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Best Cribs for Short Moms (2020 Short Mom’s Guide)

One of the biggest struggles a short mom will encounter is working their way around their baby’s crib. Standard sized cribs are often a bit too tall if you’re a short mom, and putting your baby to sleep in one takes some negotiation. It is because of this that low profile cribs for short moms are such a necessity.  

Sleep time often entails stretching to your toes end, and doing this frequently could risk exposing your back to health problems. What’s even scarier is the thought that you might drop your baby awkwardly while putting them to bed. Not forgetting the risk of falling that you constantly expose yourself to, if you decide to use a few books or a short stool to prop up your height.

However, there’s an easy solution to all this, and life could be a little easier if you get a short crib. Typically, any crib that’s 35 inches and below can be classified as a short crib. As a rule of thumb too, a short crib should only come up to your waist.

Read on to learn everything there is to know about short cribs, alternative hacks, and the best crib options for short moms today.

Can Short Mothers Find Suitably Sized Cribs for their Children?

Yes, there are cribs in the market that are of a shorter height. While the standard baby cribs are over 40 inches high, anything below 35 inches is considered a short cradle.

The average height for most short moms is 5 feet. Accordingly, heights within the 5’2″ to 5’9″ would mostly do well to consider a short crib. With some moms being as short as 4’10” low profile cribs for short moms become a true necessity.

Finding a short crib to suit your specific height is possible. However, it might take some time to find the perfect option for your baby. Choosing from the many options for low profile cribs for short moms could be a daunting task, but there’s no need to be overwhelmed.

Have a look at the reviews from other users below, before venturing to shop for your baby crib.

1. Babyletto Hudson Convertible Crib

The Babyletto Hudson is one of the best short cribs for moms in the market. The cradle comes with aesthetics that are pleasing to the eyes, and its lightweight design makes it a perfect fit for most short moms.

The crib is also the perfect height for low profile cribs for short moms. It stands at 35″, which is one of the lowest options currently in the market. As a bonus, the legs are also removable to cater for even shorter moms. Consequently, you can simply remove the legs if you still find the crib to be a little too high.

The bed has adjustable height settings making it perfect for children across a wide range of ages, from newborns to toddlers. Given the above configuration, moms can easily convert the crib from a daybed to a toddler bed. Every crib sold by the manufacturer comes with the necessary conversion kit and some toddler rails to enable this conversion, and it is at no extra cost.

The crib also features all the necessary features that a toddler should have. These include the use of non-toxic colors and the use of certified New Zealand soft pine wood.


  • The crib is convertible to enable multi-purpose use (day bed and toddler bed).
  • It is lightweight and durable
  • It is entirely safe as it features non-toxic colors
  • Features removable legs and an adjustable mattress height
  • The round slates enhance the crib’s safety and make it more visually pleasing


  • None so far

2. Delta Children Convertible Baby Crib

This crib option boasts great versatility for short moms. While it comes with the optimal height for a low profile crib at 35”, the height is also easily adjustable across four different height options. Moreover, the crib’s use can be altered to become a crib, daybed, toddler bed, and a full-sized bed. This convertibility ensures that a mom gets the maximum value for their cash. However, you will need to buy the full-size bed rail and the toddler rail separately to enjoy the crib’s full features.

The crib’s 3-size adjustable mattress also serves to make the crib a perfect fit for you and your baby. It can, thus, accommodate both the taller and shorter moms.

It is also perfectly safe as it complies with various safety standards, including ASTM and CPSC. The only downside is that the new crib smell is quite strong and takes some time to disappear. Yet, the problem can be easily solved by keeping your doors and windows open to allow for greater air circulation.


  • Mattress height can be adjusted across three levels.
  • It is easy to assemble, and mommies will not need to use complicated tools.
  • The height is suitable for smaller moms.
  • It is incredibly convenient and versatile.


  • The smell of the new wood can be annoying.

3. Union Crib

The union crib is one of the most convenient low profile cribs for short moms, especially when on a budget. The union crib is a safe bet when shopping for a crib exclusively, as it will offer the same values as some of the more versatile cribs in the market. It can also be used as a daybed if you commit a little extra cash and purchase the conversion kit. According to reviews from various customers, the conversion kit provided is below par. What’s more, the crib can only be converted to a daybed.

The union crib is the shortest in the market as it stands at 33.5”, and it also comes with an adjustable mattress setting across four levels; just perfect for a petite mom.

The wood quality used also makes it exemplary good for its price. It uses pinewood of a similar quality found in other cribs. The wood quality also complies with the standard safety certifications.


  • It has a minimalist design
  • Takes less than an hour to assemble
  • Has a super-friendly budget
  • Has short legs
  • Its mattress is adjustable across four levels


  • The pain has been reported to chip away, especially when the baby starts teething. (This is not a safety issue though).

Graco Remi Convertible Crib

The Graco Remi Crib is a bit pricey compared to other options in the market. However, it also offers excellent value for money compared to other low profile cribs in the market. Beyond its use as a toddler bed that can also be converted to a daybed, the cradle also comes with a changing table and significantly more storage space.

The changing space featured is perfect for your baby’s diaper change. The size of the space is also ideal for newborns, up to 2 years.

The crib’s storage space features three standard drawers and two open shelves. The space beneath the crib can also be repurposed into a large drawer should you need the extra storage space. The crib is the ultimate space saver for small homes, considering all the space it offers.

Standing at 35.9”, it’s a bit taller than other low profile cribs for short moms in the market. It is, however, low enough to adequately serve the needs of petite moms. While it could be a bit sturdier, the overall good quality is also sufficient.


  • The drawers and shelves offer the most storage space.
  • The mattress height is adjustable across three height levels.
  • The attached changing table also offers more value for money.


  • Crib assembly can be a lengthy process as the parts are not well labeled.

Dream On Me Violet Crib

The violet crib is the bestselling option by dream on me to date and is an excellent low profile crib option for short moms.

The crib functionality and design make it perfect shorter moms even though its height is slightly taller at 39″. It features a wave design, and mommies can access the crib from the lower side. The mattress height is also adjustable across four levels enabling easier accessibility by mommies.

What’s more, the violet crib above features the most versatility. Other than having the ability to be converted into a toddler and day bed, the crib can also be used as a full-sized bed or twin bed should you get the two cribs.

The unit is, however, quite heavy and requires at least two people to assemble. The stickers to be found on the crib during assembly could also be quite frustrating, but peeling them off shouldn’t be exceedingly hard.


  • A design friendly to short moms
  • Unbeatable, 7-way versatility
  • Budget-friendly price
  • A mattress that’s easily adjustable across four levels
  • High-quality construction


  • Assembly requires two or more hands.

Best Low Profile Crib – Buyers Guide

Do you need a low profile crib?

Using a standard-sized crib can pose a constant danger for short moms. Such cribs require you to force your body into awkward positions time and again as you lift your baby from their bed and put them to sleep.

Such constant straining can also be harmful to your health, your back especially. Accordingly, finding a low profile crib for short moms is thus essential, particularly when you suffer from back problems.

What to Look for Short Height Crib

i. Optimal Height for Short Moms

You can consider yourself a short mom if your height is within 5 feet, give or take a few inches. Given the above height, the optimal height for a low profile crib falls between 35” to 37”.

While shopping for a crib, also consider the height-adjustable features present in the crib, as it will determine the perfect height. Accordingly, you can get to select a height that will ensure you don’t strain or have you drop your baby onto the mattress, no matter how soft.

ii. Versatility

For the money spent, you’ll also want to buy a crib that can be converted from a toddler bed to a daybed and vice versa. Such versatility will ensure you get the best value for your money, and its use can be altered to ensure continued use even with the baby’s growth.

As a rule of thumb, too, be sure to consider cribs that come with a toddler rail. While such a rail is not mandatory, getting a free rail with your crib purchase can save you a couple of dollars.

Versatility can also be seen in the storage space provided by the crib. The more storage space available at the bottom or side of the crib, the better. Such storage will ensure that your diapers and baby foods are correctly stored.

iii. Adjustable mattress height

Short moms will also greatly enjoy the adjustable height feature when it is included in a low profile crib. While most options in the market today feature 2 – 3 adjustable height levels, the 3-level height is most preferred.

The above feature gives you more freedom to adjust the height accordingly to better protect your baby, whether they are still non-mobile or have just learned to crawl and climb. Not only will the adjustable mattress help ensure the baby’s safety, but it also makes it easier for you to reach the mattress as you pick up or put the baby to sleep.

iv. Safety Features

As a mom, your baby’s safety should always be your top priority. You should thus be sure to confirm the cribs safely features before making any purchase.

Firstly, ensure that the crib you purchase is stable, and with solid feet. The materials that make the crib should also be non-toxic to ensure the baby is not harmed by chemical components found in the paints. There are various standardization safety certification tests available that can act to reassure mothers before making a purchase. Most manufacturers list their safety certifications proudly, and it should not be hard to ascertain a crib’s safety.

Crib safety is also enhanced by the gaps between the crib slats being not more than 2.5 inches. Any gaps bigger than this leave the baby at risk of having their hand, leg, or even head getting stuck. The slats should also not have a gap with the mattress not exceeding more than a two-finger width.

v. Removable Legs

The removable legs might not be necessary when shopping for a low profile crib for short moms. However, this feature might still be essential if your height is between four and five inches. The Babyletto Hudson should be perfect if you seek such an advantage.

vi. The Crib Weight

The crib weight should not be a significant factor that affects your purchase. However, a lightweight crib is likely to be better suited for you if you’re a single mother, particularly petite or back problems. A heavier crib would generally be hard to lift. In such cases, be advised to avoid options that come with extra storage spaces. 

Crib Hacks for Short Moms

While a short crib is the preferred way to go if you are a short mom, there are a few easy solutions if you have a standard crib at home already. While the average height for such a crib makes it a struggle for short moms, the 42″ crib can be modified with a few hacks to make your life easier.

If you have the cash to spare too, splashing a little on a low profile crib would be a worthy investment. However, you could also consider some of the hacks below if the money is a bit tight.

i. Use a Crib Step Stool

One possible hack you can employ to gain greater access to your baby is to use a step stool. The stool is an easy way to elevate your height instantly and have you reach even the furthest corners of the baby’s crib.

Moreover, there are many options for a step stool that you can choose from, made of either wood or plastic. However, you should choose a step stool that’s right for you in terms of stability, safety, and durability.

The very first requirement to check off your checklist is the stool’s stability. Should it be unstable, even in the least compromises both you and your baby’s safety, the risk of slipping and falling is amplified significantly.

ii. Ask for help from your partner

You might be a short mom, but that doesn’t necessarily make your husband short, too, right? While it is sometimes the case, you can always enlist your hubby’s help if he is taller.

Having your husband around would help save you plenty of hassles as you can always ask him to help with the baby. However, every time he’s not around might leave you a bit inconvenienced.

iii. Adjust the mattress height

A little known fact is that most baby cribs today are fitted with adjustable mattress heights. The height settings to choose from can be as many as 3 to 4, depending on the crib brand you have.

This adjustable height feature can come pretty much in handy as you can have the mattress be closer to the rails. By doing so, it becomes instantly easier to reach your baby and put them to sleep. Instructions on how to adjust the mattress height are often found in the crib’s instruction manual and should be easy enough to follow.

However, you might be forced to return to the crib’s default height as the baby grows and can finally stand. Doing so is necessary to ensure the safety of the baby.

iv. Saw The Legs off

This solution is the next best and most permanent thing after buying a low profile crib. By cutting down your standard crib’s legs, you can have better access to all corners of your crib without any help.

You, however, need to ensure that you cut off a uniform height from all four legs. All four cuts should also be straight and not slanted. This formula is the only way to avoid having a baby bed that’s stable and not shaky.

While cutting the legs off will instantly make the bed more suitable for short moms, it also avoids any attached warranty that might have been assigned.


The plight of short moms, when it comes to standard-height cribs cannot be overstated. While they might be assumed to be of a standard height, such cribs make it hard for a short mom to interact comfortably with their baby. It is also a huge struggle to put the baby to sleep, or lift them off the crib when they wake up.

However, we hope that this post has enlightened you on some of the most useful hacks that can make it easier to use a standard-sized crib.

Investing in a low profile crib for short moms is a better and more permanent solution, though. Such a crib and its low profile will enable you to interact with your baby comfortably without straining.

By reading through our reviews too, you can get to choose the best option for you from our five top picks for low profile cribs for short mommies. 


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