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Zyppah vs Snorerx: Which Mandibular Adjustment Devices Should You Use?

In a world full of anti-snore aid, how do you get a snore solution that gets the job done without compromising your comfort?

To answer that, we scrape deep into two Mandibular Adjustment Devices that dominate the anti-snore landscape. And put Zyppah and SnoreRX up against each other—feature by feature—to point out which mouthpiece best meets your need.

So if you’re looking for an in-depth comparison of these two popular Mandibular Adjustment Devices, you’ve come to the right place.

Because today we’re going to compare Zyppah vs. SnoreRX in terms of:

  • Efficacy in Stopping Snoring
  • Compatibility for mouth breathers
  • Comfort
  • Availability for men and women
  • Tongue strap
  • Ease of cleaning and maintenance
  • Unique aesthetic features
  • Durability
  • Price
  • And lots more

So let’s get started.

Introducing: The Two Competitors

In one end, we have Zyppah.


Zyppah is well known as a MAD hybrid that includes a Tongue Retaining Device (TRD)—a combination that targets all the root cause of snoring—tongue obstruction and tightening the soft throat muscles. To achieve its intent, Zyppah comes with a tongue strap that prevents the tongue from blocking your airway.

On the flip side, we have SnoreRX.


SnoreRX is a killer anti-snore mouthpiece that employs a more sophisticated tech that allows even further customization to the level of the lower jaw advancement in a micro increment level. Nearly every user likes the customization level that comes with SnoreRX to every bit.

What’s more, it looks different from the typical Mandibular Adjustment Device because it entails a more sophisticated Micro-Fit technology that other MADs lacks.


With the Micro-Fit technology, you don’t need to re-execute the boil-and-bite process in case the level of lower jaw advancement isn’t effective or isn’t comfortable. Just increase or reduce the lower jaw advancement to open your airways and allow free air movement during sleep and superior comfort.

As you’ll see later, Zyppah has a customizable fitting procedure similar to SnoreRX, but the Micro-Fit tech in SnoreRx makes all the difference.

However, both of these snoring mouth guards are classified as MADs even thought the Zyppah is more of a hybrid device. And they are both excellent in stopping snoring.

The bottom line:

Zyppah and SnoreRX have similar feature sets.

But here is the question that brings everything into perspective:

Which Mandibular Adjustment Device is the best overall?

We’ll find out in a minute. But first, it is essential to point out one uncompromisable thing—both Zyppah and Snorerx utilize a boil-and-bite customization method to fit in anyone’s mouth. And if you get the custom-fitting process wrong, for either of the product, you’ll be in great discomfort every night.

So without going any further, it would be essential you know the process of getting a custom fit dental expression before proceeding to any other thing. And the custom-fitting process is the same for both MADs.

How to Get a Custom Fit with Zyppah and SnoreRX

You’ll need:

  • Boiled water
  • Two bowls—one empty and the other with cold water
  • A pair of tongs or a scooping spoon

Then proceed as follows:

  • First, transfer boiled water to one of the empty bowls
  • Next, put the mouthpiece in the boiled water and use a pair of tongs or spoon to submerge it completely for 60 seconds to soften the material. Exceeding 60 seconds may compromise the integrity of the mouthpiece
  • After 60 seconds, use the fitting handle remove the mouthpiece from the hot water, and dip it in the bowl with cold water for two seconds to get rid of any hot water
  • Next, position your teeth into the center of both top and the bottom grooves of the mouthpiece and bite down the softened mouthpiece as hard as you can to create your custom impression
  • After creating your impression, remove the mandibular adjustment device from your mouth and dip it in cold water for 5 minutes to set your dental impression.
  • Inspect your mouthpiece. It should have definite tooth marks.

If the fit isn’t correct, you can repeat the boil-and-bite process for up to 3 times for each product. Past three times, each of the Mandibular Adjustment Devices will lose its structural integrity.

You’ll note that the fitting process of the SnoreRX entails a boil-and-bite process plus the extra Flex Jaw that provides even a more customized fit. After the boil-and-bite process, you can further customize the level of lower jaw adjustment by using the Micro-Fit feature to maximize comfort and effectiveness. More on that later.

But with the fitting process out of the question, let’s dive into the comparison right now.

Zyppah vs. SnoreRx—Which is Mouthpiece is Superior in Stopping Snoring?

First, we decided to see which MAD is best in stopping snoring. After all, that’s the end goal.

Let’s see who came out on top.


Like any other Mandibular Adjustment Device, Zyppah positions the lower jaw slightly forward to tighten the soft tissue in the throat to prevent them from vibrating whenever one breath, which otherwise causes snoring.

But that isn’t all. Zyppah comes with a tongue strap that holds tongue into position and tightens it to prevent it from falling at the back of the throat. This phenomenon is an excellent anti-snore remedy, especially when a person has tongue-related snoring problems or have mild to moderate sleep apnea.

In fact, according to already-using customers say, Zyppah seems to work excellently as the manufacturer advertises it.

However, if you’re suffering from central sleep apnea or complex sleep apnea, Zyppah Mandibular Adjustment Device won’t solve your snoring problem. So you might want to find an alternative and effective treatment—like CPAP therapy for your condition.


On the flip side, SnoreRX works under the same principle—adjust the lower jaw slightly forward to clear any obstruction on the throat.

And what makes it stand out if you still found yourself snoring even after wearing Snore RX, you can use the Micro-Fit feature to increase the advancement of the lower jaw to allow more clearance of the airway.

What’s more, if you find the initial lower jaw intrusion unbearable, just reduce the level of lower jaw advancement using the Micro-Fit utility.

As Zyppah, SnoreRX can treat common snoring problems and mild to moderate sleep apnea. But if you’re suffering from severe sleep apnea, SnoreRX won’t work for you. You might want to seek treatment for severe sleep apnea.

Overall, Zyppah wins this feature battle by a hair. SnoreRX might apply the same principles in addressing snoring problems and even go ahead to improve its efficacy by adding the Micro-Fit feature. But Zyppah’s Tongue Strap makes it well-rounded in treating snoring for nearly every person.

Which MAD Utilizes the Best Material?

Next, we wanted to see which mouthpiece utilizes superior materials.

Let’s see which mouthpiece is safer to use.

Zyppah is an American-made, FDA-approved Mandibular Adjustment Device. However, the manufacturer does not advertise whether the USDA approves the product or if the (American Academy of Sleep Medicine) AASM certifies it. But the approval of the FDA is an assurance enough that the material Zyppah uses is safe for oral use.

On the other side, SnoreRX is BPA-free and utilizes medical-grade material. Contrary to Zyppah, SnoreRX is both USDA and FDA-approved.

And even more, SnoreRX has certification from the American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM). Meaning you’re 100% sure of safety when you put the SnoreRX device on your mouth.

This wan another tough one. But it is fair to say that SnoreRX has a slight edge over the Zyppah. SnoreRX has a hugely-expanded certification for the safety of the material and the product in general. Even though Zyppah material safety is FDA-approved, we could not find more certification from other quality regulatory authority.

Which Mouthpiece is the Most Combatible with Mouth Breathers?

The next feature we wanted to examine was compatibility with mouth breathers.

In other words:

Which tool is best when the user has a problem breathing via the nose (and does not interfere with natural breathing)?

So we examine the airhole of each mouthpiece.

Here’s what we found:


SnoreRX comes with a hair hole so that it does not hinder any natural breathing.


Meaning if you’re a mouth breather, you’ll need not to worry about facing breathing difficulties amid your sleep.

Besides mouth breathers, the air hole makes SnoreRX usable even when facing nasal obstruction or nasal polyps, and is one is not a mouth breather. You don’t need to ditch your Mandibular Adjustment Device even when on conditions that make nose-breathing difficult.

However, the best practice is to breathe through the nose because it warms and moistens the air you breathe as well as keeps harmful bacteria from entering your respiratory system.

But if you have a problem breathing by the nose, there is nothing that would justify anything hindering your natural breathing.

So the Snorex incorporates a breathing airhole in front to accommodate mouth breathing.


Similar to SnoreRX, Zyppah comes with an air hole in the front to allow mouth breathing.


Ideally, you should close your mouth when sleep and breathe through the nose.

But some situation makes it impossible to breathe through the nose. Zyppah understands that correctly and has a working air hole so as not to hinder your natural breathing.

This was another tough one. But it is correct to say when it comes to accomodating mouth breathers,  Zyppah and SnoreRX are tied. Zyppah has an airhole that doesn’t collapse even after the boil-and-bite fitting process. And so is SnoreRX.

Which mouthpiece has unprecedented Comfort?

Next, we analyze the mouthpiece comfort.

Comfort is one of the most important factors when it comes to sleep. And you can only draw comfort from MAD from two sources:

  1. A perfect fit
  2. And perfect level in lower jaw intrusion

Let’s see which mouthpiece gives you plenty of the two.


To achieve a perfect fit with SnoreRX, you’d need to pay keen attention to the boil-and-bite instruction. Anything less than a near-to-perfect fit will make you uncomfortable.

However, SnoreRX takes it a notch higher. The mouthpiece employs a unique Micro-Fit tech to adjust the level of lower jaw intrusion in a millimeters scale for far superior comfort and efficacy.

With the Micro-Fit utility, if you find that you have protruded the lower jaw too much—so that it is uncomfortable, you can reduce it to comfort at a millimeter level.

And suppose your lower jaw isn’t solving your snoring problem, you can adjust it on millimeter increments to the level that works. The Micro Fit feature allows you to crash the hard-to-crash comfort-efficacy balance.


On the flip side, Zyppah also allows custom fitting. The level of comfort here will depend on your ability to follow the fitting instructions carefully.

However, Zyppah lacks the fine-adjustment feature to enhance superior comfort.

What’s more, the Tongue Strap in Zypper introduces even more discomfort on the tongue—though it is temporary.

In terms of comfort, SnoreRX beats out Zyppah. Both allow a custom fit for comfort—after all, every mouth differ. But SnoreRX takes comfort to a different level with its Micro-Fit feature that redefines MAD’s comfort to the millimeter-scale level.

Which Mouthpiece Comes in a Variety of Sizes?

Nearly twice as men snore than women.

For that reason, almost all manufacturers target their product for males whose chins typically protrudes further forward, and their mandibles are biologically larger than those of females.

So we decided to put each mouthpiece’s variety in sizes into a test.

Let’s see how each mouthpiece performed.


When we explored the availability of different sizes of SnoreRx, we couldn’t find a variety.  It is a one-size-only MAD, which might be slightly larger for females.

So if you’re a female snorer with smaller mandibles, you might find SnoreRX a little bigger for you and consequently uncomfortable.

However, not all female mouths are small. In fact, there are thousands of females using the SnoreRX mouthpiece comfortably.


Similar to SnoreRX, Zyppah Mandibular Adjustment Device is a one-size-only product. And it appears to be targeting male snorers and females without notably small mandibles.

If you’re a female with tiny mandibles and snores, you won’t find a variety of sizes with Zypppah. But thousands of females are using this product too to stop snoring. Meaning, females can also use the product.

All the mouthpieces come in one size. So it is a tie between Zyppah and SnoreRX when it comes to variety in sizes. Both products are large and might not fit a person with an exemplary smallmouth.

Which Mouthpiece Solves Tongue-Related Snoring Best?

When the tongue falls back into the throat, it obstructs the airway, which in turn causes snoring.

Let’s find out which mouthpiece solve tongue-related snoring best.


To help with that, Zyppah presents a tongue strap that aims at exerting pressure on the tongue to prevent it from falling back and obstructing the airway.


The Tongue Strap proves vital to persons with tongue-related snoring. And suppose you have tried a mouthpiece alone and found it not effective in stopping snoring, it might be a clear sign that your snoring is a result of the tongue obstructing your airways.

And the strap in Zypper offers additional help to stop snoring that fallen tongue cause.

At the same time, the strap will mean extra initial discomfort because it will be holding your tongue is a position you’re not used to. However, the discomfort will go away, and the snoring will end.

And if you find the strap so uncomfortable, and chew your gum, work out the kinks until you adapt.


On the other hand, the SnoreRX Mandibular Adjustment Device completely lacks the strap. This might be an advantage to a person who doesn’t have tongue-related snoring as it will save him/her additional discomfort and adaption period.

However, for persons with tongue-related snoring, SnoreRX might not completely eliminate their snoring problem. It might require you to complement SnoreRX with other stop-snoring products to end snoring completely.

When it comes to addressing the tongue-related snoring problem, Zyppah comes out on top. Its tongue strap is apt for the job. It does a better job of stopping snoring that tongue may account for.

Which Mouthpiece Gives You an Easy Cleaning and Maintenance Practice?

As an oral device, hygiene comes handy with any Mandibular Adjustment Device. And bearing in mind that you’ll be using a MAD daily, it is essential to ensure the maintenance and cleaning practices are the reduces-to minima possible without compromising hygiene.

Let’s see which mouthpiece will give you a ridiculously easy time cleaning.


Zyppah allows the use of toothpaste and toothbrush to clean without compromising the integrity of the product. But the Zyppah provides even a far smoother cleaning option because it lacks many grooves and crevices.

Besides, you can buy the Zyppah’s anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, anti-viral cleaning foam. This foam comes handy if you have an underlying medical problem that makes you prone to illness. But you can’t go wrong with the toothpaste.

Even more, you can drop Zyppah in warm water and drop the denture tablet and skip all the other cleaning requirements.


Like Zyppah, SnoreRX allows cleaning with toothpaste and toothpaste. The only difference is that it has more grooves and crevice because of its Micro-Fit feature, which requires more attention than just brushing or dropping it in a glass of warm water and adding a clean tablet. This might make it a little rough to clean it.

What’s more, the manufacturer does not present a cleaning paste or form which might otherwise have been appropriate for persons with an underlying medical condition that make them susceptible to illness.

When it comes to cleaning, Zyppah has a slight edge over SnoreRX.

Which mouthpiece has A Unique Aesthetics?

At this point, we’ve compared the main features of each mouthpiece. Now it is time to look at some of the unique features that make Zyppah and SnoreRX unique—aesthetics.


Aesthetics are the least of many people’s concerns in a Mandibular Adjustment Device.

But Zyppah present uniqueness in aesthetic in abundance. In fact, it is less likely you’ll find other MAD with aesthetics like Zyppah.

For instance, it presents a wide range of colors and designs. You can find periodic and limited-time different designs like:

  • Beauty
  • Military
  • Ghost
  • Pink
  • USA
  • And even more.

Indeed you won’t just allow the appearance of the device to play a significant role in your decision-making process, but you’ll find Zyppah pretty stunning.

And yes, anti-snoring mouthpieces might look outright silly, but Zyppah makes an effort to keep the user keep looking stylish.


On the flip side, SnoreRX implies the typical colorless design—with no variety. Suppose you were after anything different from colorless, you won’t find any with SnoreRX.

All in all, appearance plays a near-to-insignificant role in the Mandibular Adjustment Device world. But if you’re so much into aesthetics, Zyppah beats SnoreRX by far from the variety of options it presents.

Which MAD Outlasts the Other?

As any other anti-snore aid, you’ll be using the Mandibular Adjustment Device daily. You might want to consider one that will require less frequent replacement.

Which Mandibular Adjustment Device outlasts the other?

Here’s what we found:

The main downside of a Zyppah is that its lifespan is 4-6 months if you maintain it properly. What makes the lifespan of Zyppah this short is the fact that the tongue strap withstands constant pressure and will loosen up quickly.

Now that begs the question:

Is the Tongue Strap worth the hassle in your case?

If the tongue strap is a crucial catalyst to your snoring, then Zyppah would be the better option than any other product in the market.

However, if the Tongue Strap is not such a big deal in your snore-solution, you’d save yourself the hassle of after-4-to-6-month replacement.

Because while the Zyppah has a 4-6 months lifespan, SnoreRX has a 9-11 month lifespan. This will save you not only money and time but also the hassle of making orders every six months.

That said, SnoreRX wins with a huge gap when it comes to durability, with nearly two times the lifespan of the Zyppah mouthpiece.

Which MAD Present a Better Guarantee Deal?

A guarantee is a sign of a manufacturer’s confidence in its product.

And Zyppah presents lots of that in their confidence in customer’s satisfaction. Zyppah gives you a 90 day trial period. This time is sufficient enough to explore, identify its uniqueness, and decide if the additional tongue strap is worth for you to compromise its durability.

On the flip side, SnoreRX presents a 30-day full money guarantee. It does not come with an additional tongue stabilizer. If you buy it and it doesn’t stop your snoring, you can return it and get a full money back.

In the cut-throat Zyppah vs. SnoreRX guarantee fight, Zyppah comes out as the best because it provides a 3-times trial period than its counterpart SnoreRX.

Price—Which Mouthpiece Gives You the Maximum Value of Your Money?

Both products come at a nearly similar price.

Zyppah comes for $99.95.  And SnoreRX comes at $99 with an option of two devices at a total of $154.

You can take advantage of the second device and give it to a fellow snorer to keep it until the first on starts to wear.

Even though the prices of SnoreRX and Zippah are nearly the same, SnoreRX appears to serve justice to your money because it lasts longer.

Suppose you buy a Zippah mouthpiece, at $99.95, it will serve you for at most six months, which you’ll require to replace at another $99.95.

On the flip side, if you buy SnoreRX, at $99, it will serve you at a maximum of 11 months before the need to replace it. And if you go for the 2-mouthpieces option, you might only spend $154 for about two years, contrary to Zippah, which will have cost you $399.8.

SnoreRX would give you the most bang out of your money.

Zyppah vs. SnoreRX—Which is the Best Overall Mouthpiece?

Zyppah and SnoreRX are both exemplary Mandibular Adjustment Devices. They both work excellently.

And to come up with a winner, we took lots of factors into account:

  • Ability to stop snoring
  • Compatibility for mouth Breathers
  • Comfort
  • Size variety
  • Tongue strap
  • Easy to clean and maintenance
  • Unique Aesthetic
  • Durability
  • Guarantee
  • Overall value

If budget weren’t a buying point for you, and need additional tongue support, Zyppah would be a superior choice because of its added hold-tongue-in-position feature.

But if you need no additional tongue holding, SnoreRX would work mighty fine for you because it has further lower-jaw advancement features that enhance comfort.

But if you were to go with one Mandibular Adjustment Device, you’d have to go with SnoreRX.

This was a hard call to make. But honestly, you can’t go wrong with either mouthpiece.

And if you’re having tongue-related snoring, it is only wise to go for Zyppah over the SnoreRX.

But taking a big picture look at value for money, durability, superior customization in the lower jaw advancement for improved comfort and efficacy, even you would crown SnoreRX the winner here.


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