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Best Inflatable Toddler Beds: 2020 Edition

Parents that travel a lot with their children are certain to have stumbled upon inflatable toddler beds. Daddies and mommies that frequently camp out with their children, together with those that allow their bundles of joy to host or attend sleepovers, are also likely to have stumbled upon such a bed.

However, there are hundreds of bed options to choose from at any one time, and the selection process can be tedious.

Given the need for toddlers to get an uninterrupted amount of sleep every night, getting such a bed for your loved one is likely to be the right move, especially if you’re frequently spending time away from home with your baby.

Purchasing the best inflatable toddler beds for your needs is thus necessary to ensure your kid gets the best out of every nap and sleep time without having to alter your schedule, lifestyle, or work commitments.

If you think it’s time you got yourself one of these beds, then have a look at the following options below.

Top 10 Inflatable Toddler Beds of 2020

1. Editor’s Pick – Hiccapop Inflatable Toddler Travel Bed

This toddler travel bed is a win for both you and your kids immediately it’s put to use. The bed’s biggest selling point is the superior comfort levels it offers the child, guaranteeing they get some much-needed rest after every activity-filled day. The Hiccapop also boasts superior durability and longevity of use.

The bed’s surface is made from reinforced vinyl, which is multiple times thicker than regular vinyl. It’s ultra-puncture resistant and can be dropped on any surface outdoors when camping without risking its integrity. Additionally, the bed also features a leak-resistant valve and reinforced weld-seams to ensure it resists air leakages.

The bed is also easily portable. Its lightweight design enables easy packing into a traveler’s bag. This feature is a great addition to families regularly on the move due to the ease with which it is set up and taken down. User safety is also given top priority as the bed features bed rail bumpers on all sides.

Main Features

  • Its lightweight build makes it easy to carry
  • The bed is highly durable, with reinforced vinyl material and a valve that leak-resistant
  • Bed rails make it super safe
  • Comes in different colors

2. The Runner up – The Shrunks Toddler Travel Bed

One dominant feature about the Shrunks inflatable bed for toddlers above is that it makes no squeaky noises. If you have used a blow-up bed before, you know that such squeaks are a major turn off. The bed’s top side features a soft flocking that gets rid of these noises and adds to the bed’s comfort. As a transition bed designed specially for your child, you can rest assured that your baby will enjoy its optimum size. It will help them feel safe as it is designed specifically for them rather than an older sibling.  

The bed is also super comfortable, thanks to the shrunks tuckaire design, which enables all standard crib-sized sheets and blankets are a perfect fit for the bed. Consequently, the tuck feature above is a sure way to make your child feel more secure and cozy throughout the night. Guard rails all-round also go a long way to further reinforcing your child’s safety by ensuring that he doesn’t fall over while asleep.

Parents will also receive a powerful, yet highly portable pump that promises to inflate the bed in some 30 seconds for the price quoted. There’s also a repair kit waiting for you, for anytime the bed ever develops a puncture and a carry bag that fits the bed and its components perfectly.


  • For both indoor and outdoor use
  • Made from highly durable materials
  • Comfortable, and without the squeaky sounds
  • Comes with a repair kit for if it ever develops leaks
  • Comes with a small but powerful pump
  • It is extremely easy to set up.

3. Also Great – Sleep by Grace Inflatable Toddler Travel Bed

This inflatable bed option for children can be said to be a perfect sleeping solution for your child. The bed is built with materials of the highest quality, with the design options are also chosen carefully thought out to ensure strength and durability.

For instance, the bed’s seams are reinforced. To complete the leak-resistant setup is a heavy-duty air valve, allows the bed to make sure the bed’s integrity remains intact all night.

Moreover, the above bed by SBG remains among the most portable options for today’s traveling family. It is quite user-friendly. The setup process lasts only one or two minutes, thanks to a small but powerful electric pump.

It is highly convenient as it can be used both with outdoor events such as camping and indoors too.

The bed does not compromise on safety either. There are built-in rails that are certain to help your young one not fall over in the middle of the night.

Standard sheets can also be tucked into the bed’s mattress similar to how they tuck into a normal baby crib, and this is certain to have your baby remain securely tucked in, all through the night.


  • Reinforced seams increase the bed’s durability
  • It is easy to inflate thanks to a powerful pump
  • Can be used both outdoors and indoors
  • It is extremely safe for kids and features bed rails
  • Can also be used as a transition bed, from a crib to ordinary beds

4. The Dark Horse – Shrunks Inflatable Kids Bed Rails

As a manufacturer, you really must be at the top of your game to have three of the ten best inflatable toddler solutions in the market. With this option too, the Shrunks team thinks outside the box to deliver a simple yet elegant solution to parents on how to transition their kids from the crib and all its security to an ordinary bed. 

For parents that would rather skip the inflatable bed altogether, the bed rails above could be a worthwhile option. To use them, all one needs to do is inflate them and fix them at the edges of a regular bed under the fitted sheets. A barrier is formed as easy as that, and your kid remains restrained all through the night, every time they risk rolling and falling over.

The bed rails come with a supper portable foot pump that enables quick and effortless inflation. What’s more, any fit adult can blow up the rail within a short time should the pump suddenly develop a fault or go missing.


  • Easy to use with any standard bed and sheets
  • Comes with a foot pump
  • Cannot be used outdoors
  • Super convenient and portable

5. Budget Pick – Intex Cozy Kidz Inflatable Airbed

The Intext Cozy Airbed is another great option worth considering when shopping for a toddler airbed. Its soft sleeping surface is comfortable enough to ensure your child gets restful sleep more often, and the carryon bag promises parents great convenience while traveling. 

The bed stands at 7 inches in depth, ensuring enough ground clearance for your child while asleep. Its dimensions, 34.5″ by 62″ are also enough to ensure your little bundle of joy fits comfortably within the bed. What’s more, the bed is made from a highly durable material that’s 98% PVC and 2% Rayon. Accordingly, parents can expect sustained usage over a prolonged period without the emergence of air leaks. Any punctures detected shall be easy to fix, too, thanks to the repair kit that comes with purchasing the bed.

However, there’s one significant downside to purchasing the Intext Cozy Kidz bed as it can only be used indoors. Nevertheless, it is still one of the best additions to compliment your child’s indoor activities at school, church, or a friend’s house. Moreover, the bed remains among the most price-friendly options available as it sells for $15.99 on Amazon. 


  • Can only be used indoors
  • Made from relatively tough materials
  • Comes with a repair kit and carry bag.
  • No bed rails

6. Best for Safety – Sable’s Kids Inflatable Travel Bed Cartoon Dog

The Sable’s bed above should be among your top considerations when the baby’s safety is your primary concern. The bed comes with 4-inch safety bumpers that conveniently keep your baby from falling over when asleep. Every component of the bed is also made with the baby’s safety in mind. Accordingly, parents are sure to delight at the fact that every component comes from materials that are 100% safe, non-toxic, environmentally friendly, and safe from choking. 

The bed also boasts great durability thanks to the reinforced weld seams and 2 in 1 leak-proof valve. Thus, parents can look forward to their babies enjoying the mattress all night without the bed deflating due to reduced air pressure. Inflation and deflation are also made easy thanks to a powerful 2 in 1 electric-powered pump. Thanks to the same, inflation of the bed should only last some 30 seconds.


  • 4-Sided safety bumpers provide extra safety
  • Reinforced weld seams guard against air leaks
  • Made from safe, non-toxic materials
  • It is easy to inflate, deflate and pack
  • The bed comes with a powerful, 2 in 1 pump.

7. Most Adorable Design – Digging Bear Hug – My First Ready Bed

Diggin bear simply outdid themselves while conceptualizing this toddler bed, and the results are there for every parent to see and enjoy. The bed is one of the very few most complete sleepover solutions in the market today. It is guaranteed to save parents plenty of heartbreak, disappointment, and second-guessing, for it comes as an all-in-one sleeping solution. Parents need not worry over packing some sheets, duvets, pillows, or any such thing. All the above are conveniently included with the Diggin Bear inflatable bed, together with a cute bear-themed backpack for easier transportation. 

Moreover, parents should also expect a setup process that is both fast and easy. It inflates in seconds thanks to the electric pump that’s part of the setup, and it will also deflate just as effortlessly when it is time to pack up and leave.

The design is also super child-friendly with attractive patterns and cartoons, blended with colors that are neither too bright nor too dull. On the whole, the bed’s design is simply perfect, and the bed can be an awesome gift to your young one as they transition from a baby crib to a full-sized bed.


  • An awesome design, with baby-friendly patterns, cartoons, and colors
  • Comes with an electric pump to help with inflation
  • It’s highly durable
  • It is also super comfortable, warm, and cozy
  • It’s a convenient, all-in-one sleeping solution with a duvet, pillow, and sheets.

8. Most Durable – Little Sleepy Head Toddler Inflatable Beds

The Little Sleepy Head blow-up bed is made from the sturdiest materials, which help reduce the bed’s chances of developing leaks and tears. The bed is a perfect little addition for your kid and is sure to support your child’s weight as it can comfortably hold weights of up to 300 pounds.

When looking for the best inflatable toddler beds for your child, convenience, and safety is also a top consideration. The bed above does not compromise on either of the metrics above. Parents acquire a turbo-charged electric pump with every inflatable bed purchased. This pump is a welcome addition, especially to dads, as their lungs are often subjected to inflating an air bed when other alternatives are unavailable.

Your child’s comfort is also not taken for granted with the inflatable bed as it features a top that’s made from soft velvet material. Parents will also find this velvet material easy to remove and clean, thus ensuring the bed remains intact for a long time.


  • Comes with an electric turbo-pump for easy inflation
  • Made from sturdy material to ensure great durability
  • Comes with an extra bed set
  • Also includes a soft, velvet top that’s non-squeaky
  • It can be used both indoors and outdoors.

9. Best Lightweight – AeroBed Air Mattress For Kids

When looking for the most lightweight option to support your family’s frequent travels, few as lighter than the AeroBed Air Inflatable Bed. The bed, mattress, and cotton cover, all fit nicely into the bed’s carry bag, with the entire set up weighing slightly over 1 pound. The bed’s pump weighs considerably more, at around 8 pounds, but this extra weight should not be a deal-breaker; nevertheless, for there are multiple ways through which you can bypass the same. 

Consider the bed’s durability, too, as the bed is made from heavy-duty materials such as PVC and reinforced seams. The solid design promises to have the bed withstand even the worst punishments by your young ones, from bouncing on it to biting on its surfaces. What’s more, the bed’s comfort is not compromised, and it remains firm all through its use at night with the cotton cover working to make it extra cozy.


  • Super lightweight
  • Made from long-lasting and durable materials
  • Comes with cotton covers
  • Solid design

10. Best For Older Children – The Shrunks Youth Sleepover Travel Bed/Portable Air Mattress Bed

The inflatable toddler bed above is the perfect solution for children that might have outgrown the conventional traveler bed. While most bed options are suitable for children from 2 years and above, the option above by Shrunks is made special for kids within the 5 – 8 year range. The bed packs comfort and convenience in plenty to ensure your young one enjoys their time away from home and that they get as much rest as possible while on the road.

While guard rails shouldn’t be a primary necessity, the manufacturer still retains them in the design, and parents can rest easy thanks to the same.

Similar to other Shrunks inflatable bed options too, comfort is not compromised with this product too. Children using it soon discover that it is super quiet and squeak-free. Moreover, the bed also comes with a few necessary additions, including a compact yet powerful foot pump, white cotton sheets, a repair kit for those minor repairs, and a carryon bag for everything. Deflating and inflating the bed is also a quick process that’s likely to last only a few minutes, saving parents some unnecessary headaches while away from home. 


  • Suitable for children aged 5 – 8 years
  • Easy to inflate and deflate
  • It is highly durable
  • Squeak-free and super quiet.

Important Factors to Consider when Shopping for an Inflatable Toddler Beds

If value for money is one of your top priorities, you should examine the different air bed options available. Doing so is guaranteed to help you land the best inflatable toddler bed option in the market, and in the process, have you derive maximum benefits from the same. Making the purchase blindly should thus never be an option; instead, consider the following factors before you make your purchase to arrive at your purchase to make a more informed choice.

a) Your Child’s Age and Weight

Most inflatable air beds in the market today are rated according to either the age of the children they are meant for or the weight limit they can support. Parents should take every precaution to ensure that these instructions and limitations are followed to the letter as it is the only way through which the bed can give prolonged years of service. Also, following the age and weight rating goes a long way towards ensuring comfortable use of your child’s bed.

However, going above the set limits would be counter-productive as the comfort levels of the baby would be severely reduced and a restful night all but made impossible. For example, a bed that’s rated for kids between 1 – 4 years would be wholly inappropriate for children of ages 5 and beyond. It would most likely be too small, and its use by an older child would lead to fatigue and muscle aches.

b) The material used to make the bed

The material used in the bed’s construction bears a lot of weight (pun intended) on the bed’s durability. Often, stronger material produces a bed that lasts longer, and while such a bed might cost a premium above other options, its purchase will keep you away from the stores for a while. In selecting strong, durable material for the inflatable bed, parents also need to confirm that the option purchased also features material that is non-toxic and friendly to the skin. To this end, hypoallergenic materials are preferred, and an additional plus should be included if you land material that also has antibacterial properties. As a parent, though, it is clear that the material featured in a toddler bed needs to be strong enough to ensure longevity while also being safe for your kid.

c) The Bed’s Safety Features

What safety features have been incorporated in a particular inflatable toddler bed? As with every other toddler sleeping surface, there is a real risk of rolling over and falling to the ground. For this reason, getting a bed with ample safety features should be a priority when out shopping for the same.

The inflatable toddler beds market features numerous products, all with a different design and different safety features included. Some beds come with bed rails on the side, and while this might be appropriate for slightly older kids, they are still a tad unsafe, especially for toddlers just transitioning from a crib to a toddler bed. Accordingly, parents would be better served with an inflatable bed with bed rails all around and no open sides. In this way, you could rest easy knowing your bundle of joy is comfortably sleeping on their little island.  

d) The Bed’s Design

Other than the material’s strength, the design settings also play a crucial role in determining how long a service the inflatable bed will offer. Moreover, the design settings also feature prominently in determining whether the bed will be comfortable or not. Parents need to critically analyze whether a particular bed is a design worth taking home. You don’t want an inflatable toddler bed that lets out a shriek every time your kid shifts their position on the bed. The less breathable the surface it too, the fewer comforts your kid will derive from the bed.

e) Convenience

Finally, something must be said about the convenience of the bed. The best inflatable toddler beds come easy to use, anywhere, and in an instant. So, before purchasing anything, confirm how easy it would be to set it up. If it doesn’t come with a pump, then it’s probably not worth it, unless you want to give your lungs some regular exercise. What is more, confirm that the bed can be used outside if you intend to carry it along on camping trips and campfires in your back yard. And the lighter it is without compromising on the quality, the better.  

The Main Types of Inflatable Toddler Beds

At first glance, one might think that inflatable toddler beds are all the same. However, scratching a little under the surface is bound to prove otherwise, especially when you look into the features of the inflatable bed options available. The main types of inflatable toddler bed options available include:

#1- The Ready Bed

With this inflatable toddler bed option, you get everything ready for what promises to be a good night’s sleep. A ready bed includes a sleeping bag, an inflated pillow, a built-in, and a backpack for efficient storage. Some bed options go the extra mile, too, and will add some awesome features such as a washable cover and a duvet.

Parents just need to unpack the various contents and inflate them manually or with a pump (which should be a non-negotiable) to use such a bed. As a bonus, most ready beds also include safety features, including the bed rails for a child’s protection.

#2- The Self-Inflate Mattress Bed

These kinds of mattress beds don’t need a pump as they self-inflate, just as their name suggests. While they are perfect for indoor use, they might inconvenience you more than a bit when used as a travel bed. They are bulkier compared to standard inflatable toddler beds, and they don’t promise as much comfort.

Moreover, self-inflate beds also don’t come with side bumpers and bed rails and can thus be a tad unsafe, especially if your child is prone to rolling around the bed. Accordingly, be advised to steer clear of such a bed if you are purchasing it for a child that’s recently transitioned from a crib,

#3- Inflatable Bed-Rails

These are not inflatable beds in particular, but rather, rails that include a unique grip technology that allows them to be attached firmly on the side of a regular bed. These rails are compact but lightweight, and their small size ensures that they can be easily packed and carried along any trip.

Purchasing such rails could help parents forego buying a specialized toddler bed instead of just jumping to the regular-sized bed. By doing so, and at a fraction of the cost, your child will get to make use of their bed indefinitely regardless of how fast or big they grow. Worry not about your child rolling over on the side too. It has been proven that the barriers presented by such rails instinctively alert the child when touched, making them roll back towards the other end.

How to tell Whether an Inflatable Toddler Bed is Right for You?

There might be plenty of reasons why you should get an inflatable toddler bed. However, if you don’t purchase it for the right reasons, it will end up being an exercise in futility, with the bed being infrequently used. Purchasing the bed for a specific reason in mind is a sure way to avoid the above scenario, though, but these reasons vary according to the parent, their kid, and many other factors at play.

Some of the main reasons why you should get this bed includes:

  1. It’s a good option if you host children’s sleepovers

Do you have one of those ultra-social kids and with a complete troupe of friends who are frequently sleeping over? Or maybe you are among the lucky ones with a grandchild or two who regularly sleepover because they cannot get enough of you. Either way, getting an inflatable toddler bed is the way to go, for they can be quickly set up to provide additional sleeping space for additional children at home. Given their convenience and lightweight design too, these beds promise an easier time storing them as a little closet space is all you’ll need once they are deflated.

  • It is also good for the frequent traveler.

Rest here weary traveler, for this is where your search for a suitable bed option for your baby, in your frequent travels, ends. There are a lot of logistical challenges to overcome when traveling with your baby. These include securing appropriate bed options while in hotels, negotiating with an airline seat while flying, or simply making the campsite a little comfortable for your toddler to get a good night’s sleep.

However, regardless of your travel preferences and reasons, investing in an inflatable toddler bed promises to be a worthwhile endeavor. What’s more, the multiple bed options available are a sure guarantee that the right inflatable toddler bed to suit your needs exists.

Maintenance Procedures to Ensure Prolonged Life of the Air Bed

While there are no set guidelines on how to properly care for your air bed, a few basic rules exist that could promise to extend the same usefulness. Some of these rules include:

* Checking the bed for leaks

For they are an inflatable bed’s worst enemy. Checking and repairing any leaks detected promises to give the bed a longer life span as it will maintain the bed’s integrity. Lucky for parents, though, the best inflatable toddler bed options come with repair kits for when you detect a leak meaning you don’t have to incur additional costs to fix the same.

* Frequently checking the valve’s integrity

This is also an action users need to perform regularly to confirm that it is not leaking. By doing this, parents get to reassure themselves of the bed’s continued life span, usefulness, and worthiness as a toddler bed.

* Inflating only to the recommended pressure –

It helps to make sure the joints and stitches remain intact and uncompromised with every use. Much like a balloon risks bursting when holding too much air, inflatable beds risk weakened parts and joints when inflated beyond the recommended level.

* Using the bed with a mattress cover

This will help ensure that the stains accumulated on the bed over time are easy to wash. Accordingly, check to confirm whether there are covers for the inflatable bed you desire, or at least some bedsheet options available. 

* Get rid of all nearby sharp objects before inflating the bed

To ensure you don’t poke holes into the bed. Sharp stones, broken glass, and nails are just some of the objects that can cause irreversible damage to your toddler bed; do not give them a chance!

* Cleaning the bed surface before you deflate and store it

Helps to ensure top-level hygiene, which is beneficial to both the baby and the bed. While the baby will enjoy a continuously clean surface, your bed will remain in top shape for far much longer. Luckily for you too, most inflatable toddler beds are made from a material that’s exceedingly easy to clean, including PVC and polyesters. Soapy water and cloth would be sufficient to do the trick for most regular stains. So spare a few minutes just before deflating the bed every time.

* Storing the bed in a cool, dry place

is also advised as there the materials that make up the bed don’t appreciate high temperatures and direct sunlight. Moreover, the storing place needs to be dry enough to keep away pesky pests and rodents that just might chew away at a part of the bed.

* Don’t exceed the recommended age and weight limit

This tip is the final but most important of all the above advice pieces. The manufacturer usually sets the weight and age limits for a reason, and it is never wise to go against the same. Such an action will only compromise the bed’s integrity and have the child sleep to much discomfort.

Final Thoughts

Given all the details above, picking the best inflatable toddler beds should now be much simpler. As you have seen, there are a few features to consider and prioritize, and as the product reviews show, different options promise different sets of functionalities. Taking time to review all the top options available to you is, thus, advised. The bed’s maintenance should also be easy enough, given the few needs that come with inflatable toddler beds.


How does one detect leaks in an inflatable bed?

The first step to checking for leaks is to inflate the bed as recommended. Following this, one needs to manually check for leaks all through the beds, which entails listening for faint hissing sounds. Alternatively, leaks in the inflated bed can also be detected by immersing it in water and checking for bubbles. Any leaking points will be the source of bubbles, and parents can focus their repair efforts on such points.

Can such leaks be repaired at home?

Yes – Most inflatable toddler beds come with leak repair kits that make easy work out of the same. The first step to performing such repair is identifying the leaking spots and ensuring that they are clean and dry before initiating any repairs. In the absence of a repair kit, leaks from small holes can be repaired simply by spreading some super glue before waiting for it to dry. Using a patch is, however, advised when the leak is due to a bigger hole. With either case, though, fixing leaks in an inflatable toddler bed promises to be easy work given the right tools.

How does one inflate the bed?

Most inflatable beds come with a pump that does easy work out of inflating the bed. To begin the setup process, parents need to clear the space of any sharp materials before connecting the pump to bed’s valve. Once this is done, all that remains is to pump air into the bed, and seal the valve once done.

In the absence of a pump, you can resort to inflating the bed manually using your lungs. However, this is bound to leave you winded, while certainly taking much longer.

Are inflatable beds better for camping compared to foam beds?

Yes – They are much more convenient for camping enthusiasts. When deflated, inflatable toddler beds are easily stored in a compact bag, which can be part of the luggage to a camping trip. On the other end, foam beds are bulkier and would greatly increase the luggage one carries on their trip. 

How do I deflate a toddler air bed?

Some beds come with a deflate setting, and these are much more straight forward to deflate. Beds with no deflate settings, would entail opening the air valve while keeping an eye on the bed to ensure it does not escape your grasp.


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