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Best Pillow for Sleeping With CPAP Mask to Improve Therapy’s Comfort

You know that feeling you get when you start CPAP therapy?

On one end, it hurts. Not the pressure when you inhale and exhale – the pressure is mighty fine – according to your doctor’s prescription. But the discomfort – like facial itches leave you wondering if you should continue with the therapy or break the flow.

Meanwhile, in your mind, you understand correctly that CPAP therapy is the best science-proven method to improve airflow. And so you’re wondering:

For how long should you try to put up with the discomfort?

Well, the good news is, with the best pillow for sleeping with a CPAP mask, you can solve nearly all discomfort problems. Because, the right pillow accommodates the mask and its tubing, prevent painful air trapping, mask leaks, and reduces the risk of red marks and pressure sores – nothing less effective will do.

For that reason, we put several CPAP pillows into a test to see if they pass this list’s muster. To be included, a pillow had to meet four requirements. It must:

  • Accommodate CPAP mask and its tubing
  • Be widely used by the CPAP community
  • Actually designed for CPAP mask usage
  • Non- compromising on comfort

 That said, let’s dive right into the best pillow for sleeping with a CPAP mask.

1. EnduriMed CPAP Pillow – The World’s Best Pillow for CPAP, BIPAP, and APAP Users

Interesting Features

  • Unique Contour design to fit all CPAP, BiPAP, and APAP mask
  • Non-compromising efficacy no matter the sleep position
  • Unique cutouts to maximize the efficacy of CPAP therapy
  • Two thickness option
  • Improved support without compromising comfort from the soft memory foam

Rewrite your CPAP comfort with the EnduriMed CPAP pillow.

It is the world’s best CPAP pillow because of its value for money. Yes, it is far expensive than a typical pillow, but it allows your face, head, and neck to rest comfortably regardless of your sleeping position. Its superior cutouts technology eliminates the possibilities of air leaks, allow free tubing movement, and reduces pressure on the face. And the soft memory foam construction – that isn’t too firm but offers even support – contours to your natural curves, offering you superior support and luxurious comfort all the time. 

The removable foam pad makes the EnduriMed CPAP pillow fully adjustable. Too thick? Remove the 1-inch removable insert pad and sleep on the thin side. Too thin? Insert the pad and sleep on the thick side.

And it doesn’t matter whether you’re using a full face mask, a nasal mask, a CPAP, BiPAP, or APAP mask – the cutouts (pressure-free zones) in the corner will perfectly fit and keep tangles out of the CPAP tubing that comes directly to your face.

2. Contour CPAPMax 2.0 – Best CPAP Pillow for All Sleeping Positions

Interesting Features

  • Ergonomic design for better alignment and airflow
  • Comes with an enhanced hose control that prevents mask shifting
  • Adjustable support from the three modifiable layers
  • Specifically for CPAP users
  • Concave center to improve air alignment
  • Pressure-free cutouts to reduce mask interference
  • Charcoal infused HR foam that neutralizes odor
  • Ventilated foam for superior airflow
  • 3D cooling mesh on the sides that reduces heat and sweat

Bring maximum CPAP therapy and improved airflow to your daily night with a collection of utilities in the Contour CPAPMax 2.0. The pillow has pressure-free cutouts on the sides that reduces mask interference, prevent your mask from shifting, allow you to turn during the night regardless of the type of the mask. No more mask leaks, dry eyes, or red line – only sleep soundly. And with the ventilated memory foam, combined with the cool 3D mesh airflow side, you’re sure of sufficient air circulation into the pillow, which reduces heat and sweat.

And it doesn’t matter the thickness level that delivers comfort to you. Contour CPAPMax 2.0 comes with an ultimate adjustable 3-layer comfort construction. For that reason, you get optimal support and position benefits. The topmost layer is memory foam that cradles the contours of your face, the middle layer is a high-resiliency foam that provides added support for the neck and shoulder, and the bottom-most layer is a charcoal-infused HR foam that neutralizes odor and gets your fresh nights every time.

And that isn’t all.  The pillow features a concave center portion that rests the head, a crescent cutout for the shoulder, and facial support on the sides for improved breathing and continual airflow throughout the night.

3. Lunderg CPAP Pillow – Best CPAP Pillow for Side Sleepers

Interesting Features

  • Ultimate CPAP Comfort Design
  • Comes with extra two pillowcases
  • Adjustable comfort and support
  • Works with all type of CPAP masks – nasal mask, nasal pillow, full face mask, or even the mouth mask
  • Work excellently for side sleepers but also suitable for back and stomach sleepers
  • High-quality memory foam CPAP pillow

Start sleeping comfortably and alleviate pressure points and sores that a typical pillow would cause when wearing a CPAP mask right away. It doesn’t matter what sleep position you always assume – the Lunderg CPAP pillow comes with two sides, with two thickness levels to deliver the head and neck’s exquisite comfort. It has an easy-to-remove base piece that you can remove and rotate to get the comfort you want. The memory foam is firm, that if you’re used to too-soft pillow, or leather pillow, it won’t be comfortable at first.

You even get super-convenience from the two premium pillowcases all through the year. One of the pillowcases is the premium comfort fabric, and the other is a cooling pillowcase that eliminates the need for a standard pillowcase even when you wash one.

And the adjustable contour and cutouts design will help you maximize the CPAP therapy. The pressure-free cutouts are compatible with nearly all CPAP masks, reduce air leaks, mask pressure, and allow you to move along with your CPAP machine whenever you shift.

4. TruContour CPAP Pillow – Best Adjustable CPAP Pillow

Interesting Features

  • Side Cutouts that increase CPAP mask’s comfort
  • 16 different pillow heights and cutout sizes to choose from
  • Uses medical-grade memory foam to crash the right balance between comfort and support
  • Specifically designed for CPAP users to prevent air leaks or mask discomfort

Choose from 16 different asymmetrical-based cutouts and height. Get customization and tweak pillow height so that you can get the comfort of your liking. TruContour presents asymmetrical cutouts and adjustable height that allow up to 16 different pillows and head configurations. You’re sure to get a near-to-perfect balance of comfort and proper support. And the cutouts reduce interference, facial pressure, bruising, minimize air leaks, and reduce pressure points that allow for easier breathing and sleep better throughout the night.

All the comfort in a medical-grade safety. The construction, and the material this pillow use is medical-grade. The memory foam the pillow utilizes is of premium quality and presents an excellent balance of comfort and support. On the top, the pillowcase is super-soft, removable, machine washable, and hypoallergenic to deliver the best resistance to microbes. You can keep clean in no time and use it even when you have allergies, without second thinking about your health.

And you can take your sleep to the next level – from any level. The memory foam the pillow uses contours to correctly to your body curves – you can sleep on your back, stomach, or side and get the correct support and comfort without worrying about positional inconvenience for your CPAP therapy.

5. Mars Wellness Premium Pillow for CPAP Side and Stomach Sleeper – The Best Complimentary CPAP Pillow

Interesting Features

  • Presents extra comfort when you place it on top of another pillow
  • Utmost comfort for CPAP users – reduces air leaks that undermine CPAP therapy and create discomfort
  • Strikes the right balance of tender comfort and firm support for neck and spine alignment
  • Appropriate for CPAP and BiPAP users to overcome the flaws of standard pillow for 
  • Machine washable pillowcase – but not dry-cleanable

You deserve a good night’s sleep – every night. Mars Wellness Premium Pillow for CPAP Side and Stomach Sleep lets you experience both ends of comfort and support a pillow can offer. Its ergonomic design aligns your neck and shoulder correctly to promote the right sleeping posture. And its slow-bound memory foam presents maximum comfort while going easy on the head, neck, shoulder, and back muscle regardless of the side you sleep on.

And its side cutouts are excellent for CPAP and BiPAP users. They allow for free movement of the tube regardless, reduces interference, and help prevent air leaks. The contour area eases the hose’s pressure so that it can move with you if you move when asleep.

The design reduces the chances of neck and back pains because it realigns the head, neck, shoulder, and back. The contour design keeps your head from rolling out of a stable position, reducing the cervical vertebra and spine’s stress.

6. Scandvia Contoured Memory Foam CPAP Pillow – Another Pillow for Side Sleepers

Interesting Features

  • One of the best Pillow for side and back sleeping with a CPAP mask
  • Discourages supine position 
  • Side cutouts to prevent tangled tubing
  • Excellent memory foam quality to counteract mask pressure
  • Ergonomic shape for proper sleeping posture

 With the pressure-free cutouts at the edge of the pillow and the new contoured memory foam, it’s no surprise that Scandvia CPAP pillow eliminates the phenomenon of CPAP mask pressing into the regular pillow, causing discomfort around the nose, mouth, and other areas that the mask comes in contact with the face or headgear. Instead, the pillow comes with neck support that holds the hose and the mask to cushion the head and mask, reducing air leaks.

The luxury memory foam presents superior spinal support and alignment to naturally keep your airways open while supporting the neck and the spine for comfortable full night sleep — all with limited chances of neck pains. Plus, the comfy memory foam pillow will help secure your mask to reduce pressure points and avoid air leaks while helping to position the CPAP tube for comfortable sleep.

All that power is encased in a machine-washable pillow cover. Not only do these deliver superior CPAP comfort, but they also tout affordability, giving budget CPAP users to partake in a comfortable sleep too.

7. Snugell CPAP Ergonomic Pillow

Interesting Features

  • Ergonomic patented clover shape
  • 4 Different leaf thickness – that allows you to alternate between leaves to choose perfect thickness for optimal support
  • Sloped leaves and contoured cutouts for ample clearance of the CPAP mask and hose 
  • Luxurious comfort for the head, spine, and airway alignment
  • High-quality construction that’s even gentle on the skin
  • Allergen and mite resistant 

The Snugell CPAP Ergonomic is technically superior to nearly all the pillows on the list, but it’s super expensive and has key features more than what a CPAP user would need. It might not be the best value as the top-ranked CPAP pillow. But you’re getting most features that you can’t get from any other CPAP pillow. You get four different leaf thickness that you only need to alternate between the leaves to choose the perfect pillow height for optimal support. The contoured and sloped leaves ensure ample clearance for the CPAP mask and hose to reduce the resistance, air leaks, and uninterrupted airflow throughout the night.

The clover shape accommodates four different sleeper height with four different leaf thickness, making it an appealing choice for nearly any CPAP user. If you want a thicker pillow height, just move through the leaves until you get the support you need. And this feature is a big perk. And the ergonomic contour presents the best support a CPAP user might ever need for the head, spine, and correct airway alignment. In fact, the smooth concave central area delicately cradles your head even when sleeping on your back or sides.

And the comfort and freshness this pillow present is close to the best, with both a cooling case and soft, breathable mesh fabric that delicately cradles the head and maximize airflow for optimal sleeping temperature throughout the night.  

8. Lumia Wellness CPAP Pillow

Interesting Features

  • Contour design perfect for all sleeping position
  • Side cutout that allows CPAP mask to rest freely, reduce pressure, and prevent leaks
  • High-quality memory foam that keeps head and faces comfortable and cools all night
  • Has a unique CPAP hose tethering system to prevent hose tangling or kinking while sleeping
  • Elevated front profile for optimal neck support
  • Plush pillow cover – that’s breathable and moisture-wicking
  • A luxury memory foam core that provides adaptive support

This CPAP pillow is definitely worth its price as it boasts lots of utilities – more than enough a CPAP user might need. Because of its pressure-free cutouts and contour design, your CPAP mask and the hose can rest freely, reduce the pressure it applies on the face, minimize air leakage, and improves your sleeping comfort. Plus, it has too many specs for its price. You get the different CPAP hose tethering systems that prevent the tube from tangling, an elevated front profile for optimal neck support, and a super breathable and moisture-wicking pillowcase. So if you are looking for the best CPAP Pillow at a fair price, this Lumia pillow is worth taking the shot.

The Lumia Wellness CPAP pillow packs a luxurious memory foam core. In other words, that’s a lot of comfort and superior support. The memory foam will contour to your head, neck, and shoulder curves to deliver excellent support without compromising your comfort. Plus, the core is highly breathable and combines with a plush pillow cover that wicks moisture to provide a superior airflow that keeps you sweat-free regardless of the prevailing temperatures.  

And if you want unparalleled support, the Lumia Wellness CPAP pillow has a lot to deliver to you. It comes with engineered side cutouts to alleviate mask pressure, an elevated front profile for maximum neck support, and a contoured design for maximum comfort. The ergonomically contoured design promotes natural traction for the neck and smooth breathing to improve your sleep quality. It is ideal for sleeping on the back, sides, or the stomach.

9. Breath-Free Hypoallergenic CPAP Pillow – The Best Budget-Friendly CPAP Mask

Interesting Features

  • Contour cutouts to prevent the mask and hose from shifting throughout the night
  • Hypoallergenic to help ease the discomfort
  • Dimpled-center for optimal support for the neck when you sleep on sides and back

For a long time, Breathe-Free Hypoallergenic CPAP Pillow has proved to be reliable to lay your face flat without the pillow pushing against your mask, hose, or nasal pillow. But Breathe-Free Hypoallergenic CPAP pillow is more than just a CPAP mask – it is an innovative pillow focused on delivering comfort to the extremes. And a big part of that comfort is ensuring the correct support regardless of your sleep position – because the pillow allows your facial mask, nasal mask, or tubing hose to naturally drop into the cutouts enabling you to move your face without breaking the seal.

Even though the material construction isn’t the best there is, it gives value for money. You get 100% hypoallergenic material filled with slick polyester fiber and 100% cotton cover, which combine to present medium softness and a night of healthy sleep. It is a lower profile pillow to provide comfort even for stomach sleepers. Even if you have sensitive skin, the pillow is hypoallergenic and will go soft on your skin. And you can spot-clean the pillow, but the cover is machine washable.

10. Pure Comfort Side Sleeping CPAP Pillow – The best 

Interesting Features

  • Cutouts that encourages side sleeping
  • Ear pain and ear pressure relief
  • Certified memory foam
  • Fully adjustable pillow with the pillow inserts 
  • Hypoallergenic, dust, and mite resistant soft bamboo cover 

The Pure Comfort Side Sleeping CPAP Pillow isn’t explicitly designed for CPAP usage but has perks that make it an excellent choice for CPAP users who sleep on the sides. Get ready for extreme side sleeping comfort with the and reduced facial pressure. The certified memory foam and the adjustable pillow inserts allow you to fine-tune the pillow to your desired comfort.

This is an all-in-one pillow. While not every CPAP user needs a do-it-all pillow, this pillow delivers irresistibly a lot to ignore. You get ear pain and ear pressure relief when sleeping on the sides, fully adjustable comfort, medical safety standards, soft comfort, and even a 100 days guarantee that the pillow will work mighty fine with your CPAP machine. And if it doesn’t deliver to your pillow need, you get a full money refund.

And you’ll never worry about compromises on your health. The pillow is certified with CertiPur-US, which translates to approve performance, no flame retardants, no formaldehyde, no ozone depleters, no mercury, led, or other heavy metals, no chlorofluorocarbons, or any other thing that might be compromising on your health.

Now that’s it – a list of the top 10 best pillows for sleeping with a CPAP machine. But as any other CPAP user serious about getting the right pillow, you’d wonder:

What criterion did you use to pick the best pillow for sleeping with a CPAP mask?

Methodology: How we Picked the Top 10 Pillows for CPAP Users

As opposed to personal trials, this product review is researched-based.

We scrape the deepest corners of pillow’s world – online stores, forums, customer reviews, review sites, social media platforms, and lots more – identifying the best units for CPAP users. Then, we put the best picks into a test and separated the top ten.

In fact, for a pillow to be included, there were five requirements it had to meet. It must be:

1. Widely Accepted by the CPAP-Pillow Community

No method can beat what already-using customers say about what a product delivers – at least when you want a real reflection of how a product works. So we only focus on products with multiple positive reviews, which is solid proof of the efficacy. 

In one or two instances, we included CPAP pillows with fewer reviews, but with nearly all 5-stars reviews because even though they might be new in the market, they prove to deliver superior pillow solutions for CPAP users.

2. Actually, a CPAP Pillow

You correctly understand that a standard pillow is uncomfortable to a CPAP user because of its bulky structure. In fact, a typical pillow can derail CPAP therapy. For that reason, we only set our eyes on the pillow’s design that doesn’t interfere with your CPAP machine. All the pillows above conform to the mask’s shape and hose, absorbing the pressure that would otherwise act on your face.

3. Non-Compromising on Comfort

While a CPAP pillow must deliver superior support and advanced functionality for a CPAP user, it should by no means overlook comfort because it determines the quality of sleep. So we only focused on CPAP pillows whose material construction presents ultimate comfort without compromising support.

4. Offer Above Board Value

While above are the best 10 CPAP pillows – from different manufacturers and different prices – you can’t go wrong with any, regardless of your budget, because you’ll get maximum value for money. This stems from the best quality, durability, health suitability, and the pillow’s construction nature. We did our best so that you can get what you pay for.

5. Hygienic

The best pillow for sleeping with a CPAP mask should go hard on hygiene – no moisture-holding, ventilated adequately for superior airflow, hypoallergenic, dust and mite resistant, and should be easier to clean. And such are pillows that we focused on. In fact, every pillow in the list is hypoallergenic so that even an allergic person can use it.

Now that we have the basics out of the way, it is time to dive deeper into the exact reasons why you should only look for CPAP pillows when you’re under CPAP therapy.

Why Do You Only Need A CPAP Pillow When you’re Under CPAP Therapy?

There are tons of different types of pillows – over thousands – but as we said earlier, you’d benefit most from a CPAP mask because:

CPAP Pillow Improve CPAP Comfort

While the CPAP machine is an excellent solution to sleep apnea, it isn’t comfortable to sleep on a CPAP mask – especially the full-face mask.

Most of the CPAP pillows use medical grade memory foam that aligns the neck, back, and shoulder correctly, eliminating chances of unnecessary pain to come to your aid. In fact, the memory foam CPAP pillow use redistributes pressures equally, eliminating pressure points and sores causes by using a CPAP mask with a standard pillow.

2. They Maximize the Efficacy of CPAP Therapy

After all, the core of CPAP therapy is to improve air circulation. A CPAP pillow minimizes air leakage because it absorbs any unnecessary pressure that would otherwise undermine the therapy’s efficacy. As a result, the right pillow will enhance the therapeutical effect of the CPAP machine. You won’t have to worry about the noisy sound the mask produce when there is an air leak.

3. Pressure-Free Zone Accommodates the Hose

Regardless of whether you toss and turn throughout the night or not, nearly all CPAP pillows come with cutouts at the edge – or at least contour design – to accommodate the hose of your CPAP machine. As a result, it doesn’t matter how much you shift sleep positions throughout the night. Your mask and hose will move with you.

Best Pillow for Sleeping with CPAP Mask – Final thoughts 

Yes, this is an enormous list of the best CPAP pillows. It’s possible to sleep with comfort even when under CPAP therapy. Yes, it is possible to shift sleep positions without interfering with your CPAP mask.

But like anything worthwhile, you’ll require the best pillow.

You have to scrape deep. Understand. Know the utility combination that works best for you. And make a decision.

And you can’t go wrong with any of the pillows above.

CPAP Pillow FAQs

Does a CPAP pillow works?

At its core, a CPAP pillow aims at making a CPAP user comfortable. In fact, science says that a CPAP pillow helps improve CPAP therapy’s efficacy as it limits air leakage, pressure point, and contours to the natural curves of the body to provide sturdy support. As a result, you can’t complain of neck or spinal pain.

What’s the other way of making a CPAP machine more comfortable?

If your CPAP mask causes you to wake up with a dry mouth, you can resort to using heated humidifiers, heated tubing, chin strap, or opt for a full-face mask.

If you wake up with a sore nose, it might be a problem with fitting your CPAP pillow in the nostril. It is advisable to switch back and forth from a nasal pillow to a nasal mask to give your nostrils a break. Alternatively, you can use heated humidifiers, nose lubricants, moisture therapy cream, or even mask wipes to heal a sore nose.

And suppose you wake up with headaches after wearing a CPAP mask; it might be stemming from overly high pressure or a sinus problem. And when high pressure is the case, you can resort to another CPAP machine. If the problem is the sinuses, you can search for over the counter decongestants, a CPAP heated humidifier, bacteria filters, a vapor clear sinus blaster, or a nasal spray.

Can I use a CPAP pillow to prevent skin irritation from the CPAP mask?

Yes. A CPAP pillow would absorb pressure that you might exert on a CPAP mask, which would otherwise act on your face if you were using a typical pillow or no pillow at all. As a result, you’ll experience no skin redness or eye irritation.

What’s more, you can reduce skin irritation by cleaning both your face and CPAP mask. Clean mask and skin ensure nothing can cause friction between your face and mask, lessening irritation.

Can I use a CPAP pillow with a BiPAP or APAP mask

Yes. After all, the pressure-free zone on the CPAP pillow will work mighty fine for the hose of a BiPAP and APAP mask.  You can toss and shift sleep position all night long without worrying about interfering with the hose.


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