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Top Ten Solutions All Snorers Need To Know About

There is a good number of snorers in our families. It could be you, our spouses, or a friend who struggles with the issue. Luckily though, the market has recently flooded with different products that promise to cure or manage snoring. As outstanding as most products are, one product cannot work for everyone. Being in a situation where snoring affects your quality of sleep is frustrating and can lead to desperation. To help avoid this, though, we have compiled a list of the best products in the market. These are the devices that promise to alleviate snoring conditions with regular use.

Mouthpieces for snorers

Anti-snoring mouthpieces have proven effective for snorers around the world. Over 50% of snorers that seek remedies, most settle for mouth devices because they manage their issues effectively. The most common type of mouthpieces is the Mandibular Advancement Devices. These devices pull the lower jaw forward to tighten the tissues at the end of the mouth and thus clearing the airways. The tightened throat tissues will not collapse to produce snoring sounds anymore.

Mandibular devices work for people with mild or medium sleep apnea, overweight people, people who snore because of old age, and people who sleep on their backs. Snorers can get custom made devices from their dentist for perfect fit though at a higher price. There are cheaper alternatives online that can work just as well as the custom made mouthpieces.

Air purifiers and humidifiers

The environment where an individual sleeps can affect their quality of sleep. Stuffy air full of dust and pollutants often inflames the upper airways leading to a stuffy nose and swollen throat. This might cause difficulty in breathing.

Air purifiers clean and filter the air one breathes when they are asleep. When the quality of air in the room is improved, an individual is likely to stop snoring. On the other hand, humidifiers add moisture to dry air, and they are great anti-snoring aids. Air purifiers and humidifiers can be an ideal snoring solution for snorers that suffer from dust, pollen, pet allergies, individuals who smoke, and snorers that live in polluted areas. Humidifiers work for individuals that live in dry climatic regions, sleep with their mouths open, individuals with sinus problems, and pregnant women.

Smart Nora snoring device

Smart Nora is a somewhat guaranteed solution for snorers who have tried every other device to no avail. The device is a revolutionary one of a kind innovative piece of technology used to manage snoring. The sleeper should put the inflatable expander under their pillow for the device to function.

Smart Nora has a detector that senses when an individual is snoring; the sensor will then activate the expander to inflate the pillow, which then moves the individual’s head to bring back a muscular tone to your airways stop the snoring. The most common cause of snoring is relaxed muscles at the back of the mouth that collapse into the throat and blocks the airways. Smart Nora is a good investment for snorers that sleep on their side, back or fronts, mouth breathers, and those who cannot tolerate any other anti-snoring devices. Smart Nora comes highly recommended for individuals whose snoring has gotten worse with age, and no other devices seem to work.

Specialized pillows

Various pillows have an anti-snoring effect. These pillows are non-intrusive and easily combat snoring. Anti-snoring pillows include;

  • CPAP pillows- these pillows accommodate the mask and hose of a CPAP device to prevent pressure on your face or accidental removal of the CPAP device that could cause air leakage.
  • Realignment pillow– the pillow realigns the neck, head, and upper back muscle to prevent airway compression. The technique used to reposition and align the upper body promotes comfortable sleep all through the night.
  • Foam wedge pillows– one word “back sleepers”; People who often sleep on their backs are likely to snore because of how the airways end up compressed. Raising the head using a wedge pillow repositions the neck and clears the airways.

Specialists say side sleeping reduces snoring compared to the other sleeping positions. Using a pillow that helps the snorer sleep on their side helps manage snoring.

Neti Pots

This method seems old fashioned, but it is a very effective way to stop or manage snoring. Neti pots clear out blocked nasal passages. One must pour an appropriate amount of salty water into the pot and pour in the solution into the nostrils to flush out whatever is irritating the nose. Users should use distilled water instead of tap water for better results.

Flushing out the nasal passage removes allergens, soothes inflamed noses, and clears out excess mucus from the nasal cavity. The Neti pots are the snoring solutions for people who suffer from allergies, people prone to seasonal colds, and people with serious sinus issues.

Mouth Strips

This product suits individuals who breathe through their mouths. Breathing through the mouth causes the through to dry up, compress the throat, and force your tongue further back into your airway, which reduces space to cause snoring. The non-intrusive mouth strip is a remedy that discourages unhealthy mouth breathing by gently holding your lips together, forcing an individual to breathe through their nose.

The mouth strips prevent airway blockage, reduces the chances of sore throat and bacterial infections, and finally, a snorer can get quality sleep.

Nasal Dilators

Nasal dilators curb snoring caused by nasal blockages such as allergies and irritated sinuses. The sleeper has no choice but to breathe through their mouths, which a known cause of snoring. Nasal dilators are non-medicated, non-invasive, and generally very comfortable hence preferred to other anti-snoring aids. Most users do not report any side effects of the product.

 Nasal dilators can either be internal or external nasal dilators. External dilators have a spring feature that pulls the nasal passage open. These external dilators then target the nasal valve and open the valve wide to prevent snoring. The internal nasal dilator opens the nostrils to reduce airflow resistance. Nasal dilators are for people with sinuses or people with a deviated septum.

Botanical Oils

The oils help clear and lubricate the nasal passage, remove excess mucus, and soothe any irritated cavities in the nasal tissue. Botanical oil is a good alternative for individuals who find the other devices intrusive, bulky, uncomfortable, or inconvenient.

One must lay on the back, put in three or four droplets in each nostril, and allow the oil to work its magic. The users should consult with their physicians before using botanical oil. Because of cases where the consumer is pregnant or where a user might be allergic, their physician should know any side effects that may occur. 

Nasal Saline Sprays

The spray increases moisture in the nose and clears out congestion making this device one of the best ways to reduce snoring from nasal obstruction. The nasal spray comes in handy for users that experience seasonal colds and allergic reactions. In case the content is finished, you can pre-order, purchase or opt to use home remedies such as salt or baking soda. Spray bottles like saline or squirt are pocket friendly and easily found at the local pharmacy or store. No side effects have come up concerning the nasal saline sprays. 

CPAP snoring device

CPAP device is used to treat server obstructive sleep apnea, which to some people, also causes snoring. For people who have both conditions, then Cpap is the best device for them. It works to provide a constant flow of purified air that stabilizes the airways and prevents both vibration and collapse of these tissues.

Cpap comes with a tank, a hose, and a customized mask designed to fit this device’s user. There snores that use a humidifier alongside the machine to add moisture and humidity. Cpap is one of the more expensive anti-snoring options in the market. The device will last for almost 10years when well maintained by the user.


From the summary, we can observe that snoring occurs because of various reasons, and there is a wide range of anti-snoring aids for each cause. For some, snoring is a long-term issue that affects their overall wellbeing and productivity. For others, snoring is seasonal and only causes short term disturbances. I have managed to list ten devices where both long-term and seasonal snorers can find solutions to their problems.

Snorers should see specialists before opting for any anti-snoring aids in the market. Snoring can be a symptom of serious underlying issues that have to be diagnosed by a specialist. A snorer can suffer from severe obstructive sleep apnea or throat problems that might need a surgical procedure. To be on the safe side, if snoring becomes too bothersome, see a doctor.


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