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Zyppah Review—Is this Mouthpiece With Tongue Strap Worth Your Time and Money

In the anti-snoring mouthpiece world, Zyppah is the only solution with a Z factor—at least according to the manufacturer.

But one question brings everything into perspective:

What’s the Z factor? And is the Z factor critical in stopping snoring?

We’ll find about that right now. But first, let’s see how this Zyppah mouthpiece approaches snoring. We’re going to explore:

  • What’s Zyppah?
  • What’s is the Z-factor?
  • Who is behind Zyppah Mouthpiece?
  • What are the Advertised benefits?
  • Device Classification—Design and Material
  • How does Zyppah Work in Treating Snoring?
  • Z-Clean – A Glance at the Flagship Zyppah Cleaner
  • What are the Possible Side Effects?
  • Zyppah complaints
  • Examples of Complaints that Might Arise from Using Zyppah Anti-Snoring Devices
  • What are the Maintenance Practices?
  • And Even More?

So let’s get started with one simple question:

What is Zyppah, Exactly?

Zyppah is a hybrid boil-and-bite type mouthpiece device that’s FDA-certified and clinically proven to treat snoring.

Its unique feature is the tongue strap in a mandibular adjustment device.

The tongue strap works like a seat belt for the tongue to prevent it from falling and blocking users’ airways.

In other words, the feature works to eliminate nearly all of the tongue-related snoring.

We’ll break this feature in a lot more depth later on. First, let’s quickly explore Zyppah’s main thing before digging into nitty-gritty details.

What’s the Z-Factor in Zyppah?

On Zyppah’s official website, the manufacturer mentions Z-Factor. However, they don’t go deep into what it is and what purpose does it serve.

So let’s start from there.

The Z-factor is a patented Tongue Elastic strap that’s present on Zyppah. The manufacturer designs a tongue strap in a MAD to provide additional snore aid to tongue-related snoring.

The Z-Factor holds the tongue in position so that it does not fall back on the throat, which would otherwise cause obstruction to airflow and result to snoring when one is asleep.

To date, Zyppah is the only anti-snoring mouthpiece on earth that combines the Tongue Retainment and Mandibular Adjustment technology to bring snoring to a stopping end.

Combined, tongue adjustment and lower jaw adjustment present a superior solution to snoring problem as they both address the root cause of snoring.

Lots of customer reviews accredit Zyppah for stopping snoring problems on day one of usage. And apparently, even sleep specialists appear to love Zyppah and prescribes it as a snore solution to their patients.

This can only mean one thing:

The Z-factor works mighty fine in stopping snoring.

And this begs the question:

How Does Zyppah Work?

For Zyppah to work optimally, you’ll first need to get the fitting process right. For that reason, before we go any further, let’s see how to get a custom fit with Zyppah.

How to Fit Zyppah—the Entire Boil-and-Bite Process

Like any other MAD, you’ll employ the boil-and-bite process to get custom fit. You’ll need:

  • Two bowls, one empty and the other filled with cold water
  • A heating source
  • Food tongs
  • Timer
  • A hand mirror

Then proceed as follows:

  1. First, heat water until it boils. Then, transfer the boiling water to the empty bowl
  2. Next, put the mouthpiece in the bowl with the boiling water. Use the food tongs to Submerge the mouthpiece and let it soak for 30 to 45 seconds to soften the material of the mouthpiece
  3. After 45 seconds, remove the device from the hot water using the tongs and allow is to cool for 5 to 10 seconds
  4. Now position the appliance onto your lower teeth first and press firmly downward with your fingers. Then, reposition your lower jaw in a forward position to align with the top of the appliance and bite down as firm as possible for 60 seconds. All along, position your tongue under the elastic band.
  5. Once you feel you’ve made an excellent impression of your teeth, remove the mouthpiece from the mouth and rinse it in the bowl of cold water to harden your dental impressions.
  6. Try your mouthpiece if it fits right. If it doesn’t, you can repeat the boil-and-bite process for up to three. Past three times, the mouthpiece will lose its integrity

With fitting out of the question, let’s go straight into how Zyppah treats snoring.

Z-Clean – A Glance at the Flagship Zyppah Cleaner

Zyppah is the renowned name behind the revolutionary hybrid anti-snoring device by the same name. While the anti-snoring mouthpiece has been proven to work wonders with even the most severe snoring cases, it is still prone to getting dirty and infected by bacteria and other micro-organisms. This realization and the fact that it is an oral device make the Z-Clean a cleaning solution worth having, especially because it is from the same manufacturers that blessed sleep apnea patients with the Zyppah device.

How the Z-Clean Cleaning Solution Works

The Zyppah should be cleaned after every use with a soft toothbrush and a recommended solution like Z-Clean. To begin the process, you’ll first need to pour a little of the cleaner into its bottle cap or any other appropriate surface. Proceed to dip the brush into the bottle cap containing the cleaning solution to get some of that solution on it before proceeding to scrub your Zyppah device thoroughly. It is highly important that the brush reaches every end of the device, including the teeth imprints and the small gaps between the upper and lower parts. These hard to reach places, when not sufficiently cleaned, can become bacteria breeding grounds, thus, the added care.

Once done, rinse the device in plenty of clean running water before allowing it to air dry. The device can then be stored in a cool, dry place (possible with any storage container or jar) awaiting its next use.

Benefits of using the Z-Clean Solution

The Z-Clean solution is quite easy to use, as can be seen from the cleaning process above. Its use leaves the anti-snoring device fresh and free of nasty bacteria that could cause problems to your oral health if allowed to fester. The solution also carries a pleasant, minty-fresh smell that closely resembles herbal toothpaste. When you consider the long hours you are likely to spend wearing the device, such minty fresh smells can be a welcome addition.

The Z-Cleaner can also be used with all other anti-snoring mouthpieces. SnoreDoc, Vital Sleep, PureSleep, and zQuiet are just a few devices that the Zyppah cleaner that clean and make sanitary. Its use also extends to CPAP devices meaning more sleep apnea patients can enjoy cleaner and fresher anti-snoring devices.

The cleaning solution is anti-bacterial. While its consumption is not advised, ingesting it by mistake won’t leave you needing immediate medical attention. The cleaner is FDA approved for oral use meaning users can purchase it confidently that it will perform its function while still maintaining their safety.

Final thoughts on this cleaner

A person’s mouth is home to some 800 – 1000 different bacteria strains. This high bacteria count ensures that cleaning your mouthpiece is not just important but highly essential. It is the only way to maintain high levels of oral hygiene and keep away the bad odors. However, cleaning the Zyppah is pretty straightforward, and with the Z-Cleaner, an unsanitary device should be entirely out of the question.  

How Zyppah Precisely Adress Snoring

Most of the time, snoring is a result of the vibration of the soft tissues in the back of the mouth that occurs as a result of obstruction of the airway.

When we sleep, the soft tissues of the palate, uvula, tongue, and tonsils relax during sleep constricting the airway and readily vibrate as air passes through. The vibration causes the snoring sound.

The phenomenon occurs once in a while for everyone. But for people who snore regularly, they often have too much soft tissue susceptible to vibrate in the tiny air opening.

And Zyppah works mighty in tackling the root cause of snoring by targeting two major culprits:

  • Tongue obstruction
  • And loosening of the soft tissue in the throat

To address tongue-based snoring, the Zyppah mouthpiece utilizes the unique tongue strap. This seat-belt-like structure stabilizes the tongue to a position that prevents it from falling back and obstructing the user’s airways.

And to address the loosening of soft tissues in the throat, Zyppah repositions the lower jaw in a slightly forward position. The repositioning tightens the soft tissues in the throat, which would otherwise relax, cause obstruction, and result in snoring.

What’s more, advancing the lower jaw slightly forward opens the airways more reducing resistance to airflow and snoring.

When combined, mandibular adjustment and tongue retaining presents a superior solution to snoring. In fact, in case you had a partial solution to snoring—non-completely-silent night, this hybrid might work excellently.

But here is a follow-up question:

Does this combination compromise on comfort?

Let’s find out about that right now.

What are the possible Side Effects of Using Zyppah?

The world is yet to come across a snoring mouthpiece that it can describe as comfortable when you first use it.

And like any other mouthpiece, the initial discomfort isn’t any different when it comes to Zyppah. For the first few nights, you might struggle with gag reflex as you adapt to having the mouthpiece in place because your brain needs to get used to the device in the mouth.

However, the tongue strap appears to elevate the discomfort a little higher. In addition to the typical initial discomfort, you’ll get from any MAD, Zyppah presents the possibility of tongue soreness due to the tongue strap.

As a remedy, though, you can invest a few waking hours wearing the device in the mouth for you to adapt. During the adapting period, you might experience:

  • Excessive drooling
  • Slight jaw aches
  • Tongue soreness because of the tongue strap

But they’re temporary side effects. And once you get used to having the device in your mouth, you should enjoy superior comfort and efficacy from the device.

That said, there is one thing that compromises some user’s comfort in Zyppah.

The mouthpiece comes in a one-size-fits-all while everyone’s mouth is different. Zyppah is appropriate for persons with larger jaws. Meaning, if you have smaller jaws—especially when you are a lady—Zyppah will compromise on your comfort. It will feel uncomfortable with you.

How Much Does Zyppah Cost?

From the official website, you can buy Zyppah at $99.95. You can also find it on Amazon and it comes with different shipping options:

There is a free shipping option for orders in the USA

The lowest timed delivery is $9.95 within the United States

Examples of Complaints that Might Arise from Using Zyppah Anti-Snoring Devices

Snoring is a common sleeping condition that affects millions of people around the world. It arises when the soft tissue to be found at the back of the individual’s mouth vibrate involuntarily following obstruction of surrounding airways. However, various solutions exist to help tackle this condition and ensure more peaceful, less noisy sleep times.  

One such solution that has seen tremendous positive results is the Zyppah anti-snoring device. Unlike other MAD’s, this device tackles snoring problems by fixing both the jaw positioning and the tongue’s placement. Both actions contribute to more clear pathways and less likelihood of snoring at night.

However, despite proven success, some users have still found it difficult to use the above device. These complaints range include everything from how the device tastes in the mouth, discomfort, and functionality.

Some of the most common complaints about Zyppah devices, in no particular order, include:

9) General Discomfort

Among the most common complaints that arise from using a Zyppah is that it causes discomfort. These complaint has been substantiated by various authoritative sources, including the manufacturer, all of whom attribute the discomfort to the jaw being forced to assume a new and unfamiliar position. Normally, such discomfort reduces to a tolerable level, if not disappear completely after a few days of use. Other MAD devices have also reported discomfort with their use, which also disappears after the first few days, so users need not worry about the same.

8) The Tongue Strap Doesn’t Fit Properly

The Zyppah combines two components, a MAD device and a tongue stabilizing device, which uses a strap for this purpose. This strap has, however, been reported to be uncomfortable for use by some users. In other cases, it has been reported to fit poorly. This discomfort and poor fit, while uncommon, can be reason enough to activate the money-back guarantee, and thus users shouldn’t suffer in silence. Another form of reprieve can come with having the doctor perform the fitting in a professional setting. In this way, you will get to express your concerns openly and have any issues immediately resolved.

7) It is Somewhat Yucky

Ooh yes, some Zyppah users have lodged such a complaint. The less-than-pleasant taste of the device is thought to be caused by frequent cleaning using appropriate anti-bacterial cleaners. However, such a high level of cleanliness is necessary to ensure it is completely germ-free every time it is used.

Moreover, if you find the taste particularly unbearable, then why not consider changing the cleaner. Doing so can go a long way towards ensuring that the taste changes to something more bearable.

6) It Leads me to Drool on my Sheets

The device might cause you to produce additional saliva once you start using it. However, Worry not, for this is just but a temporary inconvenience occasioned by the new position adopted by your jaw. With the complete adjustment, any such drooling should subside if not end completely.

5) A Limited Life-Span

Indeed, the Zyppah won’t last forever, but neither will any other oral appliance. These devices come with a limited lifespan, which reduces even further if they come to your aid every night.

However, for their price, getting 6 – 12 months of service every night can be considered a bargain, especially if the device performed as promised, and you forget all about your snoring problems. Given its design, construction, and materials used, such a top-notch service for months-on-end is sure to be expected from the Zyppah device.

4) It Doesn’t Stop my Sleep Apnea

While uncommon, some people have reported failure of the device to fix their apnea and snoring conditions. Despite such reports, though, the Zyppah device remains among the industry’s most effective anti-snoring devices with an enviable success rate. While it is true that it might not always work for everyone, you should nevertheless take the chance. For only a couple of bucks, you could literally transform your life and attain more comfortable and restful sleep. The 90-day money-back guarantee that comes with the product should also help you get a refund if you are one of the unlucky few individuals who cannot experience success with the device.

3) It is a Poor Fit

The Zyppah device is made to be custom-fit into every user’s mouth using the common boil-and-bite process. A poor fit is often due to various reasons, including the teeth and jaws failing to stay in place during the fitting process. Moreover, failing to use the device for a few nights continuously might also cause it to lose its shape.

It is also a welcome feature that the Zyppah can be boiled and re-fitted a second time if the first try is not entirely successful. For a perfect fit too, one can also seek some assistance from a professional dentist.

2) It is Expensive

But is it? More importantly, too, would it still be costly if the device achieved on all its promises and enabled you to enjoy a snore free night for up to 12 months of use every night? In truth, the Zyppah device is one that will give you value for your money and ensure you attain more comfortable sleep times for the months to come. The money-back-guarantee also doubles down on this promise as it ensures you get the refund you deserve if the device fails to perform as advertised.

1) Not Everyone Can use it

This much is true, especially in people with crowns, loose teeth, or dentures. In all the cases above, the device would fail to attach properly. This failure is due to the presence of loose teeth or a dental formula that’s not accounted for in the device’s design. Unfortunately too, not many solutions around this problem exist, and affected individuals could be hindered from using the device in any way whatsoever. You can always ask for a second opinion If you are not one to give up hope, though, for if anyone knows more than your teeth than both of us, it has to be your dentist.

 Final Thoughts

As explained above, the Zyppah is unlike most other anti-snoring devices. It offers both MAD and TAD functionality, which promises to reduce snoring on individuals who use it. Moreover, at a unit price of roughly $99.95 from the manufacturer, you are certain to get your money’s worth given the prolonged lifespan promised of up to one year. Accordingly, we hope that settling of the above concerns have helped ease your fears if you had any, for the Zyppah is an anti-snoring device that outperforms almost every other competing devices.

Zyppah complaints

In a world that is ever developing, the sleep field has not been left behind. Modern science has aided in the invention of devices that better sleep, especially for affected persons. Several conditions have been proven to deter rest, among them being snoring. Snoring can be due to many causes, but the primary one is narrowing the airways during sleep. Anti-snoring mouthpieces have now been on the market for a while, having both positive and negative feedback. Generally, customers in the market look at reviews to establish whether to purchase or not. The Zyppah mouthpiece is a well-known product in the field and an excellent example to review. It is essential for anyone considering to get a Zyppah anti-snoring mouthpiece to know the following reported complaints and their possible solutions.

Initial jaw soreness

The Zyppah anti-snoring mouthpiece is a MAD device that is involved in controlling the lower jaw to keep it in position. Users, especially new ones, are most likely to experience jaw soreness right to their complaints. Possible solution; you can massage your jaw during the first days of use or visit your doctor to make recommendations.  

Not ideal for all

People with dental problems such as crowns and bridges are advised not to use the Zyppah anti-snoring mouthpiece. Once in a while, we all experience some dental pain of some sort. You may be experiencing a toothache, gum bleeding, or you may bite your tongue. Possible solutions; one should not use the Zyppah anti-snoring mouthpiece in these cases but should wait until the conditions subside. You can also consult with your dentist to ensure you are on the safe side.

It may cause drooling

Mandibular Adjustment Devices are known to cause drooling in users, especially in the beginning period of use. The overflow of saliva during sleep is certainly not a good site; besides, your beddings can get dirty and smelly quickly. Possible solutions; if drooling for an individual is due to other conditions such as sleep apnea, you should first seek medication for the situation. It is also true that side-sleepers and those who sleep on their stomach are likely to experience drooling. So try lying on your back and seek other remedies that can help clear your sinuses.

The fitting process is specific and requires extra effort in cleaning

The Zyppah anti-snoring mouthpiece comes with an elastic tongue component that requires adjustment. The mouthpiece utilizes the boil and bites method, which is a little hard for people to get and involves holding down the tongue in the ideal position. Users also require to put in extra effort in cleaning the device, failure to which its usefulness goes down. Possible solutions; before purchasing the Zyppah mouthpiece, customers need to familiarize themselves with the device’s use by reading regular and in-depth reviews to understand how to use it fully.

The Zyppah anti-snoring mouthpiece has more pros than cons, which make it a product worth trying. You don’t have to worry about its make since it has been cleared and evaluated by dentists for use. This device might be your ideal tool to curb snoring.

What’s the company Behind Zyppah?

Make no mistake:

Zyppah is one of a kind in the stop-snoring world.

Zyppah, Inc. is an A+ rated BBB accredited company with thousands of 5-star reviews for their anti-snoring solution.

But its story dates back to May 2007, when a dentist—Dr. Jonathan Greenburg—who brought the new company a vision of improving people’s sleep. The doctor started the company after years of successful dental practice and wanted to eliminate the inconvenience and discomfort of the CPAP machine in treating a typical snoring problem.

So Zyppah started to produce its mouth guards and distribute them all over the world. The company is USA-based and manufactures and distributes the antisnore mouthpiece themselves.

In mind, Dr. Jonathan Greenburg targeted four main flaws he observed on other snore aid. And up today, the company’s official website advertises the doctor finding as to the benefits you’ll get from the device.

What are the Advertised Benefits of Zyppah?

On the official site, the manufacturer, says that its antisnore mouthpiece:

  • Address and stops the root cause of snoring
  • Is the world’s only antisnore solution with tongue strap which is the ultimate feature to stop tongue-based snoring
  • Comes with Guaranteed for 90 days—you stop snoring, or you get your money back

However, the only question that matters is:

Does Zyppah live up to deliver what it promises, or is it just marketing hype? We’ll find out about that in a minute. But first, let’s see what device classification does Zyppah belongs to.

What’s the Device’s Classification and How it Works

Typically, Zyppah is a hybrid of Mandibular Advancement Device and a Tongue Retaining Device.

MADs were first created to treat sleep apnea. However, Zyppah does not intend to treat sleep apnea, and it does not claim even once to treat sleep apnea in its official website.

But that doesn’t mean it can’t handle mild to moderate sleep apnea. Already-using-customers find it apt to treat non-severe sleep apnea because the hybrid combination makes it excellent in opening the airway, ensuring sufficient oxygen supply when asleep.

This begs the question:

What Design and Material does Zyppah utilize?

Zyppah utilizes a variety of thermoplastic that’s BPA-free, latex-free, and FDA cleared to ensure optimal oral safety. The mouthpiece is tested to USP Class VI standards and is USA-made.

The design is a little complex, as it is hard to wear. However, the design is easy to clean.

What are the Maintenance Requirements for Zyppah

Zyppah has a lifespan of up to 6 months. And for the device to last that long, it requires optimal maintenance.

The cleaning process for Zyppah is pretty simple.

The manufacturer suggests the use of Zyppah cleaner—an antibacterial cleaning foam to clean the mouthpiece. The is readily available on the manufacturer’s website and Amazon at around $18.00. The best part, Zyppah cleaner is that if you have medical problems that make you susceptible to illness, the paste will be a great investment.

Alternatively, you can use Effedent, Polident, and other effervescent tablets in cleaning.

And unlike other mouthpieces, the use of toothpaste and toothbrush does not compromise the integrity of the mouthpiece or reduce its lifespan.

What Distinguishes Zyppah From any Other Mouthpiece in the Market

In the anti-snore world, Zyppah is the only hybrid mouthpiece that combines mandibular adjustment technology and tongue retainment technology. With this combination, the device can handle tongue-based snoring and throat soft tissue-based snoring.

What’s more—even though this might be of little importance in antisnore mouthpiece—unlike any other anti-snoring mouthpieces in the Market, Zyppah trie to appeal to style by presenting mouthpieces that are a solid statement of fashion. You can choose from a variety of choices like:

  • Beauty
  • Military
  • Ghost
  • Pink
  • USA

The looks are least to go for in an antisnore mouthpiece, but Zyppah tries to appeal to style anyway.


  • A dentist designs and creates Zyppah
  • Zyppah is FDA-certified and is clinically proven to treat snoring
  • The hybrid design handles, both tongue-based snoring and the typical root cause of snoring
  • Has aesthetic appeal
  • Incredibly easy to clean
  • Has an air hole thus does not hinder natural breathing
  • Presents a longer trial period providing enough time to see whether it works for you


  • Some already-using-customers complains that it is uncomfortable, especially women and persons with smaller jaws because of its size
  • After the Boil-and-bite process, you cannot further adjust the level of lower jaw adjustment
  • Some female user find it extra huge for their mouth thus uncomfortable
  • Can be expensive given its shorter lifespan of three months

What’s the Product Guarantee?

Zyppah comes with a 90-day money-back guarantee, which is far more enough time to test if the product will work for you. In fact, this is far more time than most of its competitors, which present a 30-days money-back guarantee.

And according to already-using customers, Zyppah appears to abide by their guarantee and offer free replacement if the device doesn’t fit or mold properly.

Who is Zyppah Recommended For?

  • Male snorers
  • A person with tongue-related snoring problems
  • People who have tried other anti-snore mouthpieces and found them ineffective
  • Persons who might need extra tongue support to stop snoring
  • Mouth breathers

Who is Zyppah not Recommended for

  • People with smaller jaws especially lady snorers
  • A person looking for nasal-related anti-snore aid


Does Zyppah Treat Sleep Apnea?

Sleep apnea is a serious condition that requires medical-profession monitoring. By no means should you assume Zyppah will work for any apneic situation? The manufacturer recommends that to consult with a qualified doctor’s opinion.

But some users report improvement in apneic conditions, especially mild to moderate sleep apnea. The device cannot, however, treat severe sleep apnea. However, nothing will beat a professional sleep recommendation.

Is Zyppah Safe?

Zyppah is a safe solution to snoring. It is clinically proven and FDA-certified. But you might feel some level of discomfort for the first few days of use because it will adjust your lower jaw to a position you’re not used to. But after getting used to it, you should not face any harmful side effects.

Can I Use Zyppah if I Have Dentures?

Yes, persons with dentures can use Zyppah. However, setting the device up might be excruciating, and therefore you need extra care and time.

Must I Wear Zyppah Mouthpiece Every Time I Sleep?

Yes. Zyppah only works when you’re wearing them. If you don’t wear them, you will continue snoring.

Does Zyppah Need a Prescription?

No. It is available as a commercial product and doesn’t need a prescription.

Is Zyppah Suitable for Both Male and Female Users?

The size of Zyppah is designed to suit 90% of the mouths. However, it appears to be too large for most ladies, making them uncomfortable.

Zyppah Review Bottom Line: Is Zyppah Worth $99.95?

If your tongue is a big part of your snoring problem, then it is right to say that Zyppah is worth the relatively steep price tag.

At first glance, $99.95 may seem like a lot for an antisnoring mouthpiece. And it honestly is.

But if you’re like any other person truly trying to stop snoring, and anti-snore aid value is based on the result it presents to you.

In other words: one would rather spend $$$ on a working snore solution than spend a little in a tool that doesn’t help you all that much.

If you think additional tongue support would work away with your snoring problem, then you’d give Zyppah a shot.

Plus, you’ve got 90 days money-back guarantee. You can use the mouthpiece for 90 days. See how it goes. If you don’t find that it’s solving your snoring problem, you can return the device and get all your money back.

That said: if additional tongue support will add no significance in reducing your snoring, or you’d prefer a device with advanced precision in lower jaw advancement, then you’d want to pass on Zyppah. You’d better go for other MADs in the Market that would get you the results you’re after.

But if tongue obstruction is a big part of your snoring, you’d want to try Zyppah.


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