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My Snoring Solution Review—How does this Anti-Snoring Chinstrap Hold up?

In the anti-snoring world, few products target to eliminate snoring once and for all. And among such solutions, you’ll find the chinstrap—with My Snoring Solution as one of the world’s most popular.

The product is wildly popular. In fact, in 2012, the device found its way to national television. And on the official website, the manufacture claims that it’s a miracle product—working for both snoring and sleep apnea.

But the question that brings everything into perspective is:

Is that really the case? Does My Snoring Solution eliminate snoring? Or is it a marketing hype to win prospect attention?

Let’s find out about that right now.

In this My Snoring Solution review, we’ll explore:

  • What’s My Snoring Solution?
  • Features of the Device
  • How My Snoring Solution Work?
  • How to put on the device
  • What’s the Efficacy of My Snoring Solution?
  • Who is the Product for?
  • Who isn’t the product for?
  • How to Maintain the Device
  • What’s the Cost? Is it worth the money?
  • Who’s the Manufacturer?
  • And a bunch more stuff

Let’s get started.

What’s My Snoring Solution?

My Snoring Solution is an anti-snoring chinstrap, which sometimes is called jaw supporter.

My Snoring Solution

The device operates by holding the jaw in an upward position.

Unlike MADs, that reposition the lower jaw in a slightly forward position, My Snoring Solution holds the jaw in an upward position.

It utilizes machine-washable material. If you want to wear it, place it under the chin and secure the top at the head. It has cutouts for the ear—you don’t need to worry about the comfort of your ear.

In fact, you’ll wear it externally, which means that it does not pose any threat to the delicate internal organs.

Its working mechanism is very straightforward—just wear it before going to bed, and it will do the rest. The jaw holder will gently readjust your jaw positioning, which in turn resets the soft tissue in the throat to allow unobstructed airflow.

The device falls under the category of anti-snoring jaw supporters.

The Unique Features of My Snoring Solution

  • Wearable with dentures
  • Cleanable by the machine
  • Comes with a 90-day money-back guarantee
  • Non-invasive as it is only an external wear

Who’s the Manufacturer of My Snoring Solution

My Snoring Solution is a production of Stephen Matthews. Before he came up with the chinstrap, he had the first-hand experience with snoring and its side effects.

Stephen Matthews suffered from snoring and nearly died from sleep apnea. So he seeks medical attention, but his doctor had to take some time to prescribe the CPAP machine for him.

Before the CPAP prescription, Stephen Matthews had to come up with a solution that will keep him going. Amid the search, he stripped a towel and tied it on his chin. And to his delight, his family told him that the idea worked great.

Following the efficacy of his ideas, Matthews made it his mission to modify the chin strap and make it available for any snorer without the need for a doctor’s prescription.

He named the device My Snoring Solution and handed it over for clinical trials. It proved to work. So he started to produce them commercially.

With that, let’s get into the actual thing:

How does My Snoring Solution Work?

A chin strap operating mechanism is advancing the lower jaw in an upward position.

But this begs the question:

How does advancing the lower jaw upward helps in solving the problem snoring?

Well, when we fall asleep, body muscles and tissues relax. And when you enter a sleeping phase called REM—which usually happens 90 minutes of falling asleep, the body muscles relax more and can get paralyzed.

For people who have snoring issues, the jaw tends to fall, and the base of the tongue and the soft tissues of the throat falls back in the airway, obstructing airflow.


The obstruction of airflow causes the soft throat muscles to vibrate when you breathe, causing snoring. And most of the time, the chin tends to sag down, leaving the mouth open.

To solve this problem, My Snoring Solution jaw holder cradles the chin and keeps the jaw in an upward position to tighten the tongue and the soft tissue of the throat. In turn, they do not obstruct the airway, which would otherwise cause snoring. This phenomenon stops snoring.

All the time, your mouth remains closed for the most part. And this is great for one reason:

  • It enhances breathing through the nose, which allows a full-cycle airflow.

However, closing the mouth is a disadvantage for situations that require you to breathe through the mouth.

And even though the device proves effective to many, a chinstrap alone cannot be an alternative treatment for any kind of sleep apnea. Even for snoring, it does not prove much efficacy.

It can only help persons who struggle with sleep apnea but cannot treat the condition.

How to Wear My Snoring Solution

Putting on the My Snoring Solution is easy.

  • Place the strap under your chin, with the black side away from the skin
  • Then pull it over your face on to the top of your head. Do not worry about the product stretching because the device was designed with a flexible material. It won’t break.
  • Next, arrange the largest piece of fabric over your chin. If you do it right, the strap should be at the top of your head.
  • Position the ear holes correctly. The ear hole is quite large, providing a room to wiggle in terms of adjusting the chin strap up or down. Don’t let any fabric dig into the tops or bottoms of your ears—your ears should be completely free.

And that’s it. You’ve successfully put the device on. It might look goofy, but you’re set for a restful night.

What’s the efficacy of My Snoring Solution?

A chin strap is one of the simplest anti-snoring devices you can ever find. But that doesn’t mean it’s always effective.

So the right question you’d ask is:

Is My Snoring Solution chin strap a real match for you?

After all, the Manufacturer submitted the chinstrap for a clinical trial. And the results proved effective.

The subject of the study were persons suffering from obstructive sleep apnea. The group was divided into two—the first being the baseline and weren’t given any snore aid while the second group used the My Snoring Solution.

The first group had as many as 232 apnea episodes per night. The second group—the one which used My Snoring Solution mouth strap—group never had more than 62.

What’s more, while the first group registered between 2000 -5000 snoring cases on average, there were persons in the second group that registered zero snores.

And apart from snoring, the second group in the clinical study showed improved oxygen saturation, lower blood pressure, and a more deep restful period of sleep.

So if you were wondering if the device will work for you, now you know. It is a great solution for people with airway difficulties.

However, the device is only effective if it remains in position throughout the night. So if you toss and turn at night, you’re likely not to benefit from the use of this chinstrap.

Fortunately, My Snoring Solution jaw supporter utilizes a sling-like design and the wide straps that present the grip that works even for a restless sleeper. It is more likely to remain in position without loosening or sliding when asleep.

But you cannot adjust the fit of My Snoring Solution. You have to choose between 3 sizes, but that doesn’t mean it will custom fit.

Despite the efficacy of the chinstrap, it does not work for nasal snoring. If that’s the situation, you might want to choose a different alternative. And science says a chinstrap is not that effective in treating sleep apnea and improving snoring.

That said, you’d want to know:

Who is My Snoring Solution Suited for?

  • Persons who snore when their mouth is open
  • Persons who find MADs causing excessive jaw soreness
  • Snorers who wear dentures

Who isn’t My Snoring Solution for

  • Persons with a deviated septum
  • A person with nasal polyps
  • Conditions that require you to breathe through the mouth
  • Chronic sleep shifters because chronic shifting can dislodge the device
  • Persons with severe sleep apnea—while it works for sleep apnea, it should not be a replacement for medical help


In the chinstrap world, there are multiple choices you can choose from. Some alternatives are horrendous—they lack buckles and utilizes rough fabrics that choke off the soft facial skin.

But that’s isn’t the case with My Snoring Solution device.

When it comes to comfort, My Snoring Solution utilizes a thoughtful design, quality material, and splits around the ear that makes it present superior comfort. It is practical to have it around.

The material My Snoring Solution utilizes is elastic to fit the user snugly.

Besides, it is lightweight and highly breathable features that makes it more portable to carry it on the go when traveling and gentle on the skin.

What’s more, you have the option to select the size of the chinstrap that will fit you to maximize comfort and efficacy. However, it isn’t a custom fit. Suppose you choose the wrong size, you’ll compromise your night’s comfort.

When shopping for an anti-snoring product, it’ll serve your best interest to go for products that are comfortable to wear and effective at what it does. After all, settling for a snore-solution that’s uncomfortable compromises the quality of your sleep.

And it would be wrong to say that My Snoring Solution is the most comfortable anti-snoring device out there. There are other non-invasive alternatives that present superior comfort.

What are the Deal Breakers of My Snoring Solution?

  1. While My Snoring Solution presents three sizes for you to choose from, it is near-to-impossible to achieve a custom fit. Suppose your size falls in between the option available; you’ll have to deal with a fit that’s a bit off-center. In turn, the jaw holder will shift around during the night rendering it ineffective.
  2. Another set back is that My Snoring Solution keeps the mouth shut all night. While to an extent, that’s important— because it enhances breathing through the nose—it might hinder breathing for a person who breathes through the mouth at night.

It hinders natural breathing. Suppose you develop nasal cavity issues, or you catch a cold, you can’t use the device at night. What’s more, if you have asthma or any other respiratory disorder, you cannot use this chinstrap.

  • What’s more, you might experience jaw soreness. However, discomfort should disappear within a few days of use.
  • Even more, it might cause creases on the skin but will disappear too after 30 minutes

My Snoring Solution and Sleep Apnea

Many of anti-snoring solution out there, does not address the problem of sleep apnea. After all, sleep apnea is a serious medical condition that calls for professional attention.

However, the Manufacturer of My Snoring Solution, in the official website, emphasize on sleep apnea even more than snoring. That’s a bold claim. So let’s find out how the chinstrap would solve it.

Sleep apnea is a medical condition—they are of two types:

i. Obstructive Sleep Apnea

This type of sleep apnea happens when the muscles at the back of the throat relax in the airway. The throat muscle supports the soft palate, the uvula, the tonsil, the tongue, and the side of the throat.

When the throat muscle relaxes, they fall back in the airway blocking the airway fully or partly.

Sleep apnea is different from snoring. For snoring, the relaxed throat muscle partly blocks the airway. On the flip side, sleep apnea is when the airway is fully obstructed.

In the event of sleep apnea, enough air does not reach the lungs and the oxygen levels in the blood drop. Your brain then senses the drop in oxygen level and interprets it as an inability to breathe. So it wakes you up momentarily to restimulate the throat muscle to reopen your airway.

This phenomenon happens unconsciously, and you won’t even realize it happened. It then repeats in a cycle of 30 times or more an hour, all night long. Obstructive Sleep Apnea translates into unrestful sleeping, and you might wake up tired in the morning.

ii. The Central Sleep Apnea

Central sleep apnea is rare, but it is a severe type of sleep apnea. It starts just like the Obstructive Sleep Apnea. But in this case, your brain cannot tell your muscle to restimulate so that you can breathe.

Meaning you don’t breathe for a short period. As a result, you might have shortness of breath and find it hard to get to sleep or stay asleep.

Sleep apnea is a serious condition. And while the My Snoring Solution claims to help with this condition, you should consult with a doctor before thinking of self-prescribing any jaw holder.

In fact, science says that a chin strap alone cannot be an effective treatment for sleep apnea. So if you struggle with sleep apnea, you should not replace medical treatment with My Snoring Solution.

How to Maintain My Snoring Solution

As a simple antisnoring device, My Snoring Solution chin strap has no maintenance requirement. In fact, all the care it requires is reduced to cleaning.

Even if you don’t drool or put the device in the mouth, the chin strap comes in contact with your skin and hair. Meaning, oil or sweat will build upon the fabric.

Fortunately, the chinstrap is machine-washable—and you can just wash it with other laundries. Its construction is sturdy enough and does not include velcro making it have a larger lifespan.

The Life Span of My Snoring Solution

My Snoring Solution can last for years.

It employs double stitching for increased lifespan. As long as you do not needlessly stretch it ot bang it against the wall for fun, the device should last years.

And yes, it is a bit pricier than a typical chin strap. But with its better durability and improved comfort, it is worth its price.

Cost of My Snoring Solution Chinstrap—and is it Worth it?

The chin strap comes in different sizes.

  • The small size for a person weighing up to 120 pounds
  • Medium size for persons between 120-250 pounds
  • Large size for persons who weigh more than 250 pounds

All sizes come at the same price. You spend $119.97 and get two chin straps. There is an option of one strap that pops up on the website if you don’t purchase immediately. The price for a single device is $79.97.

However, it is cost-effective to buy the device in pairs. Every order has a 90-days trial period.  Suppose you use the device during the trial period, and it doesn’t satisfy you, you return the product, and you get your full money back.

But is it worth the money?

Well, compared with other chinstraps, My Snoring Solution presents superior durability, comfort, and in turn, good night sleep. If you were to put what it offers against its price, you’d find it well worth it—only that its initial cost is higher.

My Snoring Solution Reviews: Pros and Cons


  • Comfortable to wear and does not pose any problem to the wearer
  • Good material  that makes it machine washable
  • Comes with a 90-day money-back guarantee—it either works for you or you get your money back
  • Present three sizes option to choose from
  • Your order entails a free bonus package of American Medical Review DVD and a guide on sleep success
  • The elasticity of My Snoring Solution provides the user with a custom fit
  • The splits around the ear present superior comfort and better sleep quality
  • It is non-invasive as you only wear it externally


  • Pricey than competitors
  • Hinders mouth breathing
  • It is difficult to contact the Manufacturer
  • It only works for mouth snorer

My Snoring Solution Review: Is this Jaw Holder Worth it?

Overall, it is right to say My Snoring Solution is worth a try.

It is definitely not perfect. And could provide higher efficacy. But if you’re a snorer who sleeps with their mouth open, My Snoring Solution would be the best fit to reduce your snoring.

However, if you suffer from medical conditions that require you to breathe through the mouth, this chin strap will not work for you. Because, when sleeping, your mouth is going to stay closed for the most part unless you find yourself gasping for air.

And to be honest, if you find MAD more effective, a chin strap may not be as effective.

In fact, a chin strap only works best as a complementary product. It alone cannot completely stop snoring. It can reduce snoring but not eliminate it.

And there is plenty of scientific studies that prove a jaw holder is not effective enough in treating sleep snoring and sleep apnea.

So if you were looking for a product to compliment your current anti-snoring device, you should give My Snoring Solution chin strap a shot. It will help keep your mouth shut and prevent excessive drooling.

But if you are after a solution that will eliminate your snoring problem, you should try alternative snore aid—My Snoring Solution won’t work for you.

My Snoring Solution FAQs

What’s the Material My Snoring Solution Utilizes?

The chinstrap utilizes comfortable, elastic neoprene material that’s not itchy but soft. Neoprene is commonly used these days because its fabric is thick, and its elasticity allows for a snug fit while at the same time allowing sufficient space for the skin to breathe.

What’s more, neoprene is durable and free from allergens that would otherwise make it inappropriate for other people to wear.

Is My Snoring Solution Chinstrap FDA-Approved?

Numerous top researchers recommend My Snoring Solution. However, it isn’t an FDA-approved anti-snoring device.

But by no means does this mean the device is faulty. In fact, previous clinical trials prove that the device is largely safe and effective for home use.

What’s the Return Policy for My Snoring Solution?

The Manufacturer presents 90-day money-back guarantee. Meaning, suppose you try the chinstrap, and by any means, it does not work for you, within 90 days, you can return it and get your money back.

There is a procedure to follow to return the device.

For instance, you have to return the chinstrap with a Delivery Confirmation through the US Postal Service Priority Mail and notify the Manufacturer using your USPS Delivery Confirmation number through the email as the proof of your return.

You have to keep in mind, though, that you’ll be responsible for paying for the return shipping.

What Makes My Snoring Solution Jaw Supporter so Effective?

The science behind the jaw supporter designs the device to adjust the jawbone without hurting the wearer.

The working mechanism of the device is scientifically proven to prevent mild snoring problems.

In a nutshell, the efficacy of the product steams down to the science behind it and a solid track record that spans over half a decade.

What are the Possible Side Effects of Wearing My Snoring Solution Jaw Supporter?

Unlike mouthpiece and tongue restraining devices, you don’t put the mouthpiece inside the mouth. Instead, you’ll wear it externally. This minimizes the side effects that may come with the device.

In fact, the design and the material My Snoring Solution utilizes carte for maximum comfort. However, if you don’t select the correct sizing, you might face problems during your night’s rest, compromising your comfort.


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