an active sleeper, which many persons are, the responsive support comes handy. Adjust your pillow to moderate firmness so as you receive balanced support throughout the night.

And the Mediflow water base support will be unchanging regardless of the sleep position.

As you’re about to see, this is very similar to the Chiroflow support feature.


Like Mediflow, Chiroflow presents unprecedented support and comfort. Instead of adding foam or feathers to the pillow, Chiroflow Premium Water Pillow adds water.

Again: this feature is basically the same as Mediflow with some minor difference.

For instance, Chiroflow manufacturer only markets to the medical industry.

All in all, there’s only one comparison here: the top layer cushioning variety. Both the pillow uses the same support technology that addresses the neck pain in the same way. But the wide variety of cushion on the top layer will arguably split water pillow fans to a love-or-hate line.

But if anyone’s winning this neck support contest, it is Mediflow by a slight margin.

Which Water Pillow is Best Constructed and Have Superior Feel?

Next, you’d want to see which water pillow has the best construction and presents a superior feel.

All the two pillow employs unique designing of adding water to the filling so that the user can customize the shape of their pillow and choose the level of comfort they desire.

The water base adjusts to the movement of the user’s head, ensuring that the body has proper support and alignment even when the user moves.

But there is some slight difference in construction.

Chiroflow Construction

The pillow has three main parts:

  1. The hypoallergenic polyester fiber called StaLoft which rests above the water base layer
  2. A thermal insulator surrounding the water base area
  3. A water pouch that presents a responsive support
Description: https://images-na.ssl-images-amazon.com/images/I/51iXyWg47%2BL._AC_SX425_.jpg

At the backside, the pillow has a blue nozzle that eases the water-filling process. The water-base allows you to choose the firmness level.

However, the manufacturer suggests that you start with filling the water pouch to three-quarters full. They further advices you to change the water once a year.

On the outermost layer, the pillow utilizes a dacron stalest fiberfill with the polyester of 300 thread count. It by no means a super soft case, and the cover may not fill dense. However, this way, it helps improve thermal insulation so that your body stays cool throughout the night.

Mediflow Construction

As for the Mediflow Water pillow, the construction entails three layers. It is almost identical to the Chiroflow. But one thing makes Mediflow different—it provides a wide range of fill material. But here’s the basic structure of every Mediflow model:

  1. The water base
  2. The thermal insulator
  3. The fill material
Description: What Are the Materials & Layers in a Waterbase Pillow? | Mediflow

Water Pouch Layer

At the base of the Mediflow pillow—where the pillow meets the mattress, you’ll find the water base. It is a sealable pouch that you’ll fill water to give you responsive support.

The manufacturer equips the water pouch with a rugged screw-on fill cap to eliminate the chances of spills or leaks.

The Thermal Insulator Layer

Like in Chiroflow, in between the water base and the top layer of the pillow is a thermal insulator. It purposes to minimize heat transfers between the two outermost layers. Otherwise, the water temperature would result in heat loss from the head and make the user feel cold during the night

The Filling Layer

Contrary to Chiroflow pillow, Mediflow presents a wide variety of cushioning materials that lie on top of the water base. In fact, cushioning might appear the least significant part of this pillow, but it is the part that receives the most attention.

So Mediflow puts more effort into providing a wide range of the cushioning material to improve customer satisfaction.

In fact, you can choose from memory gel foam, down, and fiberfill pillows. You can make a choice depending on the type of fill that pairs your sleeping style.

Overall, this is a comfort battle. And even though both pillows employ unique sophistication in construction to deliver ultimate comfort, Mediflow has a slight edge over Chiroflow in the top layer cushioning.

The wide-spread variety in top layer cushioning gives Mediflow an edge over Chiroflow because it improves the level of satisfaction of the customer.

Which Water Pillow Requires Low Maintenance

The next factor you’d want to look at is maintenance.

In other words:

Which water pillow requires minimum maintenance? Because a pillow is something, you use every day. And as such, you’d want one that’s easy to maintain.

Let’s see which one comes with the least maintenance.

Chiroflow Water Pillow Maintenance                          

In true modern fashion, Chiroflow Water Pillow comes with an easy-to-remove and machine-washable cover. Besides, the pillow cover is easy to dry.

And when it comes to the water pouch, you’ll notice that its material is readily wipeable when it gets dirty. However, the water pouch utilizes a rubber material and doesn’t accumulate dirt easily.

What’s more, you don’t need to replace the water too frequently. In fact, the manufacturer suggests that you change the water in the pouch after a year. That’s quite a long time of comfort with little maintenance.

Mediflow Waterbase Pillow Maintenance

Just as in Chiroflow pillow, you Mediflow require very minimum requirement. The manufacturer says that you can machine-wash and dry the pillow.

Plus, they are clear that if you are using tap water, you require no extra chemical to keep the water fresh for a whole year—because the water pouch has a tight seal that keeps contaminant away.

However, if you’re going to use water from the well, the manufacturer suggests you add bleach from the water.  This is probably to prevent the water from getting stale before one year.

Both water pillows require very little maintenance, but the competition comes to the pillow cover. Chiroflow cover is easy to wash and even presents an anti-aging property. Mediflow has tried to augment its cover by making it machine-washable and a dedicated fluffy fabric to decent success.

What’s clear is that both pillow have minimal maintenance when using then, which is a win-win for everyone.

Which Water Pillow has the Best Ratings in the Market?

Both Chiroflow and Mediflow water pillow have impressive ratings in the market.

But let’s see which one has the best ratings.

Mediflow Ratings

Mediflow has a variety of models, with an overall of over five million sales. And to come out clean and know what the real-word is saying about Mediflow, we’ll consider the Amazon ratings.

  • The Mediflow Original Fiber has a 3.9-stars Amazon rating base on 4,873 reviews
  • The Mediflow Gel Memory Foam has a 3.8-stars Amazon rating based on 196 reviews
  • The Elite Fiber has a 3.9-stars Amazon rating based on 211 reviews
  • The Mediflow Down pillow has a 3.3-stars Amazon rating based on 36 reviews
  • And the Mediflow travel pillow has a 4-stars Amazon rating basing on 124 customer reviews

Given the large portion of the market that Mediflow serves, this is quite impressive ratings.

Chiroflow Pillow Rating

Similarly, Chiroflow presents a variety of pillow models in the market. And each has its separate ratings.

  • The Chiroflow Professional fiber-filled pillow  has a 4-star rating on Amazon based on 935 customer reviews
  • The Professional Memory Foam pillow has a 4.1-star rating based on 451 customer reviews
  • The Chiroflow Travel size pillow has 4.1 ratings based on 124 customer reviews

While Amazon isn’t the only platform where one can get the real-world view of a product, it is also an unbiased place to draw convictions on whether to buy a product or not.

And in this case, both products show an impressive rating.

On the surface, it is easy to assume that Chiroflow beat Mediflow in rating.

But is that really the case?

If you consider the number of customers that have reviewed the product, you might start to think otherwise.

For instance, the best Amazon rating for Mediflow is for its original pillow with a 3.9-stars rating out of 5 based on a customer base of 4873. On the flip side, the original Chiroflow has a 4-star rating out of 5 on a customer base of 935.

And when you dig deeper, the Mediflow original fiber has 2,924 5-star rating, which is over 60% of all the ratings. The original Chiroflow has only 561 5-start ratings. In other words, Mediflow Pillows has over 5X 5-stars rating than the Chiroflow pillows in the market.

But it doesn’t matter much—both pillows prove satisfactory enough in the real world.

Which pillow Gives you the Best Overa Value for Your Money?

Now it is time for the question that’s probably on your mind:

“Which pillow is going to give me the best value for my buck?”

It depends on a lot on what pairs with your sleeping position and your preference on the top cushioning.

For instance, if you switch sleep position during the night, to the extent that you experience neck pain, and you desire fluffy comfort, and budgeting isn’t a limiting factor, you’ll love the Mediflow Memory Foam might be the pillow.

But if you’re having neck pain and don’t care so much about the fluffy comfort, you’ll appreciate that you can find what you need in the standard Chiroflow.

With that caveat out of the way, let’s breakdown the pricing of each model of the two brands.

Chiroflow Water Pillow Pricing

If you buy a water pillow from the Chiroflow brand, the price ranges from $33.09 to $56.94 on Amazon. The price will vary depending on the online store you choose to order from.

For $33.09, you get your hand on the Chiroflow travel pillow from Amazon. But you won’t get the full features of a Chiroflow Water Pillow.

The main limitation with the Chiroflow Travel pillow is the sizing. It is only apt for traveling. If you want to get most out of the Chiroflow water pillow, you can advance to the Chiroflow Professional Memory foam pillow.

Mediflow Water Pillow Review

Mediflow pricing is different from Chiroflow with the Trave Pillow going to $34.95 and Mediflow Down going for $99.95 form the manufacturer’s official site.

The $99.95 option presents a plush layer of pure soft floating on the water base. Mediflow presents a wide variety of alternatives and a spread of prices.

When it comes to pure value, Mediflow wins. That’s because it presents many alternatives for you to choose from.

Chiroflow VS. Mediflow: Who’s the Winner

Both Chiroflow and Mediflow are the most refined pillows you can ever get. They present unprecedented support for neck pain and exemplary comfort. They are the top choices available if you’re after water pillows.

It is tough to pick a favorite between the two—and not just because they are water pillows. The refining the manufacturers add to these pillows after adding the water base have divvied the pillows up even more than they appear after pitting their specification against each other.

But it is so clear that both pillows have pivoted to become comfort powerhouses, with a similar spread in designing and maintenance.

However, if you were to go with one of the pillows, you’d have to go with Mediflow Water Base Pillow.

But you can’t go wrong with any of the pillows.

However, taking a big picture of the features, general construction, what the real-world has to say, Mediflow takes the winner crown here.


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