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Best Toddler Bed Rails That Guarantee Extra Protection

In the first stage of an infant’s development, a caregiver can place them on any still surfaces without worrying about them rolling over. As fast as infants grow, we all know that the stage where they stay perfectly still doesn’t last long. With the transition of a baby from an infant to a toddler, they start acknowledging the environment around them and getting curious about it. Onwards, the baby will become more of an explorer than an observer. They will want to reach for things, want to move around, and roll around their beds. When a parent notices such changes, it is time to trade in the crib for a toddler bed rail.

Buyers Guide

  • Safety measures- before one decides to buy a bed rail, one must consider the safety measures put in place. The safety measures should be child friending and meet every standard of baby proofing. It is counterproductive to put in safety measures that end up being the main culprits.
  • Mattress and frame compatibility-there are designs that will only work with certain types of mattresses depending on the type of rail. When purchasing a bed rail, the buyer needs to confirm compatibility to avoid instances where the mattress is either too big or too small.
  • Material- there are different types and sizes to reflect the needs of each child. The caregiver or the buyer needs to get the right rails or bumper to suit their child. Some beds come with fixed guardrails that are neither movable nor foldable. There are those adjustable rails that are convertible according to the size and the length of the bed. There are rails used as an alternative to harsh metal. Such rails include foam or inflatable rails.
  • Ease of use-different families wants to obtain rails for their unique reasons. Some families may prefer to co-sleep with their toddler, some parents want their toddler to be more self-sufficient, and they are parents that want a bed that is easy to use. Caregivers should consider the features of the rails and the type of bumpers that cater to their needs.
  • Installation-on purchasing, the assembly is the buyer’s responsibility. The buyer should consider a bumper bed they can easily install. Some rails are made very easy to fit, like a puzzle with definite ends that fit.
  • Alternative guard ideas-parents who have a limited budget looking to save money can make their bumpers at home. Using safe homemade materials, the caregiver can sew in bumps and put them on each side of the bed to ensure that they do not roll over.

Here are some of the best bed rails available in the market;

1. Dream on me

What’s not to love about these rails? They are lightweight, small, convenient, and easy to carry. They are mesh security rails that are adjustable, and the caregiver can convert them to fit both single and twin-sized mattresses. The word “mesh” sounds harsh and unsafe, but that is not the case. The material is breathable, safe, and does not have any catch edges that can cause injuries. The guardrails are then held firmly by inbuilt braces that fill unwanted gaps and ensure that the rail does not shift or slip during the night.

The mesh security rail also comes with a reinforced anchor system and stability bar for the toddler’s safety and reassures parents that the toddler is safe. The caregiver needs not to worry about setting up the rails; the manufacture ensures that the process is quick and easy and that the buyer does not require additional tools to complete the process.

2. Roxeye

This type of alternative bumper acts as a height barrier designed to keep the young sleepers safe. Roxeye bumpers may seem unorthodox compared to other rails, but they can withstand any rough movements made when the child is asleep with their design. They are compact and water-resistant in case of any spilling or bedwetting incidents. The bumpers also come in packs of two, designed with a feature that allows them to fit toddler beds of any size.

The bumpers have a valve technology that enables the user to inflate and deflate the product before and after use. One needs not to worry about air leakages when the toddler is asleep; the product is airtight and can withstand pressure without deflating or tearing. For caregivers looking for a portable travel option or those looking to avoid metal rails, then this is the product for you.

3. Regalo

This product comes with a swing down guardrail that comes with a reinforced anchor safety and security feature. The swing down feature forces the guard rail on one side to move downwards, so the toddler gets in and out of bed. The parents benefit from this feature because they have an easier time changing the sheets. This kind of full steel frame is an alternative for parents who do not want to use bumpers. According to some caregivers, bumpers limit space in the toddler’s bed.

This product comes with a guard to protect the child from being caught in gaps within the bed rails. With this integrated system, one needs not to worry about the rails shifting or the toddler accidentally falling off their bed. The product is thick and longer to accommodate thicker and larger mattresses that use a box spring. The buyer needs not to worry about assembling the product because they do not require tools. The manufacturer provides an instructional video that elaborates a step by step guide.

4. Hiccapop Foam Bumper

The product was invented based on the principle of “passive-safety protection” designed to alert your child when they are close to danger. The bumper features a non-slip silicone top and bottom to make sure they do not move or slip when they are asleep. The foam bumper goes under the toddler’s sheets, and the marvel here is that the product is suitable for all mattress sizes. Such foam bumpers come recommended to caregivers looking to escape the conventional steel rails or those looking for travel-friendly bed rails.

Safety measures in mind; the manufacture also ensures that the product is made free of chemicals that might harm the toddler. After rigorous safety testing, the bumper has met all the standards so the parent can trust that their child is safe. Additionally, the cover of the bumper has a washable water-resistant feature that helps improve overall hygiene.

5. Regalo Extra Long

Unlike the standard Regalo rail guard, the extra-long size is for sleepers who need extra security. Most toddlers tend to be active sleepers, but the degree of activities varies because some could go over the rails. This product caters to overactive sleepers and parents that prefer to use either twin or queen size mattresses.

Regalo extra-long has a patented “hideaway” feature and a strap to secure the rail to the mattress. The Hide Away feature allows the guardrail to fold down and be tucked under the toddler’s bed, out of sight when not in use. The product also features a spring lock knob for security created to prevent the rails from moving during the night. The steel frame is enclosed using a nylon fabric that makes it easier to clean and softer to touch. Like the standard Regalo product, one does not need tools to assemble the rail.

6. ComfyBumpy

ComfyBumpy is one of the few universal models available in the market. This design fits all kinds of beds, from toddler beds to a queen and king-size mattresses. Wood bases that use screws, bed types that use Velcro for slat bases, and adjustable straps for box spring are all secured by the ComfyBumpy adjustable side guard. The product features flat metal bars designed to prevent uncomfortable bumps under the mattress.

The product comes with an easy-fold design, a high hinge, and a curved frame. These features encourage the guard rails on the side of the toddler’s bed to swing down over the base. The toddler can then get in or out of their bed. For the parent’s peace of mind, the rails are tall and sturdy, and the swing down feature combats safety hazards. For adequate airflow, the bed rail comes with breathable mesh padding on the side.

7. Summer Infant

Summer infant designs come with double rails on each side of the bed. Caregivers with toddlers that need extra protection should consider this option. On one side, the guard rails have a fold-down feature that enables the toddler to climb in and out of bed. With both sides secure, both the caregiver and the child can rest peacefully.

The product can accommodate thicker mattresses, mattresses of all standard sizes and dimensions, and finally, a product that can find support on platform mattresses.

 Other features include a mesh polyester material that is easy to wipe and clean.

8. BabyJoy Safety Bed Rail

This product features a sturdy iron frame and a foldable T shaped supporting legs to increase stability and provide the best protection for any toddler. The iron frame is then covered using a breathable mesh material to add to the toddler’s comfort. The product comes with a fold-down feature on one side of the guard rail. When the rail folds, a toddler to get in and out of their beds with ease.

 Material such PP cotton is used to cover the breathable mesh to make the product durable. All materials used to make the steel, mesh, and the washable cotton cover are non-toxic and odor-free. The rails are easy to install and come with two screws to increase stability. Parents need not worry about the rails fitting their toddler’s bed because BabyJoy safety rails have a universal fitting feature.

9. UBBCARE Foam Bed Rails

Certipur-us certificate memory foam, non-toxic memory foam, phthalate, and BPA free material make the bumpers. Such high standards make the product as safe and as comfortable as possible. They are long rails made to fit on most beds; they come in twos for protection on both sides of the bed.

The bumper has potent anti-skid dots that allows the caregiver to place them on or under the sheets. This feature is also great for children who move when they feel constrained. The child can move freely without falling off the bed. The bumpers originate from high-density breathable material and a washable cover that can be removed or changed in an accidental spill. 

10. SurpCos Bed Rails

The bed is made from all steel but for extra protection. Breathable material then covers the steel rails to give a smooth finish. The steel rails come with a frame structure with a base cross holder fixed with screws for extra stability. The bed rails come inclusive of a mesh wall, a Y shaped belt, and a nylon strap for protection and support. The all-inclusive features make the bed rail a universal fit for beds of standard shapes and sizes.

Parents have the option of installing more than one rail, considering the level of protection the toddler needs. All the caregiver needs to do is measure the bed and buy rails equivalent to the bed’s dimensions and measurement.  Despite being a universal fit, the bed rails are not compatible with airbeds, waterbeds, baby cots, or bunk beds. The product comes in standard, long, and the new upgraded extra-long sizes and the colors green, grey, and flamingo. None of the bed rail mentioned need tools during the assembly.


Most parents prefer to purchase a toddler bed as soon as they are ready to climb in and out of their bed independently.  Alternatively, some parents prefer to wait longer when observing that the child’s sleep pattern is disturbed by the unfamiliarity. Parents are advised against holding their child back because of a little fright because consistent development is the healthiest option. 

When it’s time for the child to transition, the caregiver should acquire the most suitable bed rails to feel safe. The child will start loving their new freedom, learn to trust their instincts, and control their impulses. With such instincts, the other development phases, such as potty training, will run smoother than expected.


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