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SleepPro Custom MouthPiece—A Thorough Review

Some government hospitals in the UK have recommended SleepPro Custom as a treatment for snoring.

In fact, Several NHS hospitals use the SleepPro Custom as a first-line treatment for mild obstructive sleep apnea.

Papworth Hospital in the UK thinks that the device can work as a replacement for the CPAP machine.

Could these hospitals be wrong? Why do they recommend this snoring aid? That’s what we are going to talk about in this post.

Some few things we will mention are:

  • What Exactly is SleepPro Custom
  • What Separates it from other Mouthpieces that SleepPro offers
  • What’s Unique About SleepPro Customs in the Market
  • Who is the Manufacturer
  • Whats to Expect from SleepPro Custom
  • How does the Device Works
  • How Effective is SleepPro Custom
  • Who Should and Who Shouldn’t Use SleepPro Custom

Let’s dive in.

What’s the SleepPro Custom?

SleepPro Custom is a Mandibular Adjustment Device.  It looks like an oral appliance you would find at the dentist’s office.

The creation procedure of the SleepPro Custom is similar to how a dentist follows to build a mouthguard. However, it costs nearly a tenth of the price you would incur if you visited a dentist.

We’ll break down the creation process in a lot more depth later on. But in a quick overview, this personalizable MAD is a slim, adjustable, and less pricey device that has already delivered a snore-free night to millions of folks.

In other words, SleepPro Custom is a more sophisticated Mandibular Adjustment Device.

And make no mistake.

SleepPro Custom has an antimicrobial version (Custom AM).

The Custom AM is similar to the regular SleepPro Custom only that it has an extended lifespan. To achieve this extended lifespan, the Custom AM has an antimicrobial coating that hinders microbes’ survival on the device. This feature provides further protection to both the device and teeth.

What’s more, the antimicrobial coating leaves the user’s mouth feeling more fresher because of the hygienic properties it provides.

he SleepPro Customs work excellently in delivering snore-free sleep

In fact, Papworth Hospital—one of the leading UK research center in sleep disorder—gives SleepPro Custom the highest possible medical recommendation by using it as a first-line treatment for Obstructive Sleep Apnea.

Are you wondering how such efficacy applies to you?

First, let’s further breakdown the differences that separate the SleepPro Custom from the standard Mandibular Adjustment Devices the same company offers.

Standard vs. Custom SleepPro—what’s the difference?

SleepPro company offers a wide range of Mandibular Adjustment devices—nearly ten. But some factors differentiate the Custom from the rest.

So let’s quickly go over the key factors that separate SleepPro Custom.

1. The Price

A standard SleepPro Mandibular Adjustment Device is way less pricey than the Custom SleepPro. The SleepPro Easifit only goes for $49.99, while the regular Custom goes for $193.75. for the AM Custom, you have to cough $206.25. This is relatively high for a MAD, but when you compare it to the dental mouthguard, which works similarly, the Custom gives maximum value for money.

2. The Fit

All standard SleepPro requires the boil and bite process to fit.

This isn’t the case with the Custom SleepPro because it is a snug fit. The molding is laboratory-made using the dental impression of your teeth. Therefore the mold is a replica of your teeth.

3. The Size

Contrary to the standard SleepPro, the Custom SleepPro utilizes thinner plastic that makes it less bulky and far much comfortable. You nearly won’t be aware you’re wearing a mouthpiece.

4. The Grip

Unlike the SleepPro standard, which typically grips the front teeth, the Custom SleepPro grasps all the teeth.

Gripping all the teeth allows the SleepPro Custom to hold more firmly, with less discomfort on the user’s teeth while sleeping.

With that in mind, we are going to focus on only one of the two SleepPro models:

What Unique About SleepPro Custom in The Market?

Plenty of features makes the Custom standout in the anti-snore world today. But let’s focus on the key unique feature.

i. Lab Molded mouthpiece

Why is this important?

First, molding is usually the most challenging part of an anti-snoring mouthpiece device—especially the boil-and-bite process. And SleepPro Custom appears to get that.

So instead of letting the user execute the normal boil-and-bite fitting process, the manufacturer of SleepPro Custom does the hard work for you.

They’ll send you a dental impression kit—which is usually exclusive for professional dentists—for you to make a dental impression. You’ll then send your dental impression back to the UK company, where a professional from the company will create a custom fit molding for you.

ii. Independent Clinical Approval

All products that SleepPro sells are clinically-proven by institutions and doctors across the world.

Multiple clinical approvals assure you that nothing eerie will happen to you when you purchase the SleepPro Custom.  

iii. Long-Term Trust in the Market

Unlike many companies that deal with snoring aids, SleepPro has been serving the snore aid market for over 20 years now. The company started in 1998 and has been delivering quality over the years.

Besides, hospitals in the UK wildly accept the device as a treatment for sleep apnea and snoring problems. This factor shows effective it gets the job done.

iv. Partnership with MEDiTAS

MEDiTAS is a leading manufacturer of mandibular advancement devices in Britain. The company has worked with the SleepPro brand since the day it launched. That speaks a lot about what you should expect from SleepPro.

About the Company

SleepPro, alongside MEDiTAS Ltd (its partner), is a British company behind the series of deep-rooted and clinically-proven anti-snoring aids and mouthpiece-cleaning equipment.

The company has been in service to the snore aid world since 1998—producing medically-recognized solutions for snoring.

Their pioneering signature is the SleepPro stop snoring mouthpiece. This mandibular adjustment device aims at helping users stop snoring and instead have a quality good-night sleep.

Leading sleep clinics, doctors, dentists, and hospitals worldwide approve and recommend SleepPro’s products.

In fact, in Britain, several NHS and non-governmental hospitals that practice Sleep medicine use the SleepPro Custom as the first-line treatment for snoring.

That said, let’s quickly explore what to expect when you buy SleepPro Custom.

What to Expect After Buying SleepPro Custom?

As the name suggests, the SleepPro Custom is custom fit in the lab.

That is, you’ll not do the molding process. Instead, you’ll only make your teeth impressions at home and then send it back to the manufacturer to do the molding.

As you’d expect, the cost is way more than a standard boil-and-bite product. But the question that is probably ringing in your mind right now is:

Is the product well worth it?

Well, custom mouthpieces are more comfortable. They enable better sleep and higher the chances of treating snoring.

The SleepPro Custom is a professional product and equals dentist mouthguards, which cost as much as $2000.

So is the product worth its price tag?

SleepPro Custom presents the quality of the dentist’s mouthguard at a 10X lower price.

Since all Mandibular Adjustment Devices are guaranteed to manage snoring, a combination of this efficacy with a fail-safe fit presents a winning product.

In fact, it is not likely you’ll find any better comfort than the SleepPro Custom. The product eliminates the adjustment period to nearly none because you’ll have a form-fitting MAD that enables comfortable sleeping as soon as night one.

In other words, the form-fit factor is beneficial, as you can wear the device comfortably with almost no adjustment period.

How Does SleepPro Custom Works?

Like any other MAD, SleepPro Custom repositions the upper jaw in a forward position to open the user’s airway. This action reduces or gets rid of obstruction in the throat, which otherwise causes snoring.

And to create a clear picture of how SleepPro Custom works, let’s quickly examine how snoring occurs.

How Snoring Occurs

For the most part,  snoring is a result of air flowing via a partly obstructed airway. This condition causes vibration of the palate during breathing.

When asleep, our body muscles relax because we get unconscious.

In the relaxed position, gravity quickly forces the jaw backward in the throat’s direction, resulting in temporary airway obstruction.

The Possible Solution

Sleep Pro Custom moves the jaw forward to open up the airway and stretch the palate. This adjustment reduces or eliminates the palate’s vibration, helping the user to stop snoring.

What’s more, the device helps to keep the jaw from dropping into the chest. A dropped jaw is one of the root sources of snoring. It tightens a person’s airways, so that when they breathe, the air forces its way through the narrow airway, causing noisy sleep.

When SleepPro Custom opens and frees the airway from obstruction, air passes smoothly and effortlessly when asleep, eliminating snoring.

Now the next question that brings everything into perspective is:

How effective is SleepPro Custom Mouthpiece?

SleepPro Custom proves to be effective in treating snoring and sleep apnea.

One of the leading research centers for sleep disorder gives it the highest possible medical recommendation.

Papworth Hospital research center gives two key endorsements that precisely different SleepPro Custom from the rest of the Over-The-Counter anti-snore aid products:

  1. First, the research center uses SleepPro Custom as the number-one treatment for mild Obstructive Sleep Apne (OSA) and other types of snoring. This alone answers nearly all the questions about the efficacy of the Custom.
  2. Secondly, and more importantly, the same research center says that SleepPro custom can replace CPAP in treating mild to moderate Obstructive Sleep Apnea.

These two are statements of credibility. And there are more.

However, the two alone clears any doubt of the effectiveness of the SleepPro Custom in snoring treatment.

But the effectiveness of the product begs the question:

How does A Person Get a Custom Fit With SleepPro Custom

For many people, the fitting process of a Mandibular Adjustment Device is the most challenging part. However, it is entirely different when it comes to SleepPro custom.

First, when you order SleepPro Custom mouthpiece, the manufacturer will send you a dental impression kit, which for the most time, is exclusive for a professional dentist.

The impression kit consists of 2 trays, two dental-grade impression clay, and a comprehensive instruction so that you don’t have a problem making an impression at home.

And most of the time, you’ll not require the doctor’s assistance to fit the device. You only need to follow the manufacturer’s guide—step-by-step—and alas, you have the teeth impression in the end.

But here is a break down of steps you’ll follow:

  1. After placing your order, the manufacturer will ship the impression kit to you. The impression kit consists of 2 trays and a dental-grade putty. Then proceed as follow:
  2. Squeeze the dental-grade putty into the upper and lower tray that the manufacturer sent you
  3. Then cautiously fit the puttied tray into your mouth and bite down to generate a teeth impression in the putty
  4. Finally, remove the tray taking caution not to deform the impressions you have created
  5. After creating the mold, mail it to the SleepPro lab in the UK, putting it in the container that the manufacturer provides. From this point, a profession from SleepPro company will do all the remaining to create for you a mouthpiece using medical-grade plastic resins.
  6. The manufacture will then mail you the device as soon as they produce it.

Make no mistake:

The only process you’ll follow in getting a custom fit with Sleep Pro Custom is to create the molding of your teeth impressions (the company provides the impression kit plus a step-by-step guide). All the remaining work is of a professional at SleepPro.

And if you go wrong with the process of creating your impressions, SleepPro will readily send you more putty or replacement parts of the mold. The only problem is, you’ll have to wait for a shipment from the UK.

The best thing with a custom-fit snoring device guarantees a closer and snug fit than the infamous boil and bite device that floods the internet today.

The SleepPro custom utilizes thin plastics that perfectly fit your teeth. The thinness address the problem of being bulkiness.

Is SleepPro Custom Safe?

The SleepPro Custom is safe to use. Many clinics and hospitals around the world prefer it to other options for snoring treatment. Meaning the device is widely trusted to be safe and effective for use without causing further problems.

What’s the Pricing?

As we stated earlier, we are going to only focus on SleepPro custom. And the question you’re probably asking right now is:

How much does the Custom costs?

The regular SleepPro Custom goes for around $193.75 plus an additional $8.25 shipping cost.

The AM version, which has an extended lifetime of up to 24 months lifespan, comes at $206.25.


The company offers free postage to all UK orders.

Outside the UK, but in European countries, the shipping costs $8.25.

For the USA and Canadian orders, the shipping and handling charges go for $10.25. And for the rest of the world, shipping goes for $16.25.

Note that, at no instance will the manufacturer refund any Shipping or handling costs.

Shipping for the Impressions

As for the Shipping of your teeth impressions, you’ll have to mail your impression to the UK at your expense.

However, the overall cost is far much affordable when you compare it to the dentist-ordered mouthguard.

And it will take you a few days to receive the initial product from the manufacturer.

What’s the Guarantee?

SleepPro Custom comes with a 30 days money guarantee. If 30 days elapse since your purchase for no reason, the company offers a refund or exchange.

To qualify for a return, you must return the item in its original packaging.

What is more, you’ll incur the shipping fee for returning your item.

Does SleepPro Mouthpiece Treat sleep Apnea?

Yes, in fact, NHS recommends it for snoring and for mild to moderate obstructive sleep apnea.

Who is SleepPro Custom Best for?

  • Persons with mild to moderate sleep apnea
  • Both mouth and nose breathers
  • Any size of the jaw as the device is customized to fit a specific mouth
  • Mouth snorers

Who is SleepPro Not Recommended for?                   

  • People with nasal related snoring
  • Nasal related snoring
  • People with teeth or gum disease


  • A reduced fitting process as you only send your dental impressions and a professional from the manufacturing side will create a mold for you
  • Made in the lab for a perfect fit
  • Safe and clinically tested material
  • Some users with dentures can wear the product
  • Utilizes thin material to increase the user’s comfort
  • It is a cheaper lab-modeled mouthpiece—10X less expensive than having the dentist to do the molding for you
  • If you buy the AM version, it can last for up to 24 months
  • It is more comfortable for a person who has tried the standard-and-bite MADs
  • Has two air holes to make breathing through the mouth easier
  • The company producing SleepPro Custom is well established and reputable


  • It is the most expensive of all the ten SleepPro’s mouthpiece
  • Might cause a little drooling or jaw soreness when starting to use it
  • Has no lower jaw adjustment capability
  • The price, though competitive for this type of product, may scare away some
  • You have to wait to receive the final product, which might take weeks from the initial order

Should You Buy it?

SleepPro Custom is a Mandibular Adjustment Device that stands out in its design. It fits perfectly in the mouth because it is Custom made in a dental lab.

As if this isn’t a reason enough to make you buy it, the device is thin, a feature that makes it occupy relatively smaller mouth space. This combination makes the appliance exemplary comfortable.

All these benefits come without compromising efficacy.


Does SleepPro Require a Chin Strap?

No, but a chin strap might help keep the mouthpiece in place for persons who have the problem of maintaining the device in place the whole night.

How Long Will SleepPro Last?

Many factors come in place when determining the lifespan of your SleepPro:

  1. Bruxism—grinding of teeth when you’re asleep
  2. How you execute cleaning
  3. And your storage procedure

That’s why its lifespan ranges from 6 months – a year.

What’s the Lifespan of SleepPro Custom

When there minimal to no teeth grinding, Custom mouthpiece should last for at least a year. In case the device fails to last for at least one year, SleepPro has a warranty program that addresses device replacement:

  1. A point where the device only lasts 11 months, SleelpPro will fund 1/12 of the original price against the replacement cost.
  2. If the device lasts for ten months, the company compensates for the lost months by 2/12 of the original value. This continues up to the sixth month, where SleepPro will fund half the original buying price.
  3. In the event that the replacement comes before using the device for six months, the company will replace your product at no extra charge.

Suppose there are signs of extreme bruxism teeth or non-related signs to ordinary wear and tear. In that case, SleepPro will not hold the policy above.

Credits only hold for the 12 months from the date you first make your purchase and won’t remain for the replacement mouthpieces.

Does the company Send a Tray with Putty in it Like at the dentist?

Yes. After making your order, the manufacturer will mail you the impression kit, which comprises of two trays, dental-grade putty that you’ll use to create your dental impression that you’ll then send it back to the SleepPro company.

What are the Potential Side Effects of Using SleepPro Custom?

If you’ve never used a mandibular adjustment device, you might experience excessive drooling and temporary jaw soreness.

However, all these effects are temporary and will go away after some time.

Can SleepPro Custom be a Replacement for a CPAP Machine?

According to a UK research center called Papworth Hospital, SleepPro Custom can replace the CPAP machine.

However, it is only wise to confirm with your doctor before choosing to replace the CPAP machine with this device.

Final Verdict

Now comes the ultimate question you’ve probably been asking from the start: Should I buy the SleepPro Custom?

To be honest, the product is unique in that it offers a lab-modeled design, which is rare in the market.

The molding that the manufacturer designs are a replica of your teeth. Therefore, it provides an exemplary comfort level that other MADs in the market doesn’t produce.

Compared to the available alternative, the pricing of this device is a bit pricey. However, when you compare it to other lab-made units, the overall cost is right in line.

So if you find boil and bite alternatives uncomfortable, or not working for you for any reason, you might find the SleepPro Custom far much sufficient.

Most customers that buy this product typically want a professionally-fitted mouthpiece without incurring the cost of hiring a professional. So if that might be your greatest wish, try the Sleepro.


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