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Snoremeds MouthPiece – Is it Worth Your Money?

The SnoreMeds mouthpiece promotes itself as “the most popular snoring mouthpiece worldwide” and “the most effective product with the best result to stop snoring.” It is celebrated for including breathing slots in the design, utilizing BPA free material, and using an easy adjustment mechanism.

There are tons of anti-snoring solutions in the market today. That may seem like a good thing for the average consumer. However, it also makes it easy for the regular shopper to drown in the choices.

Worse is that the presence of many brands increases the chances of getting duped and wasting money on products that don’t work.

Here at Sleepfeather, we explore the market from time to time to single out good products from bad ones.

In this article, we will specifically put the SnoreMeds mouthpiece to the test. The ultimate goal is to see if it really works and whether it appeals to the common snorer.

Does SnoreMeds precisely mean what they’re claiming? Or is it just an outright hype? We will tear down this mouthpiece to find out by looking at the following subjects.

  • What Actually is SnoreMeds Mouthpiece
  • What’s the Company behind the Mouth Piece
  • How Does SnoreMeds mouthpiece work for snoring
  • How Effective is SnoreMeds Mouthpiece
  • Is SnoreMeds Snore Aid Any different
  • Who is the Product Recommended for
  • Who SnoreMed Mouthpiece Will Not work on
  • Is the Product Worth it
  • And lots More

Let’s get started. 

What is jaw advancing device?

A Jaw Advancing Device is a mouthpiece that holds the jaws in a forward position while sleeping.

The purpose of advancing the jaw is to keep the tongue in place. Usually, when the tongue slips towards the back of the throat, it blocks the airway and causes vibration (snorts). Snorts are the sounds you hear when a person snores.

Besides snoring, obstruction of the airway can prevent a healthy dose of oxygen from entering the respiratory tract. This may cause a myriad of other health problems.

The Snoremeds Mouthpiece qualifies as a Jaw Advancing device.

What is the Snoremeds mouthPiece exactly?

SnoreMeds is a Mandibular Adjustment Device(MAD) with two different sizes to choose from: One for smaller mouths, specifically women, and a larger version for men.

Mandibular Adjustment Device (MAD) is a fancy way to say it forces the bottom jaw forward.  By pushing the bottom jaw forward, this snoring aid reduces the blockage that occurs when the tongue and soft tissue relax.

SnoreMeds MAD is a one-piece appliance with an air hole in the front. This makes it a suitable solution for people who need to breathe through their mouths when they sleep.

The device requires no extra adjustment or special tweaking to set up.

All you need to do is complete the typical boil-and-bite procedure that all MAD devices require.

While the mouthpiece lacks sufficient precision tunning, the boil-and-bite method offers a custom-fit to your unique jaw and dental structure.

No mouthpiece can cure or completely eliminate sleep apnea. Nevertheless, SnoreMed’s mouthpiece can only alleviate snoring when worn. If you don’t wear it, you’ll continue to snore.

The designing of Snoremeds mouthpiece 

The design is a significant highlight for the Snoremeds Mouthpiece. Unlike other MADs, it features two air holes at the front, which are an essential component for those who breathe through their mouth while they sleep.

At its core, however, this mouthpiece design adopts the concept of MADs devices. Basically, it holds the lower jaw slightly forward, to open the airways and prevent loose airway tissues from vibrating against each other.

The idea behind MAD may sound far-fetched, but the concept has been scientifically proven several times over since the 1980s. What is more, dentists have been using it to treat snoring issues and some mild sleep apnea cases for years. 

That said, now is the time for a brief history of our product.

Who is behind Snoremeds—the company info

In the past decades, the demand for anti-snore products has sharply risen. This can be traced to the fact that most snorers are continually trying to combat this bedroom nuisance.

When the market demand for snore aids started to soar in 2000, dozens of entrepreneurs begun to produce snoring mouthpieces with the hope of taking a piece of the market pie.

It is at the mid the end of the snoring boom in 2006 that the SnoreMeds company joined the race, thanks to the entrepreneurial initiatives of Philippa Logan and Michelle Hall-Jones from South Africa.

These two entrepreneurs were initially in the digital design business before exploring the anti-snoring sector. They felt that their online expertise would help them market their mouthpiece across the world and reap big in returns.

And sure thing, they succeeded. Two years after launch, the company expanded to New Zealand, Norway, Australia, and the United States.

By 2010, SnoreMeds had extended its line to include a woman’s mouthpiece for smaller sized mouths and men’s mouthpiece for persons with larger mouths.

Today, the company is based om Durban, South Africa, where it started. It operates as a subsidiary of Trio Interactive company, with its main distribution office in New Zealand.

Enough with history. Does Snoremeds Mouthpiece really work?

How Snoremeds tackles snoring

Snoring might be a result of several factors. For instance, it may result from the jaw-dropping open at night. People who sleep facing up will most likely encounter this. Some people snore because their respiratory tract is obstructed by phlegm or infected and swollen tissues.

For the most part, snoring occurs because the airway is narrow. This is precisely where SnoreMeds targets.

The mouthpiece alleviates snoring by advancing the lower jaw so that it does not obstruct the airway.

SnoreMeds has gained a solid reputation over time. The approach has been practically proven to help 85% of users.

The secret to becoming part of the 85% is being aware of the type of snoring that you have.  For people who snore through the nose, the Snoremeds mouthpiece is not what you want. You might want to seek an alternative that works for nasal-based snoring.

How effective is the Snoremed mouthpiece in treating snoring?

A snore-aid should deliver results immediately on the first day of use. The SnoreMeds mouthpiece does precisely that. Since it works mechanically, it does a good job of holding the jaw in place.

If it fails to work on you, you either got the wrong size or didn’t fit it correctly.

You can try to repeat the “boil-and-bite” process to see if it fits correctly. Sadly, the refitting process cannot be done twice. You only have one more chance to do it right.

After the second refitting process, any other boil-and-bite process will most likely compromise the device.

You may wonder. What if I’m a mouth breather? What if I have problems breathing with my nose? Well, worry now for the SnoreMeds mouthpiece will still work for you. The mouthpiece features two breathing slots in its design, allowing one to breathe through the mouth.

SnoreMeds mouthpiece can address mild to moderate sleep apnea. However, the SnoreMeds mouthpiece will not help you if:

  • The positioning of your jaws is not the cause of your snoring, 
  • Your tongue positioning Is not the cause of your snoring
  • If your snoring is a result of nasal problems
  • And if you have central sleep apnea

Why is Snoremeds mouthpiece different?

Although this mouthpiece may look quite similar to other anti-snoring solutions, some features make it stand out.

First, the product has been around for over ten years, which speaks a lot about its ability to meet the needs of snorers around the world.

Secondly, the device is more comfortable than many Mandibular Adjustment devices. This doesn’t automatically single out discomfort. First-time users of MAD will definitely feel weird at first, but over time, you’ll eventually adjust and forget it is even there.

Another unique feature of the SnoreMeds mouthpiece is the spatula that comes with it in the pack. The spatula comes handy in the boil-and-bite process and the cleaning process, which might be challenging to execute with bare hands.

Before we go any further, it would be great to address the most challenging part of using the SnoreMeds mouthpiece—the fitting.

The step-by-step fitting guide of Snoremeds mouthpiece

If you’re a first-time user, the fitting process might be intimidating. But with a step-by-step guide, you must be set to get started.

And you must get the steps right because if you get it wrong, the mouthpiece won’t work, and you might end up compromising the integrity of the device.

Before you can enjoy the benefits of the SnoreMed mouthpiece, it requires to be molded to match with the shape of your mouth.

You’ll require:

  • Boiled water
  • Two bowls to hold water
  • Time tracker
  • Ice
  • Mirror (To see yourself fitting the mouthpiece)
  • SnoreMeds  mouthpiece with its fitting spatula

Step-by-step fitting guide

  • First, practice fitting the mouthpiece, making sure the appropriate side is up
  • Secondly, place boiled water in one of the bowls and ice in the other bowl
  • Then insert the spatula that comes in the mouthpiece package, into the front air hole of the mouthpiece
  • Next, submerge the SnoMed entirely into the bowl with boiled water, holding the spatula like a handle and hold in that position for 18 seconds. This time allows the material to soften enough to make a mold.
  • After 18 seconds, remove the mouthpiece from the boiled water and insert it into the mouth with the curved side pointing up
  • Place the mouthpiece on your lower teeth
  • Bring the upper jaw down carefully into position
  • Ensure your teeth remain inside the edge of the mouthpiece
  • Fit down firmly and move your jaw forward 3-5 mm
  • Use your index fingers finger to press the mouthpiece tightly against the teeth for a proper bite
  • Then bit down firmly for about 40 seconds
  • After creating the mold of your jaws, place the mouthpiece into the ice water to harden it
  • Finally,  remove the mouthpiece from the ice water and place it back into your mouth to see if the mold you’ve made fits you correctly.

Note, if the mold you’ve made doesn’t suit you, you have once more chance to repeat the fitting process. But remember that refitting of the device is only possible up to two times only, after which the material will get compromised, and you won’t be able to use it again.

If a video fitting guide would suit you best, check it here.

With the fitting process out of the way, let’s get right into what the package has.

What’s in the box

SnoreMeds mouthpiece package includes:

  • 1 SnoreMeds Snoring mouthpiece
  • One fitting spatula
  • One antibacterial storage case
  • Fitting instruction

That said:

Maintenance plays a significant role in how long your mouthpiece will last. So let’s check on the cleaning process that the device requires.

Maintenance and cleaning tips

As a mouthpiece with no moving parts, SnoreMeds requires few to no maintenance practices. In fact, maintenance practices are reduced to only cleaning.

To clean the mouthpiece:

  1. Hold the mouthpiece by the spatula that the mouthpiece comes with and use a toothbrush with toothpaste to clean it
  2. Similarly, you can place the SnoreMed in a container with a Polident tablet 
  3. What’s more, you can use mouthwash to clean SnoreMeds

Precautions/health Info when using Snoremeds

  1. You cannot use SnoreMeds when wearing dentures. In fact, for maximum comfort, you should have healthy gums and teeth for you to use the snoring mouthpiece.
  2. Children should not use SnoreMeds because their teeth are still in the development stage.
  3. FDA has not yet cleared SnoreMeds for treating snoring. However, the material the device uses is FDA-cleared.

What are the potential side effects of using Snoremeds?

SnoreMeds comes with minor side effects like:

  • Increased drooling
  • Teeth discomfort
  • Jaw discomfort

How long will Snoremeds last?

Depending on how you use and maintain your SnoreMeds, it might last for up to 4 months.

Are there different versions of Snoremeds?

Yes, SnoreMeds are of two versions—the regular size, which the company refers to as “Men size,” and the small size, what the company calls “Women size.”

How long might it take you to get used to wearing the mouthpiece?

It might take up to two weeks for a person to maximally adjust to the use of the SnoreMed anti-snoring device. 

First-time users might experience excessive salivation, problems of the device remains intact, and jaw soreness that will go away with time. To get used to it, wear the device some hours before getting to sleep.

Can SnoreMeds mouthpiece stop your snoring?

There is an 85% chance that the mouthpiece will work for you on the first night you use it. If you continue snoring after the first night, remold the mouthpiece and hold your bottom jaw forward.

However, if your snoring problem is nose-based, SnoreMeds mouthpiece won’t work at all—no matter how much you adjust the mouthpiece.

How much lower jaw advancement does Snoremeds provide?

Using SnoreMeds, one can advance the jaw for up to 5 millimeters. The level of jaw adjustment hugely depends on the fitting process. Pay close attention to the fitting process.

SnoreMeds FDA Status, BPA & Latex?

When it comes to choosing a mouthpiece, nearly everyone focuses on three things:

  • FDA Status
  • Use of BPAs
  • Use of Latex

And SnoreMeds mouthpiece shouldn’t be an exception. You should examine all the three before choosing to buy it because it is vital.

SnoreMeds FDA status

When it comes to FDA clearance, the manufacturer of SnoreMeds states that they use FDA cleared material to produce their mouthpiece. The use of FDA-cleared material is essential as the use of any other type of material on an oral appliance could be potentially hazardous.

However, it is essential to note that the FDA considers all MADs like SnoreMeds as class II medical devices. It is up to the manufacturer to convince FDA that its product is substantially equivalent to similar products on the market, making it safe to sell. But SnoreMeds mouthpiece is not cleared by the FDA as an anti-snore solution even though it uses FDA-cleared material.

SnoreMeds BPA status

While EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) claims that BPAs are not harmful, other studies suggest that it may cause health concerns, and one should avoid them whenever possible.

And since a mouthpiece will remain in the mouth for nearly 8 hours or more, every night, it might be great to go for a product labeled BPA-free. And SnoreMeds mouthpiece is labeled BPA-free.

SnoreMeds latex status 

Many individuals are allergic to latex. According to the manufacturer, SnoreMeds is latex-free and instead utilizes a hypoallergic thermoplastic, which is approved for dental use. This makes it suitable even for individuals with latex allergy.

What’s exactly the material of Snoremeds mouthpiece

When you take a closer look at the SnoreMeds mouthpiece, you will see a stamp of letters “EVA.” These three letters bring a clear picture of the exact elements that make the material.

EVA is an acronym for  Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate—a copolymer of ethylene and vinyl acetate commonly used to manufacture boil-and-bite style mouthpieces.

Are there male and female version of Snoremeds?

Yes. SnoreMeds comes in two sizes— regular and small. While SnoreMeds says that the standard size is for men, and the small size for women, the only thing to remember when shopping is the size of your mouth.

While it is true that women have smaller mouths in comparison with men, a woman with a larger than average size mouth may benefit most from the regular size mouthpiece—which the company describes as “Men’s” size.

Similarly, a male with a smaller than average mouth may consider purchasing the small size—the one the company describes as “women” size.

How does one know if Snoremeds mouthpiece works when they are asleep?

Your sleep partner should be able to tell you if the product works. But if you don’t have anyone in the room with you, a snoring app should execute the job precisely.

How wide is the Snoremeds airway?

SnoreMeds has an airway opening of 2 millimeters. The size is less than what other mouthpieces have. While the airway opening aims at enhancing mouth breathing, their small size raises a problem—the airway openings are more likely to collapse during fitting, making mouth breathing impossible.

Who is Snoremed mouthpiece for?

  • People who breathe via the mouth. It has two mouth-breathing slots
  • People with small jaws
  • People with nasal polyps, sinuses, deviated septum or allergies because the airflow holes in the front that allow mouth-breathing
  • Snorers with oral airflow obstruction

Who isn’t Snoremeds for?

  • Individual wearing dentures
  • People with obstructive sleep apnea
  • Nasal snores
  • Individuals with teeth or gum disease
  • Children

What’s the pricing, shipping options, and warranty

What does Snoremeds mouthpiece Cost?

Single Pack$46.95
Double Pack$66.95
Value Pack$94.95

The prices aren’t the highest in the anti-snoring world, and you’re assured of unbeatably great offers, especially when you go for the value pack.

A single SnoreMeds goes for $46.95 + $7.91 (shipping fee) = $54.86

But for orders over $94, there is a free shipping fee within the United States.

Fancy an unbeatable offer?

The 4-pack package goes for $94.95, which equals $23.74 per unit. This is a hefty discount of almost 50% off the regular price.

Nearly the same terms are available to the 2-pack package, which cost $66.95, which round down to almost $33.48 a unit.

But there is a catch with SnoreMeds product with offers:

After purchase, you can’t return the double-pack or the four-pack packages.

What are the shipping options for Snoremeds mouthpiece?

Clients in the united states, shipping takes 2-4 days using USPS, with an estimated charge of $7.91

Customers in Australia, shipping takes 2-4 days using First Class Mail Parcel with tracking, with an estimated charge $11.54 charge

Canadian customer, shipping takes two days via Canada Post Xpresspot with an estimated charge of $16.48

From the rest of the world, shipping takes 10-14 days via Global Mail service with tracking for an estimated charge of $14.40

Note that it takes two days for the warehouse to process your order.

Pros and Cons of Snoremeds mouthpiece

If you still aren’t sure if SnoreMeds is right for you, check on the benefits and the flows of this snoring aid below.


  • It features two breathing slots in its design to allow mouth breathing
  • Effective anti-snoring device
  • BPA and latex-free—both substances are a hazardous chemical used in the plastic synthesis that should not be in contact with the skin for extended periods
  • The material SnoreMeds uses is FDA cleared
  • Comes with a 45-day money-back guarantee when purchasing one mouthpiece
  • Requires little maintenance
  • Relatively cheap when buying two or four-pack


  • It takes weeks for the user to get used to it
  • Can cause excessive drolling
  • It might not stay intact all night
  • Has a very low lifespan of only four months
  • One can only use the boil-and-bite method twice before the material is compromised
  • Unapplicable if one wear Dentures, crowns, cap, and implants
  • The airway opening might collapse after heating, making the nose breathing the only option to breathe at night
  • Even though the material SnoreMeds uses is FDA-cleared, FDA has not cleared the mouthpiece as a snoring treatment 

Can One Buy SnoreMeds on Amazon, Walmart, CVS, or Walgreens?

No, you must buy SnoreMeds from the company’s official website.

What’s the warranty and return policy for SnoreMed mouthpiece?

SnoreMeds offers a 45-day satisfaction guarantee. For a full refund, the product must be in its original packaging. And the 45-day guarantee starts after the receipt of the shipment.

The Return policy 

The company behind the product states that if you receive a damaged or wrong product, it will exchange it free of charge.

As for returning a mouthpiece that you are not satisfied with, the company will refund the total amount you paid minus the shipping fee, which is $7.84 for buyers in the United States. 

What’s more, you’ll be responsible for the return shipping fee, which will cost between $3-$4 (domestic shipping) using the least expensive option, USPS first class mail.

Meaning, the total out of pocket expense for merely trying the mouthpiece and returning is is somewhere around $12.

What payment options does Snoremeds mouthpiece accept?

SnoreMeds accepts plenty of payment methods, including American Express, Apple Pay, PayPal, Diner’s Club, Discover, JCB, Master Card, Venmo, and Visa.

Final verdict

The SnoreMeds Mouthpiece an excellent solution to consider for snoring.

Its airway passages make it suitable for people who breathe through the mouth as well as those who don’t.

By using BPA-free, latex-free, and FDA approved materials, the SnoreMeds mouthpiece clears itself as safe.

The two size options are an added advantage as mouth sizes differ. 

On the flip side, the fitting process can be intimidating for the first-time user. And if you go wrong in the fitting process more than twice, it won’t work for you.

What is more, if your snoring is a result of nasal problems, SnoreMeds won’t work at all for you. The aid is only meant to help people who snore because of the reclined jaw and relaxed tongue muscles. If you’re the rare 15%, this device cannot work for you. Don’t buy it.


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