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Which of the Two Anti-Snoring Devices is Top Tier? Zyppah vs. ZQuiet

Snorers in the past have found it rough when looking for solutions for their condition. However, over time, multiple solutions have come about that promise future times free of snoring. While some devices have turned out to be highly efficient, others have missed the mark with managing sleep apnea. With this in mind, today, I will review two anti-snoring devices that continue to create an immense buzz in the mandibular devices market in today’s post. There may be misleading information in the saturated market of anti-snoring devices, but snorers seem to have found at least one product that has worked for them.

Today, I bring you Zyppah and ZQuiet. They are both anti-snoring devices used to treat and manage to snore among adults. Both of these products have found their customer base and individual that would swear by their effectiveness.

Users have pinpointed some outstanding features about each product. After doing my research, reading customer reviews, and testing the products myself. Here is what I came up with,

  • Features
  • Ease of use
  • Fit and comfort
  • Effectiveness
  • Durability and maintenance
  • Price
  • Customer preference

Stay with me to the end and see how I compare the two products using the list above. You may be going through a dilemma on whether to change your device and wondering if there is one in the market that would perform better. I am here to help you learn and hopefully be entertaining while at it. By the end of the post, you will be either better informed or finally get the right information about a product you had your doubts. I intend to be as transparent and as comprehensive as possible.

So, here we go;

Product Overview Section


Zyppah is a hybrid mandibular advancement device. In layman terms, Zyppah, in addition to the jaw displacement feature, has a tongue retaining strap known as the Z factor. As is the way of mandibular devices, they advance (move forward) the mandible (the jaw) to stop the tongue and the inner throat from collapsing and blocking the airways. The extra tongue feature in Zyppah keeps it grounded to ensure the devices’ functions to be as flawless as possible. With the tongue strap in place, the tongue will not collapse into the airways while the snorer is asleep. The purpose of the features found in this device is to clear airways and thus curb snoring. The features of Zyppah are also very aesthetically pleasing, and the product comes in various colors to suit consumers’ tastes.

ZQuiet is a mandibular advancement device made using medical-grade, latex-free thermoplastic polymer. The product has the tried and tested jaw displacement feature like many anti-snoring devices in the market. This feature works well to manage mild to moderate sleep apnea. The simplicity of the product may work in favor of some consumers, but snorers with severe sleep apnea prefer devices’ utility regardless of their complexity. 

Ease of use

Zyppah has a “boil and bites” feature that makes it very easy to use; If one is familiar with the mouthpiece’s set-up, they will know what to do. For first time users, let me explain what I mean. Remove the product from its package and examine which is the lower tray and which one is the upper tray. The lower tray is suited to fit the jaw’s lower part while the upper tray for the upper jaw. The lower tray pulls slightly forward, that is the first tell.

One is then required to completely immerse the device in a bowl of boiling water for approximately 45 seconds until it’s soft. Remove the device from the water and let it cool for a short period. Place the device on the lower jaw as per the user’s manual and extend the lower jaw forward. When you are sure that your lower jaw is in position, bite down on the device for a minute. Remove the mouthpiece and put it on again to see if it fits. If the product does not settle in properly, repeat the process.

Unlike Zyppah, ZQuiet is a ready-made device that comes with a two size comfort system feature. The user is required to choose from either device the one that fits them best.

The two products are easy to use, and the fitting process does not need a specialist. Buyers and consumers should inform their dentist that they are using these devices.

Fit and comfort

Most snorers who have used anti-snoring devices to manage snoring have reported that they present a certain degree of discomfort. Zyppah and ZQuiet are both mandibular devices meaning that though useful, are flawed in various ways. For both devices, the jaw is pulled forward for an extended amount of time. The jaw being in this unnatural position will become sore and sometimes completely painful. Manufacturers have tried to make the devices as comfortable as possible by making both products using soft thermoplastic material. ZQuiet has hinges on the side that make the device adjustable and enable users to open and close their mouths when the device is in place. While most users have complained about the discomfort, some have said that it gets better with time. Some decide to overlook mere shortcomings because of how well the devices have worked for them. 


Zyppah’s manufacturers assure users that the product should work on the same night the mouthpiece molded and worn. For most users, the device presented immediate results. They also reported that fitting and adjusting the product was easy. The Tongue Retaining Device on Zyppah adds an extra support feature that some sleepers have found necessary. They say the device is convenient to put in and take off after each use. For sleepers who experience severe sleep apnea, the product has come to their rescue without them having to result in more expensive and bulky products. 

ZQuiet comes either as a single unit or as a two-sized comfort feature made for both men and women. The two-part devices come joined by an adjustment mechanism. Users who do not want to endure the messy “boil and bite” process prefer ZQuiet because it comes ready-made. All one needs to do is bite into the device and use the adjustable feature to move the lower jaw forward gradually. The hinges ensure that the product works whether the mouth is open or closed. Like Zyppah, this device works as soon as the user molds and wears it. The user might feel some discomfort when they begin to use the mouthpiece. Some users have reported that the soreness presented disappears after a while.

Durability and maintenance

After each use, the sleeper should clean the device. Cleaning the mouthpiece helps maintain it and make sure it performs at its peak for its use duration. The user should clean the product to avoid bacterial infections and bad hygiene.

Zyppah has its cleaning foam; Zyppah users should not use toothpaste or mouthwash to clean the device. To clean ZQuiet, an individual can use toothpaste or denture cleaners. Both Zyppah and ZQuiet should be dried and stored in a safe place to avoid wear and tear.

Users of both products should replace ill-functioning devices as soon as they prove faulty.

Price of anti-snoring devices

Zyppah’s market value ranges higher than that of ZQuiet. For a retailing price of $100, one can purchase Zyppah from both Amazon and the company’s website. The product is quite expensive, but the product’s features and functionality prove that Zyppah is worth every penny. The device also comes with a guaranteed 90-day return policy for any product purchased.

With ZQuiet, an individual pays $9.95 for postage and handling of the product. One has a 30 day trial period to consider if they like the device, they will pay an additional $74.94 to cover the product’s full market value. Individuals that do not like the mouthpiece need to do is return it before 30days.

Customer preference

Some users prefer ZQuiet because it is not as intrusive as Zyppah. The users say that the tongue device feature on Zyppah is too uncomfortable; for users who prefer comfort over functionality, ZQuiet is their best solution.

Some users also said that ZQuiet did not stop their snoring. Given that ZQuiet only works for mild or medium sleep apnea, the device receives negative reviews from individuals with severe sleep apnea. However, Zyppah gets positive reviews from such individuals. A snorer needs to know how severe their sleep apnea is because that mere factor can determine which mandibular advancement device is best suited for them.


Both Zyppah and Zquiet are FDA approved as safe products that sell over the counter or online. Neither of the products works for everyone. A healthy amount of polarity is beneficial for any competitive product as long as the positive outweigh the negative. They are both pocket friendly compared to the functionality and durability of the product. Manufacturers of both products give guaranteed periods when they offer buyers full refunds for the products they return. All the above features have motivated the buyer to try out nonprescription mandibular devices. Compared to nonprescription mandibular devices, custom-made devices ordered from the dentist have late delivery periods, are more expensive, and do not guarantee effectiveness.

Do it yourself mandibular advancement devices are game-changers that have truly outdone themselves.


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