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Best Baby Head Shaping Pillows For a More Round Head Shape

Ever observed your baby’s head flattening?

Tons of newborns have slightly uneven heads.  Sometimes, a flat head results from uneven molding when a baby’s head passes through the birth canal. But for the most part, the head shape changes after birth because of pressure acting on the back of the head when the baby lies on the back. Fortunately, most flat head cases disappear by themselves. And when that isn’t the case, many parents go for the best head shaping pillows.

But one question brings everything into perspective:

How do you separate the best baby head shaping pillow from the rest? To answer that correctly, we scraped the world of best head shaping pillow, analyzed their functionality, and pull out the top 10. And now, it is time to share what we discovered.

1. John N Tree Baby Head-shaping Pillow – the Best Overall

Interesting Features

  • Comfy, functional design
  • 32 different designs to choose from
  • Superior support that prevents flat head syndrome
  • Super soft Eco-Friendly material
  • It is globally certified

The comfy, functional design of John N Tree pillow that supports the baby’s head in a way that prevents flat head syndrome is what makes it suitable for a baby’s head shaping. Its design spreads out surface pressure from one spot of the skull to a much wider area, enabling it to prevent a flat head.

And it doesn’t stop there.

The pillow utilizes the best healthy material for your baby. It uses super soft eco-friendly, 100% natural organic cotton. In fact, its filling is hypoallergenic. Meaning, even children with sensitive skin can use it. The outer fabric is breathable and dye-free to make it even far much safe for your child.

More importantly, it is easy to wash. The manufacturer recommends that you hand-wash it with cold or look-warm water. And suppose you choose to machine wash it, use the Gentle settings with cold water. Otherwise, hot water may shrink the fillings as they are not chemically-treated.

2. Babymoov Lovenest Baby Head Support – Runner up

Interesting features

  • The cocoon-like holding effect the prevent flat head
  • Luxurious comfort and softness
  • Readily usable with nearly all baby gears
  • Machine-washable on the gentle cycle

Meet one of the best pillows that prevent postural head flattening. Babymoov Lovenest pillow employs a patented design that redistributes pressure evenly over the skull while at the same time allowing your baby to move his/her head freely. This design creates a unique cocoon-like holding effect that successfully helps to prevent postural plagiocephaly.

In fact, pediatricians have recommended Babymoove for over ten years.

Meaning, the luxurious but breathable fabric this pillow utilizes will be gentle on your baby’s skin while providing superior comfort. And you don’t have to worry about baby gears – you can use Lovenest pillow with nearly all of them – bassinet, swings, bouncer, baby gym, stroller, and plenty more.

And the unique feature of this pillow is that you can use the Lovenest pillow as from birth because its design allows slight head elevation. You don’t need to worry about suffocation risks or other issues that make pillows inappropriate for infants.

3. AtoBaby Baby Head Shaping Pillow – Best Newborn Baby Head Shaping Pillow

Interesting features

  • 3D Hollow designing that protects the head and support the neck
  • 3D air mesh construction
  • Top grade slow-rebound soft memory foam
  • 100% organic cotton fabric
  • Hypoallergenic and safe to use

If you’re after a pediatrician-designed solution for flathead, AtoBaby might be the right shot you can take. The pillow features a top-grade slow-rebound soft memory foam that mixes with a curved hollow design to deliver comfort while at the same time preventing flat head. The support it offers on the head reduces pressure on the neck and spine.

Bearing in mind that it targets infant babies,  the pillow employs a design that cradles your infant’s head in a perfect sleeping position that allows unobstructed breathing for deep sleep and growing a healthy child.

In fact, it utilizes a 3D air mesh construction that keeps your child cool in the summer and warm air in the winter. And the 100% organic cotton fabric on top is hypoallergenic to ensure your baby’s safety even when he/she has sensitive skin.

4. Jolgoo Baby Head Shaping Pillow

Interesting Features

  • A nest-like holding effect that redistributes surface pressure
  • 95% cotton
  • Heart-like shape for extra comfort
  • High-resilience memory foam
  • Readily portable design

Like the Babymoov Lovenest, Jogloo pillow presents to your child a nest-like holding effect. It is one of the Best Baby Head Shaping Pillows. It utilizes a high resilience memory foam core that provides comfort to your baby and prevents flat head effect. The pillow’s foam retains its original shape after each use, so you don’t have to worry about the uneven distribution of pressure on the baby’s head.

Your child gets pristine functionality without compromising comfort.

While the pillow shaping provides the right support for the baby’s head and neck, the 95% cotton cover presents superior comfort that keeps your baby cozy and safe – it allows your baby’s skin to breathe. On your end, as a parent, you’ll have the least problem cleaning your child’s pillow as cotton is readily cleanable.

5. Babymoon Pod – the most Versatile Head Shaping Pillow

Interesting Features

  • Apt for flat head syndrome prevention and treatment for children 0-6 months
  • Apt neck support for 6-12 months newborns
  • Machine washable
  • Pod design redistributes pressure evenly counteracting flat heads
  • Plenty of styles to choose from when aesthetics comes to question

Help your infant form a proper head shape with this pod-shaped pillow regardless of age.

Whether your baby is 0-6 months or even after they start rolling, Babymoon can do the head-shaping job right. The pillow has two arms that securely attach to make a cradle for your baby’s head and provide the supports/he needs. In fact, the velcro attachment is adjustable to fit your baby as s/he grows.

In other words, it is ridiculously versatile.

You can take Babymoon with you as your little one grows. After your baby outgrows the need for head support, you don’t need to get a new pillow – all you have to do is detach the arms to use the Babymoon Pod as neck support for your little one in strollers and car seats.

To make the pillow a head supporter and prevent a flat head, Babymoon attaches two arms. The velectro under the right arm sticks to the right portion on the left arm’s upper side to create a secure attachment that prevents the head from falling through the opening.

And when you detach the two arms to use as neck support, cover the Velcro with the Peek-A-Boo – a self-fabric flap, which turns inside out to hide the Velcro and avoid skin irritation.

6. Bliss n’ Baby Head Shaping Pillow – Best 3D Breathable Air Mesh

Interesting Features

  • The pediatrician-designed indentation that prevents and corrects flat head syndrome
  • 3D 100% breathable air spacer
  • Machine Washable and Dryable
  • Temperature control
  • Hypoallergenic and pure organic cotton material

Let your baby sleep on their back without worry of flat head syndrome or compromise of comfort with Bliss n’ Baby head Shaping pillow.

The pillow utilizes the best design and functions.

The pediatrician-designed pillow for newborns and infant prevents and correct flathead and torticollis. It entails an indentation in a strategic position to cradle the infant’s head and redistribute pressure evenly, which otherwise causes flat spots.

Besides, it is an anti-rollover and antireflux pillow. It prevents the baby from rolling over. Its elevation prevents acid reflux.

And the bottom line is, Bliss n’ Baby is safe for your little one. It utilizes a 100% breathable 3D Air Spacer Mesh surface on the back with a cooling effect that assures safety without compromising comfort. That way, you don’t need to worry about ease of breathing, heat, or moisture – your baby can have long stretches of peaceful sleep.

7. Cherish Baby Head Shaping Pillow

Interesting Features

  • Ridiculously easy to clean
  • Utilizes the highest quality foam
  • Contour-technology that relieves pressure and counteract flat head
  • Rhyme any nursery bedding

Use a head shaping pillow that you can take everywhere your baby goes – whether on the car seat, stroller, cribs, bassinet, play mat, swing and bouncy chair, or anywhere else.

Cherish Best Baby Head Shaping Pillows utilizes a contour-in-the-center design to reduce flathead and support your baby’s head and neck. The contour relieves pressure to promote a natural round shape. Besides, the contour is an anti-roll ergonomic design that helps keep your baby in a safe position on their back.

And the top material promotes ventilation to keep the baby cool and comfortable.

You’ll get two machine-washable covers with any order you make. That way, you don’t have to bear up with alternatives that come with chemical-smell yet difficult to clean. And it is obvious your baby is going to drool and spit-up a lot, so the ability to throw the cover in the washing machine might serve your interest best. Plus, having an extra pillowcase on hand os ultra-convenient. That’s why Cherish baby care brings you two machine-washable covers.

8. BabyMoov Cosymorpho – Ultra-Comfortable yet Effective in Flat Head Prevention

Interesting Features

  • Ultra-soft and breathable fabric
  • Usable with nearly all baby gears
  • Pediatrician-designed to redistribute pressure evenly
  • Ergonomic design for superior comfort

Good things come in smaller packages. And the Cosymorpho from Babymoov presents bits of utilities to reinvent a parent’s everyday life by presenting unprecedented comfort for babies.  They are among the Best Baby Head Shaping Pillows

First, it employs a pediatrician design that redistributes surface pressure evenly on the skull whenever a baby lies on their back. This helps a flat head while promoting proper head development of the newborn.

Second, it utilizes an ergonomic design that provides a comfortable headrest and body support from its padded edges. That way, it creates a nest that snugs and reassures and guarantees the baby’s ideal position. Besides, the insert adapts to every type of bouncer, rocker, swing, stroller and more, something that makes it an essential accessory for your baby’s comfort.

More importantly, it does not compromise on comfort. It employs ultra-soft and breathable fabric that allows for the perfect head, back, and neck ventilation. And the memory foam construction cushions and supports baby creating a cocoon they enjoy laying in.

9. Hidetex Baby Head-Shaping Pillow

Interesting feature

  • Viscoelastic memory foam for excellent pressure distribution
  • Ergonomic shape and inclination
  • Clinically proven for head shaping
  • It can be used from birth
  • Breathable fabric
  • 3D- air mesh construction

The Best Baby Head Shaping Pillows prevent-flat-head pillow with a soft but comfortable design is the Hidetex Baby Head-Shaping pillow. It features a concave center in the middle, is excellent for keeping your baby’s head straight while uniformly dispersing the pressure on his/her head, which would otherwise cause a flat head.

The pillow employs organic cotton fabric with breathable sequential 3D-air mesh construction that keeps cold air in the summer and warm air in the winter.

What makes it stand out from other head shaping pillows is that it uses viscoelastic memory foam that molds perfectly to your baby’s head, guaranteeing long-lasting comfort for your newborn baby. Besides, the pillow foam provides relief for babies whose sensitive skin is easily irritated at the pressure point.

10. WelLife Best Baby Head Shaping Pillows for Newborn

Interesting Features

  • Concave center for flat head prevention
  • Breathable sequential 3D-air mesh construction
  • Certified organic cotton fabric textile cover

Meet another head shaping pillow with 3D-air mesh construction, but this time with a concave, flat spot correction. In fact, already-using customers report that the concave center works excellently to correct or prevent flat spot and superior comfort.

Such functionality might be the combination of the 3D-air mesh construction that keeps your baby cool during summer or warm during winter. The cotton fabric bonded with a sponge, which gives it a sense of cushioning. And the manufacturer offers an efficacy guarantee. They offer you a 100% risk-free guarantee to ensure you’re getting the best value possible.

And that’s it – the best ten baby head shaping pillows roundup. But this begs the question:

How did we Pick the Best Baby Head Shaping pillows?

Well, parenting can be a bit scary – especially when it is your first time. However, one thing does not change for every parent:

Every parent wants to keep his/her child safe, or at least do what’s right.

And the American Academy of Pediatric’s safe sleep guidelines recommends that you should not introduce a pillow to your child until they’re at least one year old. In fact, some studies suggest you wait for two years.

While these recommendations are right to the last letter, some instances will demand a baby pillow. Instances like:

  • Flathead syndrome
  • Need for neck support
  • Or the need for head support

For that reason, we went out there to check if there are pillows that suit a child from birth to help with head shaping. There were plenty, but we only focused on the best and most functional.

For a baby head shaping pillow to be included, it must meet six requirements. It must be:

a) Near-to-flat and conforms to baby’s body

The America Academy of Pediatrics discourages pillow for children of less than a year because of the risk of suffocation. For that reason, a near-to-flat pillow or one that conforms to your child’s body reduces the risk of suffocation near to zero. And those are the pillow we only focused on.

b) Widely used by the baby-head-shaping-pillow community

While science is great, nothing beats first-hand information from an already using customer. Plus, parenting is scary, and you’d only want to focus on what’s already working. So we only went for a product that has already delivered results to other parents on the globe. In fact, we only paid attention on baby head shaping pillows with several hundreds of 5-stars reviews on Amazon, if not thousands.

This way, you’re sure that you’re giving a shot to a product that is already delivering results to other parents.

c) Specifically designed for children and address head shaping

It would be brutal to use the typical pillow to try to solve the flatheads. After all, typical pillows are what science proves to increase the risk of SIDS. We were cautious enough to include pillows that are only for children and entail a feature that explicitly redistributes the surface pressure.

d) Safe to sleep on

The material the head shaping pillow uses must be safe, allergen-free, breathable, and non-compromising on comfort.

Nearly all of the pillow above utilizes a 3D-breathable construction to prevent sweat from building up during summer but keep your child warm during winter.

Besides, every baby pillow should be hypoallergenic and organic to cut down on allergens that you might expose your child to. No one wants his/her child ingesting chemical and other allergens

e) Firm, comfortable, and conforming

The best pillow for your baby’s body should be firm and conforming. A firm pillow reduces the risk of suffocation, no matter where your baby uses the pillow.

What’s more – and this is very important – your baby’s pillow should conform to your baby’s body. Because this is the feature that corrects or prevents flat head syndrome. Flathead is a result of long hours sleeping on the back. Thus, pressure works on one point of the head. A conformable pillow redistributes this pressure equally to the head.

f) Soft, durable, and readily washable

Even though you need a firm pillow, it should not compromise on comfort. It should not be scratchy and uncomfortable. That’s why we only focused on pillows with soft-fabric-pillows – specifically cotton fabric.

Although some synthetic fiber might be softer, cotton proves ideal as it lasts longer and is readily cleanable. And since children drool a lot, throw up, and are messy for most of the time, the pillow you use must be washable.

All in all – even with the best head shaping pillow – you’ll need to supervise your child when sleeping on them to ensure maximum safety. It will be wrong to put your child in the crib with a pillow and leave the room because SIDS’s risk will be too high. At the same time, it would be right to find a pillow that is nearly flat or conform to your baby’s body. This reduces the risk of suffocation. So it is essential that you only focus on pillows that are specifically for babies.

That said, not all flatheads are the same. Some are minor, while others might require special attention.

When to Worry About Flat Heads

Flatheads are common, especially for vaginal deliveries. However, after six weeks, your baby’s head shape should look more round. If flat spots do not disappear – even after two months – it is right to get concerned.

And if the situation doesn’t improve after six months, pediatricians will recommend a flat head helmet.

But for the most part, flat head syndrome fixes itself. However, sometimes parents turn to the baby head-shaping pillow to give nature a hand. With the head shaping pillow, a parent can shape the child’s skull while relieving pressure on the head and neck muscle. And many reviews tell that lots of parents are getting results with these pillows.

However, severe cases demand specialist attention. Some pediatricians recommend baby head helmet – especially for deformational plagiocephaly. They are pricey, and some people found helmet a brutal approach. So many go the baby-head-shaping-pillow way.

Best Baby Head Shaping Pillow – Final Thoughts

Buying the best baby head shaping pillow today is a critical investment – no matter the cause of your baby’s head flatness. And in the market today, there is a gazillion of baby pillows. But we’ve only picked the best 10 to help you come to a quick but informed decision.

You might wonder, though, why do we have more than one pick?

Well, we have a top pick. But not everyone looks for the same pillow features. While there are the critical features that remain unchanged, some minor detail may sway your preference. But one thing is for certain:

You can’t go wrong with any of the ten on the list.


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