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Best Flat Head Pillow – The Top 10 Pillow For Every Budget

There are endless reasons and ways to fight flat heads.

You can start a daily tummy time. Gentle skull massage. You can wait for it to go away with time. Or you can go the helmet way (if the case is severe).

In the end, though, one thing remains unchanged:

No matter your approach. No matter your reason. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends laying children on their back to reduce the risks of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) since 1992. But back sleeping has only one problem with your baby:

It increases your child’s chances of getting flat head syndrome, especially if the surface supporting the head does not redistribute pressure evenly.

And that’s where a flat head pillow comes in.

However, only the best flat head pillow can offer your child superior pressure relief, unbeatable comfort, and redistribute pressure for a more round head. Anything less can be detrimental. For that reason, we explored the flat head pillow’s world, only focusing on the best and the most useful. Then we analyze each unit and then hand-picked the best 10.

And now it’s time to share what we found.

1. W WelLifes Baby Pillow for Newborn – Best Flat Head Pillow for The Newborn

Interesting Features

  • A concave center  to distribute the pressure exerted to the head and treat or prevent flat heads
  • Comfortable size and adjustable height for far more customization
  • Breathable 3D-air mesh construction that keeps your baby cool in summer and warm during the cold season
  • The top cover is an organic cotton fabric that meets the GOTS (Global Textile Standard) standards
  • It is a bulging head pillow that molds perfectly – it is appropriate for the growth of the news born
  • Multiple thousands of already-using customer finds it appropriate and 5-star review it

Treat and prevent flat head on your newborn with W WelLifes Pillow for Newborn – without compromising safety. With the American Academic of Pediatrics’ solid campaign to win over SIDS, it is no surprise that the best flat head pillow’s design must allow the recommended sleeping position but with an improved technology that safely limits flat head.

Why it’s the best flat head pillow

It’s the value for money and backed-up performance (from multiple thousands of already-using parents) that allows W WelLifes Pillow for Newborn to win over any other contender. Yes, it is a bit pricier than a typical pillow. But your newborn is getting unrivaled pressure distribution on the skull from the concaved center, unrelenting breathability from the 3D cool air mesh fabric, and safety surety from the GOTS-certified cotton fabric cover.

i) Superior flat-head encounter designing: The concave-center design is powerful to fight flat head. The pediatric design re-distributes pressure on the skull evenly whenever the baby lies on the back, helping develop a more round head. The result: it’ll help correct flat heads – in case your child already has one – and promote the correct shaping of the head no matter the sleep position.

ii) High-quality 3D air mesh: W WelLifes Pillow for Newborn entails a 3D air mesh with a series of pillars between the top and the bottom layer to create space for superior air circulation while delivering soft cushioning. You don’t need to worry about your baby getting sweaty in summer or getting cold in winters.

2. Babymoov Lovenest Baby Head Support – Best Portable Flat Head Pillow

Interesting features

  • Ergonomic shape that distributes pressure on skull evenly to allow healthy skull development
  • A unique angle of inclination as the center for even weight distribution across the back of the baby’s head
  • Thin enough at the tip for right neck support
  • Unique design that allows babies to move their head freely
  • Creates a cocoon-like holding effect that effectively helps prevent postural flat head
  • Portable and lightweight, you can carry it along anywhere you go
  • Machine-washable on gentle cycle, making it easy to clean

Re-write the shape of your child’s head, spending the minimum possible, without compromising safety or comfort. The Babymoov Lovenest Baby Head Support isn’t technically superior to the top pick, but it is priced so well (for flat head pillow) and has the essential features you can ever need from such a pillow.

Why it ranks 2nd

The Babymoov Lovenest Baby Head Support not as good as the top pick, but the lovenest shaping with its unique cocoon-like effects is powerful yet affordable. The two combines to deliver brute strength against flat head syndrome and its affordability gives budget parents to partake in what high-end pillow offer without burning a hole in their pocket.

a) A unique solution to the flat head syndrome: The ergonomic lovenest shape entails a unique angle of inclination that takes pressure on the back of your child’s head and evenly distributes it while allowing your baby’s head to move freely. As a result, the baby’s head experiences a unique cocoon-like holding effect appropriate in preventing and treating postural flat head.

b) Superior construction: The Babymoov Lovenest Baby Head Support can deliver luxurious comfort, and it has slightly better breathable and ultra-soft cotton fabric that’s gentle on the baby’s skin. What’s more, it is a lightweight pillow. You can carry it anywhere, use it as an insert in a bassinet, swing, bouncer, baby gym, stroller, and even more for maximum head and neck support that your baby may need.

3. John n Tree Organic Cotton Baby Pillow for Newborn – Best Organic Flat Head Pillow

Interesting Features

  • Ergonomic-designed center for even pressure distribution to prevent the flat head syndrome
  • 100% natural organic cotton for perfect breathability and superior comfort
  • Hypoallergenic polyester fillings for maximum efficacy even on a sensitive skin
  • Easy to care for – machine washable for on the gentle cycle
  • Globally certified by the international control unit
  • 100% guarantee – if you aren’t satisfied, the manufacturer will give back a full refund

Solve the flat head syndrome problems with the ultra-comfort of a 100% natural organic cotton pillow. If your baby has allergy problems and signs of flat head syndrome, John n Tree Organic Cotton Baby Pilow for New Born is one of the best shots you can take. This isn’t just one of the best organic pillows available. It’s also more affordable than the competition with equivalent features.

Why it ranks 3rd

This is the world’s best 100% cotton flat head pillow, and its big perk is the combination of the best non-invasive material and the contoured center. Get your child ready for healthy back sleeping, superior breathability, and a comfy, functional design to support the head that prevents flat head syndrome.

i) Pediatrician-designed to prevent and correct flat heads: The John n Tree Organic Cotton Baby Pilow for New Born has an indentation in the center. The indentation is ideally-sized to gently cradle the head of a baby and distribute pressure evenly to prevent any flat spot from forming. Besides, it rounds out existing flat spots. Besides, the design supports the neck, head, back for proper alignment.

ii) Easy to care for: The material that makes the John n Tree Organic Cotton Baby Pilow for New Born makes it easy to wash. The pillow is washable. And the manufacture recommends hand wash in cool or warm water. And in case you machine-wash, go the gentle-cycle way and avoid a hot setting because the pillow is not chemically treated and will shrink at high temperature.

4. AtoBaby Baby Memory Foam Pillow – Best Memory Foam Flat Head Pillow

Interesting Features

  • 100% cotton – you’re sure of superior breathability
  • Pediatrician-designed 3D hollow construction to redistribute pressure and prevent the flat head syndrome
  • Features top-grade slow-rebound soft memory foam that rhymes with the hollow head support for ultimate comfort and a more effective head-shaping
  • Reduce pressure on the head and the neck, thus, supporting excellent development of the spine
  • The pillowcase has antibacterial, hypoallergenic, breathable, and hygroscopic features for superior comfort
  • Portable and you can use it anywhere – crib, bed, car seat, and even a stroller

Use a flat-head pillow that is bottom-line brilliant, counteract flat head syndrome, and sufficiently support the neck for proper alignment. This novelty unit is worth its moniker as it boasts lots of capability – more than enough any parent seeking flat head syndrome would want. Fortunately, even budget-minded buyers will find satisfaction from the firepower that AtoBaby Baby Memory Foam Pillow packs.

Why it ranks 4th

While the AtoBaby Baby Memory Foam Pillow is less pricey than the John n Trees Organic Cotton Pillow for Newborn, it doesn’t cut corners. Your child is getting superior conforming support and comfort, a pediatric-designed 3D hollow center that redistributes pressure to fight a flat head, better neck, and spine alignment. Its 3D cooling technology is good but not good enough to rival the pillows ranked ahead of it.

a) Even Pressure Distribution is everything: The formula that this pillow uses to fight flat head can impress you more than any other contenders for one reason. It combines the slow-rebound memory foam technology that redistributes pressure evenly with a 3D hollow construction in the center to provide the maximum possible pressure relief and head shaping. What’s more, the pressure relief it presents aligns the neck and spine correctly for the vertebra’s healthy development.

b) Premium cooling construction: The original cotton fabric top employs a breathable 3D-air mesh construction that keeps air cool during summer and warm during winter. A sponge bonds the cotton fabric and reinforces the pillow’s durability and cushioning. And the cotton is certified in the USA for assurance of safety and skin-friendliness for your baby.

5. SweeterBaby Baby Pillow – Best Flat Head Pillow for 0-12 Months Years Old

Interesting Feature

  • Has a baby-head-rest section that redistributes pressure that would otherwise cause flat heads
  • Ultra-comfortable from the soft and supple bamboo memory foam
  • Superior breathability from the combination of the bamboo and memory foam construction
  • Employs an organic cotton cover that not chemical-treated to go soft on your child’s skin
  • Diverse usage – you can use it in a crib, bed, car seat, stroller, and any other place that requires proper positioning

Protect your little one from getting a flat head with the head’s perfect positioning that delivers maximum pressure relief. It is easy to underestimate this pillow’s power because of size, but the SweeterBaby Baby Pillow is incredibly effective, packing the best flagship specs like nest-like design and a combination of bamboo and memory foam construction that puts it ahead of most flat head pillows.

Why it ranks 5th

The SweeterBaby Baby Pillow is genuinely cutting edge, with superior breathability and a combination of memory foam construction and baby-head-rest section that keep works together to give the best pressure relief you can find. But it has few trimmed features like it does not employ a 3D mesh top cover that works mighty fine in air conditioning babies when sleeping.

i) Correct and prevent flat head: The memory foam construction and the nest-like shaping combine perfectly to cradle the baby’s head and redistribute pressure evenly that otherwise cause a flat head. As a result, if your child already has a flat head, the pillow help corrects it to a round shape and prevents future possibilities of it re-happening. What’s more, the design positions the head and neck ergonomically to align the spine correctly for healthy growth.

ii) Gentle and safe to use with babies: The top cover is an organic cotton that’s so smooth, and chemical-free so you don’t have to worry about it going hard on your child’s skin. And suppose your child has sensitive skin or have a problem with allergies, the cover is hypoallergenic and will work mighty fine.

6. Baby Love Baby Head Shaping Pillow

Interesting Features

  • Unmatched support from the molded high-density memory foam for the healthy growth of the skull
  • Unrivaled quality that you can trust – provide conforming support that distributes pressure to keep your baby’s head round
  • Uses a bamboo pillowcase that is superiorly breathable for excellent temperature regulation
  • Not machine washable, but the pillowcase is removable and readily washable
  • Comfortable to the extremes – the combination of memory foam construction and the bamboo cover makes deliver superior comfort
  • Dented center to contour to the shape of the head and distribute pressure evenly

Discover unmatched support and excellent pressure distribution on your baby’s head with the Baby Love Baby Head Pillow. The pillow is ultra-billed as the ultimate memory foam pillow thanks to the top-of-line specs on the paper. It’s an evolution of the max-specced memory foam pillow for the flat head syndrome.

Why it ranks 6th

The Baby Love Baby Head Pillow is genuinely cutting-edge, with an unmatched support formula and yes indentation on the center that provides the pressure relief that corrects and prevents flat head syndrome. But you’ll pay a premium for the privilege. And while it has unbelievable specs like the appropriateness for young ones from three months old to their toddler years, its execution isn’t the best.

a) Excellent pressure relief: The Baby Love Baby Head Pillow combines memory foam construction and a dented center. Combined, your child gets maximum pressure relief to correct positional plagiocephaly, brachycephaly, and congenital torticollis.

b) High-quality construction: Child safety is every parent’s concern. And the Baby Love Baby Head Pillow addresses it by using the highest quality BASF memory foam that combines with a removable and sustainable bamboo pillowcase to stage a setting for ultimate safety, comfort, and cleaning. Plus, this pillow’s fill material provides sleep support for the head, cheek, neck, and shoulder to provide the right sleep position.

7. Babymoon Pod Multi-Purpose Infant Pillow

Interesting Features

  • Pod shape that present pressure redistribution to address positional flat head syndrome
  • Multi-purpose pillow. You can use it on a changing pad, playtime, int the bouncer, swing, stroller, car seat, or when nursing
  • The head support is most functional for newborn to 6-months old young ones. After six months, detach the two arms to use it as a neck support
  • To make head support, attach the two arms
  • The circular opening of the pod cradles the back of the head while providing placement and optimal positioning
  • To use it as neck support, detach the two arms

Meet one of the most prescribed pillows. It is a therapy to address positional flat head syndrome by both professionals and mom. The Babymoon Pod Multipurpose Infant Pillow is one of the best on this list. And that’s because it packs nearly all the perks of the best pick at a discount.

Why it ranks 7th

The Babymoon Pod Multipurpose Infant Pillow may miss out on a couple of flagship flourishes. This is the comfort of memory foam and the compactness to conveniently carry around, but it has got great specs and the solution to flat head for its price.

i) The pod-shape design: The Babymoon Pod Multipurpose Infant Pillow has a unique design to counteract flat head syndrome. The pod has a circular opening that cradles the back of the baby’s head to provide the correct therapy for the flat head syndrome. You can use it as head support by attaching the two arms or use it as neck support by detaching the two arms.

ii) Easy to care for: The pillow entails a 100% cotton cover. Also, 100% polyester filling, making the pillow machine washable and dryable. You don’t have to worry about spills or the pillow getting dirty. Plus, you’re sure of breathability and skin-friendliness even to the most sensitive skin.

8. Cherish Baby Care Baby Pillow for Newborn

Interesting Features

  • Ergonomic designs to correct and prevent the flat head syndrome
  • Safe to use even for the newborn
  • Comes with two removable, machine-washable pillowcases and one inner protective cover that’s machine washable
  • Multi-purpose pillow. You can travel with it, use it at daycare, in the stroller, car seat, or even use it during playtime
  • Employ the highest quality BASF memory foam for guaranteed safety
  • Super soft cotton pillowcase to protect babies sensitive skin
  • It is a plush pillow to cradle infants delicate  head and neck to support natural round head shape

Take charge of the shape of the head of your newborn with Cherish Baby Care Baby Pillow. This does not compromise sleep comfort. The Cherish Baby Care Baby Pillow for Newborn is a mid-range pillow, and it retains a lot of great features that make it shine. It gets your child unrelenting comfort from memory foam construction, anti-flat head properties from the ergonomic design, and premium quality.

Why it ranks 8th

The specs aren’t as impressive as they are on the top picks, but the trade-off in a lower price for this pillow makes it a top-buy for many parents after an anti-flat head pillow. You’ll miss out on superior breathability and features 3D fabric meshing, but you won’t go wrong on support and guaranteed safety.

a) Infant head-shaping support: The unique pillow shape with a hollow center reduces pressure on the baby head to prevent positional flat head syndrome, brachycephaly, and torticollis. It support isn’t the best because it is only maximally effective for a child of up to 12 months old. However, it makes sense because newborns spend much of their time sleeping on their back, and that’s when they are most likely to develop a flat head.

b) Premium quality: The Cherish Baby Care Baby Pillow for Newborn employs the highest quality memory foam with no chemical scent. Plus, every order comes with two removable and machine-washable cotton covers and an inner protective cover. You don’t need to worry about your baby drooling or spitting-up – you only have to throw the cover in the washing machine.

9. Hidetex Baby Pillow

Interesting features

  • Unique concave center uniformly disperse the pressure to perfectly shape the baby’s head
  • Organic cotton fabric, with 3D-air mesh construction for sleep temperature regulation
  • Memory foam construction with breathable design to eliminate sweating
  • Viscoelastic memory foam for contouring support of the head, neck, and shoulder
  • Multi-purpose pillow – you can use it in a cot, prams, pushchairs, and even strollers

Ease the pressure on your baby’s head early after birth with a pillow specifically designed to prevent the flat head syndrome. While the Hidetex Baby Pillow is also an option, it’s missing some features you’d like about our top picks.

Why it ranks 9th

Hidetex Baby Pillow is one of at one-time-little-known flat head pillows, but it is doing so well that it claimed a spot within the top 10 list. While it is a bit expensive, it doesn’t cut corners. It delivers excellent pressure distribution from its viscoelastic memory foam, high-quality material specifically designed for newborns, provides relief for babies with sensitive skin, and you can use it on many occasions.

i) Design to prevent flat head syndrome: The concave design at the center is practical in delivering uniform dispersion of pressure on the baby’s head, protects the neck, and ensures perfect head shaping. The premium memory foam construction contours to the body shape and incline the baby correctly to correctly align your young one’s spine.

ii) Usage diversity: You can use the pillow for your young one from birth, thanks to its design that allows for proper growth of the baby’s skull. You can use it in the cradle, bed, stroller, rocking, pushchairs, prams, and even cots.

10. Ashtonbee New Born Baby Pillow

Interesting Features

  • Pediatrician-designed to prevent flat head syndrome in babies aged 0-6 months
  • Superior memory foam construction for non-compromising comfort
  • Correct your baby’s sleep position and align the spine correctly
  • Cracks the right balance between comfort and support
  • Highly breathable from the 100% breathable cotton
  • Hollowed design to support the baby’s healthy head growth

Eliminate positional flat head without compromising your baby’s comfort with a hollow-designed pillow that allows natural skull growth. The Ashtonbee Newborn Baby Pillow is a healthy balance between the best part of a flat head pillow and the affordable flagship. It is an excellent mid-range pillow, and most importantly, the cheapest pillow for flat head syndrome you can find.

Why it ranks 10th on our list

The Ashtonbee Newborn Baby Pillow is a decent flat head pillow, coming it at a bit cheaper price than any other in the list but offering advantages of its own. The hollow construction and memory foam are excellent for any parent who wants a flat head pillow at a discount.

a) The indented-center design: The hallowed design redistributes pressure on your baby’s head to support the skull’s natural growth and eliminate any flat head that might be available. Besides, the design allows more airflow when your baby’s asleep to regulate sleep temperatures.

b) Unbeatable comfort: The Ashtonbee Newborn Baby Pillow entails a memory foam and 100% natural cotton that is soft, breathable, and friendly to your child’s skin. You don’t have to worry about your child getting sweaty or feeling irritation on the skin because of allergies.

Methodology: How We Choose the Best Picks

As opposed to personal product testing, this review is research-based.

So we scraped every corner of flat head pillow’s world, identifying the best and most functional units, then we hand-picked the best ten from the pool of the best.

Specifically, we analyzed experts’ opinion, what already using customers say, gauged customer reviews on online stores, and what parents say on social media, forums, and reviews site. Tons of considerations help to vet the flat head pillow. And to be included, a pillow had to meet five requirements. It must be:

  1. Widely used and recommended by the flat-head-pillow community
  2. Offer above-board value + non-compromising comfort
  3. Actually, a flat head pillow
  4. Non compromising on sleep safety
  5.  Easy to care for

That said, here’s a follow-up question that brings everything into perspective:

Why Do We Have More than One Pick?

We have a top pick. But not everyone looks for the same flat head pillow features. Some young ones will enjoy superior breathability from the 3D meshing technology, while others will want infinite comfort from a combination of bamboo cover and breathable memory form.

So we presented a list of 10.

Why Do You Need a Flat Head Pillow?

While the NHS discourages pillow usage for newborns below the age of 12 months because of suffocation risks, manufacturers today carefully and cleverly design pillow to fit a baby’s delicate head and help fight flat head syndrome. Unlike other pillows, baby pillows are anatomically shaped and perforated using high-tech fabric to regulate the baby’s sleep temperature and support the head evenly and effectively.

When done correctly, the best flat head pillow will work mighty. It will:

  • Redistribute pressure on your child’s head that otherwise causes a flat head
  • Flathead pillows with enhanced breathability help in regulating the sleep temperature of the baby
  • Nearly all flat pillow provide the right support to align the head, neck, and spine correctly for excellent growth
  • Deliver superior comfort because they cradle the neck and keep the head in a neutral position
  • Prevent vertebrae injuries as it eliminates constant stress and tension

All in all, what you’ll get from a flat head pillow depends on which unit you will settle for. And if you listen carefully to already-using parents, you’ll find out that a flat head pillow work. It is an effective therapy in correcting and preventing flat head syndrome.

Best Flat Head Pillow – Final thoughts

Too many parents-to-be believe it is impossible to tackle the flat head problem with a pillow. It’s just not true.

Yes, it is tough to settle on the right pillow. Difficult to scrape deeper and find the exact choice for your child. Yes, there are tons of parents using the wrong pillow for flat head right now.

But if you want to correct flat head as a parent, go for what’s already working for thousands of other parents. That’s the surest way to be confident it will work for your child.

And we’ve done the hard work for you and fetched the world’s best 10.  While the pillows are from different manufactures and solve the flat head syndrome problem differently, one thing is for sure:

You can’t go wrong with any of the top 10 picks.


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