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Zyppah vs. CPAP: Which is the Better Device to Assure you More Restful Sleep Every Night?

In this comprehensive post, I will review two devices used to treat and eliminate sleep apnea, otherwise known as snoring. These two products are Zyppah and the CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure) pillow. Zyppah is a mandibular advancement device (MADS), while, as the name suggests, the CPAP helps ensure continuous positive airway pressure. Both products boast equally unique purposes. Zyppah is commonly used to stop snoring, while CPAP is used to treat sleep apnea. Though the functions of both products are interchangeable, their unique strengths seem to stand out. 

After both prolonged use and some extensive research, it is possible to give a comprehensive review of both devices. For this review, we shall pin each product against the other according to the features most important to users, namely:

  • Ease of use
  • Durability and maintenance
  • Effectiveness
  • Fit and comfort
  • Unique features
  • Price

You’d better stick around to the end too, for I intend to expound the above features, and how well each device performs on the set metrics. With the information presented, you will be able to make a better-informed choice on what device best fulfills your needs. By giving you a completely transparent and unbiased opinion, I hope you will make the best purchase decision between them.

So, let’s get to it already:

Product Overview Section.

Ease of use

Zyppah is very easy to use. The brand name literally spells “Happy Z” spelled backward, and that should tell you something. The device has a “boil and bite” feature where all the user needs is a glass of hot water to ease the mold. Once the mold is soft enough, the user proceeds to bite on it to imprint their dental cavity on the device, thus achieving a perfect fit. On the other hand, the CPAP can be a little more complicated to use for some users. One has to know how the whole device fits into each other. The user needs to know the details of the pressure and humidification process. Fitting the device wrongly could have it become entirely ineffective despite it being more complicated to fit correctly.

Despite having more complex user instructions, one strong defense for the CPAP device is its effectiveness when tackling extreme cases of apnea and snoring occasioned by major health problems.

On its part, the Zyppah device could act as your partner for more restful nights, especially when the snoring is more of a natural condition, rather than a health flaw. As a bonus, the device does not cause any major health problems to the user.

Durability and maintenance

Zyppah is quite easy to maintain as the device’s design ensures several months of peak functionality. The user is required to clean the device since it goes into the mouth every night. A glass of water is typically enough to do the job, but you can also use toothpaste for the cleanup. Once done, the Zyppah device needs storing under cool and dry conditions. 

Conversely, the CPAP can last up to a couple of years when properly maintained, possibly even a decade. The key to longevity is to ensure the mask, hose, and disposable filter are cleaned and dried before being reassembled ahead of the device’s next use.

Evidently, the CPAP device is more durable but not easy to maintain. Some users prefer to clean it every day because of the germs the device may attract and harbor. The better it is maintained, the longer it lasts. The Zyppah, on its part, is easier to maintain, but its durability suffers when compared to The CPAP device.


Other Zyppah users can confirm that the device works immediately after its first fitting. Most user reviews on the same attest that the results are immediate. Accordingly, the effectiveness of the Zyppah is clear for everyone to see. Once the user bites on the mold, they are required to adjust it according to their mouth size for perfect functioning. What’s more, the Zyppah also features a Tongue Retaining Device (TAD) that keeps the tongue in place. The device moves the lower jaw forward while holding the tongue in place to avoid air blockages. When properly fitted, the Zyppah is highly effective.

The CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure), on its part, helps to treat sleep difficulties, such as sleep apnea. While such sleep difficulties are easy to brush off as small issues, they are often precursors for much graver conditions. Having dug a little deeper, I discovered that such sleeping problems have been the catalyst of, among other requirements, heart damage, and strokes. Through its design, the CPAP works to deliver the ideal amount of pressure to clear any obstructions. The device also comes with a disposal filter that works to sieve out any impurities. The device also has built-in humidifiers that make it suitable for people living in dry environments and fitted masks to suit a particular user’s size better.

From the above, it is clear that both devices are useful in carrying out their functions. However, the CPAP seems better suited for more specialized sleep apnea help and other complex sleep-related difficulties.

Fit and Comfort

The Zyppah is easy to fit and easy to use. There are also plenty of DIY videos that users can follow to get a better fit. The device wins points for coming in various sizes and varieties, with comfort being a vital issue for manufacturers, especially for individuals with bigger jaws. Most individuals with smaller jaws will also be at home with the Zyppah device because there are smaller sized variations. No more soreness from an ill-fitting device, or struggling not to drool saliva.

The CPAP is a more sophisticated device that takes the user an extra amount of time to learn. The device also requires the user to choose an appropriately sized mask with the device. Masks that are too big have caused complications in the past, making this step quite important.

Both products have gotten equally positive and negative reviews when it comes to fit and comfort. At the end of the day, though, the Zyppah barely wins this round, and only because there’s only one component to negotiate, in comparison to The CPAP’s multi-component device.

Unique features

Zyppah works as a Mandibular Advancement Device that features a Tongue Retaining Component to keep the tongue in position and avoid air blockages. It was initially made for bigger jaws since men seem to snore more than their female counterparts. Over time, however, this feature has become redundant with the inclusion of the mold of the device, enhancing its flexibility and adjustability. It can be used effectively even with a few missing teeth, or if the user has dentures. The device can be bought over the counter since no prescription is needed and you can return after 90 days if it is ineffective.

Conversely, the CPAP is used to clear obstructive sleep apnea, hindrances in the airway, and prevent the throat from collapsing. There are many reasons why sleep difficulties occur, and the manufactures of the CPAP have made sure that the functionality of the device tackles most of these issues. The CPAP is a small compressor meant to draw temperature, air, and pressure to deliver the ideal amount of pressure to clear the obstruction. It contains a disposable filter, a hose, and a mask to function properly. The device works to improve the quality of sleep and the user’s general health and wellbeing. 

The Zyppah has unique features that make it stand out compared to the CPAP and other Mandibular Advancement Devices, as I have pointed out above. On its part, the CPAP is not too shy to stand out regardless of its complexity.


The Zyppah retails for some $100 exclusive of shipping. While this price might be higher than you expect, it remains very helpful and highly effective at its functions. Multiple user reviews exist that can back up this claim too. What’s more, the Zyppah device also comes with a 90-day return policy that should allow you to get a refund within the period if you find the product unsatisfactorily. 

On the contrary, the CPAP device has a price range of between $200 to $3000 depending on the manufacturer’s quality. Users can expect added technological features and expanded functionality with the higher-priced options. Furthermore, the CPAP’s durability is guaranteed to last more than the Zyppah across all price ranges.


With their own unique merits, both the Zyppah and the CPAP are very effective devices depending on the users’ unique sleep difficulties and needs. For the ordinary user, with a normal sleep apnea condition, the Zyppah device is guaranteed to help solve the problem without you having to break the bank. However, some issues might be a bit too complex for the above device to help solve, and this is where the CPAP device comes in handy.

Accordingly, users with mild snoring can use the Zyppah to instantly positive effects, but bank on the CPAP device to alleviate the problem if it is more complex.


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