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VitalSleep vs. SnoreRX: Which Anti-Snoring Mouthpiece is Worth the Money?

Two mouthpieces dominate the world of Mandibular Adjustment Devices – VitalSleep and SnoreRX. In fact, they have proved effective to the extremes. So, we put the two to the test to see which comes at the top, VitalSleep vs. SnoreRX

Specifically, we analyzed:

  • Customization Options
  • Comfort Features
  • Ease of Maintenance
  • Suitability for Mouth Breathers
  • And Value for Money

And now, it is time to share what we discovered when we compared VitalSleep vs. SnoreRX.

Introducing: The Two Competitors

On one corner, we have VitalSleep.

VitalSleep is best known as a moldable and fully adjustable Mandibular Adjustment Device. But it has tons of features that separate it from a typical anti-snoring mouthpiece – which is why it is even possible to do a VitalSleep vs. SnoreRX comparison. Today, VitalSleep has a ton of features that makes it a direct competitor to SnoreRX, including:

  • Custom fitting
  • Different Sizes depending on gender
  • The Accu-adjust system
  • And lots more

On the flip side, we have SnoreRX.

SnoreRX is a fully adjustable Mandibular Advancement Device.

In other words, you don’t have to second-guess which level of lower advancement you need to crash a balance between comfort and efficacy – just utilize the sophistication in the adjustment mechanism of SnoreRX and strike a balance between an open airway and comfort.

As you’ll see later, VitalSleep also has a sophisticated incremental advancement feature. And we’ll compare the two later.

That said, SnoreRX ups its feature game quite a bit. With SnoreRX, you can:

  • Get superior comfort from the comfortable fitting
  • Adapt to having the device on your mouth quickly
  • Use the mouthpiece even if you’re a mouth breather
  • Lots more

But all in all, VitalSleep and SnoreRX have similar feature sets. So it is time to answer the question you’ve been asking from the word go:

Which anti-snoring mouthpiece is the best overall?

Let’s find out right now.

Which mouthpiece offers the best customization option?

First, we decided to see which mouthpiece offers superior customization options.

Let’s see who came out on top Vital sleep vs. SnoreRX


VitalSleep has three main customization features:

  1. The custom-fitting
  2. The Accu-Adjustment system
  3. And the variance in size

Let’s scrape to more depth how each customization feature works.

First is the initial custom-fitting process like most other boil-and-bite devices in the market. It allows you to create a snug fit’s dental impression, which otherwise would compromise your comfort.

And the custom fitting process is quite simple – it needs:

  • Two bowls (one empty and the other with cold water)
  • Hot water
  • A timer
  • And tongs (to handle the mouthpiece)

Then proceeds as follows:

  1. Put hot (boiling) water on the empty bowl.
  2. Using the pair of tongs, place the mouthpiece into the bowl with hot water for ten seconds to soften it.
  3. When 10 seconds elapses, remove the mouthpiece from the hot-water-bowl and allow the hot water on its surface to cool for another 10 seconds.
  4. Then, with the arrow on the device pointing up, place the warm mouthpiece into your mouth and bite down gently and press its surface against your teeth for 10 seconds
  5. Next, remove the mouthpiece from your mouth and place it in the bowl with cold water to harden your teeth’ impression. Allow it to cool for thirty seconds.
  6. Try the impression you’ve made. If you find it uncomfortable, repeat the boil-and-bite process.

However, you should know the maximum time you can execute the boil-and-bite process on VitalSleep mouthpiece is three. Above three times, you’ll compromise the integrity of the mouthpiece.

But the custom-fit process isn’t unique – every other boil-and-bite Mandibular Adjustment Device offers that customization. What’s unique with Vital Sleep is the Accu-Adjustment system.

The Accu-Adjustment system entails a hex key and screws which allow further customization for far superior comfort and efficacy.

But why is far much customization important?

Custom-fitting alone isn’t enough to crack a balance between efficacy and comfort. It might grant comfort, but without sufficient effectiveness – or efficacy while compromising comfort.

And the Accu-Adjustment system takes this into account.

Suppose after a custom fitting the default setting doesn’t solve your snoring problem, you have the freedom to adjust the level of lower jaw adjustment up to 8mm.

Your package comes with the hex key that helps you adjust the mouthpiece until you strike a balance between efficacy and comfort.

The adjustment mechanism is Super helpful.

One other thing that makes VitalSleep far customizable is that it comes in two different sizes: male and female.

Biologically, males have larger mandibles – with the lower jaw protruding far forward than the female. It would be wrong and uncomfortable to assume that one size would fit everyone. The two choices allow for a more comfortable fit.


Like VitalSleep, you can custom-fit SnoreRX. In fact, the fitting process is the same. What’s different is that SnoreRX has only two custom options.

  • Custom fitting
  • And the fully adjustable increment

While the custom fitting is similar to that of VitalSleep, its adjustment mechanism is entirely different.

At its core, this adjustment mechanism is the same as VitalSleep with some minor differences. (For example, you’ll not need a hex key to make adjustments). The unique thing is that the adjustment system comes in 1-millimeter incremental calibration.

For that reason, you got more precise lower jaw advancement. What’s more, you can re-adjust the calibration anytime. And this not only presents superior comfort but utmost efficacy too.

You can protrude your lower jaw forward for up to 6mm with the SnoreRX. If one setting does not reduce snoring in 3 to 5 nights of use, advance the settings with another millimeter. And the manufacturer recommends that you stick to one setting for a minimum of 3-5 days before moving to the next setting for comfort purposes.

The only problem with SnoreRX is that it comes in a one-size-fits-all – no option for male or female. This can be uncomfortable when it can’t fit your mouth.

All in all, both mouthpieces are incredibly customizable. But VitalSleep wins the customizable feature battle by a hair. SnoreRX might have the best overall lower jaw advancing system, but VitalSleep gives you lots more customizable options (custom-fitting, advance adjustment system, and variance in size), making it a more well-rounded customizable anti-snoring mouthpiece.

Which Mouthpiece is best for Mouthbreathers?

Next, you’d want to see which mouthpiece is best for mouthbreathers.

It is healthy to sleep with your mouth closed. But some people only rely on mouth-breathing when asleep. And while both mouthpieces provide room for mouth breathers, they take a different approach.

VitalSleep comes with a very large accommodating airhole in the front.

It achieves this by employing hinge technology that allows for 25 degrees jaw movement. And the airhole doesn’t flop even after executing the boil-and-bite process.

In other words, the device does not hinder natural breathing—you can use the mouthpiece even when you have problems breathing through the nose.

SnoreRX has an air hole too. But it is V-flow-designed.

Meaning, it is open all the way around. However, you can’t open and close your mouth when wearing it.

The bottom line, VitalSleep, presents a larger air hole, which shows that they seriously consider mouth breathers.

That said, the airhole size is only one factor to consider.

For example, the designing to deliver superior mouth-breathing solution also matters – a lot. This might make SnoreRX more effective and well-rounded.

Overall, it is right to say that VitalSleep and SnoreRX are tied when it comes to the airhole feature. VitalSleep has right-sizing while SnoreRX presents a superior delivery design.

Which Mandibular Adjustment Device is more Comfortable

Next, you’d want to consider comfort.

In other words:

Which MAD is less invasive?

Let’s find out right now.

Vital Sleep

Temporary discomfort is inevitable when using MAD. However, VitalSleep adds some advanced features to minimize general discomfort in a typical MAD.

First, it has hinges that allow the user to talk even when wearing them. This is unlike other MADs that requires you to shut your mouth when you’re wearing them.

Second, VitalSleep comes in different sizes. In case you have a smaller mouth, you have an alternative to deliver a snug fit. If you have a larger mandible, VitalSleep has the mouthpiece for you.

Thirdly, it comes with a precise and adjustable micro-adjustment system that stops snoring without compromising your comfort when asleep. But the problem is:

It can over-fill the mouth because it does not utilize ultra-slim material.


SnoreRX also has well-defined comfort features.

First, it utilizes ultra-slim premium copolymer material to present a comfortable fit. As a result, it has a shorter adjustment period than a typical Mandibular Adjustment device.

Second, it presents a micro fit snore solution. It has a precise calibration in a 1-millimeter scale to deliver maximum clinical efficacy without overlooking the user’s comfort. For that reason, no guesswork in determining a setting that stops snoring and gives you optimal comfort.

Plus, it is a custom-fit device. You don’t have to worry about snug-fitting, which otherwise compromise your comfort.

So when it comes to comfort, SnoreRX comes on top. It slim and feels good on the mouth – it does it a job well while easy to get used to.

Vital sleep vs. SnoreRX: Which mouthpiece has little-to-no maintenance requirement

Both VitalSleep and SnoreRX has little maintenance requirement.

Let’s see which one is easier to maintain.


First of all, you can clean VitalSleep with a toothbrush and toothpaste. This isn’t usually the case with other MADs because toothpaste compromises their integrity.

Besides, you can use denture tablets to clean VitalSleep.

The only caveat?

VitalSleep has moving parts and metal parts, which might lodge more dirt and might need special attention during cleaning.


SnoreRX also has a super-simple maintenance requirement.

All you have is clean it every day to prevent buildups and odors. Like VitalSleep, the manufacturer says that you can use a toothbrush and toothpaste for cleaning. But for best results, the manufacturer recommends Aseptic Guard cleaning solution.

That said, you should avoid using abrasive cleaners such as mouth wash, dishwashing soap, ammonia, bleaches, and plenty of household cleaning products that would compromise the integrity of the device.

Although both mouthpieces have reduced maintenance requirements, SnoreRX beats out VitalSleep. VitalSleep has moving parts and metal parts that lodge dirt and might require more attention during cleaning.

Vital sleep vs. SnoreRX: Which mouthpiece gives you the best value for your money?

As you can see, the two mouthpieces have pretty much in common. You’d ask, though:

Which Mandibular Adjustment Device will give you the best value for your money?

It depends a lot on what’s important to you.

For example, all the mouthpieces utilize BPA-free material. They all offer extreme precision in the level of lower jaw advancement, and they both work great to stop snoring. Now the tiebreaker would be the durability to price ratio.

VitalSleep device has a lifespan of approximately 1-2 years if you use it normally. And the manufacturer replaces it for you at no extra cost if it lasts for less than a year. One piece of VitalSleep goes for $69.95 – with free shipping within the USA.

Plus, you have a 100% money-back guarantee within the first 30 days.

On the flip side, SnoreRX comes at $99.99 with a lifespan of 9-11 months – this is exclusive of the shipping fee. However, it has a 30-day money-back guarantee: if it doesn’t work for you, return it and get your money back.

When it comes to pure value, VitalSleep wins. That’s mostly because you get a durable but sophisticated mouthpiece at a pocket-friendly price.

VitalSleep vs. SnoreRX: Who’s the winner?

Both VitalSleep and SnoreRX are exemplary in the world of Mandibular Adjustment Device.

So to come up with a winner, we took lots of factors into account:

  • Customization features
  • Mouthbreathers compatibility
  • Comfort
  • Maintencance requuirement
  • And the overall value

But if you were to pick one, you’d want to go with SnoreRX.

This was a tough call to make. But you can’t go wrong with either mouthpiece.


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