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The Best Foldable Mattress: The Top 5 Space-Friendly and Portable Mattresses

Are you looking for a space-friendly or readily portable mattress?

A mattress that folds mighty fine without compromising sleep comfort may be the correct answer. In fact, lots of foldable mattresses utilize foam-construction and have two to four folds that allow you to compress them into smaller sizes.

The only problem?

There are literally hundreds of space-friendly mattresses out there, and deciding on which to buy can be an excruciating task. But to help you make an informed decision, we want to only focus on the best and the most useful foldable mattresses. To be included, a mattress had to meet three requirements. It must be.

  1. Widely used by the foldable mattress community
  2. Offers above-board value + non-compromising on comfort
  3. Actually, foldable – at least three times

Let’s dive right in.

1. Zinus Memory Foam 4 Inch Tri-Fold – Editor’s Choice

Interesting Features

  • 4-Inches Support
  • Tri-Fold efficacy
  • BioFoam with natural ingredients to absorb moisture, eliminate odor, and keep the mat fresh
  • Certified foam for durability, performance, and content

Unwind and enjoy the comfort of the Zinus Memory Foam Tri-Fold for a comfortable and convenient rest. At its core, the mattress utilizes three foldable layers that work together to deliver a compact but comfortable sleep solution. You can readily transport and store it.

Why it is ranked 1st:

Zinus Memory Foam 4 Inch Tri-Fold cracks the right balance between unbeatable quality and price. In other words, you’ll get the maximum value for your money. The 4-inch mattress entails three layers of 1-inch memory foam, 2-inch Viscoelastic foam, and 1-inch high-density base. In combination, you get unbeatable comfort and Support for a good-night sleep, wherever you go.

i) Unbeatable Material Quality:

This foldable mattress from Zinus is a full foam mattress – no other component besides foam. More interesting, the foam the mattress uses is CertiPUR certified for durability, performance, and content. That way, you’re sure to get uncompromising night rest regardless of where you take it. Plus, it utilizes the latest BIO foam – a type of foam that contains natural components such as plant oil and green tea extract instead of petroleum and other commonly used chemicals that might otherwise compromise sleep health.

ii) Uncompromising Comfort yet Foldable:  

As a foam-only mattress, Zinus Memory Foam 4-Inch Foldable mattress conforms to your body’s curves to deliver superior good-night sleep. It is not the best support mattress, but it lacks chemicals, off-gassing, and has little-to-no odor. The flexible design of this Zinus mattress allows you to fold your mattress up to three times for easy transport or storage without damaging the product.

iii) Apt pricing:

Zinus prices their foldable mattress reasonably. In fact, it is right to say it is a value of money you’ll spend. Because, for $134.99, you get a portable trifold mattress that doesn’t compromise on comfort or health. A combination of its natural content and its functionality makes it one of the best shots you can take after a foldable mattress.

2. Cushy Foam Tri-Fold Mattress – Excellent Choice for Travel

Interesting Features

  • Ridiculously easy to clean foldable mattress
  • Free carry and storage bag
  • Convenient for travel
  • Versatile and you could turn it into a comfortable seat
  • Premium quality material

Unfold and fold your mattress hassle-free with a Cushy Foam mattress that’s versatile to the extremes. The mattress is suitable for traveling, camping, sleeping out, RVs as a spare bed, or you can even turn it into a comfortable seat. It is adjustable to your every need.

Why it ranks 2nd:

The manufacturer of Cushy Foam Tri-Foldable utilizes only premium quality materials.  It entails super firm cushion padding that allows users to enjoy a restful sleep. More importantly, its plush, breathable, and high-density tech presents a therapeutical benefit while at the same time supporting the back and neck. That way, you can have a night of uninterrupted rest.

i) Ridiculously Easy Cleaning:

Unlike futons and air mattresses, it is easy to ensure the Cushy Foam Tri-Fold mattress remains stain-free and fresh. The mattress comes with an ultra-soft removable cover that is machine washable. This guarantees that you can readily clean your mattress – all you need to do is quickly unzip the cover and pop it in your washer and dryer. Then, rezip it on your mattress, and you’re good to go.

ii) Free Storage and Carry Bags:

After all, the need for a foldable mattress is ready portability and easy storage. This Cushy foldable mattress understands that correctly. For every mattress order, you get a free bag to store and conveniently transfer your foldable mattress. You can now pack up your lightweight tri-fold bed mattress and take it out with you to all your outdoor adventure, sleepovers, travels, car trips, and gym. And when you’re not using it, you can store it clean and dust-free until the next time you need it.

iii) Strictly Tested and Safe Material:

The best part with the Cushy Foam Tri-Fold mattress is that it goes a notch higher to present to you a foldable bed with no harmful material. It does not have specks of PBDEs, TDCPP, TCEP fire retardants, led, or mercury, which otherwise could lead to allergies, putting your health at risk. As a result, the mattress is hygienic for kids and adults as well.

3. Milliard Tri-Fold Pack N’ Play – Best Foldable Mattress for Kids

Interesting Features

  • Soft, soothing, and appropriate for kids
  • Maximum portability
  • Waterproof but machine washable cover
  • Lab-tested and approved
  • Free Cary Case

If you were looking for a foldable mattress, but for a child, Milliard Tri-Fold Pack N’ Play is the best shot you can take. The bed employs the top-quality construction of high-density foam to present a near-to-perfect balance between firm support and soft comfort.

Why it ranks 3rd:

While the Milliard Tri-Fold N’ Play would be the best foldable to go for, it is only suitable for kids. However, its functionality is outstanding – its designs allow you to fold the mattress in a free carry bag that comes with every order. You can easily store or travel with your baby’s mattress.

i) Safety Certifications That are Even Applicable for Kids:

Milliard Tri-Fold N’ Play present a foldable sleep solution that allows you to rest knowing that your baby is sleeping on certified safety. Its foam is independently lab-tested and Certipur-certified for emission and content. However, the soft surface does not target infants and small babies.

ii) The Outstanding Carry Case:  

The mattress is super compact and efficient to carry along when traveling because of its tri-folding design, making it a third of its length. But more importantly, its sturdy and durable carry case combines with its foldability to deliver a truly portable sleep solution for your kid.

iii) Waterproof but Machine-Washable Cover:

Spillage happens. In fact, when children are involved, it is sure that they’ll drool and mess up that top cover. And Milliard put all that into consideration when designing the top cover of the mattress because it is waterproof. You don’t have to worry about wetting the mattress during usage. And when things get messy, the cover is easily washable.

4. Inofia Memory Foam Folding 6-inch Tri-Fold Mattress – Best Luxurious foldable Mattress

Interesting Feature

  • 6-inch full tri-fold mattress
  • Removable ultra-soft bamboo cover
  • High-quality construction
  • Unbeatable Manufacturer guarantee
  • Luxurious Comfort

Enjoy foldable sleep solution in a whole new way with the 6-inch full tri-fold mattress from Inofia. Unlike many other foldable mattresses, this foldable mattress from Inofia isn’t thin. Instead, it is an option if you want to invest more for superior comfort. The mattress entails a 1.5-inch memory foam and an over 4.5-inch supportive foam base to present to you luxurious comfort.

Why it ranks 4th: Inofia is one of the world’s best folding mattresses you’ll find with diversified construction that transforms comfort you can get from a foldable mattress into an uncompromising luxury. It takes the backseat to the best foldable mattress only because it is slightly pricier, but it is a value-for-money choice.

Superior Construction: It all starts with the ultra-soft but machine-washable bamboo cover. The cover adds luxurious comfort while at the same time, eases the care of the mattress. The mattress employs an anti-slip technology at the bottom – you don’t need to worry about the mattress sticking on a flat position. And the memory foams this foldable mattress uses are CertiPUR-US certified, free from all toxins and chemicals.

But it doesn’t stop there. The foam it uses is thick and durable to deliver long-lasting comfort. In fact, the manufacturer gives you a 100 hassle-free night trial and a ten-year warranty. In other words, you don’t have to worry about the performance of the functionality.

Ridiculously Portable: The mattress is a tri-fold – you can fold it to a third its size to carry it on the go or save on space. But when you want to use it, unfold the memory foam bed on your floor in any room for a comfortable sleep.

5. Lucid 4″ Folding Mattress & Sofa – the Versatility in Folding will Lure you in

Interesting Features

  • Long-lasting removable and machine-washable cover
  • Doubles as a sofa-style floor chair
  • Easily portable
  • Certified construction

The Folding Mattress & Sofa is on this best foldable mattresses list because it is versatile. You can strategically place this mattress in your room as a couch and turn it into a sleeping mattress whenever you want – you can get a seat and mattress with one product.

Why it ranks 5th: The Lucid 4″ Folding Mattress & sofa has a wow factor missing from other foldable mattress thanks to its versatility when folding. As long as you are after a combination of a sofa seat and mattress, Lucid 4 Inch Foldable Mattress’s price is right.

All-in-one Sleeping Mattress and Comfortable Sofa: This is the main draw. Like many other foldable mattresses, it employs a tri-fold tech. But it goes a notch higher and presents a one-larger-than-others panel that stacks smaller panels on top of the larger one to make a comfortable sofa.

Superior Dual-Layer Construction: The Lucid 4″ Folding Mattress and Sofa utilizes a 0.5 inch top layer of memory foam and bottom 3.5-inch layer of high-density support foam. The top layer conforms to the user’s body and weight, which allows superior comfort. The bottom high-density layer provides the Support you need for a good-night sleep.

Portability: This mattress from Lucid applies a compact and lightweight design, making it apt for indoor and outdoor use. Its tri-fold design for folding up and easy portability. And it is slightly past 17 pounds – a factor that makes it readily portable and easy to store.

Methodology: How We Determined the Best Foldable Mattress

To come with the listing of the five best foldable mattresses, we set out, scrape the world of foldable mattresses, focus only on the best, and then handpicked the top 5 in terms of functionality value for money.

To be included, a foldable mattress had to meet five requirements. It must be:

a) Widely Used by the Foldable Mattress Community

There is no better to tell how functional a product is than what already using the customer says about the product. For that reason, we only focused on products with multiple hundreds of 5-Stars positive reviews on Amazon. After all, customers aren’t restricted online and share genuine first-hand experiences. They are free to say without lying about the product and what they believe it is essential. And that’s a vital pipeline to assess mattress that works and those that don’t.

b) A High-Quality Foam Mattress

As temporary as a foldable mattress might appear, it pays to pay keen attention to conforming comfort. And the type of foam determines the level of comfort you’ll have. Nearly all foldable mattresses utilize foam. But the difference stems from details like the type of foam mattress. And you can buy a polyfoam foldable mattress or memory foam mattress. Polyfoam is pocket friendly, but it is less comfortable and less durable than the memory foam. On the flip side, memory foam is viscoelastic and can isolate motion and conform to the body’s natural curvature. This is critical because it saves you the possibility of developing back or neck pain.

c) Actually, Portable

The primary aim of getting a foldable mattress is portability or easily storable. It shouldn’t be difficult to pack your mattress by folding it up readily and carry it along wherever you go. The portability of foldable mattresses varies from one to another. And there are only two things that determine the portability of a foldable mattress:

  • Weight
  • And the folding technique

And we only focus on mattresses with three foldable panels that give you the right balance between saving on space and functionality.

d) Have a Removeable and Machine-Washable Cover

A removable cover protects against moisture, dirt and makes a foldable mattress more manageable. And it would make the care of the foldable mattress easier if the removable cover is machine-washable but at the same time waterproof, especially when you’re planning to go outdoors. It is crucial because a removable cover is the first line of defense against wear and tear, allergens, spills, and even bugs. So we only focus on a foldable mattress that comes with a removable but machine-washable cover.

e) Offer Above-Board Values + Working Results

Every foldable mattress varies. But regardless of the mattress you go with; it should offer you maximum value for your money. And the place to seek assurance for value is on the manufacturer warranty, guarantee, or even a trial period. Foldable mattresses like the Innofia Memory Foam comes with a 100-days trial and up to 10 years warranty.

Why Do You Need The Best Foldable Mattress?

There are several reasons you will need a foldable mattress. They include

* It is travel friendly

At its core,  a foldable mattress targets people who travel a lot. Such mattresses are easily portable as you can reduce their size into two or three by folding. That way, you can enjoy superior comfort that air mattresses during your adventurous trip.

* A Foldable Mattress is apt for guest

A foldable mattress is appropriate for guests as it provides an option to store it in a smaller space while at the same time not compromising the sleep quality. And since guests don’t come often for sleepovers, foldable mattresses are less likely to waste so much space as a permanent bed would. You can store it easily in a closet or any other place where it won’t be disturbing.

* Some are Versatile to the Extremes

What’s makes a folding mattress unique is its versatility. You can use it for different purposes. Some models can fold to a perfect sitting platform, footrest, or even as a pillow. Specifically, one like the Lucid 4″ Folding Mattress & Sofa has panels that can fold to form a comfortable sofa that you can keep in your sitting room and use as a couch while at the same time you can unfold it to be a bed.

* Best Foldable Mattresses are Less Pricey

While they aren’t the cheapest mattresses, there is out there; a foldable mattress is not pricey. The price varies depending on the manufacture and material, but they come at reasonable amounts. If you don’t find it right to spend a fortune on mattresses, a folding mattress might be the right shot to take without compromising comfort.

* They are Excellent Emergency Beds

A foldable mattress can be an excellent remedy suppose you got emergency need of an extra bed. It is a far comfortable solution than sleeping on a couch when you got an unexpected guest. Besides, it saves on the hassle of sharing a double size bed with three people when an emergency comes, compromising sleeping comfort. And once your guest leaves, you can fold the mattress and slide it inside the closet until you need it again.

Who’s a Foldable Mattress Best for?

If you’re still wondering if a foldable mattress will suit you, here’s a summary of who the mattress suits best:

  • Campers and frequent travelers who prefer not to sleep in hotels, motel beds, on-ground, or in a sleeping bag
  • Parents who host plenty of sleepovers for their children as the mattress suits every age and you can easily store it afterward
  • Houseguest hosts without spare room for guests and wants to offer a better sleeping surface than a sofa or an air mattress.

Best Foldable Mattress – Final Thoughts

The best foldable mattress delivers superior folding planes, the versatility you need to multitask its purpose, and the comfort to deliver a goodnight-sleep. And with the multiple brands in the market today, it is an excruciating task to pick up the most useful and foldable mattress.

Plus, the final decision on which foldable mattress is subject to personal preference. Some people may prefer luxurious comfort, along with the most advanced foldable specs. Others want a solid mid-range mattress for their kids without compromising on comfort or Support.

To help you pick the best foldable mattress that suits your need, we put a dozen of foldable mattresses into a test to come up with the best five recommendations.

The above foldable mattress list has something for everyone, including great bargains and the most luxurious option you can take.

Best Foldable Mattresses FAQs

Can I use a foldable mattress daily, or is it only for occasional use?

It depends on many factors – but for the most part, it depends on the manufacturer and what they recommend. But at its core, a foldable mattress target occasional use. However, some brands like Inofia Memory Foam Folding Mattress are sturdy enough for daily use. But even then, repeated folding and closing put pressure on the seams and might compromise its lifespan.

Does one feel the gaps between the mattress cushions?

Again it depends on how you lay the mattress out, the kind of surface, and the mattress cover you go for. But you’ll feel the gap but with no significant compromise on comfort.


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