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8 Benefits Of Copper Infused Mattress That Will Leave You In Awe

Minerals have numerous benefits to the human body. Multiple studies from many scientists all conclude to the benefits of various benefits of different minerals to us humans, including boosting immunity, body growth, and body functioning. In this particular article, we bring copper to the center stage, and more specifically, explore the benefits of using a copper-infused mattress. 

Copper is a trace mineral, and such, it can only be absorbed sparingly when brought to contact with the human body. In such small doses, copper brings holistic benefits to the human body. Firstly, copper is essential in the red blood cells, and the skin also needs copper for the production of collagen. The mineral is also essential for the formation of healthy teeth and bone.

Throughout the years, copper’s healing properties, and essential nutrients remain clear and uncotested. Many people have insisted on wearing copper jewelry to ease pain and inflammation. Others rely on copper utensils to date for their daily use. The traces of copper in the cups of flasks provide nutrients that are needed by the body. Doctors insist that a trace of copper a day keeps the doctor away. To this end, many physicians recommend an intake of 900 micrograms of copper a day for individuals aged 12 years and above.

The copper-infused mattress is compressed and the copper particles brought forth and aligned at the surface of the foam mattress.

The copper-infused mattresses come in several forms and aesthetics, often determined by the manufacturer. I managed to compile a list of benefits that would interest the reader.

Here are the benefits;

#1- Copper is a good conductor of heat

The recommended room temperature for a good night’s sleep is between 61F – 66F degrees. Considering this, a hot mattress or a heated room can get quite uncomfortable while sleeping. Using a copper-infused mattress, however, prevents heat accumulation as copper is a good conductor of heat. Moreover, copper can absorb moisture making a copper-infused mattress perfect for continuous cooling throughout the night. The highly conductive nature of copper helps deal with excess body heat. The heat passes through, leaving the mattress cool and comfortable. The copper-infused mattress releases heat through the Air Channel Base. All these features combined work to ensure that you have a temperature neutral bed.

#2- Copper boasts anti-bacterial and microbial effects

Germs are everywhere, even in our beds. Most of these germs accumulate and cause diseases. The same microbial can also accelerate existing health problems. Doctors urge the education of the masses on how to deal with microbial. Copper doesn’t enable germs’ survival on surfaces.

Additionally, copper prevents the growth of fungi that causes bad odor in beds. The mineral helps curb the re-infection of cases of flu during cold seasons. All these features make copper very beneficial to people dealing with allergies. Allergens and cold viruses cannot breed on a surface like copper, and allergic individuals enjoy such a mattress for years. The copper-infused mattress ensures the bed is bacteria-free throughout its use.

As a bonus, copper can keep your bed free from bedbugs and other bugs that love to bite. Say goodbye to those tiny monsters with the copper infused mattress.

#3- The mattress provides superior support

The copper-infused mattress is highly supportive as it has particles compressed that interact with the mattress to create a firming effect. Yes, other mattresses are supportive too. The average human being spends 5 – 8 hours asleep. That is a very long time, whereby ample support and comfort is necessary. A bed that features a copper-infused mattress, sleepers can supports their bodies’ pressure points well.

A well-endowed and supportive mattress will improve the quality of sleep. Good sleep improves mood, productivity, and overall wellbeing. Moreover, a supportive mattress is suited for bone structure and posture. The copper-infused bed surface then allows the mattress to withstand pressure without losing its supportive benefits.

#4- Copper infusion leads to better skin

A good number of people prefer not to use pillows. Such individual would rather rest their faces and the rest of their body on their mattresses. With a bed that has a copper-infused mattress, acne-prone individuals can smile again. Copper motivates the production of skin collagen and connective tissues.

All the connective tissues produced thanks to copper ensure that copper generates properties that are good for the skin as you sleep. The mineral properties also induce the healing and repair properties of the skin. That is why copper properties assure the sleeper enjoys youthful skin. Accordingly, copper-infused mattresses, thus, give a newer, more profound meaning to beauty sleep.

#5- The anti-inflammatory properties

Does copper have anti-inflammatory properties? Yes, it’s known to have exceptional anti-inflammatory properties. Inflammation within the body occurs when the body finds itself in undue stress arising from among other activities, injury, diseases, or rigorous exercises. Its inflammatory properties have seen it been used by athletes and gymnasts. While athletes and gymnasts are likely to suffer from inflamed joints and sore muscles, copper and other minerals provide relief to such joints and sore .

Another use of copper is to help minimize the effects of arthritis, a disease that affects the bones. This disease leaves the patients very vulnerable. The copper-infused mattress comes in handy for patients that suffer from inflammation. The anti-inflammatory effect of copper help minimize the symptoms. The copper properties in the bed allow the body to repair itself for a quick recovery.

#6- Boosts the immune system

All the benefits of the copper-infused mattress stated above point to a better immune system. Ample and comfortable sleep boosts an individual’s immunity. Good sleep helps the body tackle exhaustion.

Our body has both good and bad bacteria that ensure balance but when the bad bacterium exceeds the beneficial, then one is bound to get sick. The copper within the mattress kills the bacteria for better health. Better overall health equates to a stronger immune system. Copper counteracts flu causing microbial while you sleep. A body that is not under attack provides for a very healthy body. Healthier and the high functioning body creates stronger immunity.

#7- Better hygiene

Cleanliness has always been next to godliness. Generally, cleaner surfaces look and feel better than dirtier surfaces and the same applies to a cleaner mattress. It boosts confidence while also giving a good first impression.

An individual is more appealing, magnetic, and can appear instantly relatable when their bedroom is in prime shape. A copper-infused mattress will ensure a clean bed consistently.

#8- Longer lifespan

The quality and the manufacturing process of the copper-infused mattress assure users of the product’s prolonged lifespan. The copper compression makes it firmer, more supportive, and long-lasting. Back pain and uncomfortable sleeping positions will cease to be a persistent problem too.

One of the reasons most people change their mattress is because of the bad odor. As the mattress ages, it starts smelling and attracting microorganisms. The unsuspecting user might start experiencing allergies and flu constantly. Such frequent visits to the doctor might weaken the immunity of the individual.

With the copper infused mattress, the lifespan of both the mattress and the user is usually extended.


Continuous humidification, combined with the sweat produced by the human body, is a toxic mix. During lengthy sleep schedules, many people experience both instances. Every night the human body and its environment emit toxins as the body repairs itself. Now imagine the number of invisible bacteria and fungus that exists in one person’s bedroom. Wouldn’t it be better to have a mattress that makes it hard for such bacteria to survive? The elements of copper, on top of other benefits, increase circulation. Good circulation in the body will improve the condition of the arteries. When blood flows as is required, the body releases toxins. The process of releasing toxins is called detoxification, which in turn improves overall health. There has been evidence that the users of the copper-infused mattress reported higher energy levels. The minerals in copper and a good night’s sleep facilitated the energy boosts.

So get yourself a copper-infused mattress today, and begin to enjoy all these benefits instantly.


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