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10 of the Best Pillows to Help with your Jaw Clenching

Teeth grinding is usually associated with anxiety or stress. However, under particular conditions, some conditions can bring about teeth grinding when asleep. The correct medical term for this condition is Sleep Bruxism, and about one in every ten individuals will suffer from the condition without being aware of the same. For individuals will experience an involuntary, repetitive, and rhythmic movement of jaw muscles when suffering from this sleep-related condition. Diagnosis of the condition can be all but confirmed when such jaw movements occur at a rate exceeding two times every hour.

Several factors can contribute to the onset of sleep bruxism. Many physicians suggest sleep apnea to be one of the leading factors that contribute to jaw clenching. On the same breath, the condition can also be influenced by genetics, or be an unwelcome side effect from the use of various types of drugs and prescriptions.

Irregular neck and head posture as you sleep is yet another factor that can bring about sleep bruxism. Accordingly, investing in the proper pillow, and other bed accessories is a sure way to prevent jaw clenching. Such an investment can also help reduce instances of teeth grinding and other sleep-related conditions such as TMJ.

Here are the top 10 options for pillows that are guarantee to help you solve sleep bruxism.

1. CORE PRODUCTS Cervical Pillow

The pillow above is one of the leading offerings from Core Products. The pillow works to effectively help individuals tackle pain related to TMJ, Jaw clenching, poor neck support, jaw displacement, and general headaches.

The pillow’s design features a divot that provides ample support while sleeping. This design helps prevents one from suddenly shifting positions to sleep on their back or stomach, while their head is still facing the side. In doing so, users can enjoy more comfortable sleep without the pains associated with poor sleep posture.

Another advantage of using the pillow is that the pillow’s design allows you to switch height settings by switching between the sides. Consequently, it is quite easy to switch between the higher and shorter end of the pillow by flipping the same.

2. LUMALIFE Orthopaedic Cervical Pillow

This pillow by Lumalife Luxury is another suitable option when looking for the best pillow for jaw clenching solutions. The pillow is made exclusively from latex foam, and it also features a removable pillow cover made of Tencel. Accordingly, the pillow’s design reduces the stress suffered by the chin and reduces the jaw clenching and teeth grinding.

As a bonus, the pillow’s unique design also helps rid the face of wrinkles caused by sleep lines.

3. ACCUTRIG TMJ Relief Pillow

Another contender for the best pillow for jaw clenching patients is the Accurtig TMJ pillow. The pillow is also among the much cheaper pillow alternatives should you be shopping for a pillow. It helps with your teeth grinding and other sleep-related conditions.

The pillow’s unique design helps you relieve tension on your head and neck area. Using it frequently could help you forego the need for further therapy as it can relieve tension or stretch out muscles in the problem area. Individuals that suffer from sleep bruxism can, thus, benefit greatly from investing in the above pillow.

4. Pure Comfort: Side Sleeping Pillow

This pillow comes highly recommended for individuals that suffer from jaw clenching. The pillow features two holes conveniently placed for your ears, which is an especially useful feature for side sleepers. The two holes ensure that your ear is not flattened as you lay on the side, and this should work to alleviate any pain suffered on the ear, neck, or jaw.

While the pillow’s size might be too small if you prefer options covering the entire bed, it still performs its job perfectly despite its miniature size. This guarantees you more comfortable sleep thanks to the pillows very soft and non-toxic fabric.

5. MARNUR Cervical Pillow

The Marnur pillow above is a suitable companion for various sleep-related conditions such as TMJ and sleep bruxism. The pillow has a perfect design and a contour shape that works to perfectly support your head and neck while sleeping.

The high and low, curved shape of the memory foam helps sleepers achieve better breathing. It also offers ample support for the shoulders.

What’s more, the pillow also features a zipped pillowcase made from rayon and polyester. The above pillowcase is easily washable by machine and hand ensuring it remains clean, breathable and prolongs its life.

6. LOFT TMJ Pillow

The loft pillow on its part features 3” of pure comfort and the size options also vary to enable small and larger cervical support. The variation in sizes comes in handy for users and enables each individual to get the optimal alignment and support with every night’s sleep.

The pillow’s unique design also helps alleviate various sleep-related conditions such as sleep apnea and TMJ. While the 3″ are too thin for some individuals, the pillow can also be customized to better suit the user’s level of support.

The pillow is a suitable partner for all individuals due to this flexibility and versatility as it suits all sleeping positions. 

7. Tempur-Pedic TEMPUR-Cloud Breeze Dual Cooling Pillow

The above pillow is among the pricier options on this list. However, it is highly unlikely that you could go wrong with this option by Tempur-Pedic. The pillow is one of the few pillows that come with self-cooling memory foam thus enabling more comfortable sleep, all night long.

Furthermore, the memory foam is also designed with custom pressure relieving properties to allow your shoulders, neck, and head all receive superior comfort. Given this feature helps the pillow earn a high user rating with types of sleepers, including side, stomach, and back sleepers.

The removable and washable pillowcase cover also comes as a bonus. It ensures the pillow remains breathable and fresh, while also ensuring a longer lifespan.

8. PureComfort – Internet’s Most Advanced Pillow

To hold the bragging rights as ‘The Internet’s Most Advanced Pillow’ is no mean feat. However, an analysis of PureComfort’s claim with their pillow above reveals that the above claim might be rightly placed. Firstly, the PureComfort pillows above come with a curved Gusset design that works to better support the body’s alignment all through the night. The pillow also comes with an adjustable loft as the memory foam density you can add or remove accordingly, to achieve optimum comfort. This elasticity helps the pillow offer optimum support for its users regardless of their sleeping preferences i.e., back, stomach, or side sleepers.

Furthermore, users get to enjoy the hypoallergenic features present in the pillow. By resisting mite, dust, and other allergens, the pillow ensures that its users enjoy maximum comfort while sleeping. The pillow cover is also removable and extremely easy to clean, ensuring an even greater lifespan. PureComfort trusts their pillow so much that they’ve included a 5-year guarantee promising to replace it should it go flat within the time.

9. IKSTAR Memory-Foam Pillow

IKSTAR’s pillow is another stellar option when looking for the best pillow for jaw clenching relief. The pillow is made exclusively from contour memory foam. This property helps the pillow adjust its shaper as per your facial and neck features, enabling superior support for the entire night. The pillow’s design also features an ergonomically superior that includes a hollow center for your head. The material around the pillow is also slow to rebound and adjust, helping the head and neck achieve optimal spinal alignment.

The pillow’s ability to support the neck and shoulders make it a suitable option for pain relief for both your back and neck. Its unique shape and one can perfectly rest their head after a tiring day, actively relieve pressure from the most intense points, while also improving the air and blood circulation.

What’s more? There’s the option to return the product within 30 days for a full refund should it not meet your needs immaculately. However, you are unlikely to activate this refund policy, considering the glowing reviews received for the product by previous customers.

10. OCESOPH Memory Foam Pillow

The final pillow in our list is the Ocesoph pillow. It has contoured design working to ensure the neck, upper back, shoulders, and head are all well-supported while sleeping. The pillow is comprises memory foam of premium quality, and this helps with proper cradling of your body shape. The memory foam responds both to the varying levels of pressure and heat from the body. In the process, the pillow works to guarantees superior comfort while sleeping by being soft but firm.

One downside to the above pillow is that it is almost exclusively ideal for back and sleepers. It doesn’t offer much support to those who sleep on their stomach. Unlike a traditional pillow, the Ocesoph pillow’s design minds your neck’s cervical contour. This design feature helps the pillow offer much-needed support while also maintaining the neck’s natural curve.


Teeth Grinding and jaw clenching are conditions that one should look to solve as soon as possible, even when there’s no visible pain attributable to the condition. Such an intervention acts to prevent further deterioration of the teeth’ outer layers and, in the process safeguarding your dental formula from bacteria, viruses, and other germs.

To tackle sleep bruxism, is this a positive step towards ensuring your teeth remain painless, in perfect health, and without visible fractures?

With the right pillow, a proper night’s sleep is possible, and so is minimal jaw clenching. So, get yourself the best pillow option from the above list today.


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