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SnoreRX Review: How Does This Antisnoring Mouthpiece Stack Up?

According to all-ready-using customers, there is almost nothing wrong with SnoreRX. Its sophistication in design is mighty fine—you can further adjust the level of lower jaw adjustment to a more defined precision—up to the millimeter scale.

But here’s one question that brings everything into perspective:

Does it offer enough?

We’ll find out about that in a minute. But first, in this SnoreRX Review, we’ll explore:

  • What’s SnoreRX
  • How does it work?
  • Who is it for?
  • Who isn’t it for?
  • How to Use SnoreRX?
  • What Makes SnoreRX Unique?
  • Snorex Complaints
  • And lots more

So if you’re considering buying SnoreRX, this review should help you with your decision.

Let’s jump right in.

What’s SnoreRX?

SnoreRX is an adjustable mandibular advancement device with precise calibration aiming at helping the user to get a good night’s sleep by reducing snoring.

The mouthpiece looks like the gum shield boxers wear—only that instead of fitting it to the top teeth alone, it sits on the bottom one as well.

And as any MAD, it works by repositioning the lower jaw in a slightly forward position to open the user’s airways when asleep.

The only difference?

SnoreRX has taken a facelift to a standard anti-snoring mouthpiece to create a professional, adjustable-to-micro-scale level, and custom-fitting product that presents superior comfort and efficacy of about 90%.

With the definition out of the way, let’s get right into the operating mechanism of SnoreRX.

How Does SnoreRX Works?

Like any other typical Mandibular Adjustment Device, SnoreRX repositions your lower jaw in a slightly forward position.

Here is how this repositioning works in solving snoring:

When one sleeps, the lower jaw sits back. But for people who snore, the lower jaw sits too far back. In turn, the snorer tongue and the associated soft throat tissues slacken and relax on the upper airway.

In other words, the root cause of snoring is obstruction of airflow at the back of the throat.

Meaning, there are two main ways to work around snoring:

  • One is to stabilize the tongue
  • Or repositioning the lower jaw

SnoreRX employs the second method to address the root cause of snoring. It targets adjusting the lower jaw advancement.

Because the tongue anchors to the base of the mouth, slightly advancing the lower jaw forward tightens the soft tissue in the throat and create extra air space in your upper airway to reduce obstruction of the airflow.

Typical Mandibular Adjustment Device has one pre-set position to protrude the lower jaw forward. But that isn’t the case with SnoreRX. This mouthpiece goes a notch higher and allows you to customize the level of intrusion into refined precision for increased efficacy and superior comfort.

This feature is overly impressive and combined with standard efficacy of a MAD, SnoreRX stands out as one of the best. So let’s break down the process of how to use it.

How to Use SnoreRX

One great thing about SnoreRX is that it allows for greater control in the level of lower jaw advancement than any other mouthpiece out there.

To use SnoreRX, you’ll first need to create a custom fit impression of your teeth for the mouthpiece to sit snugly when asleep.

Then, you’ll need to set the level of lower jaw advancement using the millimeter scale. This way, you can redefine the level of comfort and efficacy you can get on a MAD.

So let’s start from the bases. How do you custom-fit SnoreRX?

How to get a Custom Impression with SnoreRX

What You’ll Need:

  • SnoreRX fitting handle (it comes already fixed to the mouthpiece)
  • Microwave
  • A mug of water
  • A timer
  • A bowl of cold water

Then proceed as follows:

  1. Heat water in the mug to boiling using the microwave
  2. Holding the fitting handle, submerge SnoreRX in the mug od boiling water for 60 seconds to soften the material for the custom impression. You mustn’t exceed 60 seconds when holding the mouthpiece in boiling water because it might compromise the integrity of the device.
  3. After 60 seconds of heating, remove the SnoreRX from the boiling water and immediately dip it in the bowl with cold water for two seconds to remove any hot water. Now you’re set for the custom fitting.
  4. Next, position SnoreRX mouthpiece at the center of your teeth in both top and bottom grooves of the mouthpiece and bite down as firm as possible for 30 seconds to create your custom impression.
  5. Then, remove the mouthpiece from your mouth and place it in a bowl of cold water for 5 minutes to harden the impression you’ve just created.
  6. Check if the impression you’ve created fits you snugly. If it doesn’t, you can re-execute the boil and bite process for another time.
  7. Once satisfied with the impression, push the fitting handle off to separate SnoreRX from the fitting tray.

It is important to note that the maximum times you can do the boil-and-bite process is 3. Past three times, you’ll compromise the integrity of the mouthpiece.

With the custom fit process out of the question, here’s how to adjust the level of mandibular adjustment.

How to Adjust the Level of Mandibular Advancement

After custom-fitting, you can begin to wear the device to stop snoring. And the manufacturer recommends you start wearing SnoreRX at the one millimeter setting on the first night.

Then, every one or two nights, you can adjust the setting by one millimeter until you strike a balance between comfort and a significant reduction in snoring.

And if your snoring is like many people, you might find the right balance between the three and five millimeters setting.

To regulate the sliding mechanism, use your fingers to apply pressure to the sides of the lower tray to disengage the Posi Lock Mechanism.

Uninterruptable Natural Breathing

If you breathe via mouth when asleep, or you have a condition that compromises nasal breathing, you don’t have to worry when you wear SnoreRX mouthpiece. It has a wide enough air gap between the upper and the lower tray in the front that allow all-natural breathing—without whistling effect.

That said, who should use SnoreRX and who shouldn’t?

Who is SnoreRX For?

Science says that Mandibular Adjustment devices like SnoreRX can treat 72% of snoring. Meaning, like any other thing, SnoreRX isn’t for everyone snoring. It is only suitable for:

  • Snorers whose snoring worsen when they sleep in the back position
  • Over weights
  • Persons who wake up with sore throat and headaches
  • Mouth breathers
  • People with mild to moderate sleep apnea

Who Isn’t SnoreRX for?

  • Persons with nasal-related snoring
  • A patient suffering from central or complex sleep apnea
  • Persons under the age of 18
  • One who has a history of Temporomandibular disorder
  • People with a respiratory disorder
  • Individual with severe gum disorder, loose teeth, advanced periodontal, abscesses
  • Denture wearers, brace wearer, or any other dental appliances
  • People with implants, crowns or caps unless a dentist-approved

What Makes SnoreRX Unique?

In the antisnore world, two features make SnoreRX stand out in a sea of mouthpieces. Let’s take a quick look at them.

A Design that Focuses on Details to Microscopic Level

If there is one feature that makes SnoreRX stand out in a sea of Mandibular Adjustment Device is its lower-jaw-adjustment millimeter scale.

This feature allows SnoreRX to deliver maximum efficacy while remaining gentle on you. Unlike other MADs, the millimeter-scale allows far much precision in the level of comfort while providing just enough repositioning by squeezing the edges of the to try and sliding the tray back or forward in one-millimeter increments.

No guesswork, you’ll see clear marks of the increments.

If a specific repositioning is uncomfortable, you don’t need to put up with it, adjust the setting to the one that’s ultimately comfortable for you.

And if a level of adjustment doesn’t stop your snoring, you don’t need to re-execute the boil-and-bite—as it would be with other MADs—gradually increase the level of lower jaw protrusion to a level that works for you.

Certified Designing and Material

Another interesting fact about SnoreRX is that its material and design are FDA-approved and clinically proven to treat snoring.

The mouthpiece utilizes medical-grade plastic for both the trays and the insert pads, which not only assures oral safety but also extends the lifespan of the device to 11-15 months.

What’s more, SnoreRX has large air space in the front between the upper and lower tray to ensure natural airflow even when you have a problem breathing through the nose.

The mouthpiece utilizes a sophisticated sliding mechanism that makes adjustments possible. However, the in-built calibration gauge is what makes it stand out. With the relevant calibrations, it is easy to identify the setting you have already tried and found one that will work best on you.

 The calibration is in 1mm increments, which make you make precise lower jaw advancement up to a maximum of 6mm. Once you find a setting that’s comfortable for you and works best, you can use the Posi Lock System to lock it.

And even more, it utilizes a slim lightweight design that complements all the comfort features it applies.

Who’s the Manufacturer of SnoreRX

The Apnea Sciences Corporation is the company that manufactures and distributes SnoreRX mouthpiece. The company is American-based—found in California—but it today distributes the SnoreRX mouthpiece to all continents on the planet.

The company dated back to 2009 and specialized in developing and marketing sleep-disorder-related products. And apart from the SnoreRX—which requires no prescription, and targets snoring problems only—Apnea Sciences Corporation produces ApneaRX, a prescription-only mouthpiece for persons with sleep apnea.

What are the Advertised Benefits od SnoreRX

On their official website, the manufacturer advertises that SnoreRX will:

  • Stop snoring to get you a good night sleep
  • Maximally adjustable in 1 mm increments to allow you to find the perfect fit for comfort and efficacy
  • Custom-fit to present superior retention
  • Ultra-slim and lightweight design for additional comfort

The next question that brings everything into perspective is:

Does SnoreRX deliver what it promises?

While some benefit the manufacturer claim that SnoreRX will deliver you can get from most MADs, there is plenty of advancement SnoreRX utilizes that you won’t get from other MADs.

For instance, the ultra-fine adjustment capability, the thin and lightweight design are exemplary things the device offers that you will not get from other MADs.

What are the Possible Side Effects of Using SnoreRX?

Using a MAD repositions the lower jaw in an unnatural position for several hours. It comes with no surprise that this might create some negative issues. However, most side effects are temporary and should go away after sometimes.

Here are some problems you might face using SnoreRX:

  • Jaw soreness because the device applies force on the teeth
  • Lack of sleep for the first few days of use. However, you should get used to it after some days
  • The long term side effect might include a time-related  dental and skeletal side effect

How to Maintain SnoreRX

There is no maintenance practice for SnoreRX after the boil-and-bite and calibration. In fact, its maintenance practices are reduced to cleaning practices.

After all, being an oral device, SnoreRX calls upon high hygiene—daily cleaning habits.

However, snoring mouthpiece are subject to daily wear and tear and will eventually need replacement. A daily rinse sometimes might not do the magic because there might be bacterial buildup, which could stain your device over time and, if left untreated, might create an unpleasant odor, which might cause bad breath.

The manufacturer suggests usage of Aseptic Guard cleaning solution for effective cleaning.

What’s more, you can use toothbrush and toothpaste to wash the mouthpiece. You should avoid using mouthwash, dishwashing soap, ammonia, bleach, and other household cleaning product because the product would compromise the integrity of SnoreRX.

After every use, allow the device to air dry.

If you take good care of your mouthguard, SnoreRX should ideally last anywhere from 9-11 months even though the manufacturer doesn’t guarantee the device will last that long.

If you grind your teeth or clench your jaws, the lifespan of your mouthpiece might reduce significantly, and it might require you to replace the device sooner.

SnoreRX Complaints

Have you suffered under the hands of a snorer recently? Or maybe you are the reason that causes your significant other some cranky mornings more often than not due to your snoring. But you just can’t help yourself, and the action is involuntary, meaning it just can’t be wished away. If you are one of the millions that suffer from sleep apnea, then you are certain to have tried some of the oral, anti-snoring devices mentioned in multiple circles. At the very least, you are thinking about trying them, just to see if your house will get some reprieve from the nightly noises.

If you are looking to try an anti-snoring mouthpiece, then the SnoreRX device is one option that you can scarce afford to ignore. The device is built to mold itself to each user’s specific measurements up to the millimeter regularly. This functionality, coupled with its ability to work as a mandibular advancement device, makes it one of the most comfortable and highly efficient anti-snoring mouthpieces around. Not all customers have walked away completely satisfied by the device, though, and some negative reviews can be found in various online shops from customers who did not have their expectations met. Some of the most common complaints include:

The Device is Uncomfortable

Much like other anti-snoring devices in its class, the SnoreRX can be mightily uncomfortable during its first few weeks of continuous. Expect everything from sore jaws, drool, an unpleasant smell, and slight pain as your mouth and its various parts adopt new positions in a bid to stop your snoring.

Possible Solutions – There is little you can do about such discomfort, and moving to another brand of devices won’t help much. However, such discomfort will gradually decrease as the days pass until it is eliminated. However, it is recommended that you seek a specialist in the rare instance where this discomfort lasts more than a month. Such a professional will ask the necessary questions to get to the root of the problem before giving you a solution.  

The Device is not Worth the Price

The device is one of the more expensive options for MAD anti-snoring devices, and the manufacturer justifies this with, among others, the device’s custom fit capabilities. However, even with these functionalities, the device has still been reported to shatter easily due to being made from poor quality materials. The lack of clear warranty terms also don’t help matters much, and neither do they build a case for the SnoreRX’s durability. With all these stumbling blocks to get past, it is clear why the device is unfairly priced.

Possible Solutions – There are few remedies available when looking to fixing the price issue, and it is certain to remain a thorny issue for years to come. However, loyal users of the device can work to increase the device’s lifespan for longer by, among other actions, ensuring they have the right size and keeping it sanitary at all times. 

It Caused Extremely Severe Jaw Pain

Some users have also found it hard to use the product due to the severe jaw pain it induces. Although it stopped snoring, cases of uses abandoning the device due to jaw pain exist. No specific reason can be pointed out as the number one cause of such pain. Still, common culprits could include abnormal sleep positions, insufficient support from the mattress and pillow, and a faulty device.

Possible solutions – Giving a solution to resolve one’s jaw pain can be quite difficult, as there are multiple reasons behind such pain. However, the rule of thumb is to first discontinue the device’s use before you can figure out the next step. Consulting a specialist is also advised to take you through an elimination process to determine the reason for your pain and its remedy. 

It Doesn’t Stay at the Adjusted Level

Another complaint that is common with the SnoreRX regards its self-adjusting mechanism. A few users have claimed that the mouthpiece failed to stay at the adjusted level is acquired, thereby reducing its efficiency to reduce snoring. This function is amongst the central claims by the manufacturer as to why their product is superior. Accordingly, it would be important to investigate the extent to which such a fault holds to determine whether the device is still worth the investment.

Possible Solutions – A loosened adjustment can be due to errors in the fitting process. Accordingly, this is the place to start when facing such a problem. Consulting a dentist or any other closely-related specialist would also do you some good as they would help you get a clearer answer as to where the problem lies.

The Product Comes with Unclear Warranty and Return Terms

Finally, the product has among the most unclear terms of warranty for anti-snoring devices in its class. It is also unclear whether returns are possible with the device and the grace period within which such returns remain active. While consumers continue to lodge this complaint, it is unclear whether the manufacturer is set to clarify the same, or at least make it more transparent.

Possible Solutions – There isn’t much that consumers can do when a producer fails to give clear warranty terms other than disregarding their product and taking their money to the competitors. Luckily, there are plenty of options within the SnoreRX price range that perform the same functions under clear terms of warranty and returns. 

Final thoughts

All in all, the SnoreRX does seem like a worthwhile option when looking to buy a premium anti-snoring gadget, but it falls short on many metrics. There are questions around its self-adjust feature and durability. Lack of a clear warranty also complicates the matter further. There are still users that would swear by the brand, and this is good news as it adds a layer of credibility that is much needed. However, the final decision lies with you, the consumer, regarding whether you would invest in a SnoreRX mouthpiece.

SnoreRX Review: FAQs

How sure am I that SnoreRX will work for me?

Mandibular Adjustment Devices are accepted worldwide as an effective treatment to reduce snoring. In fact, approximately 72% of snoring problems are treatable with antisnoring mouthpieces.

And Apnea Sciences Corporations stand with their product and present to users a 30-night guarantee. If the product doesn’t work for you during the first 30 days, the manufacturer gets you your money back.

 So you’ve got a 72% chance of the device working for you. And if it doesn’t within 30 days, you get your money back.

Does SnoreRX Allow Mouth Breathing?

Yes, SnoreRX utilizes a V-Flow design in the front to allow full mouth breathing. Meaning it doesn’t matter whether you have got a problem breathing via the nose, SnoreRX will still come handy.

What Are the Expectation When Using SnoreRX?

On the first nights of use, you’ll experience discomfort, excessive drooling, or dry mouth. However, all these effects are temporary. And to quickly get used to the device and minimize these effects, you can wear SnoreRX for about 45 minutes for about 3 to 5 days while awake to help the body get used to the device.

Can One Wear SnoreRX with Dentures, Bridges, or Implants?

It is not correct to wear SnoreRx with dentures, bridges, or implants. It is recommendable you consult with your dentist before purchasing and using SnoreRX because the mouthpiece requires both the front four teeth on top and bottom to be natural.

Will SnoreRX Treat Sleep Apnea?

Sleep Apnea is a severe condition that requires special attention. And SnoreRX is only cleared by the FDA to reduce snoring.

Does SnoreRX Help with Tooth Grinding?

The FDA clears SnoreRX to reduce snoring. It by no means intended to address other medical conditions like tooth grinding and jaw clenching. If you’re going to use SnoreRX and grind teeth or clench jaw may notice reduced lifespan of the device.

SnoreRX Review: The Bottom Line

Whether or not you go with SnoreRX depends on who you are, and how much you have to spend on antisnore aid.

SnoreRX is a leading antisnore mouthpiece, including ultra-customizable lower jaw advancement, medical-grade material, and far much superior comfort. Pair that, with an ultra-lightweight design and it is no wonder why ten of thousands of users use it as a stop snoring device.

Overally, SnoreRX is highly recommendable. It is one of the world’s best Mandibular Adjustment Device you can ever find.

However, ff you have an underlying dental problem like you wear dentures, have an implant, or have bridges, you’d like to pass SnoreRX as an antisnore solution or further consult a dentist.


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