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Which One is The Best Anti-Snoring Solution Zyppah vs. VitalSleep;

Most snoring cases are a result of obstructive breathing when an individual lays on a sleeping surface at night. Snoring can cause short term or longterm health problems due to lack of proper sleep. Devices and numerous products have flooded the market, each of them claiming to be the best solution. Today, I will compare two products that are highly ranked by its users. The products are Zyppah and Vitalsleep. Vitalsleep is a more conservative anti-snoring mouthpiece with quite simple features, while Zyppah is a hybrid mandibular device with a more complex Z factor.

After doing some extensive research and reading a load of customer reviews, the reader will help me decide which product ranks best. I will now draw a list that will help me touch on every aspect of each device. Here goes;

  • Outstanding features
  • Ease of use
  • Fit and comfort
  • Effectiveness
  • Durability and maintenance
  • Price
  • Customer reviews

I would request that each of you stay glued to your screens while I review these devices. Our minds will rest assured in this short review, so let me take a minute off your time.

Let’s get started:

Product Review Section

Outstanding features

VitalSleep is a Mandibular Advancement Device made of toxins free thermoplastic. The product has a simple “tried and true” design that works well and stands preferred by some snorers. A snorer is required to wear the device every night to bed. The device holds the lower jaw in an advanced position that keeps the airways clear overnight.

As I mentioned earlier, Zyppah is also a Mandibular Advancement Device that comes with a tongue retaining device known as a tongue strap. While the lower tray pulls the lower jaw forward, the strap keeps the tongue muscle from rolling into the mouth’s back. Zyppah is one of the more unique devices in the market because most devices do not offer the tongue retaining feature. The tongue retainer is an innovative feature that sets Zyppah apart from other devices. Zyppah is a hybrid device that contains the utility of several products in one mouthpiece.

Ease of use

Both Zyppah and VitalSleep come from a flexible material called thermoplastic. The plastic material needs molding so it can take the shape of the snorer’s mouth. The material should submerge into a bowl of hot water for the seconds recommended in the user’s manual. The user should let the mold cool to avoid burns. The individual should then bite into the lower tray to customize the mold to fit their mouth. When done, rinse with ice-cold water to make the impression permanent and wear the device to see whether it is a perfect fit; if not, one can redo the molding process. 

VitalSleep has an adjustable feature Zyppah does not have. Vitalsleep offers three different ways to custom fit the finished product. Zyppah also offers one universal size fit while VitalSleep comes in two sizes, both big and small.

Fit and comfort

VitalSleep gives users multiple fitting options, and its adjustable feature comes as an advantage. A user can adjust the device to the last millimeter to suit their jaw size. Users who have never used a mouthpiece with an adjustable feature say that the device is a challenge.

Zyppah has a universal fit where one size fits all. Once the lower tray fits, the sleepers should apply the tongue strap for maximum functionality. Some users say that the device causes drooling and soreness of the mouth. Devices compared, they both have their shortcomings, and it is up to the user to choose their preferred device.


The features, the make, and the functionality of Zyppah make it highly effective. That trinity makes Zyppah a mouthpiece that combats snoring and its effects on multiple levels. The device offers both jaw and tongue support to make sure the airways stay clear. In case the device is not molded to fit the individual’s mouth, the user can restart the process until the mouthpiece fits. 

VitalSleep, a highly customized device that is traditional and mature. This product can prove challenging to first-time users looking to purchase a mandibular device. It has an adjustable feature where millimeters can either be increased or decreased to suit the user’s jaw size. The product bears two molds, each sized differently; the smaller molds for women and the larger ones for men. 

Zyppah is not popular with individuals that have smaller jaws. VitalSleep takes the upper hand in this category because one of its moldings comes in a smaller size. 

Durability and maintenance

According to the manufacturer’s feedback, VitalSleep should last for more than a year from the day it was purchased. The thermoplastic can begin to wear out because of constant grinding, but with the one year warranty, a buyer can replace the device for free. The durability of the mouthpiece will be determined by how well it is maintained: When it comes to cleaning the product, toothpaste and a toothbrush are enough to remove the bacteria created in the user’s mouth.

Zyppah does not have a definite shelf life, but customers say it begins to wear out after approximately eight months. The device will still last as long as one maintains it. One can clean Zyppah using a gentle denture cleaning solution or Z-clean. Z-clean is an anti-bacterial cleansing form made by Zyppah. All an individual needs to do is spray the sanitizer on the mouthpiece and rinse it.

Both devices should be dried and stored away to avoid damage.


Zyppah retails for a price of about $100 exclusive of shipping costs. Some buyers have complained that the device is pricey but compared to what Zyppah brings to the table, others have found the product to be worth every coin. The device also has a 90-day return policy and a full refund guarantee. 

VitalSleep retails for $70 online. It is cheaper than most of its competitors because the mouthpiece is not FDA approved. The device has a lower production cost than more complex devices. It is reasonable that the device’s retailing price is lower. VitalSleep also offers a one year warranty where individuals can replace their devices for free and a 60-day money-back guarantee.

Customer reviews

Users say that vital sleep is a great device that stopped their snoring. Female snorers find relief with this product because it also comes in a smaller size to fit their jaws. Some users are glad that a mouthpiece so effective is so pocket friendly. Some find the adjustable feature impressive. On the other hand, some users have found both VitalSleep molds too big to the point where the device falls when the user is asleep. Some users have found the adjustable feature too complex to use, stating that adjusting the hinge is sometimes faulty. Some users claim that the device did not stop their snoring issue. Others reported soreness because the tray pulls the jaw too forward and in an uncomfortable position. Side effects, like headaches after use, have been observed by users.

Users of Zyppah are pleased with the products’ tongue feature because the strap protects the tongue. Users have reported that Zyppah fits correctly into the jaw. The snoring stopped on the first day for some of Zyppahs users, and some say that the product is pocket friendly.

On the flip side, women say that the device is too large and hurts their mouths. Some have reported sore tongues, jaws, and aching teeth after use. Others say the device causes a user to produce an extra amount of drool while they are asleep. Some say that the mouthpiece is not worth the price.

I have listed the positive and negative reviews for both products. The positive reviews out the way the negative, but the negative still matter. Buyers should not shy away from a device they think could work for them because it did not work for another. All products will perform differently in different individuals. You might be one of those that are pleased by the product. If not, both products guarantee a full refund if the device does not work.


Individuals who want a simple product that works should try VitalSleep for the device has helped many snorers. If you feel like VitalSleep is the product for you, then go ahead and buy it. Consumers seeking to purchase the product can find it on Amazon or the manufacturer’s website.

For Buyers looking for a device that can cure severe obstructive sleep apnea, Zyppah is the device for you. Many of its buyers have loved the tongue strap because it gives the mouthpiece the Z factor loved by users. When the tongue is in place, it will not block the sleeper’s airways and thus bringing comfort and assurance all through the night. Because of the size of the mouthpiece, men are the most frequent users of Zyppah.


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