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Mediflow Waterbase Pillow Review—All you Need to Know

When you experience neck-pain at night, the most likely reaction is to change your sleep position. But sometimes, even that doesn’t work.

Truth is, the sleep position may be far less of a concern. The root of the problem may have to do with the lack of neck support.

Most people who experience neck and shoulder pain would rather invest in quality neck support. Of course, the simplest form of neck support is a pillow. But do all types of pillows give good results? The answer is NO.

For people with frustrating neck pains, it is always advisable to seek a more customized solution.

Science says the unconventional water-base pillow might be what your neck needs.

In fact, researchers from Johns Hopkins University found that a water-based pillow is the most effective for encountering pain.

According to the study:

  • Mediflow Waterbase stands out overall against other pillow types in all aspects of quality sleep that the research-tested.
  • The pillow restores the user’s energy. It improves sleep quality and reverses the negative effect of fatigue.
  • The Waterbase Pillow freshens the user’s appearance. Because of the enhanced sleep, the user’s skin rejuvenates, and wrinkles ease.
  • The pillow soothes daily stress—because of the uninterrupted sleep, the pillow improves coping skills.

Out of the lab, the real world is also saying a lot about water-based technology in the pillow. Over 3,000 Amazon customers recommend the Mediflow Waterbase pillow.

Here are some things people say:

  • Media flow Waterbase pillow has an excellent support system that allows the user to adjusts to its exact level of firmness.
  • The Orthopaedic Pillow is a clinically proven option to reduce neck pain and improve overall sleep quality.
  • It works with all sleep positions.
  • It has fully lined with insulating fiber and works by using a water-filled base. The base effectively adjusts to your specific body size and shape.

Should we trust them? Let’s find out.

How Does MediFlow Pillow Achieve Prevent Neck Pain?

The most straightforward answer to that question is: It uses a sophisticated water-based technology that no one had ever thought of before.

Inside the Mediflow Waterbase Pillow is a water pouch covered with a thick layer of polyester.

The thick layer gives the Mediflow Pillow a fluffy cushioning that supports the user’s head. The water chamber presents flexible movement, support, and adjustable height.

In the exterior, the casing is made of a 100% high-count cotton threading material for a soft, smooth, hotel-quality feel that stays cool and comfortable during sleep.

The ability to customize the height of support and the response to change in body position that the water base presents makes the pillow effective in preventing neck pain.

The manufacturer’s primary aim of designing this pillow was to reduce neck pain and lower the chance of getting a stiff neck in the morning.

The pillow is non-selective of the sleeping position. And it has plenty of surface space to accommodate side sleepers who like to place their pillow to their back or stomachs.

Since its launch, the pillow has gradually exceeded the manufacturer’s aim. Today, water-based technology works great for pregnant women who want to add support to their stomachs without creating unnecessary pressure when they move.

If you’re wondering how to use this strange pillow, let’s delve deeper.

How Does One Use the Pillow?          

The Mediflow Waterbase Pillow is very easy to use. But let’s break down the process  to make it even easier:

  1. Adding water
  2. Removing the Air pocket Away from the water pouch for maximum efficacy

How to add water to Mediflow Pillow?

The Mediflow Waterbase pillow comes with an outstanding dual-purpose tool to quickly fill the water pouch and customize firmness and comfort level.

The filling process isn’t complicated. But there is a catch – You must proceed with caution to avoid spilling water.

If you are not sure how to proceed, the guide below should take you through the process in no time:

Step 1:

First, loosen the valve cap of the pillow. Insert the dual-purpose tool that the pillow comes within the valve cap and use it as a wrench. Turn the tool in an anti-clockwise motion to loosen and remove the lid.

Step 2:

Next, use the dual-purpose tool as a funnel to add water. Insert the tool to the opening and tighten it to use it as a funnel.

Step 3:

Then, hold the pillow upright and fill the water pouch with the amount of water that gives you the firmness you desire.

Now you have the water pouch filled with water; you must eliminate air pockets from the pillow to fully enjoy its benefits.

Step 4:

Separate the air pocket from the water pocket.

Step 5

Using your fingers, push down the pillow until you reach the top level of the water pouch, as shown in the figure below.

Step 6

Next, flatten other parts of the water pouch in a sweeping motion to eliminate any air that might be remaining.

Step 7

Without retracting the pressure, replace the cap. You can use the wrench tool to tighten the cape completely.

Quick Note: The value you get from the Mediflow Water pillow depends on how well you remove the pillow’s air pocket. So you might want to be very strategic about how to go about it.

To give you an extra boost, let’s breakdown the type of water you should use in the Mediflow pillow.

What type of water should you use to fill the water pouch?

The Mediflow Waterbase pillow requires no special water or extra chemicals. Instead, there is some basic fact you should consider:

  • First, only use cold or lukewarm tap water. The water temperature should not exceed 38°C or 100.4°F.
  • Only replace the water in the pouch after a year.
  • Suppose you choose to use tap water, do not add any chemical.
  • However, when you choose to use water from the well, add a drop of bleach to the water.

And that’s all.

In case you’re having a hard time getting the right firmness of the pillow, remember that the more water you add, the firmer the pillow will become. The opposite is true.

Most users report instant neck pain relief. However, it isn’t uncommon for one to take two to three days before feeling the full comfort effect because the neck needs time to get used to a different shape.

But how exactly does Mediflow Water pillow prevent neck pains?

How does the Orthopaedic pIllow work for Neck Pain?

The original aim of the manufacturer of Mediflow Water Pillow was to alleviate neck pain that results from the wrong sleep position.

The pillow achieves this by utilizing a soft, hypoallergenic fiber filling that an easy-to-fill water pouch supports. The water pouch allows the pillow to adjust accurately to the shape of your neck.

One of the most unique features of this pillow is the ability to offer responsive head and neck support. There’s no waking up amid the night to fluff or re-stuff as in the typical pillow.

As you can tell from the device’s name, the pillow is full of water. This means minimal staffing.

All the support that your neck and head get comes from water that a plastic pouch holds. And you’re the one that will fill the pillow.

After all, a person’s sleeping position combined with a proper pillow is what determines how your lower back and neck will feel when you wake up.

How does this Pillow Do Different?

Up to now, you can readily tell how others form different Mediflow water.

But here is one feature that separates Mediflow pillow from the rest:

A typical pillow can feel good at first, but it loses its shape, support, and comfort after a few hours of sleep because of de-stuffing. Then you’ll have to wake up, fluff, and reshape the pillow. In the process, you lose precious sleep-time, and most of the time, those pillows will not feel as good again.

But that isn’t the case with the Mediflow Water pillow. It retains its shape all night long, moves as your body switch positions, and takes the pressure off your head and neck by distributing the weight of your body as you move. It is uncommon for a pillow to be adjustable.

The responsive support is because you’ll fill the pillow with water to do the supporting job—all these without spending a fortune.

The designing of the Mediflow  Water Pillow

The Mediflow Waterbase pillow has three layers of different materials that help make sure it lasts longer, providing maximum comfort. The three layers entail:

  1. A top layer of super-soft hypoallergenic DuPont polyester above the water chamber
  2. A NASA-developed thermal insulating layer prevents water loss. This layer is made of polyester fiber to help maintain cooling temperature when a user sleeps.

If you like the cold feel of the water better than the warmer  part, you can always flip over to the cooler side of the pillow

  1. And the base of a water pouch that provides the responsive head and neck support. You do not have to remove the water pouch when filling it with water. Instead, the manufacturer presents a funnel-like tool to get the job done quickly.

All you have to do is unscrew the funnel-like device, then add or reduce the water levels. After adding water to the firmness, you desire, use the same tool to cap off the water pouch to avoid the leakage.


The pillow’s material will vary depending on the model you choose to settle with because the manufacturer presents a variety.

For instance, the original model employs an insulating, resilient polyester casing at the top, which encloses a 100% cotton cover Hypoallergenic shell to provide exceptional comfort.

The Memory Foam model utilizes a European memory foam that surrounds a fully sealed insulated water pouch. All these are surrounded by 1005 hypoallergic cotton shells.

And more models are coming with different materials. However, one thing in common:

All are models that utilize materials that are clinically proven and exemplary comfortable.

Product Sizing

The orthopedic pillow is large enough to fit a standard pillowcase featuring dimensions of 50.5cm x 71cm. What’s more, it weighs 0.9 kg and increases with the amount of water you add.

The sizing too varies depending on the model you choose.

Who Is Behind the Mediflow Waterbase Pillow

The founder of Mediflow, Maurice Bard, dreamed up the idea for a water pillow after suffering injuries in a car collision more than two decades ago.

Amid chronic pain, Maurice Bard placed a bottle of hot water under his pillow and experience unconventional comfort. The exceptional comfort sparked an idea to design a pillow that would present the same responsive neck support and comfort.

Maurice Bard sought specialists’ approval to engineering a pillow with an internal pouch that one can fill with or drain water to adjust the pillow loft and firmness.

So in 1994, Bard and his specialist started producing reliable, firm, high-quality support pillows using the water-base technology. The company being the first manufacturer ever to create a water pillow commercial.

When it reached the market, the pillow attracted the attention of the world. First, it was the scientific world.

Researchers from Johns Hopkin University took the pillow to the lab and put it to test. And they found pretty convincing findings.

In fact, the study concluded that:

  • Mediflow Waterbase best overall against other pillow types in all aspects of quality sleep tested
  • The pillow restores the user’s energy. It improves sleep quality and reverses the negative effect of fatigue,
  • The Waterbase Pillow freshens the user’s appearance—because of the enhanced sleep, the user’s skin rejuvenates and wrinkle eases
  • The pillow soothes daily stress—because of the uninterrupted sleep, the pillow comes with improved coping skills.

Next came the consumer world. Today the manufacturer supplies to over 10,000 health care clinics, and they have sold over 5,000,000 water pillows up to date.

But Mediflow pillows are more of a consumer product than something medical. As a result, the FDA isn’t concern about it and requires no FDA approval.

However, the Better Business Burea (BBB)has some information about Mediflow. The company has sold several millions of pillows, but the BBB has only received one complaint about them.

Who is Mediflow Watebase Pillow Recommended for?

The comfort and the alignment Mediflow presents have turned it from a product that only relieves neck pain to one that increases sleep quality.

However, it works best for persons with:

  • Neck pain
  • Whiplash
  • Concussion
  • Snoring
  • Poor quality of sleep
  • Stiff neck
  • Back pain
  • Migraine
  • Cervical stenosis

Even though this pillow’s original intention was originally intended to eliminate neck pain, you can use it to reduce erratic sleep patterns.

How Much Better Will You Sleep?

Up to date, the Waterbase Pillow has more than five million users across the globe. And nearly everyone says that after trying everything to beat neck pain, the Mediflow Water pillow comes out on top.

Therefore, along with the right mattress, a pillow aligns the spine correctly and keeps you comfortable is the best way to avoid injury and pains from improper sleep positions.

And that’s what Mediflow Waterbase Pillow presents. It supports the user’s head, neck, and upper back in a position that prevents strain and injury.

Knowing that many problems occur when one move or change positions during the night on a standard pillow. This Mediflow Waterbase Pillow present responsive support adjusts with the body.

How Comfortable is the Mediflow Pillow?

The pillow is far much comfortable to sleep on. Like any other pillow, resting your head on the pillow feels the same.

But one thing stands out: The depth of comfort.

Though the pillow is full of water, your head won’t move from side to side. Instead, it will sink into the material with a deep level of relaxation.

Will the Pillow Work for Side Sleepers?

There are many support pillows in the market, but most only work for one or two sleeping positions.

But that isn’t the case with Mediflow Waterbase. The pillow has an inner water chamber that you fill to customize comfort.

The customizable comfort allows persons who sleep on their sides to adjust to a height that keeps their head level with the spine. People who sleep on their back and stomach can lower the pillow height to push their heads out of line.

In other words, the pillow works excellent with all sleep positions. It is non-compromising whether you sleep on the side, back, or stomach. You can toss and turn all you want through the night, and the pillow will continue to support you from till the next morning.

How Long Will Mediflow Waterbase Pillow last?

The Mediflow Waterbase Pillow is a bit pricey than regular pillows. However, it utilizes a DuPont polyester fiber layer above a thermal insulating layer. This ensures the pillow will not lose its stiffness over time.

How To Maintain Mediflow Waterbase Pillow

The orthopedic pillow does not require a lot of maintenance. But to ensure it lasts longer, here are some measures you can take:

  1. Insert it into a standard size pillowcase
  2. Machine wash delicate—gentle cycle, cold water, extra spin
  3. You do not need to fluff the pillow for comfort
  4. Empty the water pouch yearly
  5. Do not bleach it when cleaning
  6. Avoid ironing
  7. Avoid dry cleaning
  8. Instead, tumble dry—low heat

The cover comes off to allow you easy access to the fill chamber to adjust the water levels. You require no chemicals to keep the water fresh.

The tight seal on the water section allows you to keep the water in good condition for up to a year without refilling. And since no light can get through the thick padding, no algae or other contaminants can form.

The pillowcase is easily washable for a clean, fresh surface whenever you need it. Just remove it and toss it in a washing machine.

Which side of the pillow Should one Lie on?

The pillow features a water valve in the underside allowing the user to fill it ideally plumpness. It is recommendable you sleep on the opposite side of the pillow for optimal comfort.

The Advantages of the Mediflow Waterbase Pillow

  • It has a loft height
  • You can customize the filling
  • Very cool to sleep on
  • Affordable
  • Reduce any intensity of pain that one might have on the back, head, neck, and ear
  • Customizable comfort
  • Has 1-year money-back guarantee
  • Help prevent sore ears

The Disadvantages of the Mediflow Waterbase Pillow

Like any other great product, Mediflow Waterbase Pillow has some minor flaws.

  • First, the pillow is a bit heavier than the typical pillow. This is because water weighs a lot, making this pillow cumbersome at first. However, when you get used to the feel and weight, this will no longer be a problem. After all, the generous support that comes with the pillow will make you forget about everything.
  • Some user complains of the swishing noises at night from the water

Mediflow Waterbase Pillow and Snoring

The Mediflow Waterbase pillow is not precisely targeting people with snoring problems.

The pillow might help the user sleep better, and there is a chance that it could help keep a person from snoring. However, the pillow is not a stand-alone snoring solution.

The primary purpose of this product is to reduce neck pain and enhance sleep quality. This is achieved by adjusting the amount of water inside the pillow until it feels just right.

This comfort makes some folks think that the Mediflow Waterbase pillow can help stop snoring. In a way, they might be right, but only to some degree. The fact remains – the pillow alone won’t eliminate snoring.

Suppose you’re using an anti-snoring device of some kind. In that case, you might experience improved results by combining it with the pillow.

That said, it comes with plenty of benefits. You can expect improved sleep quality and more restless nights.

Mediflow Waterbase Pillow Review: Final Verdict

A wrong pillow can kink your neck, intensify headaches, and leave you tossing and turning till dawn. It might even cramp up your shoulders.

The Mediflow Waterbase Pillow saves you from all these.  

The pillow is customizable in shape and size to provide a right lift for your head while keeping your body in a comfy neutral position.

It responds to movement to maintain the support as you sleep. And it ranks as one of the best solutions for improving sleep quality.

If you’re looking for a perfect headrest, the Mediflow Waterbase Pillow is a good investment


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