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ZQuiet Review: Is This Anti-snoring Mouthpiece Any Good?

We all accept the fact that sleep is essential.

However, for those who have to listen, snoring can be disruptive. And frustrating to the snorer as it might disturb his/her sleeping cycle.

But what if you can explore an anti-snoring mouthpiece for 30 days and only pay when you decide it is right for your snoring problems? If it doesn’t fit, you don’t buy it?

It would be great, right?

But one question brings everything into perspective:

Will the device get the job done—without compromising the essentials of a good night’s sleep?

Well, that’s exactly what we’re going to find out in this ZQuiet review.

Because, ZQuiet is the only anti-snoring mouthpiece in the market that allows you to experience firsthand efficacy before you can commit to paying for the product. All you have to do is pay for the shipping and processing fee.

And if the mouthpiece doesn’t satisfy you, don’t pay for it—you only pay if the mouthguard works for your case.

The question that’s possibly running in your mind is:

Will ZQuiet stop snoring?

Let’s find out about that right now. We’ll explore:

  • What’s ZQuite?
  • How does ZQuite works?
  • What Makes ZQuite Unique from other MADs?
  • Pros and Cons
  • Who Makes ZQuite?
  • What are the Advertised Benefits?
  • Are the possible side effects of Using ZQuite?
  • What is the Maintenance Requirement?
  • How Much Does ZQuiet Cost?
  • Does it Require Prescription?
  • What’s the ZQuiet guarantee?
  • Common FAQs
  • And even more.

So let’s get started.

What’s ZQuiet? Exactly?

ZQuiet is a dentist-designed anti-snoring mouthguard that repositions the lower jaw slightly forward to prevent air obstruction in the throat. It comes with a two-size comfort system—that gets you two MADs in every ZQuiet box you buy—one a little smaller than the other. That way, if the smaller mouthpiece doesn’t fit you, the other large one will fit you.

And unlike the typical MAD, ZQuiet employs an intelligent springy and hinged design to improve its efficacy in solving snoring problems and distinguishes it as one of the best in the snore-aid world.

The hinged feature allows a natural jaw and mouth movement even when one wears the mouthpiece.

In other words, you get to enjoy superior comfort and continued efficacy regardless of if your mouth is open or shut.

Other Mandibular Adjustment Devices only work when the user’s mouth is close. That isn’t the case with ZQuiet. Instead, when you open your mouth when wearing ZQuiet, the mouth would pull one of both sets of teeth free from the device.

We’ll break this feature in more refined detail later on. But first, let’s quickly discuss ZQuiet main thing before digging into a lot more depth.

How Does ZQuiet Works?

Most Mandibular Adjustment Devices utilize the boil and bite process to get a custom fit. With ZQuiet, it is different—you’ll use the device straight out of the box.

The lack of a boil and bite fitting process is both advantageous and limiting at the same.

On the positive side, the lack of a custom fitting process eliminates the chances of you messing around with the fitting process.

On the flip side, however, the predetermined size of ZQuiet might not sit well on your teeth.

And the manufacture appears to understand that everyone has a unique mouth and tries to compensate for the one-size-fits-all problem by presenting two MADs in every box of ZQuiet—one of them a little smaller than the other.

This 2-size comfort system operates on the bases that if one doesn’t fit you, the other one will. However, the 2-size comfort system doesn’t offer a snug-fit for users.

But the real work is stopping snoring. So let’s quickly dive into the nitty-gritty of the working mechanism of ZQuiet.

How ZQuiet Stops Snoring?

To understand how ZQuiet works, we’ll first need to know how snoring occurs.

When we sleep, every body part relaxes—including the tongue, jaw, and the tissues at the back of the throat.

If you have any snore-inducing condition, or you’re overweight, the relaxing phenomenon presents a perfect stage for snoring.

So when the soft throat tissues relax, and the base of the tongue falls to the back of the throat, your airway gets obstructed, restricting natural airflow.

The obstruction results in turbulence when breathing, which in turn causes vibration of the relaxed soft tissue and produces the snoring effect.

And that’s where ZQuiet comes in.

The mouthpiece employs a living hinge technology that protrudes the lower jaw slightly forward. In repositioning the lower jaw, the device helps to drag the tongue forward, which in turn removes the base of the tongue from the airway, therefore, improving airflow through the throat.

And ZQuiet presents two lower-jaw-advancement options in every package of —comfort 1 or comfort 2.

Suppose the level of the advancement with the smaller piece of ZQuiet—comfort 1—doesn’t work for your snoring problem proceed to use the second one, which the company refers to as comfort 2.

With that, let’s check out features that make ZQuiet unique.

What Makes ZQuiet Unique?

Even though ZQuiet operates on the same principles of a typical MAD, its manufacturer adds some intelligent features that make it stand out in efficacy and the level of comfort. The features include:

  1. The Revolutionary Patented Hinged Technology

ZQuiet utilizes spring material and a hinged design to present a superior solution to snoring. The living hinge allows the user to open the mouth, breathe naturally, and even move the mouth and jaws freely while still wearing the device.

No uncomfortable clenched bite—only easy to talk and drink water without removing the mouthpiece

2. Zero Preparation Requirement

Contrary to boil-and-bite MADs, you’ll need zero preparations to use ZQuiet—no visit to the dentist, no hit-or-miss molding process, only unpack, insert, and sleep great.

The company designs the device to fit nearly everyone. While this option makes the boil and bite process unnecessary, it makes it difficult to almost everyone to get a custom fit.

3. The 2-Size Comfort System

On every purchase of ZQuite, you’ll have two mouthpieces—each with different levels of jaw advancement. One will present a 2mm lower jaw advancement—suitable for persons that need just a small repositioning, and the other 6mm advancement, which is ideal for males and ladies with larger mandibles.

In other words, the smaller piece in the package will most likely fit ladies, and the larger one appears to suit men most.

Having the two mouthpieces means there are options for different types of a snorer. If you have a partner who snores, Zquite can be an excellent solution for both of you.

While this too might appear a smart move, if you don’t have a snoring partner, one piece might always be a waste or endure the discomfort of a mouthpiece that isn’t snugly fit in your mouth.

4. High-Quality Material

Apart from the unique designing, ZQuiet utilizes a thin, lightweight medical-grade material that dispenses comfort and ensures oral safety for users.

The material is BPA-free, latex-free, and FDA-approve thermoplastic elastomers. You don’t have to worry about oral safety and durability.

Now, this begs the question:

Who is ZQuiet for?

Like any other product out there, ZQuite will work best to some and dismally to others. Here are persons who the device will work for optimally:

  • Mouth snorers
  • Persons who found the boil and bite fitting process excruciating
  • Persons with mild to moderate sleep apnea

Who isn’t ZQuiet for?

  • Persons with central and complex sleep apnea
  • People with dentures, crowns, ridges
  • Individual with a history of any jaw disorder or Temporomandibular Joint
  • Snorer with nasal-snoring problem

ZQuiet Review: Pros and Cons


  • ZQuiet is FDA-approved as a snoring aid
  • Working stop-snoring solution
  • You can talk and move your jaws while wearing ZQuite
  • Works straight out of the box
  • Exemplary easy to clean and maintain
  • Relatively great lifespan
  • Comes with 60 days full money-back guarantee


  • Lack of custom fitting can make the device uncomfortable when it doesn’t fit one’s mouth
  • You’ll experience excessive drooling for the first few days of use
  • Keeps the mouth open thus resulting from drying mouth
  • It is least customizable
  • It can fall out in the night

Who’s the Manufacturer of ZQuiet?

ZQuite is a brand of Sleeping Well, LLC.

The company manufactures multiple products that target a good-night sleep and already have a customer base of above 1 million.

The company dates back to the year 2008. The founders were a couple—Dan and Trina, with Dan having a snoring problem.

Trina took all the noise from her snoring fiance. With time snoring irritation put a strain on their relationship. Besides, snoring developed a negative health impact on Dan.

To save their relationship, the couple had to find a working solution. So the couple put in some work, and in their search journey, they came up with ZQuiet in 2008. They later founded a company to try to help solve problems for other couples.

 For that reason, the ZQuiet pack comes with two pieces of MAD—the larger one for the male and the smaller ones for the female.

Today, the product is one of the most successful, with a customer base of over one million supplying to nearly all continents in the world.

But here is a follow-up question:

What are the advertising Benefits of ZQuiet?

In the official website, the manufacturer says that ZQuiet is:

  • An anti-snoring mouthpiece that works
  • A Guaranteed Snoring Solution
  • FDA-approved anti-snoring mouthpiece
  • A combination of Dental and medical expert products

But the critical question is:

Does ZQuiet deliver what the manufacture claim? Or is it just marketing hype?

Well, by now, you can tell that most of what the manufacturer says about the product is accurate. But it comes with some possible side effects.

What are the Possible Side Effects of ZQuiet?

Like any other MAD, during the first few days of use, you’ll experience discomfort like:

  • Jaw soreness
  • Difficulty to sleep
  • And general discomfort

However, these discomforts should disappear shortly after removing the mouthpiece and completely gone after some time of use. The discomfort is because ZQuiet repositions the lower jaw in a slightly forward position, a new positioning that demands initial conditioning of the jaw muscle.

Averagely, it might take a few hours a day for a week or two before going to sleep to experience optimal comfort with ZQuiet.

But even after understanding the adjustment period, many already-using customers say that they find the device too aggressive on the jaw. So some end up trimming it.

Another essential thing to note is, if you have frontal crowns, implants, or wear dentures, ZQuiet isn’t the right snore aid for you. You need to seek sleep specialist advice or go for alternative snore aids.

What’s more, if you suffer from any gum disease, it is unwise to use any MAD. Instead, always confirm with your dentist first before going for any mouthpiece.

And if you have jaw issue or Temporomandibular joint (TMJ), you should avoid ZQuite or any other MAD at all cost, because it will escalate your problem.

ZQuiet Maintenance Requirement

Next, let’s see how you clean and maintain ZQuiet.

As a typical MAD, ZQuiet requires little to no maintenance. However, the mouthpiece is a subject of wear and tear, and soon enough, it might need replacing.

The frequency at which you’ll replace ZQuiet depends on how you maintain the device and how you sleep. If you grind teeth at night, you’d need more frequent replacement.

That said, here’s how to clean your mouthpiece to maintain high hygiene standards and prevent bacterial build-up:

  • ZQuiet has a Zquiet Clean foam that can supply you for 90 days. This is an excellent way to clean as it combines antibacterial, antifungal, and antiviral ingredients that ensure high standard oral health. The cleaning formula might also come to people who have dental problems
  • Alternatively, you can use a toothbrush and any mild soap to clean ZQuite. It will not compromise its integrity as in other MADs
  • You can also use toothpaste and a toothbrush to clean ZQuite

You can order ZQuiet on Amazon and the official website to execute your cleaning in 60 seconds.

After cleaning, allow the ZQuiet mouthpiece to dry and place it in the plastic storage box that it comes with.

How Much Does ZQuiet Cost?

ZQuite has a Retail Recommended price of $99.95. However, on the official website at $79.95. Sometime if you visit the website during a flash sale, you might get the mouthpiece at $50.

But the question you might be asking yourself from the word go is:

Is ZQuiet worth its price tag?

At $79.95, you get two pieces of ZQuiet. And suppose you’ve got a partner that snore, this can give the maximum value of money.

If you don’t have a snoring partner, it might be a deal-breaker keeping in mind that you might not use the second piece of ZQuiet in the package, or you’ll have to bear up with the discomfort of a MAD that does not fit snugly on the mouth.

Either way, even when you don’t have a snoring partner, ZQuite is a superior treatment for snoring, with a unique appeal to comfort.

And each package of ZQuiet comes with 60 days full money guarantee—the device either works for you, or you get your money back.

What’s ZQuiet Guarantee?

ZQuiet comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee. Incase the mouthpiece does not present the result you were looking for, you can get all the money you spent on the device.

However, you’ll incur the shipping and handling cost. In turn, you get a free trial so that you’re sure of whether the device is for you.

Common FAQs about ZQuite

Does ZQuiet Treat Sleep Apnea

ZQuiet does not advertise itself as a treatment for sleep apnea, because sleep apnea is a severe condition and might call for a serious solution and supervision from a qualified medical specialist.

However, it is possible to treat mild to moderate sleep apnea with ZQuite because sometimes doctors prescribe MAD as an alternative to CPAP and other methods of managing sleep apnea.

But if your snoring is a sign of sleep apnea, it is unwise to go for any form of treatment that a doctor does not recommend. Do not leave anything to chance. If you think Zquiet might work for you, consult with your doctor for reassurance because ZQuiet does not aim at addressing sleep apnea.

How Can I Receive Special ZQuiet Offer

ZQuiet has special offers once in a while, like the flash sale, where you can get your mouthpiece at nearly half price.

To get notified about such offers, you’d want to signup for the newsletter. However, signing up to their newsletter means that you’ll get emails of sleep Well newsletter.

How Long Does it Take for ZQuiet to Ship?

The mouthpiece ships from the East Coast. Typical shipping takes 5-7 business days. However, there is a Rush Shipping option that takes 2-4 business days.

ZQuiet does not have any overnight shipping methods.

However, all orders that you place from Monday to Friday before 11 am EST, ships on the same day. All other orders ship the next business day.

Does Modifying ZQuiet Mouthpiece Void the Guarantee?

What’s interesting about the manufacturer of ZQuiet, is that modifying or trimming your mouthpiece does not void Better Sleep Guarantee. So if you cut your mouthpiece a little in places that irritates the gum or teeth, and still find the device not working, you’re still legible to get all your money back.

Can I Use a ZQuiet Mouthpiece with Dentures?

As any other Mandibular Adjustment Device, ZQuiet leverages the front teeth—both in the upper and lower jaw—to reposition the lower jaw. If you’ve dentures or bridges on only one of these teeth, it is right to use ZQuiet.

However, when the dentures are in two or more of the six front teeth, avoid using ZQuiet. Similarly, do use ZQuiet if you have full dentures.

ZQuiet Review—The Bottom Line

ZQuiet has a set of industry-leading features that deliver an antidote to snoring, with indisputable comfort, and an outstanding guarantee of its efficacy, which is why ZQuiet has become one of the prominent and widely used anti-snoring mouthpieces in the market.

Its hinged design allows jaw and mouth movement while wearing the mouthpiece. And it works mighty fine in stopping snoring.

Even though it might be uncomfortable—especially when starting, you might get much value from the mouthpiece. It plays a big part in stopping snoring in millions of persons in the world.


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