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The Best Adjustable Beds for Snoring

Getting the best adjustable beds is one of the snoring solutions we should consider. Snoring is a common problem that is associated with noisy breathing while sleeping. The airflows within the individual’s nasal and oral cavities are obstructed due to the muscles around the throat relaxing too much. Such obstructions cause the surrounding throat muscles to vibrate and cause snoring sounds.

Snoring can be a great inconvenience, but various possible solutions can help alleviate the condition.

Adjustable beds are one such possible solution, and there has been proved in the past, showing that they tackle snoring effectively. As such, anyone suffering from sleep apnea could do themselves well, looking into and purchasing an adjustable bed. To this end, here are the top options currently available: 

The Eight Best Adjustable Beds that can help Alleviate Snoring

#1- Editor’s Choice – Reverie 9T Adjustable Bed Base

This adjustable bed is versatile enough to tackle your snoring. Also, have a pre-set to help you sleep in a position that attains zero gravity or the flat position when you prefer the same.

These pre-set typically help you sleep in the position you prefer without much fuss, and it comes in handy, especially when the standard position fails to appease you.

Given the premium features to be found with this adjustable bed, it is no surprise that it’s also among the most expensive adjustable bed options on this list. However, users also get to enjoy a wireless remote control to help you switch between the different bed positions for the investment.

The bed is also compatible with an IOS app, allowing one to set different bed positions, routines, alarms, and comfort settings.

Ooh, yes there bed comes with an alarm to help you wake up; it’s like the manufacturer thought of everything! The icing on the cake is a warranty spanning 20 years.

Major Features

  • The bed has multiple possible positions.
  • The motors used in the bed are relatively quiet.
  • The bed comes with wireless control, an IOS app, and an alarm.
  • It can be customized for optimal lumbar support.
  • It is one of the more expensive options available.

#2- Runner’s Up – Classic Brands Comfort Upholstered Adjustable Bed

The above bed option is equally amazing and worth a second look when purchasing an adjustable bed to help with sleep apnea.

Also included are the various health and lifestyle benefits by offering different programmable positions of elevation. The bed’s versatility also has it offer both head and foot messages to its users. Purchasing the bed will see you enjoy all of the 3-speed separate massage options for both your head and feet. All these functionalities can be controlled using a wireless remote, ensuring that the power is in your hands.

The bed has elevation capabilities of up to 60 degrees for the head and 50 degrees for your feet. With these options, you’ll be able to switch seamlessly from different states of relaxation, ensure maximum comfort during a pregnancy, alleviate snoring, and even soothe an aching back.

The bed’s base also packs a whisper-quiet motor, ensuring seamless transitions between different elevations without even the faintest noises. The bed also packs different elevation pre-sets for both head and feet. The bed height options are also adjustable, and users can choose between 12, 7, or 5 inches or combine a mixture of two height settings to further enhance the elevation.

Memory foam, latex, and air mattresses can all be used with this bed, and there’s a retention rail added to the mix to ensure your preferred mattress remains in place throughout its use.

Major Features

  • The bed is highly versatile.
  • It can offer both head and foot massages.
  • It can be used with memory foam, air, and latex mattresses.
  • The bed also features a whisper-quiet motor.
  • The bed comes with wireless remote control capabilities, plus two USB 1.5A ports.

#3- Also Great – LUCID L300 Adjustable Bed

Here is another adjustable bed that should be worth your time and money. The bed is among the price-friendly options on this list, and it comes with an easy set-up process that you can do without seeking any third-party help. So easy is the installation that it comes highly recommended for individuals that are disabled or suffering from a bad back.

The bed frame comes with dual USB ports on both sides of the bed and a motor that is only programmable once. This limited feature leaves users with only one option; they must ensure to set the bed to their most preferred position. Moreover, the bed moves as one unit. Individuals who need independent movement on both sides of the bed should thus purchase a second twin bed frame. The recommended size here is the XL bed frame because it will still save some space when combined into one bed.

The bed also comes with a 10-year warranty. The above warranty works in favor of anyone thinking of purchasing the bed, considering that it is also affordably priced.

Major Features

  • A 10-year warranty that helps confirm its durability.
  • The bed is easy to assemble.
  • I also come at an affordable price.
  • The bed also comes with dual USB ports.
  • However, the motor is rather noisy.

#4- Most Convenient/Easiest to – Sven & Son Essential Adjustable Bed Base Frame

The Sven & Son adjustable bed should be your preferred option if you want a bed with greater convenience and storage capabilities. One of the biggest selling points of this bed is that it’s easy to assemble. The bed is also made to work for all mattress types, including air, memory foam, latex, and coil mattresses.

The adjustable bed comes with ultimate control of all programmable settings. The remote features seven different functionalities to enable users to enjoy, among others; the zero gravity position, zero-gravity, pregnancy support, and anti-snoring. The wireless remote also allows one to activate the emergency power-down feature and the one-touch flat-bed option. In this way, one can conveniently switch between various points of elevation according to one’s wish.

The bed’s adjusting capabilities are enabled by two high-end motors that super-powerful yet ultra-quiet. As such, you can easily switch between one position to the other in an instant regardless of the day or time. The bed’s frames are also smartly designed to ensure these adjustments are seamless, even if the change is done while you’re on top.

And a further icing on the cake comes in the form of separate foot and head control. This ensures that you can focus on what part of your body needs the elevation most.

Major Features

  • The bed is easy to assemble, with a 5-minute assembly time being standard.
  • It also features seven different functionalities.
  • It comes with two high-end motors that are highly-durable and powerful.
  • The bed’s adjustment is also super-quiet.

#5- Most Durable/Longest Warranty – Reverie 8 Series Adjustable Bed

This class of Reverie bed options has been considered much more affordable as compared to the Reverie 9 series, and some features are quite similar between the two-bed options. Firstly, there is the IOS app functionality, different pre-set settings, a remote control, and LED lighting to be found beneath the bed.

Still, the bed promises great durability as it features one of the longest warranty durations. The limited warranty lasts for 25 years, and there’s also a 10-year extended warranty for in-home parts. What’s more, the bed promises to be available for a much more affordable price.

One of the few downsides to purchasing this bed is its assembly process, which can be quite complicated. However, there are plenty of online tutorials showing how to correctly install the same, and YouTube is a great place to start your search.

Major Features

  • The bed is highly durable and comes with a 25 and 10-year warranty.
  • The bed also features IOS app functionality, different settings, and remote control.
  • There’s LED lighting beneath the bed that’s pretty cool.
  • It is relatively affordable compared to other adjustable bed options.

#6- Best Lightweight Option – Blissful Nights Split King Adjustable Bed Base

This adjustable bed is also worth taking a closer look at if you are looking for a lightweight, no-fuss installation. The entire package carrying the bed comes with zero installation tools, as the process is quite straightforward. All one needs to do is remove the various parts from their box and screw the four legs in place before plugging the bed onto a power source.

As with most other adjustable bed options, the bed comes in various sizes for the base, including California King, Split King, King-Size, and Queen-Size. However, the bed frame size you choose from the above determines the size of the mattress you go for. Moreover, the bed’s legs are also adjustable, and one can choose between either 12, 9, or 6-inch legs.

The bed’s adjustable feature features dual but independent elevation settings for both the head and footrest areas. The level of elevation can be controlled by a wireless remote, and there are various pre-sets that a user can activate at the touch of a button.

Major Features

  • The bed is super-easy to install and requires no specialized tools.
  • The beds are also adjustable, and consumers can choose between different height options.
  • The bed also comes with separate elevation settings for both the head and feet.
  • The bed also features remote control capabilities.

#7- Most Exclusive/Luxurious Adjustable Bed – iDealBed iQ5 Luxury Hybrid Mattress and Adjustable Bed Sleep System

This is not just a bed, but a sleep system; at least that’s what the manufacturer claims of their product. When you scratch a bit below the surface, it becomes clearer that the above claim was not made lightly. The bed itself features both an adjustable bed frame and a specially made mattress.

This mattress is made from specially made foams that are highly adaptive. The mattress also features individually cased steel coils that ensure optimal firmness for the mattress and heightened durability. This mattress has also been noted to have optimal temperature regulation, pressure relief, optimal support, and pressure relief.

The ultra-luxurious settings and engineering help create a floating feeling while on top of the bed, and such lush comforts are key to tackle snoring. The ergonomic remote design just adds to the allure of the bed too. With it, you can shift between different adjustable bed settings. There’s a 10-year warranty attached to the bed, which only points to the bed boasting great durability.

Major Features

  • The bed above is ultra-luxurious.
  • It’s, however, one of the most expensive bed options on the list.
  • The bed comes with various adjustment positions.
  • It comes with a 10-year warranty.

#8- Budget-Friendly Option – Classic Brands Black Adjustable Heavy Duty Metal

The above bed option is one of the best possible options available if you are looking for an adjustable bed option to help tackle snoring. The bed is made of a heavy-duty steel frame that is definitely going to hold put your mattress and your weight throughout the night. Unfortunately, the absence of mattress retainers sees the bed risk having its mattress slide off repeatedly.

While the bed is quite price-friendly, there are little electronic functionalities to go around. Don’t expect any remote control functionality with this bed, and neither should you look forward to pre-programmable elevations in the bed.

The bed weighs only 70 pounds, which can be attributed to fewer moving parts and limited functionality. Given all these, it should not surprise that the bed is fairly easy to assemble. Clients purchasing the bed won’t need to spend extra cash on finding appropriate experts to put it up. Such cost savings only go to make the bed more affordable, making it among the most price-friendly.

Major Features

  • This bed is one of the most affordable options.
  • It adjusts via mechanical functionalities.
  • The bed is quite lightweight.
  • Very easy to assemble.

Do adjustable beds alleviate snoring? How So?

Adjustable beds work to ease most of the factors that cause snoring. In a nutshell, such beds modify one’s sleeping position, work against gravity, and generally help you sleep better and with less snoring. Such a bed will also help to evenly distribute the body’s weight. In more detail, here’s how an adjustable bed works in your favor when looking to alleviate sleep apnea:

  1. It opens up airways – This action is done by reclining and changing your sleeping position. Users are advised to use mattresses that contour well, if not perfectly, for the best results.
  2. It improves one’s Sleeping Positions – Another primary benefit of using an adjustable bed is its ability to improve one’s sleeping position. By working against gravity, the bed helps ensure more restful and comfortable nights, preventing other conditions such as acid reflux in the process.
  3. It eases the pressure on the throat – By elevating your head, the throat muscles suffer less pressure. This action is important as it prevents airway blockage, which is a key action when fighting apnea.
  4. It works in conjunction with other anti-snoring devices – And this could never hurt one’s efforts to fight apnea. The adjustable bed works very well with CPAP devices and anti-snoring mouthpieces despite your preferred sleeping position.
  5. Adjustable beds improve blood circulation. – The bed also works well to relieve pressure points. In doing so, the bed promotes blood circulation all through the body while also improving the body’s airflow.
  6. The bed also enhances the body’s relaxation. Adjustable beds come with various pre-programmable positions that give users an array of options from which they can choose the one they find most comfortable. For most beds on our list, these position changes are as easy as clicking a remote control.

Factors to consider when purchasing the best adjustable bed for snoring

There are multiple factors that one needs to consider before they invest in an adjustable bed. These beds each come with different sets of features and determine what features you want and what you can do without in the bed you ultimately purchase. To this end, here are other factors you should consider when shopping for an adjustable bed, beyond its price and size:

a) Your mattress

This is a significant consideration when looking to switch from a regular bed frame to an adjustable one. This consideration is crucial as not all mattress options will appreciate being elevated and reclined constantly by the new bed. Aware of this fact, most adjustable beds also come with their own sets of recommended mattresses.

It is advisable that you also get the appropriate mattress with the corresponding adjustable bed in most cases. However, you can also narrow your search and look for an adjustable bed that suits your mattress if your current one still has a considerable way to go. One of the things to confirm if you choose this path is the bed size and whether it is compatible with your bed frame.

b) The availability of massage settings

Does a particular bed you fancy offer massage settings, and more importantly, do you even want such settings in the first place? Answering these questions should come first before making any purchase to ensure your choice is the right one.

Many health benefits can be availed to you when using adjustable beds with a massage feature. Such a bed could effectively help improve your blood circulation and better bone density while also reducing joint pains and ease discomfort during pregnancy. However, different beds have different massage settings, with some disregarding the massage feature entirely. The price will vary with the luxury provided by each option, but if you can afford it, invest in a bed that promises you the most massage settings you can get.

Most beds with a massage feature will also include multi-speed options for the user while also offering separate massage capabilities for both head and feet. Confirm that the bed you have boasts such capabilities, too, before you commit money to it.

c) The quietness of the motor

Electrically adjustable beds all come with a motor or two that are responsible for the adjusting functionality. These motors are quite differentiated, and among the features that one needs to consider most is the quietness promised by each option. The more quiet one option is, the better, so try and ensure the bed purchased meets these criteria.

Confirming the suitability of particular bed motors could be easier when purchasing the unit at a store. However, you shouldn’t forego any benefits that could accrue to you by buying the bed online. Simply check out what previous buyers are saying about the bed before you ‘add to cart.’ If there’s a problem with the motor, you’re more than likely to find out.

d) Adjustable legs

An adjustable bed helps you determine the final height of your bed. If you prefer more ground clearance, then higher bed legs should suit you well, while the opposite applies too if you want your bed closer to the floor.

Adjustable leg options also help you switch between different height options as your preferences shift with time. Most of the bed options above come with different leg heights, and switching between sets of bed legs is also easy enough. Accordingly, if you feel that this is a feature you might need, then, by all means, make sure you get it.

e) Under-Bed lights

Under-bed lights would be cool for several reasons, and some adjustable bed options pack this feature. While there are different reasons why a user would prefer such a feature, a few reasons exist as to why you shouldn’t get a bed with lights underneath.

One such reason against such lights is that they are a hazard to toddlers, especially those that have just started crawling. At this stage of their life, such a baby would be curious about everything. This curiosity can be seen in their tendency to put everything in their mouth. Given that their teeth have just started sprouting too

f) USB ports

If you are anything like me, then your phone is one of your best friends, and you regularly go to bed, gripping on to it. If you are like me and the millions more that have picked up such a habit, then USB ports could be God-sent.

There’s nothing quite irritating as your charge running out in the middle of you using your mobile device. Such an occurrence leaves you with the all-important debate: Do you leave the warmth of your bed and get yourself some charge, or should you just pause there and get some sleep? An adjustable bed with USB ports makes such a debate irrelevant. With some models, too, there’s a port on both sides. You will thus not need to fight your partner over a USB port in the dead of night.

When should you consider purchasing an adjustable bed?

There are multiple reasons why users should consider purchasing the bed beyond tackling snoring and sleep apnea. These reasons are closely tied to the health benefits promised by such an adjustable bed, plus the general comfort given by such beds. Accordingly, you should consider buying the bed when:

  1. You are carrying a Pregnancy – as, throughout the same, it will help you achieve the greatest comfort levels while asleep. Regular beds have been found to offer insufficient comfort and cradling to women while pregnant, and if you find yourself suffering such an instance, an adjustable bed can do you some good. It will help improve your blood circulation, relieve some of your pressure points, and do your knees and back some good. There are also massage features with most beds.
  2. Tackling Back-Pain – You should consider buying the bed if you suffer from back pain. It will help get you much-needed relief on many pressure points while also readjusting your weight distribution.
  3. Enhancing Comfort Levels – Buy the bed, too, if you are looking for comfort levels that can only be achieved by superior head or feet elevation. There’s also comfort and convenience to be derived from the massage settings and USB functionality. All these combine to ensure your bed is the ultimate sleep center. If all these sound appealing, then have another look at our eight adjustable bed options above.

Final Thoughts

All in all, having the best adjustable bed for snoring is more than likely to help tackle your sleep apnea, especially when dealing with some of the milder cases. The bed works against gravity and readjusting your body’s sleeping position to ensure your airways remain open all through the night. These beds also pack many additional benefits beyond fighting to snore, including improving blood circulation and offering superior comfort levels. With massage features likely and wireless remote control, maybe it is time you seriously considered getting yourself such a bed.


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