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PureSleep Review—Is this Mouthpiece Worth the Money?

On the official website, PureSleep claims to be the world’s number 1 snore aid. In fact, the manufacturer goes ahead and says that its imitators should not fool you.

You’d wonder, though, is PureSleep the market leader today?

Well, we’ll find out about that right now.

In this super-in-depth PureSleep review, we’ll explore:

  • What’s PureSleep
  • How Does it work
  • Pros and Cons
  • Who is PureSleep for
  • Who is pure sleep not recommended for
  • What’d Unique With PureSleep?
  • And Lots More

So if you’re considering to buy PureSleep, this review should help you with your decision.

Let’s jump right in.

What’s PureSleep?

PureSleep is a Mandibular Adjustment Device (MAD).

The product of this nature stops snoring by adjusting the lower jaw forward so that the tongue and the soft tissues in the throat cannot fall back in your airway. In turn, it prevents obstruction of airflow, which would otherwise cause snoring.


Years before, you’d only find MADs from a dentist because their original purpose was to treat patients with sleep apnea.

Today, however, if you aren’t aiming at treating sleep apnea, but snoring only, you can obtain MAD with no prescription.

And PureSleep’s original purpose is to solve the snoring problem. In fact, it is best known in the market today for its:

  • Ability to work with overbite and underbite
  • Superior comfort from its less bulky designing
  • And 3-setting adjustability

When you buy PureSleep, you’ll find a mouthpiece with two components that fit together to any of the three possible settings.

The inside of the mouthpiece is a moldable copolymer so that it can comfortably mold to your teeth.

But here is one feature that makes PureSleep stands out:

It is adjustable to three settings—depending on the type of bite you have. The adjusting mechanism allows you to fit PureSleep to a precise level of comfort and efficacy.

That said, now let’s review how PureSleep works.

How does PureSleep Work?

Like any other MAD, PureSleep works by repositioning the lower jaw. However, the fitting and the adjustment process are different from typical MADs.

In other words, PureSleep comes in two pieces—one tray fits over the top teeth, and the other sits at the bottom jow.

The two pieces come as a different unit. However, it has a three-position locking system that allows you to join the two trays together. Besides, this locking system forms the adjustment mechanism of the MAD.

Depending on your preference, click the two trays together before you proceed to the boil and bite process.

To be more precise, the three settings are 1, 3, and 5mm advancement to the lower jaw. This range of adjusting is essential because it addresses the comfort and efficacy question that other MADs cannot handle.

Meaning, if you try the 1mm setting and it doesn’t work for you, or it is uncomfortable for you, you can proceed to the 3mm or 5mm setting.

That said, the next question you’re probably asking is:

How do you fit Puresleep mouthguard?

Let’s quickly dive in.

The Custom Fitting Process of PureSleep

Before proceeding to custom fitting, you’ll first need:

  • Boiling water
  • A pair of food tongs or a spoon
  • A timer
  • Cuticle Scissor
  • Running tap water

Again, it will be great to know if you have a normal bite, an underbite, or overbite so that you can choose the right setting.  If you get the type of bite wrong, everything else will be wrong.

To help you get your type of bite right, here are some tips that might come handy:

  • A typical bite is a dental condition characterized by the upper front teeth slightly overlapping the lower front teeth when you close your mouth
  • A mild underbite is a condition characterized by the upper front teeth meeting evenly or slightly behind your lower front teeth
  • A severe underbite is a dental condition where your upper teeth are far much behind your lower front teeth
  • An overbite is a dental condition where the upper teeth are far much forward of the lower front teeth

That’s clear. Now, here’s how you choose the right PureSleep setting:

  • If you have a typical bite, choose the two holes closest to the front of the device setting
  • If you have a mild underbite, use the center two-hole setting
  • For severe underbite, use the two holes closest to the back
  • If you have an overbite, use the two center holes and flip the device over so the top component is now the bottom.

After choosing the correct setting according to the type of bite,  proceed as follows:

  1. First, attach the upper and lower trays in a setting that suits your bite
  2. Next, place the mouthpiece in the boiling water and use a pair of tongs or spoon to submerge it for 2 minutes to soften the material
  3. When the two minutes lapses, remove the PureSleep from the boiling water and allow it to cool for 15 seconds to prevent hot water from burning your mouth. If you wait longer, the soften material might start hardening
  4. As quick as possible, thrust your lower jaw forward as far as possible, but without compromising comfort, and place PureSleep in your mouth and bite down firmly while still holding your lower jaw ahead. Do not be afraid to bite down firmly because more profound impression present superior comfort and efficacy
  5. Next, hold in the bite-down position for 30 seconds to create deep the impression of your teeth
  6. After the 30 seconds elapses, remove the mouthpiece from your mouth and place it under cold running tap water
  7. You’ll note that after the boil and bite process, there is some soft plastic at the back of the device—trim them as they will irritate the tongue
  8. Suppose you didn’t make a deep dental impression in your initial process, re-execute the boil and bite process. But the maximum time you can repeat the fitting process is thrice you’ll compromise the integrity of PureSleep

With the right fit, now it is time to see how PureSleep exactly stops snoring.

How Do PureSleep Stops Snoring?

The principle of PureSleep is simple. It moves the lower jaw forward to open the airway enough to that air moves along unobstructed.

After all, the root cause of snoring is air obstruction in the throat. And here’s how it happens:

When one dozes off and progress from light to deep sleep, the soft muscles in the throat and tongue relax. When these tissues relax too much, they partly block the airway and vibrate when air forces its way through.

For snoring that stems from the partial obstruction of the airway in the throat, PureSleep is a possible solution.

Because the tongue attaches at the base of the throat, PureSleep moves the tongue away from the throat as it moves the lower jaw forward.

Besides, the lower jaw repositioning increases the size of the upper airway, which in turn reduces the air resistance that leads to snoring.

But PureSleep doesn’t stop there.

The mouthpiece goes a notch higher to present a far-much-defined adjustment to the level of lower jaw advancement with the three-level adjustment mechanism. This gives the user superior comfort and efficacy.

However, the customization PureSleep offer is not the best overally because you cannot advance the jaw incrementally until you strike the ideal balance between the back of the tongue and the soft tissue of the throat. There are more sophisticated MADs that allows that.

But all in all, PureSleep will work better than many standard mouthpieces.

What Makes PureSleep Unique in the Anti snore World?

Nearly all MADs utilizes the boil and bite process to get the user a custom fit. While PureSleep utilizes the same principle, it presents more room for customization using the three pre-adjusted settings to fit every type of bite.

The advanced customization makes PureSleep work excellently for a wide range of snorers and gives the device a slightly different custom fitting process.

That said, if you snore and have been exploring the MADs world, you’ll agree that PureSleep is unique—the adjustable option gives PureSleep an ace up its sleeve.

PureSleep Review: Pros and Cons


  • You can execute up to 3-4 boil and bite processes
  • Can work with partial dentures
  • Relatively cheap
  • Many of already-using customers are optimistic about PureSleep
  • It utilizes latex-free and BPA-free material
  • FDA cleared as a non-prescription treatment for snoring


  • The delivery time takes too long—about 2-4 weeks
  • Executing the boil and bite process can be excruciating
  • You might feel Discomfort in the initial days of use
  • Cleaning might be difficult because of the facets
  • You might have an overflow of the bite plastic which might demand trimming

Who is PureSleep Recommended for?

Any MAD can reduce 90% of the snoring problem. But that doesn’t mean that any MAD is suitable for everyone.

In the case of PureSleep, it will work best for:

  • Mouth snorer
  • People who breathe through the mouth
  • Persons with dental implants or partial dentures
  • Individuals with a limited budget and looking for a working antisnore aid

Who’s PureSleep not Recommended for?

  • A person with central sleep apnea
  • Persons with respiratory problems
  • Persons with recent dental implants

Who Makes PureSleep?

PureSleep is a USA-made product from the Pure Sleep Company. The manufacturer aims at helping the public get a good night’s sleep with the mouthpiece.

The CEO, Noel Lindsay, is the founder of Pure Sleep Company but is not the designer or the developer of the anti-snoring mouthpiece.

Instead, Dr. Douglous Fenton, and DR. Bernard Kramer—a  dentist and an ear specialist, are the designers and the developers of PureSleep. Both specialists used the device to help their patients for over a decade before Noel Lindsay came by.

Lindsay was after a snore solution for his snoring problem, which led him to PureSleep, Kramer, and Fenton.

In other words, Lindsay Noel licensed the product and helped the two specialists to produce the snoring aid at a lower price and sell it at a lower price.

What Are the Advertised Benefits of PureSleep?

On the official website, the manufacturer claims that PureSleep:

  • Is a patented, adaptable design
  • Works for a person with underbite or overbite
  • Is less bulky than alternative MADs thus more comfortable
  • Will work for 90% of snoring problems

But the question that brings everything into perspective is:

Does PureSleep deliver what it claims to do? Let’s start by accessing the claim of adaptable design.

PureSleep Design and Material

Before fitting, PureSleep is wholly different from any other MAD in the market.

PureSleep Design

It comes in two separate parts. However, after the initial fitting, PureSleep’s physical appearance is not noticeably different from a typical MAD.

The initial two separate tray design allows adjusting to offer more precise lower jaw advancement. The design offsets the inconvenience that a typical MAD cannot handle for persons with overbite or underbite.

The Material

PureSleep has a unique choice of material. Unlike the typical MADs that entirely utilize thermoplastic, PureSleep uses soft thermoplastic only on the inside, and the outside uses a hard type of plastic.

The soft-hard plastic combination increases the durability and the rigidity of the custom fit. Besides, the combination allows PureSleep to be less bulky than many MADs that have adjustability as one of their features.

With that said, let check on the possible side effects.

What are the Possible Side Effects of PureSleep?

The common problem with every MAD is the reputable Discomfort they cause along. And that should not come as a surprise when it comes to PureSleep.

The Discomfort stems from the fact that MADs work by forcing the lower jaw to adopt an unnatural position and have to remain in that position throughout the night.

Using the PureSleep might cause:

  • Mild headaches
  • Jaw soreness
  • Difficulty to sleep

However, these discomforts should disappear after some time of use.

How to Maintain PureSleep

PureSleep requires zero maintenance. But as with any other oral device, hygiene is non-compromisable. You must keep the mouthpiece clean.

And according to the manufacturer, you should clean the mouthpiece each morning after waking up with warm water  and dry it before you stores it in the snoring case

What’s more, you’ll need to deep clean your mouthpiece at least once a week with a toothbrush and toothpaste. Unlike most MADs, the usage of toothpaste won’t compromise the integrity of PureSleep.

An alternative way to deep clean is to soak PureSleep with a tablet that you’d use to clean the dental device

However, avoid the use of household cleaning products like ammonia and bleach, which might compromise the device.

What’s the Lifespan of PureSleep?

As with any product, PureSleep will undergo wear and tear when you wear it frequently.

However, pure sleep has a useful lifespan of 6-9 months, after which it might start functioning correctly. After that, it might require replacement.

However, if you grind teeth, your mouthguard might have a significantly smaller lifespan. And suppose you get the custom fitting process wrong, you can re-execute the boil and bite process up to 4 times, after which you’ll compromise the integrity of the device.

Does PureSleep Require Prescription

The PureSleep mouthpiece is an FDA-cleared non-prescription antisnore aid.

What’s Pure Sleep Guarantee?

 If you aren’t sure whether PureSleep will work for you, the product has a 60-days money-back guarantee. Sixty days is more than enough time to try and see if the device will work for you.

If the product doesn’t work, return it.

And the manufacturer makes it unusually easy to return the product because the company will cater to the return-back shipping fee. This is one of the unique offers you’ll find on the internet.

But before the return, the company suggests that you reach them out first for recommendations on adjustment so that the device to work on you.

PureSleep FAQs

How Adjustable is PureSleep?

PureSleep is adjustable in 3 settings that loosens or tightens the device. You select the settings depending on the type of bite you have.

What’s more, you do the adjusting before the initial fitting. However, after molding the settings, you cannot change the adjusting for the entire lifetime of the mouthpiece. Therefore, it is crucial you know the type of bite you have and select the right settings before heading to the molding process.

How Long Does Shipping of PureSleep take?

All online orders in the USA take 1-2 weeks via standard shipping.

If you choose the Rush Shipping option, the shipment should take one week less.

By making orders via the phone call, the shipment might take a long time, up to 3-4 weeks using the standard shipping. If you choose the Rush Shipping via a call, it might take 1-2 weeks for the manufacturer to ship PureSleep to you.

Pure Sleep ships all international orders outside Canada via airmail, but you’re responsible for the local duties and customs clearance in your country.

Can I Use PureSleep to Treat Sleep Apnea?

Sleep apnea is a severe medical that requires close monitoring from qualified monitoring. There is no instance where PureSleep advertises as a treatment of sleep apnea.

Even though science proves MADs qualify as treatment sleep apnea, it is wrong for you to self-prescribe any MAD as a treatment for sleep apnea.

Will I feel Discomfort?

It is normal to experience some moderate discomfort or fatigue in the jaw, teeth, or gum for the first 3-5 nights of use. However, if you use it, the mouthpiece consistently, the Discomfort, should disappear.

If the soreness gets severe, sharp, or it persists, you should stop using the mouthpiece because it might be signs of a severe problem with your jaw. If you experience never-ending acute pain, discontinue using the device and contact a dentist return tour PureSleep for a full refund.

PureSleep Review: The Bottom Line

Now comes the time to answer the question you probably been asking from the beginning:

Should you buy PureSleep?

Whether or not you’ll go with PureSleep depends on who you are and what your preference is.

If you snoring is obstruction-in-the-throat-based, and you’d want to leverage a refined adjustable lower jaw advancement, you can squeeze a lot of value from PureSleep. At $59.95, you leverage an impressive snore solution.

That said: if you’re on a limited budget and you’re comfortable with a 3-level adjustment mechanism, PureSleep is definitely good enough.

But if you’d prefer incremental adjustment, a far more refined precision in the level of adjustment, you’d want to pass PureSleep and go for the more sophisticated alternatives.


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