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Best Mattress Under 500 – The Top 10 Biggest Mattress Bargain

Cutting-edge mattresses always come at a premium, but that doesn’t mean you need to spend the earth to find the right sleeping unit. If you’re comfortable forgoing a few of the latest flagship features, then you’ll find a catalog of more affordable mattresses to choose from.

The only problem?

Buying the best mattress under $500 can be a challenge, given the decision may be more complicated than comparing sticker prices.

But whether you want a bargain on supportive comfort or a great-value cooling model, there are plenty of options out there to suit every budget. For that reason, we explored the under-$500 mattress world, executing a comprehensive test on the best units. Then, we pulled out the best 10.

And now it is time to share what we found out.

1. Zinus Green Teas Memory Foam Mattress, Queen-Size – The Best Bio-Foam Mattress Under 500

Reasons to Buy

  • Gree tea-infused memory foam delivers a calm and refreshing sleep
  • Charcoal extracts on the top layer absorb moisture and keep the mattress odorless
  • Pressure-relieving memory foam cradles to the body curves to relieve pressure points
  • CertiPUR-US certified – your confident of durability, performance, and toxic-free content
  • Expertly packaged for easy shipping and maneuverability
  • 10-year limited warranty

The Zinus Green Tea Memory Foam Mattress, Queen-Size, is wildly successful and popular because of its appeal. It offers a lot for less money, a facto that makes it a clear best buy.

Why it’s the best mattress Under $500:

It’s the value for money that allows Zinus Green Tea Memory Foam Mattress, Queen-Size, to win over all its rivals. The mattress starts at $270, but you’re getting a queen-sized mattress, green tea therapeutic effects, superior hygiene condition from the charcoal extracts, and medium-feel support – features that you won’t find even on the closest competitors.

i) Superior bio-foam technology

The memory foam technology on Zinus Green Tea Memory Foam Mattress, Queen-Size, is unique. It combines all the main strength of a memory foam mattress and takes it a notch higher by including green tea extracts and active charcoal that keeps the mattress fresh for long.

ii) Pressure-relieving memory foam construction

The multilayered memory foam construction gives the mattress superior pressure-relieving properties. The top layer conforms to the sleeper’s body curves, the middle layer improves the mattress’s breathability, and the base layer presents the necessary support of the mattress.

2. Classic Brands Cool Gel Chill Memory Foam Mattress – The Best Cooling Mattress Under 500

Reasons to Buy

  • Premium pressure-relieving memory foam offset pressure points
  • High-density aerated cool gel memory foam provide superior support
  • Hypoallergenic memory foam suits even people with allergy
  • Resistant to allergens, mold, and bacteria
  • CertiPUR-US certified – it meets all the stands for emission, durability, and content
  • Comes with a free shredded memory foam pillow

If you’re looking for a tough, cooling mattress without a heftier price tag, the Classic Brands Cool Gel Chill Memory Foam Mattress is a winner for you. While you won’t be getting high-end features, it offers the same sleep quality as its more expensive counterpart for far less.

Why it ranks 2nd:

It is not as good of a value as the top-ranked mattress, but the Classic Brands Cool Gel Chill Memory Foam Mattress is the best cooling mattress under $500 because it stars at $296. Unlike a typical mattress, you’re getting most of the features found on the pro-level mattress, like the cooling comfort.

i) Superior sleep temperature regulation

The mattress entails a gel infused ventilated memory foam that withdraw heat away from the body and allows superior airflow to create a cooler and plusher sleep surface.

ii) Orthopedic support

The comfort foam layers and the cool gel memory foam combine to deliver conforming support that reduces pressure points on the neck, shoulders, hips, and back. Plus, the cool gel memory foam reshapes your new sleeping posture, cradling every part of your body to lower motion transfer.

3. Olee Sleep 13-Inch Galaxy Hybrid Mattress – Best Hybrid Mattress Under 500

Reasons to Buy

  • Soft memory foam that adapts to body shape and temperature
  • 5-layers that deliver the right balance of support and comfort
  • Gel-infused memory foam regulates sleep temperature
  • Pocketed-sping core to add unparalleled support and durability
  • The fiber-quilted cover adds quality and comfort to sleep            

Don’t let the price fool you. The Olee Sleep 13-Inch Galaxy Hybrid Mattress costs the same as other mid-range mattresses, but it is an advanced hybrid mattress that delivers incredibly specs. This includes gel-infused memory foam for sleep temperature regulation, an innerspring core than redistribute body weight, and memory foam layers for conforming comfort.

Why it ranks 3rd:

This is a more powerful but more expensive mattress than the first two picks. But you get it all with the Olee Sleep 13-Inch Galaxy Hybrid Mattress:  a combination of innerspring and memory foam support, a cool gel tech that withdraws heat away from the body to let you sleep cold, and an expertly packaged mattress. Not everyone needs an everything-mattress like this, but if you want it all, at a bargain, this is the best shot you can take.

i) Unaparelled durability

Nearly all hybrid mattresses are durable. But the Olee Sleep 13-Inch Galaxy Hybrid Mattress stretches its durability a notch higher by protecting its coil with a multi HD memory foam layer. This adds unbeatable quality and comfort

ii) Superior memory foam construction

The gel infusion makes the memory foam construction of Olee Sleep 13-Inch Galaxy Hybrid Mattress unique. It allows the mattress to regulate sleep temperature while at the same time presenting superior temperature relief.

4. Amazon Basics 12-Inch Memory Foam Mattress – Best Luxury Mattress Under 500

Reasons to Buy

  • Multilayered memory foam to deliver high-quality sleep comfort
  • Has a middle layer of punched soft foam, which is highly breathable and allow air circulation
  • The hard foam bottom layers present the durability, stability, and support to align your body correctly
  • CertiPUR-US certified – you’re sure of sleep safety
  • First-class luxury from the cushioning and support that doesn’t compare with a typical mattress
  • Expertly package for easy handling

If you are a sleeper who’s in the market for the first-class luxury on a budget, the Amazon Basics 12-Inch Memory Foam Mattress should be at the top of your list. The mattress pairs a capable punched foam with impressive support foam and a top memory foam layer to deliver consistent sleep comfort.

Why it ranks 4th:

The Amazon Basics 12-Inch Memory Foam Mattress takes of the great specs of a typical memory foam mattress and elevates it. In contrast, the same amount would buy a hybrid mattress with superior specs and more durability, but most memory foam users don’t want to switch to a hybrid mattress.

i) Uncompromising sleep safety

All materials that Amazon Basics 12-Inch Memory Foam Mattress uses are certified for assured healthy sleep. The memory foam is Certi-PUR-US certified for content, emission, and durability. And the top cover is Oeko-Tex certified to ensure you have a healthy sleep.

ii) The best balance of comfort and stability

The mattress is 4-layered. The top layer is a 3-inch memory foam layer that delivers conforming comfort. The middle layer is a punched soft foam that is highly breathable and allows air to circulate inside the matter, and two cut-hard foam bottom layers ensure stability, durability and enhance body support.

5. Lucid 10-Inch Bamboo Charcoal Memory Foam Mattress – The World’s Best Bamboo Mattress Under 500

Reasons to Buy

  • An unbeatable combination of breathability and hypoallergenic properties of the bamboo charcoal cover
  • Firm feel – sinks less and suits even back sleeper correctly
  • Gel-infused memory foam delivers sweatless nights
  • Conforming comfort from the multilayered memory foam construction
  • Expertly packaged, making shipping and handling easier
  • CertiPUR-US certified memory foams for uncompromising sleep safety

It might be getting unrivaled popularity, but Lucid 10-Inch Bamboo Charcoal Memory Foam Mattress remains a great value unit. It offers a great blend of breathability, hypoallergenic, cooling comfort, and support. And it’s now a certified bargain.

Why it ranks 5th:

The Lucid 10-Inch Bamboo Charcoal Memory Foam Mattress is excellently knitted with features that target sleepers after superior breathability and cold-sleeping. And delivers it all without causing an incredible dent in your bank account.

i) Structured for cooling

Here’s where you’ll find the selling point of this mattress. And it all starts with the highly breathable dense bamboo charcoal-infuses foam that allows airflow in the mattress. The top layer is a gel-infused memory foam that helps withdraw heat away from your body to create a cooler sleep experience. Together they combine to help regulate sleep temperature.

ii) The right balance of support and comfort

The mattress features a 10-inch firm feel foam to crack the right balance of support and comfort for all sleeping positions.

6. SoundAsleep Dream Series Air Mattress – Best Air Mattress Under 500

Reasons to Buy

  • Best for occasional sleep position because they save on space when not in use
  • Comfort coil technology eliminates the support problem in typical air mattress
  • Extra thick and durable waterproof flocked to for improved comfort
  • Multilayered puncture-proof material that increases its durability
  • One-click inflation and deflation
  • Integrated cord storage to keep the power cord neat and tidy
  • Anti-slip bottom to prevent the bed from sliding
  • Free carry bag to ease storage and transportation

Proof that air mattress doesn’t have to be a synonym for underpowered or raw is the SoundAsleep Dream Series Air Mattress packs a seriously impressive speck list for a hybrid air mattress.

Why it ranks 6th:

The mattress hybrid air-coils system isn’t the world’s best, but real-world performance is superb, with the eliminate-firmness-problem-in-typical-airbed comfort coil technology and sure grip bottom. The mattress will remain flat and firm—you can sleep comfortably.

i) Unrelenting space-saving

It’s easier to say that the combination of air coils and a one-click internal pump is the central selling point of this mattress. But its space-saving and non-compromising-comfort combination makes ten of thousands of users give it over 4-star rating on Amazon. When you’re not using it, deflate it and put it in its carry bag for efficient storage or transportation.

ii) Unique design

Unlike any other airbed in the market, the SoundAsleep Dream Series Air Mattress employs the ComforCoil technology that overcomes the support and durability to allow the mattress to remain flat and firm when you sleep on it.

7. Milliard Tri-Folding Mattress – The Best Travel Mattress Under 500

Reasons to Buy

  • You get comfortable night wherever you go – it is readily portable
  • Folds to reduce its size to a third
  • Ventilated memory foam to ensure cooling comfort wherever you go
  • Great for temporary sleeping accommodation – camping, guest mattress, dorm room bed
  • The luxurious memory foam is CertiPUR-Certified for healthy sleep
  • Anti-slip bottom to ensure the mattress remains in position when you’re sleeping

The listed airbed may beat the Milliard Trifolding Mattress in specs, but it is almost identical in saving space and is now a serious bargain as a result. If you don’t want to forgo the comfort of memory foam even when on the go, the Milliard Trifolding Mattress is worth taking a look at.

Why it ranks 7th:

One benefit of its tri-folding capabilities, memory foam construction, is that it brings luxurious comfort without taking lots of space. You can use it in the guest house, go camping with it, or use it in a dorm room bed. But you can’t use it daily as it will wear out fast.

i) Luxurious sleep even when you’re on the go

You can readily fold the Milliard Trifolding Mattress to a third its size and carry it for camping or store it after a guest use. The mattress brings the therapeutical effect of memory foam with you, wherever you go.

ii) Superior memory foam construction

The Milliard Trifolding Mattress utilizes a 4-inch luxurious memory foam that conforms to body shape and temperature. You get the pressure relief and temperature regulation that you’d get sleeping on your regular mattress.

8. Avenco Queen Memory Foam Mattress – Best Mattress for Sleepers Who Need Extra Support

Reasons to Buy

  • Double-layer airflow and high-density foam delivers stronger support
  • The wave shape foam increases air circulation and functions as massage foam
  • Flawless support for the neck, back, and hips
  • All-foam construction excellently takes the shape of your body by absorbing bodyweight distribution
  • Relieves pressure points on the waist, back, shoulders, and neck, thus great for back pains
  • Gel memory foam improves breathability and sleeps temperature regulation
  • 100-night trial and a 100-year warranty

The Avenco Queen Memory Foam Mattress is well-priced yet built tough. The mattress is one investment that should pay dividends to those who need extra support. Right firmness, cooling comfort technology, excellent pressure relief, and superior breathability – the unit presents anything you can ever want in a mattress.

Why it ranks 8th:

More than a beefed-up bargain mattress, the Avenco Queen Memory Foam Mattress presents extra support. It is different from other foam mattresses because of its double-layered high-density foam that presents superior support.

i) Unprecedented support and comfort

The Avenco Queen Memory Foam Mattress is an all-foam mattress specifically structured to deliver the best possible balance of support and comfort. It entails four layers that are strategically positioned to offer maximum possible sleep comfort.

ii) Extra support

The Avenco Queen Memory Foam Mattress entails a double layer of high-density foam that separates its support from other foam mattresses. On top of the two support layers, a gel foam layer and relief foam layer redistributes pressure evenly on the mattress.

9. LUCID 12-Inch Latex Hybrid Mattress – Best Hybrid Mattress Under 500

Reasons to Buy

  • Compatible with box spring, metal grid, slatted, and adjustable bed bases
  • Temperature-regulating gel memory foam dissipates body heat
  • The memory foam layer provides pressure point relief
  • 12-Inch – can support any weight
  • 10-year warranty
  • Encased coil layer for superior weight distribution and improves airflow

The LUCID 12-Inch Latex Hybrid Mattress remains an excellent option for those after an affordable latex mattress, even though it is slightly pricer than many options on the list. Its hybrid design is solid yet sufficiently effective in delivering gentle cushioning and buoyant support.

Why it ranks 9th:

The LUCID 12-Inch Latex Hybrid Mattress is the least priced but well-knitted-with-features latex mattress. While it loses out on a few cutting-edge features like bio-friendly memory foam, its remaining arsenal of flagship specs – latex hybrid design – stands out at a discount.

i) Superior response to movement

The mattress entailed individually encased steel coils that respond correctly to movement while improving the mattress’s airflow. What’s more, it entails several layers of memory foam that conforms to body shape and movement.

ii) Improved cooling

The mattress LUCID 12-Inch Latex Hybrid Mattress has temperature-regulating gel memory foam that dissipates body heat to deliver sweat-free nights. Plus, the pocketed coil core plays a critical role in improving air circulation, contributing to thermal regulation.

10. California King 95% Waveless With Lumbar Support – Best Waterbed Mattress Under $500

Reasons to Buy

  • Only has about 3-4 second slow movement, unlike a typical waterbed
  • The contour mid-body support let you sink into the mattress more level
  • Heavy-duty vinyl with reinforced corners for years of service
  • Lifetime prorate warranty

If all you’re after is conformity with all pressure points, the Califonia King 95% Waveless With Lumbar Support can be a firm favorite, despite the worry of lack of proper support, especially in earlier models.

Why it ranks 10th:

The specs here aren’t as impressive as they are on other models, but the trade-off in a lower price for this mattress makes it a top buy for waterbed fans. You’ll miss on superior breathability and feature like portability by not going with the top options, but that’s about it.

i) Responsive support

The 95% waveless waterbed mattress is responsive delivery support but not in full-wave. You can enjoy the best of the two worlds of partial wave action without compromising back health. In fact, it has lumbar support that ensures your back is correctly aligned.

ii) Superior durability

The mattress comes with heavy-duty vinyl with reinforces corners that allow the mattress to deliver years of services. In fact, it comes with a lifetime warranty bit prorated depending on the age of the mattress.

Methodology: How We Picked the Best 10 Mattress Under $500

While personal preferences vary from one person to another, we dived into the mattress world to analyze what the already-using world finds effective. Specifically, we analyzed what makes a mattress unit mass-preferable, performance, value for money, and ability to offer general support.

To be included, a mattress had to meet five requirements. It must:

  1. Be widely used and recommend in the sleep world
  2. Offer above board value + non-compromising comfort and support
  3. Actually, be under $500
  4. Offer great value for money
  5. Be non-compromising on sleep health

That said, let’s quickly explore the types of mattresses you can buy in the market today.

Type of Mattress You Can Get Under $500

There are plenty of mattresses out there. But we’re going only to focus on the best and the most useful. They include:

  1. All-memory foam mattress – best in eliminating pressure points and superior comfort
  2. Innerspring mattress – best when you want responsive support
  3. Hybrid mattress – present the best of the memory foam and innerspring mattress
  4. Latex mattress – extremely comfortable and naturally resistant to dust mite, mold, and bacteria
  5. Airbed mattress – redistribute pressure evenly to prevent pressure injuries
  6. Waterbed mattress – presents adjustable firmness

Best Mattress Under 500: Final Word

Regardless of your sleep position, there are several things to think about when looking for the best mattress. While support and comfort will always be necessary, other factors can make a big difference too.

Space-saving will be key for travelers, while firm support without compromising comfort can take the fear out of a person who needs extra support. The all-natural mattress might be excellent for persons looking for organic solutions.

There are also compromises to consider. All-foam mattresses are the comfiest to sleep on, but they might not offer extra support for those who want firmer support. On the flip side, a firmer mattress might offer the extra support but compromise comfort on the first nights of sleep.


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