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Best Toddler Beds

Infant development is something that cannot be downplayed or ignored. For example, as soon as the child hits two years of age, they begin to want their freedom. The crib suddenly becomes a cage that they cannot wait to get out. At that moment, the parent should acknowledge the toddler’s emerging needs and get them a new bed. Beds that are fit for toddlers look like cribs, but with more advanced features to enable the child to have greater mobility with minimal assistance. This post will discuss a few toddler beds to determine which is worth your time. 

1. Orbella Trading Toddler Bed

This brand is simple, straightforward, and convenient for parents looking for a conventional toddler bed. High-quality wood with soft white finishing creates the toddler bed. The materials used to make and polish the wood are toxin-free, odorless, and meet the American health standards.  The bed has a low enough position so that the toddler can climb without tripping. On the contrary, the product features high guard rails on the back and front with two more rails halfway along the sides. The guard rails stand that high to avoid any accidental falls when the child is asleep.

The bed holds a single mattress that endures the weight of the average toddler. After purchasing the product, the caregiver should assemble the product in the comfort of their homes. The unassembled pieces will come with a user’s manual as will all the tools needed to build the components available.

2. Delta Children Toddler Tent Bed

The bed is an upgrade on both quality and aesthetics. It is a steel bed accompanied by a large canopy and small windows that cover the entire space. The canopy structure features high-quality plastic that makes it durable. Those individual plastic rails are then held firm by the steel frame of the bed. There are two entrances left on each side of the bed make it easier for the child to get in and out of bed. The manufacturer uses plastic material on the guardrails to avoid injuries and accidental falls. 

The bed then features two mesh windows on either side of the bed for ventilation. All other safety and manufacturing standards and certifications met, determine that the product is safe for kid’s use. A fully assembled bed holds the capacity of around 50lbs comfortably.

3. Storkcraft Mission Ridge Toddler Bed

The bed is made with style using quality wood. The extra stylish feature makes the product aesthetically adequate to fit any premium home décor. The wide wooden slats make the bed is comfortable and firm enough to keep the sleeping baby safe Guard rails are then put on both in the front and in the back to keep the bed stable. There are other guardrails on the side that run halfway, providing ample space for the baby to get into bed or for the parent to keep the toddler mattress neat.

The high-quality pine wood makes the bed durable. For parents looking to spend a pretty penny on a bed with a long life span, StorkCraft is one option. The bed is suitable for both boys and girls because it comes in multiple colors. The Assembly of the product after the purchase is the buyer’s responsibility. Lastly, a maximum of 50lbs is all the toddler bed can hold.

4. Batman Batmobile Toddler Beds

Toddlers that find the superhero batman and inspiration would be excited to own these beds. Caregivers looking to add a masculine touch to their young boy’s bedroom are also likely to find this product appealing. The product is made from durable plastic and takes the batmobile’s exact shape as illustrated in comic books and animated series. The bed features a large guardrail at the back and smaller rails on the side.

As lightweight as the bed is, it is stable and provides maximum protection and support for a toddler that weighs below 50lbs. The toddler bed stands lower than adult beds to ensure that the child can climb in and out. Avoiding accidental falls is also an additional factor that would justify the design of this bed. Finally, the product is tested and certified by all the relevant authorities before the manufacturer lists the sale item.

5. Delta Children Plastic Toddler Beds

High quality, lightweight, and easy to use is why this toddler bed is one of the consumer favorites. The quality of durable plastic used to make the product is lightweight to enable movement. The bed can be assembled and unassembled at the parent’s convenience. During storage or transportation, one can detach the product from its multiple attachment points by removing the nuts and screws that hold it together. The parent needs not to worry because the manufacturer offers a step by step video on its website and a manual that comes with the product to give ample information on how to assemble the bed.

This toddler bed features guardrails in the front, the back, and halfway along the sides for maximum protection. Metal frames are also added to the structure to provide extra support and sturdiness when they are asleep. With all its glorified features, the product also comes certified and approved by the Juvenile Products Manufacturer Association.

6. Dream On Me Classic Toddler Beds

The product comes from light wood and a polished finishing that comes in seven different universal colors. With two guardrails in the bed’s front and back, the child is guaranteed protection from any accidental falls. For additional safety measures, two guard rails run halfway from each side of the headboard. Using the space left near the footboard, the child can climb in and out of their bed with ease.

The classic features of this simple bed caught my eye. The product contains wooden slats that hold the bed frame firmly, this toddler bed might feel or seem lightweight, but its functions are delivered effectively. The bed’s berth stays low so that the toddler can climb in without assistance. As long as your child weighs below 50lbs, this is the bed for them.

7. Car Wood Toddler Beds

This bed is a favorite. After all, it appeals to the child’s fantasies. The whole toddle bed imitates the shape of the famous Disney character, lightning McQueen. The manufacturer extends treats such as stickers to complete the child’s fantasy. Technically, the bed comes from individual wooden panels fitted together to form a firm and sturdy structure. This brand features high guardrails in the back and full guardrails on the side to protect the toddler from involuntarily rolling out of bed. An unexpected twist happens when the guard rails on the are front of this bed are made lower. With most toddle beds, the child gets out of their beds from the side. However, with the Car Wood beds, the front holds both the exit and the entrance. 

Like most competitive brands, beds ordered arrive unassembled, but to ease the activity that might appear cumbersome to some, the manufacturer provides detailed assembly manuals. Bolts, screws, and any other miscellaneous item needed comes with the product. Lastly, the bed meets all the American safety standards.

8. Costzon Toddler Beds

The product comes with individual wooden panels that bolt into each other to make a rigid frame. The frame is not complete without a guard rail of the front and on the back and two guard rails on the side for maximum support. The wood used is strong and yet lightweight and thus, the bed firm and movable simultaneously.

The bed has a classic design that comes complete with eco-friendly and lead-free finishing. To maintain the product, the caregiver should wipe the wood using mild detergent and a soft cloth. Using products such as harsh disinfectants can damage the bed and pose a threat to the toddlers’ health. The product manufacturer provides a detailed manual, and all materials and accessories needed to assemble and maintain correctly.

9. Delta Children Interactive Wood Toddler Beds

For fun moments before bedtime, this is the product to suit the toddler’s needs. The front guard rail has an interactive clock with a spinner to point time. There is also a planner with activities that the toddler is supposed to do before bedtime. For caregivers that still sleep training their children, this is the product that can help ingrain discipline and consistency into a child’s routine.

The bed comes with wooden panels that fit together to form a strong frame. The additional features, such as the high guard rails, protect the child all through the night. With all the required certification and standards met, this brand provides safety and protection measures that are all rounded.

10. 3-in-1 Emma Convertible Toddler Beds

This bed brings a touch of charm in the toddler’s room. It comes with an attractive, sleek wood and a sleigh design that gives the toddler bed a sturdy look. For extra support and stability, the product has strong legs centrally places on each side of the bed. The bed comes with guard rails on all four sides that come with an appealing toxic-free finishing.

This bed is suitable for toddlers that have outgrown their crib but are too young to be left in an adult bed. The toddler bed has a low floor feature that encourages the child to get in and out of bed without fear. The pine wood furniture adjustable when dismantled because it creates two chairs and a table when the toddler outgrows the bed. Safe, appealing, and cleared to have met all the safety standards, this bed is the best bargain one can acquire.

11. DaVinci Sleigh Toddler Beds

This sleigh toddler bed comes from sturdy and sustainable pine wood and extra engineered wood to produce a quality end product. The pinewood is polished and finished in a non-toxic multi-step painting process that is lead and phthalate-free. The manufacturers have ensured that the product meets and exceeds all the safety standards in America and New Zealand.

The toddler bed is paired with a softly rounded headboard and a beautifully molded frame to create the support and protection required. The bed frame also has two guard rails on the side that helps prevent falls for active toddlers that play before bedtime and the active sleepers that move around the bed. With its sturdy structure and low height design, the child can climb in and out of bed without tripping.

12. KidKraft Princess Toddler Beds

Specially made for little girls, this bed adds a touch of royal elegance and fantasy to any kid’s room. The four-poster princess bed has clearly defined crown-like features on top of each post. The product comes in pink, a color in which, if stereotypes are something to go by, it is fit for girls.

The bed comes wildly decorated wood finished with toxic-free and lead-free pink paint. Despite the design’s extravagance, the princess bed meets all the fundamental requirements of safety, protection, and comfort. A sturdy head and footboard are intact to support the whole bed frame. In addition to the support, the bed also comes with two guard rails on each side of the bed. Both the board frames and the guard rails protect the child from accidental falls. The princess bed is the build low to ensure that the child can get in and out of bed safely. The toddler bed does not come with any object protrusion, and the brand meets all the safety standards required.


When using the toddler beds, the parent needs to check the weight limit to avoid crashing accidents, as we all know no amount of guardrails can protect a child from a broken bed. The parent must also maintain the toddler bed as frequently as possible. Maintenance includes cleaning, repairing any worn-out material, and tightening any loose bolts.

The beds come in steel, wooden, and plastic material. Regardless of the material a parent prefers, they need to make sure the product’s quality is toxic-free and durable. The fundamental factors such as safety, protection, and price must be put into consideration too.


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